MARCUS-MOSIAH-GARVEY+Frederick Douglas+ Booker-Taliaferro-Washington +AmeriAfrindian Ascend ArtistCHD Ancient Africa’s Africoid Authorized, Anointed Appointed Artistry+ Authentic Ancestry = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts + Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson Garveymight + PanorAfrica = Africaspora!!!


Exquisitely exclusive; by which RICH+RARE+ROYALTY entitles his and her majesty. Honorably of the uppermost fine qualities, highly sophisticated supremely sublime styles of living. Well deserving to enjoy the superior splendor of therapeutic-aesthetic BEAUTY. Masterly manifested elegantly by the Son of SUNGOD’S LOVE LIFE LIGHT



+ TRUE MAAT vs False Maat!!


Mr. MARCUS MOSIAH. GARVEY +  Mr. Frederick Douglass + Mr. Booker Taliaferro Washington

FDBTWMMG: Comprises and equals + Frederick Douglas + Booker Taliaferro Washington + Marcus Mosiah Garvey; unified as ONE HUEMAIN BODY BEING. Means Masculine Male Melanin Messiah Mental Models Three Solarized, Sexualized, Souls = Solitary, solemn, sovereign Soultrix.

CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP vs Hip Hop!!

YES: Y’all listen up closely and hear what these listed Africoidians of America has to say: Indubitably, Dr. Professor Mr. Minister Unar Abdullah Johnson: He’s truthfully talking about “their black religion” and loyalty toward Christianity and Islamic Muslim religions. Brotherhood and sisterhood with the wrong “White Supremacy” In which I have recognized, acknowledge and named to be: the wicked witchcraft WhitTie Sociopath Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!’
‘1. Control Church, 2. School and 3. Security police force’

Dr. Umar Johnson – Invaders, African Leaders & AFRICOM
“I’m sick and tired of these Muslim who feel that they have to protect Arabism” With their Nation of Islam Muslim worshipping of these Asiatic Arab slave masters; who invaded Mother Africa’s indigenous inhabitants as authentic Africoidians, natural natives!
He says that these Pan-Africanists and or Negroes are attempting to make some persons as Moummar Kahdafi and Fidel Castro out of some honored African leaders. Their heroes instead of honoring our owned true Africoidian leaderships of Africa and her ancient ancestry.
The Honorary Dr. Mr. Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Model; Professor Walter Williams. The Historical Origin of Christianity, and also, the Historical Origins of Islam/Muslim Mohammadans.
Dr. Phil Valentine the Grand Melanin Mastermind Messiah: Yes, they all are featured herein my MASTER1 Melanin Media + Musical Metaphysical Mediums. Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP; HipP & LapP! Revolutionary, evolutionary poetic art form. Via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:
YouTube reference reports:
Dr. Umar Johnson – Invaders, African Leaders & AFRICOM ….
Dr. Umar Johnson – ‘White Supremacy Is A Lie’


1.Maatrix_p1-s1a_m (15:20) mp3

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4. Maatrix_p1-s4d_m (14:54) mp3

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Min. Malcolm-X Little, created the Organization of African Unity. He has enough knowledge and courage to keep the politics separated from the religions. After he separated from the Nation of Islam. He had began practicing principles and policies of what I name to be: Pyramida Phenomena Panorama Diaspora Drama = PPPDD!

What is commonly called Pan-Africanism. Nevertheless, he like so many others, who had committed themselves, unwittingly, foolishly and unwisely, to these unholy, ungodly soulless forms of religiosity, were not permitted to crossover physically to the other sides safely and securely. And these are parallel planes, where alleged black leaderships didn’t not successfully, soon enough, ‘Divest” themselves of all Racist Renegade Rouge Reptilian Race Relations!!!

Thereby, disqualifying themselves to a top secret sacred Spiriitiuous Security Pass + Ritual right of PASSAGE!!!

 YES My True-Up U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision, REAL-LIVE-VISION, sees crystal clear, that LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature, is in factual reality the actual Center Carbon Core Creation Cradle, of our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions. HER Healthy Happy Healed Humored Holistic HUEMAIN “RACE”!!!

 A Total Truth Telling Time Tested, Talented, True GARVEYMIGHT!!! Interestingly enough, my deeper in depth inner Spiritious being and Solar Sexus Soul, is saying this young African Black American man, maybe, a reincarnation of twin souls. Expressly, Frederic Douglas + Marcus M. Garvey!! Dual-Double DNA CODES!!


YES: SIR: You are to assume command, be one of the “central leaders” not just secondary supporters of Africoid Africa’s Divinely Decreed Deliberation. Often called “Black Liberation”. Dr. Johnson asks: “Am I suppose to be Marcus Garvey?” “Or am I suppose to be on of Marcus Garvey’s assistants?” “Am I suppose to be Frederick Douglas, or am I suppose to be someone who supports Frederick Douglas?” “What I need to know from the universe, is whether or not, I need to take the helm; the mantle, of leadership or organization, for this current generation. Or am I suppose to be looking for the person who is going to take it. Or serve as a kind of support for that person. That’s what I need to KNOW.”

“Because I want to make sure that I don’t betray my destiny. And so I need a little bit of clarity, And my clarifying answer is that you, Sir, Mr. Johnson, are commanded and commissioned, called and chosen to take the leadership front. In your chosen capacity. No rational reasons to doubt this decision. It’s now today crystal clear cut and concise conclusively!

We’s & Us’s need your youthful energies, passion and truest love for what you are not only talking all about; butt, are actually doing while you are talking. That’s a big difference than the others who want to be seen and heard, yet does basically nothing worthwhile. A very important thing that you said, concerning these religious faiths, and all you really need which is good enough is your Spirituality, Amen-Ra!

YOU HAVE ARRIVED: Therefore, you are pointed in the righteous direction, and on a paved patterned pathway, and correct course of events on the horizon coming soon, yet are now here today. At about 37 years of age, plus+ not married, this is a pre-programmed profile, perfected time period to assume your proper place. It has been prepared exclusively, for you, and nobody else. So make no mistake about this truth!

“I don’t think that we really have a conscious community, we have a semi-conscious community, and on top of that we have a con-sense community. Con… con woman, and con men,,,, con-cent community, people trying to make money off of the struggle.” And many of our brothers and sisters are only out as profiteers to make merchant money, it’s a business, an economic investment. And they are not in this liberation struggle, in any way shape or form to help anybody, butt themselves.

And I personally identify them as being witch witchcraft ‘werewolves hiding behind innocent looking little lamps wool and curly haired sheep’s clothing.’ This a very hard thing we who really care, had to learn about bogus brother bigots and diamond ring goal digging sisters!

MATRURED Mastermind Melanin Media, is meant for Feminitiy’s Love1 Sex2 Romance3. Saying she shall surely retain her spirituality, sexuality, sensuality. And not ever again to ashamed of her native-natural alluring appeal, attractive appearance, and what we see as being a sexy lady, woman, female, girl. Automatically inclined to shake her rumpper-roaster roller-coaster. Dance and prance and romance! Showing the feminine figure, shapely contours of this sex-gender’s physiology and biology.

Better known as waging her tail end, shaking her buttocks, swaying her hips, twisting and turning. Walking in timely rhythm and rhyme. And I vehemently profess, that if anyone has a personal problem with womankind, then, take their uncultured, sexually immature complaints and contentions, to Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature and present their truest testimony, bowing down before the throne of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!

NO No no: A female do not necessarily have to be bitch-bastard like. Nor does she need to be called a hateful harlot “hoe” of whoredom. Nether named a cheap prostitute, or lady of the night and street walker, selling sexual experiences for monetary profit gains. Basically because, by being sexual and sensual, she serves the Spirit Source Science System’s Sovereign Systream!

What I Have frequently seen is how, also, the so called conscious community is an activated “corporation”. ‘Competing between one another for the marketing shares, profit gains, at the incurable expense to inner Unification. And they tend to find fault with Soulfood, constantly insulting other brothers and sisters who traditionally eat it freely as a choice, just to sell their Europeanized, Westernized White world concepts on vegetarian-vegans, dietary dishes. Then called themselves Africanized and wearing ANKHS.

Although, the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, Aryan Brotherhoods, Skinheads and invidious, insidious Institutionalized Racists, don’t ask anything about whether or not Africans in America as z-Blackxz, like to eat “red meat”; swine-pork-pig-hogs! Only idiotic ignorant blacks who are practicing self-hatred, yet don’t comprehend that this is exactly what they are doing. And in fact biblically based on one of the three major mainstream man made manufactured mythological religions: falsified Christianity, Islamic Muslims, and Jews of Judaism!!! All of these are unholy, ungodly beliefs systems of the sinister snake serpent SATAN!!!

The Rodney King syndrome: ‘can we all not get alone’ or something to this end? Hell no! Never on a religious-political basis. Butt, only on a human being level as equals, as personalized people, having a common cause of redeeming their full fledged freedoms unto the perfect law of liberty and under only one HueMainLaw!

Far too many of those calling themselves “all black”; “black power” this that or the other, are all failing to be building better benefit blessings. And this is precisely what COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, is strictly and specifically all about. It is not in competition with anybody, nor anything! It is what is it is in and of itself-sufficiency. A gifted guide as SUNGOD’S sublimely, serenely shining Love Life Light Locks!!!!

This artwork is our organic originating industry, created artistry, tapestry and ancestry. Meaningful mercy merchant money making manicuring machine, militarized, as MASTER1 Melanin Media, Mastermind Messiah Mental Models + Musical Metaphysical Mediums!

A generator of huge sums of wealthy healthy capital cash currencies. To build schools, colleges, academies, for future financial fortunes founded upon Rock Offense Stone Defense, Divinely Decreed Deliberated! A done deal!

YES Finance Fortunes Fortre$$ of Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship : Indubitably I AM talking all about QUEENS+KINGS, PRINCESSES + PRINCES + LOVEGODDESSES. Explicitly: Mother Matriarch Madam MAAT’S LOVE PEACE & HARMONY, To “Know Thy Self’; is in fact: TO LOVE THY SELF!!!

Surely, as I Have for 30 years, studied Dr. Professors Mr. Marcus Mosiah Garvey, in view of his former mentor in mind Frederick Douglass, and intellectual intelligence; the honored historic hero. Mr. Booker T. Washington

 MASTER’S MIND MELANIN MESSIAHS=Mental Models . Bright Brilliant Brains of our courageous ColorComPlexTrix. And fortunate realities, thus I’ve definitively concluded that WE’s & US’s are SPIRITUALLY summoned appointed and anointed. Thus, sent decreed on our DIVINE Commanded Commission Calling Cause; to UNIFY our efforts to overcome.  Today Totally Truthful & Justly Jurisprudent here in our USA PROMISED LAND = Unified Statutes of AmeriAfrindica, actualizes AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD.


First and foremost, a gallant quest to conquer the self-hatred, self-abnegation, self-dislike, self-denial. 

This is where I make my True-Up U-Turn around mindset; He is the first realistic “Garveyite” as they identify themselves as being. Albeit, my origianl creative concept of our 21st century CyberSpaceage, is naming him the first foundational: GARVEYHMIGHT.  A mighty male mentality, mastermind melanin messiah mental model. African in America as a of z-Blackxz men, so far that I’ve heard talk, sanely, soundly and sensibly.

Others who I call Garveymites are adult, ambitious arrogant egoists, grown up guilty ghetto gangster gambler mentalities of immaturity. And their thuggish egos have no place in our Spiritual Renassiance Movement, Cleaning up our own dirty devilish acts of “deomonocracy” dictator democracy for self-empowerment improvement and self-government!

Howsoever I discovered, hunted for, went deep blue ocean sea fishing and found, and caught up with, this specific young male; who, surely seems to be a true brother who is well versed, educated instead of indoctrinated, and know about our historicity. His family heritage, lineage is connected to Frederick Douglas. And ancestral family tree and roots, etc. A trained psychologist, educator and Pan-African leader of “Black Liberation”. And plans to open a school, college or academy for youth or teenage boys, and later on for girls too. The Frederick Douglas – Marcus Garvey foundation.

HOLISTIC HEALING “HELP”: He says that as African men and African woman, we need to; try, and stay with our own kind, because, all of his studies in psychological development, how “malatoo” offspring tend to act against their blackness. And it was not the white men who were the ones raiding, robbing, raping inside continental Africa, by themselves.

Butt, it was the mixed racial groups, “bi-racial” self-haters having identity crisis, who did the most damages. They were used against their supposed to be own darker skinned brothers and sisters effectively. ‘Even studying Frederick Douglas who had a white father; not acknowledged, and Barack Obama with a white mother, they have a hard time coming to grips with or comprehending the concept of “race first”.

“Africa was not destroyed by white armies, Africa was destroyed by mulatto armies!” These European conquerors came in and cohabitated with the indigenous inhabits, having sexual relationships with the dark melanin pigmented females, then, after about 40 or 50 years, they produced to confused minded members, who basically hated themselves or strongly disliked real blackness and Africoid African likeness.

‘Right now in Nigeria, the Asians are moving in, after the economic interests of resources minerals, while going after the Blackxz woman, doing the very same thing. Creating more mulatto offspring to be used against the darker shades and tones of brothers.’ ‘The Oriental children to be exploited expediently to help oppress the native Africans!’ “When you don’t study your history, you repeat it!”

THE GOLDEN AGE TO REWARD our selves by acknowledging one another without selfish envy and jealousy. Promote and push and pull, pump and paddle to positively produce progress. Because the SILENCE of trying to ignore these truest realities occuring don’t necesararily make them go away or not exist. Good or bad, right or wrong!!

 StopPointBlankPeriod: And cease the devilish divisions; trivial disagreements, and pitifully petty arguments. Such as saying I’m from this faith, belief of adiposity religiosity. Those divisive developments that were caused by the three major-mainstream man made manufactured mass media’s_Religions. Expressly, kindly letting go of, turning loose freeing ourselves from, divesting ourselves of…. 1st the faker-false Christians Christianity of mythic man “Jesus Christ” of Caucasoid Caucasian Christendom and imaginary illusive Eurocentric white male “God”. 

‘Most of what we suffer is deliberately and purposely designed, yet it is amazing how some of z-Blackxz people blame themselves; as the causes of these situations.’ ‘Although, our disowned conscious has to be awakened out of it sleeping inertia, to realize that what has and still taking place, are intentional “engineering”; to generate these problems.’

PSYCHOPATHY & SOCIOPATHY: Of their western wicked white Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes of Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

Likewise, 2nd ficticious The Prophet Mohammad’s Islamic Muslims, seeing how that no true history of biblical based text ever existed, so there can not possibly have been an Arch Angel Gabriel for him to ever have seen or spoken with or heard some messianic message. 

And 3rd falsified biblical historicity of man person beings name Abraham-Moses, Isaac, Jacob, Nor any truth about the EXODUS story claiming that there were in Mother Africa’s Ancient Egypt, some enslaved Hebrews as Jews of Judaism!!! Because they were all officially fabricated, concocted-created by the same Roman Catholic Church Popes-Pedophile Priests, Bishops and Emperors in those time periods; initiating their DEVILISH WHITE Fraud in Fact lies of satanic liars!!!


“Any black boy diagnosed with a disruptive behavior disorder, the FBI, automatically has access to the psychological reports.” So call attention deficit disorder; removed and replaced with a more potent, generalized clinical criminalizing concoction, of hyperactive, . These are bogus evaluations that presupposed or assumes that this black boy is more than likely going to pose a problem to the establishment latter on in his life. Therefore, they take “preemptive strikes” against his well-being, health and livelihood, by imposing a chemical drug indoctrination, clinical concoction ingestion or injection. As a medical mandate!

“To prevent the rise of another Black messiah!” “Psychology is no longer a true science, psychology has become psycho-economics” The drug companies are the third tissue terrorists, tormenters and treacherous torturers! ‘And the FBI was created on destroying the Honored Mr. Marcus M. Garvey, and Cointell? is still here alive and wickedly well. These sinister satanic sorcerers only has changed their superficial faker faces!

“The drugs exists before the diagnosis.” I’m talking about the dangerous drugs now being used on our young boys and girls in schools across America US. As expected, the giant pharmaceutical companies are the suppliers, supporters of the mental health institutions, psychiatric wards of the states. And perpetrators of the polluted, poisonous prescription pills being pushed upon our youth by pimp physicians and political pundits.

FALSIFICATIONS & “HONKY IDEOLOGY” MYTHOLOGY:  thus eventually Buttressed-supported by the Baptists-Protestants.-worldly churches. Black & White!!  And they are proved beyond any shadow of doubt, the principal players performing producing nothing butt bad luck, Divine Decreed Devil Damnations & Curses. Causing separation and a total disconnect from our Original SPIRITUALITY + SEXUALITY.

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: encompasses every, and each enterprising eco-electron energy entity. This is truly Pyramida Panaorma Phenomena, comprising interrelated artworks and networks. The Center Carbon Core Creation Cradle. And baby born, birthplace, better beneficially blessed by being bred-breast fed female Femininity Earth Mother Nature’s nurtured and cultured, Solar Sexus Soulfood.

Financially Fortune Founded: Which wealthy womanhood’s witty wisdom worship, means, that the above Web site Domain Dimension Filth + Sixth Spiritious Suspension; has something soundly sensible and surely sane for each and everybody. Expressly, specifically and strictly those who willfully want to repent remorsefully with righteous regrets.

MATRURED Mastermind Melanin Media, is meant for Feminitiy’s Love1 Sex2 Romance3. Saying she shall sure retain her spirituality, sexuality, sensuality. And not ever again to ashamed of her native-natural alluring appeal, attractive appearance, and what we see as being a sexy lady, woman, female, girl. Automatically inclined to shake her rumpper-roaster roller-coaster. Dance and prance and romance! Showing the feminine figure, shapely contours of this sex-gender’s physiology and biology. Better known as waging her tail end, shaking her buttocks, swaying her hips, twisting and turning. Walking in timely rhythm and rhyme. And I vehemently profess, that if anyone has a personal problem with womankind, then, take their complaints and contentions, to Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature and present their truest testimony, bowing down before the throne of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!

NO No no: A female do not necessarily have to be bitch-bastard like. Nor does she need to be called a hateful harlot “hoe” of whoredom. Nether named a cheap prostitute, or lady of the night and street walker, selling sexual experiences for monetary profit gains. Basically because, by being sexual and sensual, she serves the Spirit Source Science System’s Sovereign Systream!

Dr Walter Williams: “You do not get a Christ prior to the council of Ephesus 431 A.B.C.E; “You do not get Christianity as a religion prior to the Council of Chancedon? 451””The beginning of European’s de-evolution of nature part 7″

Today We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Protest, can openly see the obvious Arch Angel antagonist adversaries, and wisely know “who the real enemy” energy entities are. Likewise, by the very same BLACK token spoken words of wisdom, esp. the Honorable Mr. Marcus M. Garvey, amongst others, pushed positive propaganda, which equals in artistic affects-psychological and physical effects, to relearn how TO LOVE THY SELF!!!

NO No no, The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, is of no faker GarveyMites-menacing misfits. Back stabbing two faced Black Jackass Uncle Toms who sold Him out in their spiders webs of entrapments and white western wicked webs of witchcraft, etc. Nor shall I profess to be a real Garveyite. Butt, I AM a true to the Afrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE.

And some Senor-Elder Black Leaders call “Give Truth To Power”. and I add, give The Spirit of Truth to Powerful Knowledge = Know How.  However, let our thinking brains no longer be divided among one another, which is the Organizational Order, Universed Unity & Natural Law of today.

Sure self-realization, self-actualization as the Intellectual Genius “Positively Black” Mr. Junious Ricardo Stanton, wrote back in the latter 1990s. “Discover Your Purpose.”; back when he was working with the New Pittsburgh Courier, news papers as a columnist-writer. Now a lots older in age, maturity he sports: “The Digital Underground.” Check him out!

Howsoever, y’all shall have to be a very “long-winded” avid readers, to be enabled to understand and ‘over-stand and inner-stand’ that in which is wisely outstanding; and never demanding, Butt, commanding via our CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE COSMIC CREATOR’S SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!

DROP THE AXE & PICK UP THE PICK: Moreover, this means a mandated must do, yawls to relearn how paramount important it is to really read extended texts, reach in depth and dig down deep inside the underground grassroots lower levels to discover the truest information. Then mine it out, filled ya bucked brains, and bone heads to the brim. Bring the Rare-Rich-Royalties upwards to a raised cognizant awareness reality and state of being RAW + “LIVE” + GREEN + COLORFUL by patterned pathways of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:

‘Study to show thy self approved unto ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!’ Reason rationally in practicalities, not only be cautiously careful in critical judgments, 

So pretty please do take your biggest inhaled breaths, abysmally deep heavy intakes of the offered information as refreshing collective data. Artfully and humorously arranged, written poetically, gracefully depicted, eloquently spoken words, portrayed elegantly in orchestrated compositions.


YES, GARVEYISM vs. UNCLETOMISM – SAMBOISM – SELFHATISM: Means that all self-acclaimed real Garveyites, now today in my meaningful mind are Garveymights, who are truthfully being honest with themselves, are to be doers of the artworks and not just seers, listeners and lookers.

Moreover, make their intentions crystal clear with complete clarity.  And motives must mandate movements against each and everyone of the traditionally known and popularized so called African American Civil Rights Organizations & Christianized Church Groups. Because they have totally forsaken and forgotten who they are, and where they came from and what they suppose to be doing. And that is protecting and defending z-Blackxz  as Africans in America’s best business interests, uplifting darker skinned people of color’s Constitutional Rights, Human Righteousness.

Thus has historically purported to be serving our poorest of neighborhoods and especially the impoverished inner city-urban communities. Butt, believe my telling y’all truthfully, they have foolishly fail to invest with themeslves, whether lower-middle-upper class citizens. Overall and in general as an aggregate whole, we are all of a Culpable Mental State of faulty, blame and guilt!!

Although, nevertheless, all of the collected data and accumulative information to date, decisively indicates how that they have grossly failed to do their jobs and sworn by oaths, fiduciary duties. Thereby, leaving WE’s & US’s completely vulnerable and susceptible to the antagonist adversarial attacks and physical assaults of overt and convert INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM!!!

‘Why do we keep embracing or having a European version as a standardized test; instead of having our own standard of testing our school children?’ After all every five or so years, these racist Euro-Anglo-Americans, change things around in order that their “pale face” kids can score higher. They study the questions and answers given on various tests by white and black students, then they learn how and where to attack our strengths, to generate weakness, while enhancing the strengths of their kids, causing “a 50% gap” in the grades and scores on tests and examines. There’s no such of thing as catching up or studying harder or smarter in this Caucasus cave criminal creature Caucasoid Caucasian “Cracker” context. All engineered enemy energy entities; to serve and support and to sustain “white over black”. Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!!!

DIRELY CONSEQUENTIAL: By all decisive forces need be, they must go! No doubt going abysmally deep down into the blazing burning bottomless pits and fiery flames upon the surface of planetary sphere earth; of HadesHellFires!!! Period.

REAEARCH READING REFERENCE: “The Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities (Imperial) League ( UNIA-ACL) is a black nationalist fraternal organization founded by Marcus Garvey.”

“Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr., ONH was a Jamaican publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, and orator who was a staunch proponent of the Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements, to which…”

“Booker Taliaferro Washington was an American educator, (Black-African in Africa) author, orator, and political leader. He was the dominant figure in the African American community in the United States from 1890..”.

Frederick Douglass (born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, February 1818 – February 20, 1895) was an American social reformer, orator, writer and statesman. After escaping from slavery, he became a leader of the abolitionist movement, gaining note for his dazzling oratoryand incisive antislavery writing. He stood as a living counter-example to slaveholders’ arguments that slaves did not have the intellectual capacity to function as independent American citizens. Many Northerners also found it hard to believe that such a great orator had been a slave.”   


YES: Strictly those personalities who are of Positive Potent People Power: Who truly know themselves To Love Thy Self. And have learned how paramount important it is to appreciate authentic artwork. Expressly rendered and depicted through ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE, by The Original Creative ArtistCHD. AmeriAfrindian Ascended via COLOR KINGDOMNew World Creative Arts:  

YES For positively sure, these racist renegade rouge Reptiles Region Race, are mental terrorists and material matter tissue terrorists too! And they seem to have play one of their most satanic schemes of many of our Warrior brothers and sisters, with this alleged “HIV” existence. And in Dr. Umar Johnson’s presentations, I can clearly see that this young Black man, has been deceived on this issue. And the “White Devils” and the Black Devils, and demons, will glibly contrive to mislead, deceive and trick even our most elect, smartest, educated Pan-Africanist leaders. If it were all possible?! He’s no acceptation to this good o-golden rule of Satanist school!

Albeit, he admonishes-cautions-warns his audiences, to go and do the research studies for themselves, and trust totally in nobody. And I agree with him 100%+. Which means in reality, y’all go and check out my True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs:

And then also listen up closely to my mp3 original theme song sound tracks: Instrumental and vocals: HIV vs. AIDS!

Y’all remember to dutifully NOTE: That I’m not trying to take away from what this young Black male is saying or doing; butt, is adding to what he is wanting to accomplish and achieve at the higher degree and ultimate order! We’s & Us’s disagree to agree!!

I also have back in the day, studied introduction-general “psychology from birth to old-age”; while attending college. Thereafter, I’ve done my own homework and individual studies from books, literature and real-live-visions and personal experiences, etc. Therefore I’m on guard duty against anyone attempting to trespass, encroach, without first and foremost of all leaders, coming currently cultured clean. Completely correct in what the teach and preach, write and say orally and verbally and oratorical to a listen audience. And 99% of the truth, = minus – 1$%, is not good enough, never proficient, and can not ever be accepted as a 100%+ total told truth! Ether we know for absolutely sure what we are talking all about, or we simply and plainly don’t KNOW!!!!

Nevertheless, he just like myself, are artworks in actual progress, positively pushing forwards and upwards. Butt, as a wiser Afrindian man of America, I have truly learned to be very careful about making commitments to beliefs, notions, ideas-concepts, that were handed down to us by outside sources; whosoever, they might be?

One has to be able to not only properly analyze key information collected statistical data, butt, also able to synthesize and synchronize them; into a sanely sound and sensible system. Or Sovereign Systream!

This is where and when a person starts to study so intensely, concentrated focus, he or she began so see for themselves the flaws, faults, fictions, fraud in fact lies of leading liars. Before, they come out to voice their views publicly, on tape recorded audio/visual media. Basically because, what usually happens, is that they commit themselves so often, to untruths in the surreptitious midst of truths. Yet they can’t change what they said publicly, or wrote inside an encapsulated book in black and white paper writing, etc.

Therefore, I wisely use my blogs and Web sites to communicate worldwide, and at the very same time can easily change my point of views, edit, rearrange, restate, and adjust my thinking, English language wording. As I gather and learn more meaningful information; grow and develop. And when some of our ’black brothers and sisters’, invest too much of their time in wrongful thinking and bad beliefs, they tend to have a hard time letting their lies go, when others bring new information to their immediate attention. Stating that they are wrong and their lack of full knowledge on this or that specific untruth; causes grave harm and hurt to Africans in America as z-Blackxz, z-Brownxz, z-Bluexz. Expresssly I am talking strictly about; the “HIV/AIDS” assumption; is in fact a man made manufactured myth. MENTAL VIRON = “Mind Virus” = pathogen, psychegon = all psycho local and psychotic phenomena!!!

Passionately he proclaims; ‘A true African centered education gotta teach these kids who they are, first and foremost of all. And it does not really matter about all of the degrees, certificates, titles, labels of success, if We’s & Us’s don’t truthfully know who we are:’ TO LOVE THY SELF!!!

He earns his A+ and temporary, ritual right of passage and personal spiritualized sacred secret security PASS!!

YES, Realized and Actualized Action engaged by real REVOLUTIONARIES; Black Power Militants, Black Liberators, Freedom Fighters, Warriors & Victors, Nationalists & Pan Africanists; are to unify their individual efforts uniformly in strategic ranks and flanks. Thus, I place strong emphasis, on self-sufficiency, self-initiatives, self-determination to completely overcome and overrun the current civil rights Fakers & Phonies and self-haters, who are in factual reality of truth; our worse and closest to our hearts Enemy Energy Entities. And for positively-absolutely sure they are proved to be modern-day mansion mindless men and women. Certainly also, kowtowing, sucking up brown nose sycophant-stooges, bootlicking bogus bigots as sorry sellout: Black Jackass Uncle Tom DEMONS!!!

The Black Jackass Uncle Toms self-hatred of Love GODDESS Mother Earth Nature Africa’s AmeriAfrindians and AfriNatindian Ascendants!!! 



“To my single parent mothers, we got to stop crippling your sons!” Referring them for psychiatric evaluations, leading to misdiagnosis which in turn leads to them being prescribed to psychotic chemical concoctions. Cancer causing toxic poisons!

“Cocaine was brought to America for black folks.” the slaves. “Every drug in America was legal at one point, did you know that?” “Social engineering” is when they choose to make one legal or illegal, all depends on who or what racial-ethnic groups are using them the most.’ Then they tactically target and aim their new legislation and laws at “minorities”; as brown and black citizens. “It’s called picking and choosing who you want to lock up” or lock down!

“Tobacco and liquor are drugs, cigarettes and alcohol kills more blacks here in America than cocaine and marijuana…. More of us will die of cigarettes and alcohol, than weed or crack!” And “without legal drugs the American economy would crash!” ‘Legal or illegal drugs are made by the very same’ sinister serpent snake Satanists. The number one market here in the USA is drugs!

YES: racist and sexist Arabs-Asians-Europeans  as wicked-evil conspirators, took by force our civilized kingdoms of AfriNegrindian Humane History! Due to and or resulting from envy-jealousy and strife! Lackluster unloving loser leaders who had and have no Soulful Spirits and are basically souless and anti-spiritual!!! And are demonically religious and devilishly political!! Control freak fanged fens of Capitalist Criminal Corporate Corruption. Dishonest, Satanist Money Green Gluttonous Greed and Western Worldwide Dictator Domination DEVILS & Superpower Sick Sinister SERPENTS!!!!


THE AFRINDIAN HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE COMMAND CONTROLS: As creative compositions that compliments compatible ‘Per-Suns’ and Hue-mains, who seek serenity’s Solar Sexus SoulFood for full financial freedom to choose, and elect to buy exactly what they desire anima-psoter-colork.gifwholesomely. Thus can afford to reproduce our artwork Rare-Rich-Royal specimens at conscious raising elevated prices. Putting true values into what We’s & Us’s say so much about what is needed in the black communities, so called “minority neighborhoods” locally and nationally.

Interestingly enough, my deeper in depth inner Spiritious being and Solar Sexus Soul, is saying this young African Black American man, maybe, a reincarnation of twin souls. Expressly, Frederic Douglas + Marcus M. Garvey!! Dual-Double DNA CODES!! A Total Truth Telling Time Tested, Talented, True GARVEYMIGHT!!!

“This is a gangster government, the world is nothing but gangsters and thugs!” The CIA or Central Intelligence Agency was created by “a wall street banker.” “To fight drugs in the black community is to fight the government it self because they supply it.” Professing this Garveymight Mastermind Melanin Messiah Masculinity!!!.

‘President Obama is not their in the White House to undue or uproot white supremacy, butt, he’s there to strengthen it!’ The Presidential Oval Office has a new image painted on it: “I’m half black and half white”; “muts like me”!

May our leaderships no longer be bias bigots, who just like being heard on their talk radio hosted shows, runnng their vociferous sounding big mouths. Might they promptly do something in actuality and cease the planning stages that seems to go on forevermore without end in sight. Thus relearn to make do, work with what we have righteously now today near to grasp and easily beholden presently. Clearly being portrayed presently by patterned pathways of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:  Or simply-plainly said, y’all easily economically encounter CKNWCA THE COMFORTER.


LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature; demands and commands total autonomy plus complete sovereignty. Fully freed from falsified-fraudulent financial indebtedness-re-enslavement imposed by white westerner whip “Crackers” sinning slave masters of European Colonialism -Capitalism and Imperialism!!!

“A thinking man can never be made a slave, a thinking woman can never be made a slave. You must question and think everything.” “Black people have no interest in themselves, we are known, to fight like cats and dogs!” This why we have no real businesses industries, manufacturing companies, due to envy, jealously and student strife among brothers and sisters.

“Ownership is the opposite of slavery.”

Dr. Umar Johnson – The 7 Deadly Sins v=N1pu6e5fa5U&feature=related

DEVILISH DOMINANCE & CAUCASOID CAUC-ASIAN CONTROLS: Are the cause of the rapid degeneration, dysfunction, demolition-demise of the common citizenry’s decency and good godly will for all of humanity.

Expressly, I Am talking about the so called White wicked western world of European origins. Including, White Anglo-America’s controlled and dominated United States. Along with Canada’s CaucAsian contaminations as the historical invader occupiers venturing out of Europe’s continental geographical region. Of the coldest Caucus Mountains post periods of the ice-ages. As they came out of their cave dwellings as the frozen ice and snow covered areas started to thaw out and melt down into rushing rivers of waters. They came into being having hate hostilites hurting humankind, and went about their vicious viral way conquering, murdering, robbing-raping every peaceful people who they came into contact with. 

DEVILISHLY & DEMONICALLY: Doing so with a hideous hellish vengeance!!! Perversely impacting the world’s populations, pushing and prompting them to start acting just like they do, and become copycats of these heathens, vandals, barbaians bad behaviors.  Or else, embargoed, sanctioned, blocked not to not receive wholesome, nutritional food- fresh clean drinking water-shelter, money, valuables that rightly belonged  to TRUE EARTORS  as Original BlackBlueBrown indigenous inhabitants, of Asia’s Mongoloid + Africa’s Africoid racial-ethnic-cultural groups.

Their own Eurocentric Biologists-Scientists-Geneticists, says that these pearly pale pink pigmented people, are ancient ancestral Africa’s Africoid-Negroid mutant members. Who came about by means of a contagious disease named Leprosy, thus continuing to mutate into a viral infection manifested as Albinism of the Albinos.

Which is medicinally-clinically called a Melanin Deficiency (pathology-psychosis), due to the lack of the proper function of the PINEAL GLAND hormone production.  And initiating source of our naturalizedsolarized SPIRITUALITY.

Direly Consequential, innocently and also by malicious meanness-madness and or malice aforethought to kill and commit crimes against humanity. And proceeded to creatively evolve, transition-transform itself into more stabilized art forms who we witness now today. Recognized to be as they do physically appear whitish in skin complexion. .

Furthermore, it is well written and documented that these “pale faces” did in fact have some Rare-Rich-Royal few, normalized bio-genotype traits that were innately good seeds. Better beneficially blessed small 10% – 12% numbers who had or still have common decency and good will vs. ill-will toward those of us who look much unlike them having distinct differences in skin shades, tones-tans-tints. Along with varying diverse physical-facial appearances, shapes, figure formations and head sizes, etc.

Howsoever, the overwhelming majority are predominantly of the Biological BAD SEEDS! Thus inherently of the Indecent no good Whites, who inherited their Eurocentric Caucasoid CaucAsian ancestries of that mutant disease and viral infections speeded pervasively among their own internal populations. As “savage beasts” “ barbarians” mass murdering one another due to SELF-HATE! And these unstable Lepers & Albinos, hunted down the humane and sane stabilized Whites, throughout their wicked witched western white world historicity. All during their transitional Medieval madness and Dark Ages, and other time periods following thereafter, therein Europe of Asia.

ABSOLUTELY NO, not at all are the fictitious religions godly and holy. Only a phony pretentitious -Pretext political ploy to dupe-bribe-brainwash Africans, AfroAsiatic tribal-families and cause them to be at perpetual warlord fights-disputes, heated arguments, bloody-deadly civil conflicts with each other.

EVIL Events carried on proceeding to the Roman Catholic Church’s Vatican Popes, Pedophile Priests-Bishops, who were proved to be historic tyrants, cruel dictators devoid of truthful art forms of DEMOCRACY. They were and presently still are the offspring generation of children, growing up into adults retaining their fathers and mothers imposed religiosity-adiposity, of the old world wicked witchcraft of the mutating-evolving remnants of the old religious regimes.

Which culminated into their falsified version of CHRISTENDOM’S Christians of Christianity. Proved to be insanity of inhumanity as the Medieval Crusades” coupled with the Christianized criminals of “The Inquisition” reveals. Forcing their conspiring evil wills upon the resisting Decent Good White Hopes of Abolitionist Minded men and women who opposed the Roman Catholic Church dogmas and doctrines. As it is today, our 10% to 12% truly kindhearted, compassionate, lovable White Brothers & Sisters, Fathers & Mothers, friends, allies, associates-affiliates, business partners, who are being oppressed-repressed-depressed. By the exact same psychotic governances and presidencies existing in County Seats & City Capitols, States & Federal Governments of religious psychopaths and sociopath politicians..

YES, for sure those presently holding official political power positions are the primary-principal problems to be boldly and bravely solved today in our 21st century CyberSpaceAge. It has most certainly come to this face to face showdown, peaceful and violent confrontations, civil conflicts culminating into, as I Have envisioned and decreed: Urban Race Riots & Civil War, and America At Guerrilla War, in the solemn midst of Officially Counting Down To Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III = 3!!!

Basically because in spite of and regardless of our small percentage of trustworthy truth telling WHITES, the Fraud in Fact Lies of Leading Liars, Egregious Whites, controls and dominates our national internal affairs and international affairs of foreign; yet sovereign nations worldwide. And I personally don’t give go good God Devil damnations about how these Eurocrentric fair skinned-pale pink pigmented people choose to live. BUTT, my only true concern is that none of them any longer dominate and control my humane life here in planetary sphere earth.

They can think and believe whosoever they wish and want to believe, religiously or politically, as longs ME-MYSELF & I AM, totally freed at liberty from them in this life’s time. Starting as an independent individual, thus branching outwards and upwards into our collective MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions.

WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER-Plan + Positive Protests: Constitutes the Honored Heroic Mr. Marcus Mossiah Garvey’s planned Organizational Order as opposed to their racist-sexist-fascist-egoist-supremacist; “New World Order”. Our GlobalWordNations opposing their wicked west white witchcraft; “Globalizations”!!

Reveals: CKNWCA:

Taj Tarik Bey says; ‘1Status, 2Judicial, 3Adudication’ It is never all about racism, butt, also about status. “Our people are talking racism, when it is no judicio-stand-di?” ‘And we feel good when some of us tell them off, like the negative name calling “Cracker” which is overused to express one’s sentiments against antagonistic whites. That “Honky” this “ white devel‘ those “peckerwoods” that “patty“ on and on, so be though that they may.

Howsoever, that‘s not the truest issue, which is their robbing We‘s & Us‘s of our organic, original status; as Africoid Africa‘s Ascendant! As they imposed their psychotic perceptions labeling Africans in America, “descendants“. A lowering and lesser state of human beings or status! And this in turns help decrease and lower in degrees-amount, counts of our vibration frequency rates. Leaving our physical body in jeopardy, vulnerable to all sorts of invasive villains, viruses, vandals, violent volunteers.

‘We always know about God, Jesus, Mohammad, etc, yet don’t know our disowned selves.’ So how can others respect us? In my mind’s view, we’s and us’s are the sacred secret society. With or where our truer history or our story is hidden, going untold, buried alive and well within wrong doings. Our originating organic ancestries, built those towering pyramids. A wholesome society of civilized Africoid Africans. The statues are solidified states of our organic-opioid stations and statutes of Spiritiousity vs. religiosity!!

“North America is northwest Africa”; and this is why they can’t deport you in no justified or legalized and honest way. Y’all take a good long look at my depicted portrayals in artworks, illustrations and graphic designs. How I drew and painted the perfect picture of Mother Earth Nature in Her holistic full bodied composition. Unified state of bodily being! Now one might be able to see exactly why I named this continental geographical location of the Americas, our USAA+ PROMISED LANDS!!! The Unified Statutes of America + Africa!!! And myself an American Afrindian = native naturally.

“The Priesthood has been one of the most damning things happening to humanity, because the greatest thieves are amongst them.” Our optimized origins is originally of the earthly spherical planet as authentic EARTHORS.

Taj Tarik Bey and DR.Umar ABDULLAH Johnson 2011


My Artistic True-Up-U-Turn version of “Black Liberation”, full fledged freedoms, includes, White Liberation too, because they are the main ones who have allowed themselves to be; bribed-brainwashed-duped into thinking and believing that they are racially supreme and superior to non-whites. The major mass media madness grossly distorting truer realities, and portraying negative images against darker Melaninated colorized citizens. They are to be subdued and overcome by their own rebelling antiwar revolutionary militia groups and Caucasian Caucasoid committees here on the national domestic homeland front of combat battles.

Particularly those who have elected to help our struggles as human beings defeating the common criminal capitalist corporatist-imperialist-supremacist system. Blood sucking leeches and bloody fanged vampires suctioning off the vital-nutrients and living blood of bodily organisms. Depleting the earthly Soulful Soils, degrading and underling everybody and everything wholesome, healthy and HUEMAIN!!!

“The Black Aristocracy” = “The Elitist Blacks”; who are the very same people jumping out against We’s & Us’s, that did so to Mr. Marcus M. Garvey in Jamaica. “The un-talented tenth”: commonly called The Talented Tenth: They have all of the color of skin variations, claiming higher status over darker toned pigmentation. Such as mulattos, maroons?, octoroons, colored people, fair complexioned, “pale faces”, on and on with these blinders as unification barriers and blockades. Yet here on the North American continent, for the most part is was and is simply a black or white thing!

‘We got to look for every little bit that good in all people, their foolish faiths, religions, politics, racial-ethnic groups. Extracting energies that can be used to help heal and deliberate our re-owned selves. And this is precisely why y’all see that most of my portrait picture presentations, depicts an all and in all inclusive, MultiplexRacialBody: black-brown-red, tan, white, pink pigmented people’s public populations!

Whatsoever, common decency, divinity, wholesomeness that I’m able to artfully apply, in operational orders to better be blessed beneficially. “Race First”; to my mind, includes, every single segment, section, of the HUEMAIN KIND RACE!!!

All branching limbs, lineages, mutating members, leaves and twigs of the family tree’s tribes are counted. Each and every division. Re-composing the holistic humane state of biological being. Basically belongs to the original organic, orgasmic, opioid, Africoid, Humanoid. Also identified as Negroid – Caucasoid – Mongoloid!

Who ever you fear, is your God!” And black people fear white people. ‘One thing you can always count on is that when one of the “Black Aristocracy”; like Mr. Bill Cosby did, is to shift fault and culpable guilt, to scapegoat and blame to subjected victims.’ Although, what he said in many ways was truthful, butt, he fail to put these things into a proper bracket as a [correct context]. Therefore, surely We’s & Us’s took issue with him and his wicked words!!

‘Their whole responsibility is to reflect accountability away from whites and their wicked witchcraft wrongs.’ ‘The most powerless persons or people of color complexions, are to be solely responsible for all of the socially engineered problem.’ Dr. Umar A. Johnson professes.

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: encompasses every, and each enterprising eco-electron energy entity. This is truly Pyramida Panaorma Phenomena, comprising interrelated artworks and networks. The Center Carbon Core Creation Cradle. And baby born, birthplace, better beneficially blessed by being bred-breast fed female Femininity Earth Mother Nature’s nurtured and cultured, Solar Sexus Soulfood:

PROVED FACTS OF TRUTH REALITIIES: These Euro-Anglo-Americans are the certain causes of so much hunger, starvation and impoverished people forced to try and live and survived inside war torn countries worldwide. These ancient mutations of man made manufactured mass media madness must go! They have massively generated, created and thus perpetuated their Self-hate, criminal behaviors all around the whole wide world. Imposing and inflicting and infecting humanity with their psychotic insanity, producing its likeness genotype traits of inhumanity. Mutating Messenger RNA & Mitochondrial DNA CODES.

RAPING OUR FEMALES: Implanting their satanic seeds; so that on coming generations of babies, esp., young girls, shall unknowingly and naively-automatically, bow down and worship the wicked white male images as their “Almighty Lord God”!!!

YES: continental Americas, North-Central-South + Africa, is polluted and poisoned in their mindsets called “menticide”! Due to racist white Europeanized hatemongers and warmongers, unmercifully imposing their wicked wills upon indigenous inhabits, native Indians from inlands to islands to continents globally. Instilling their Christianized Catholic Church criminalities in the falsified name of some make believe white male “God”, they call “Jesus Christ” Lord & Savior, who never truly existed, etc.

And this has brought upon many multitudes of people’s populations, DIVINELY DECREED DEVILISH DAMNATIONS; against all of those who willfully submit to these artless formations of Institutionalized Racism. No material matter whether the subjected victims, are black-brown-red-tan-yellow-white pink pigmented persons. They have permitted themselves to become contaminants, poisonous politicized polluted parties, being in factual realities MENTAL VIRONS or “Mind Viruses“. And, scientifically based on the Natural Laws of Chemistry & Physics; evil enemy energy entities. Against the Universal Laws + Laws of Mother Earth Nature!!!

Now Today It Is Well Wisely Written: Anybody, any one, individual person and or collective body of human beings in bodily art forms, who are not fearlessly fighting back against the rising water tides and terrorist tsunami tidal waves of USA & EUROPEAN military interventions, invasions, interferences of other foreign-sovereign nations, larger or smaller countries, are also the silent Arch Angel Adversary Antagonists!!! 

 UNIFICATIONS = Unifying all of our separatist-isolationist efforts to terminate and StopPointBlankPeriod internalized self-hate. The perceived and actual contagious disease and infectious viral infestations of Racist White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN = our authentic artistic portrayed image of LUCIFER THE HATEFUL DEVIL!!!!

  MAJESTIC+MAGNIFICENT MASTER’S MIND MELANIN MESSIAHS; Ascended ancient ancestral Africa’s anointed-appointed artistic authors. Through centuries of inseparably related blood lines, We’s & Us’s reappear by way of everlasting LoveLifeLight. Beneficially blessed and bestowed natural-innate gifts of graciousness, gratitude, thus, are born again repeated of the exact same biological-genotype trait of Genesis Genius. Enabled at birth conception immaculately; to artfully apply our Composed Constructive Creative Imagination!!! 

Controlled Creative Evolution + Revolutionary Creation: anima-spiral-colork.gifMeaning that ColorKingdomNWCA, is an evolving revolution, that is continuing to increase in size, proportions and expansion. Meant and intended for the expressed enjoyment and pleasure of Royal Rich Rare ancestral lineage and bio-blood line. Because, they are ArtistCHD’s kindred souls and spirits and True-Up love ones for Real-Live-Vision or IniVerse RealiVision.

Yes, y’all can easily tell us, recognize our truthful identifies, by the free gifts of grace and fresh ripe fruit of the AmeriAfrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT’S POWERED KNOWLEDGE. And because an illegitimate bad-unwholesome seed-root, matured tree, false or fake artist can not bear such sumptuous art exhibits. Certainly, beyond any rational reason to doubt, Me-Myself I AM an authentic ancient African ancestral ascendant thereof, herein: our USA PROMISED LAND.

IT MEANS WHAT WE’S & US’S SAYS IT MEANS:  Meaning that the secret sacred Scripts+symbols, were never purposed for any type of worldly religious politics, whatsoever. Their original intents were solely and solemnly SPIRITUAL.

Moreover, man made up his madness, manufactured religiosity, centuries after the fact of reality that True-Up artists did indeed draw and paint our/their portrait pictures and illustrations of plants and animals and activities. etc. Thus molded, carved, chiseled and sculptured meaningful artwork or artifacts. And none were ever meant to be static, stationary, motionless; Butt to the contrary of death or being dead-deceased; they/we were symbolizing SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!!

ANSATA ANKH, is our signature of rising Love+Life+Light within us, CHRIST or HORUS, being ani-colork-perch.gifRepresentative one of the first Sons of SUNGOD. This was no so called Christian cross, because false or true Christianity or Christendom,  did not exist at the time period of our ancient African original creative arts. The religious attachments, associations, came about centuries following our renditions and masterpieces. And consequently dire, devoid of personal power, resulting directly and indirectly from fatal fraud in fact lies of liars. And everybody, were literally or virtually cut off asunder, severed, disconnected from our ORIGINATOR, COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR. period.

EXCLUSIVE + EXQUISITE: Made for mansion homes, the highest class real estate upscale-architectural interior designs. Lovely looking center pieces for stately buildings, floors-tiles, wall papers, rugs, carpets, table cloths and tops, furniture-chairs-couches, and the list is indefinitely long. There’s no limitations set for printing, engraving, embroidering the artwork into various mediums-materials, canvases and fabrics.

Truly and honestly, this has been Portrait ArtistCHD’s long-term inner-vision, starting back in the early 1980’s. Seeing how that his insights were appropriate to be applied in elegant art forms of originality. Genuine Genesis Genius confidently revealed. Regardless of what the “low-lifes”; lower lifestyles of people thought negative in their restricted-narrow mindsets of doubts and disbelief. We’s & Us’s never sought, nor feel any real need to ask for their bias opinions and or prejudiced points of views and stamps of approval. Absolutely NO!!!

I AM THAT I AM THE ORIGINAL CREATIVE ARTISTCHD, in spite of any unkind stereotype opposing persons. Those lost souls who simply and plainly were never meant to be able to appreciate the finer things in human life here on planetary sphere Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth!!!

amocp;lorking-fadegray.gif  The Economic Ego Electron Energy Entity Emotions, Love-Sex-Romance, are embedded inside the Web Site Domain: COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS:

Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature’s ancient-ancestral authorities sacred spiritual secrets. And it is absolutely not an issue or tissue having anything to do with human intellect, nor brain intelligence as far as academia and scholarly institutional teaching and learning is involved.

Yes, a True-Up Real-Live-Visionary Artist, has the intrinsic-innate SPIRITUALIZED 6th Solar Sexus Soul Sense. Potently capable capacity to comprehend and artistically apprehend these self-empowering forces; intuitively, instinctively, and spiritually!!!

Yes, These are the wealthy wings of fortunes flight. Trustworthy treasure chests, satisfactory saturated by royally rich rarities, jewels, pure golden nuggets, coins and artifacts. Signifying our internal monetary mental models; in which, to assess our truest worth, quality and gold standards of uplifted lifestyles. Height’s highest sacred-secret-society of healthy = Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship!!! Certainly She, Mother Earth Nature, prolifically produced and deliberately delivered these DIGNITY DIGITAL DIVINITY DIAMOND DESIGNS. Indubitably via the Son of  SUNGOD’S LoveLifeLight!!!

Are We’s & Us’s trying to lift-up the deaden spirits of the living dead? Why heavens Hades Hell Fire No! That’s a total tested waste of talented time. Butt, however, these art-projects are to further enlighten those individuals who are already lively in spirit and at hart, by way of good acts and deeds.

They deserve delightful additions to what they have internalized presently, which is their inner appreciative attitude and are existing positive people potential-possibilites.  In other nice words, they’re cheerful-colorful-joyful, Kindhearted Kinky Kings & Lovely Lusty Queens, Pretty Pattern Princesses & Prince Charming gentlemen.

Furthermore, fortunately for those of us still having to live among the subclass mindsets of impoverished mentalities; the long waited for benefit blessings are here. Allowing and permitting with pleasure, leaving behind the lost souls of hopelessness and despair, depression-oppression-repression. Able to move swiftly away from sorry ass complainer-do nothings, and their pitiful alibis for failure and perpetual excuses for personal shortcomings!!

WILLINGLY & WANTOMLY: I’m specifically talking about, those self-hating, self-abnegating, poor thinking people who are stationed at the middle-lowest levels of positive thought processes. And refuse to thrive and strive to better themselves, work with purpose to improve their general living environments, dietary meals, health, schools and overall communities.  Are productive-prosperous ‘Per-Suns” suppose to jeopardize their/our own financial freedoms, civil liberties and humane righteousness on lazy losers? Not on our dearly loved lives!!!

IN FACT OF REALITY: ColorKingdomNWCA, recruits rare royal rich talents; who have been stuck stupified, by being compelled to associate, get along with, and live close to those absolute dead beats. Therefore, this innovative enterprise openly offers objective opportunities, to those who have persevered, persisted, and has endeavored to uplift themselves, by all lawful-legal-honest ways-methods-means. VIABLE+VALUED  HELP HAS ARRIVED!!!!  

THROUGHOUT THE AGES OF TIME: From our ancient African or Mother Nature Earth’s humane Genesis Genius Gift of Artistic Grace; We’s & Us’s were disbursed. Thus spread pervasively all across the geographic map and planetary VegePlanTerrain

A Benefit Blessing in surreptitious disguise: Millions were world.gifforced into free labor slavery for centuries, while others migrated early on as the earthly body organism separated Herself, into continental plains, divided land masses, and islands; now called our Global-World-Nations.

PERFECT: Some potent seed sources were immigrants willingly traveling animation8-colorking-rotate.gifthousands of miles across the ocean-seas and mountains. Albeit, let us be very thankful, that our Biological Genetic gifts, genotype talented traits, Messenger RNA & Mitochrondrial DNA CODES, were/are everlasting-forevermore LOVE LIFE LIGHT!!!

In spite of severe outside weather, environmental climatic changes and or enslavement. Because We are right now “Free At Last” by ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE, of Her Healthy Happy Humorous Holistic Hunankind. Scientific Sapiens Species Specifics, named RACE!!!!

“Welcome to Black Liberation Radio
& Black Liberation TV”

Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs = Miracle Mystic Mind Money Magic + Cosmic Conscious Conscience CREATOR’S Occult Occurrences – Cognizant Clairvoyance ColorComplexTrix Currents = AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s Activated Ancient Ancestral Africa’s Actual Applied Awareness =$$$

TO LOVE THY SELF AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascend Ancient Ancestral Africa = COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts

ArtistCHD = CHRIST+HEART+DEITY=DIVINITY Indwelling ChristLikelyen vs Christian!! pt1

           Monetary-Financial-Economic Support-Clean Cultured Currency Contributions: DONATE TODAY RIGHTEOUSLY NOW…$$$                

color_kingdom_business111.jpg road.gif

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COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts Computerized Cosmic CyberSpaceAge Capital Cash Currency = AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Africa’s Ascendant Ancestry Anointed Artistry = Dollars-Cash-Cents-Loot-Booty-Bounty-Merchant Mercy Money Making Methods, Mechanisms Manufacturing Materials x My Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Models + Financial Fortune Fortress, Fashions + EcoEnergyst Efficiency. Textile Prints-Artworks – Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs = Resources Rich-Rare-Royalty Running Racerists 100%+ RACE for the native-natural minerals, gold, silver, platinum, iron ores-oils, precious stones of Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!+

COLORKINGDOM NWCA’S Capital Cash Currencies = Clean Cultured Causes + Collective CyberSpaceAge Compuritzed Cosmic Consensus Community Communions. 

Meaning making merchant mercy money; by methods of creating-composing-producing-publishing animation8-colorking-rotate.gifand promoting artwork; that is strictly-specifically original, unique, creative, rich-royal-rarities. Talented techniques and authentic artistic applications by way of our 21 century CyberSpaceAge advancing computer technologies. Thus, are delightfully defined, definite Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs

YES: It is imperative and of paramount importance that AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, inform y’all fine fit feminine females, Pearly Pink Pretty Patten Princesses, Lovely Looking Love Life Light Lilly White Women, along with our Authentic Authorized African Love Goddesses & Queens of Color.

Indubitably, revealed in actuality, Real-Live-Vision, how and why females have been subjected victims of male dominance, expressly in particular, Eurocentric Anglo-American Caucasoid Caucasian males. Called “White Men” yet are sexually immature childish little boys!!! Or else, simply and plainly “Johnny Come Lately” lost-losers?!.

Furthermore, in this artistic rendition, they are openly exposed for who and what they truly are, in the overwhelming number of cases, living here on the surface of planetary sphere Mother Nature Earth.

Albeit, for the exclusion of our USA PROMISED LAND’S RICH+RARE+ROYAL, good decent bio-genes of wholesome seed roots; Caucasoid Caucasian males beneficially blessed, redeemed, spared and saved. Exquisitely by an ancestral inheritance of honesty, truth, justice by the free gift of glorious grace. They are very few; as compared to the overall-general-aggregate population and are rarities and extraordinary exceptions to DIVINITY’S RULE!

Moreover, this psychotic Patriarchal hatemonger, warmonger bad seed genotype trait sex-gender “White” appearing male, is a vicious, “Savage Beast””Barbarian”. According to historical reports revealed by decent good bio-genetic traits of warm-wholehearted WHITE MEN. Who are my Truest Kindred Spiritual Brothers!!!

And has used, employed-exploited expediently, his manufactured false Christian religion, all fraudulent versions, to oppress-repress-depress his female sex-gender. Systematically to destroy all images of FEMININITY & HER MATRIACHAL SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM. Courageously read this posted True-Up Story Book Bible Blog:

CapitalColorists, CapitalColorism = My True-Up Version of anima-underwater.gifCapitalists & Capitalism!! Defined to mean merchants who make money profit gains by positive photosynthesis propaganda promotions and productions of the prismatic spectral hues of the Electromagnetic Field of Color Currencies. Inclusively, incorporating clinical color cures as mental-spiritual-visual therapies, aiding and helping heal health lackluster sickness syndromes. Such as boredom leading to depression!

CONFIDENTLY: I AM Authentic ArtistCHD, who is now today,pyramid.gif restoring the active forces and potent pictureque powers of a sacred secret Spirit Source Science System. Indubitably, reconnecting our Ancient Ancestral African Artistic Authorities to this present time period of our 21st century CyberSpaceAge New World Millennium. Please join my Pretty Pattern Princesses!!!

Moreover, the compound word adds monetary values, financial fitness, and economic energy entities, in an artistically skillful manner and by applying specialized coloration techniques as authentic designee originals. Yes good vs. evil, it’s very healthy and wealthy to have plenty of Capital bounty, booty, loot, cash dollars and cents. And by us having ample supplies of these currencies, we relearn the wholesome truth that, Lusty Loot Loving of Money is the sacred-secret-seed sources, realized roots to all self-sufficiency, homeland societal security, safety and financial-fair shares of economic growth-development and prosperity. There is absolutely no nasty nose negative meanings attached to this New World Wording.

Actually, WE’s & US’s were cut off from these ancient African spiritual forces of potent powers. Mostly due to selling out, betrayzydras.gifal of one another’s trust, two faced back-stabbing gossip, extortion and profiteering. Declining or refusing to give honest support to our natural born creative artists of originality. 

KEY QUESTIONS: What happened to the civilized countries, grand African ancient civilizations, and why? Is correctly answered herein. In major part, due to selfishness, unrighteousness, never wanting to freely share glorious gifts of grace of Her Holistic Humankind Race.

Compounded by Envy & Jealousy; which abounded as I do indeed envision and intuitively-instinctively sense. As it is so seriously self-evident at this very moment,  un-righteously today; accepting the invasive-intruders, occupiers, and their monetary bribing-duping-brainwashing. Tactics of torment and techniques of torture!!  Volunteering as soldiers of fame and fortune; joyfully joining his killer military might meaness and media madness. Contamination by accepting their Mental Virons or “Mind Viruses” of physical and psychological warfare; leading to crime and violence and self-destructive behaviors. Culminating into SELF-HATRED!!!!

Becoming just like the [bad-bio-genotype seed], warmonger Eurocentric psychopaths and sociopaths. Forsaking the peaceful good bio-genotype decent Whites, and embracing those hatemonger mentalities. Expressly of the wicked-white appearing skinned-pink pigmented people as “Johnny Come Lately” European Caucasoid Caucaisans and or Caucas Mountaineer Cauc-Asians.

A DIVINE PENALTY: Was and is assessed, thus, set for a specific time period as our people of darker melanin cultural color currency complexion, repent, have a positive change from self-hate To Love Thy Self kindheartedness, true sisterly and brotherly LOVE LIFE LIGHT.

REINSTATEMENT: Is only possible by not necessarily, believing in religious dogmas, Butt, for sure going back in the brain’s rational-reasoning thinking mind to our authorized SPIRITUAL REALMS as opposed to religious racism and sexism.  Taught by an adversarial Western Europeans, and their unholy and ungodly version of false Christianity or CHRISTENDOM!!

Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Natures’ Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship is coming back, yet is always here within those of us who KNOW.

MYSTICAL MAGICAL MIRACLES: The ones that original Humankind employed to build great and grand standing monuments, statues, pyramids-mounds. Inclusively, architectural buildings that are still erected today; as solid ironclad proof of said powers applied. And fortunately CKNWCA, and Son of SUNGOD, RESTORES & UNIFIES our ancestral Eco-Electron Energy Entity Emotions: LOVESEXROMANCE!!!


 THE COLORATION vs The Corporation + THE COLORATE vs The Corporate!!          

 Yes, this is Divine Will’s protected pathway for Pretty Pattern Princesses & Love Life Light Lilly Ladies to safely and securely cross over on. Making their independent transitions, self-sufficient transfiguration and personalized transformation from having to work like sex-slaves for the crazed corporate criminals of capitalist corruption.

 BUTT: Interestingly enough, I’ve often heard females talk about their declining incomes. Dave Ramsey’s Talk Radio Show to be specific, crying and complaining about being in deep debt financially and or completely career-less. Bankruptcies are frequently reported over the airways, begging for him to help her/them out of monetary poverty and being poor.

And his best advice, first of all is getting on a “beans and rice” diet taking the cheapest way out for survival. Thus coming down off of their high horses, upscale prestigious mindset, and accept that their 6 figure income no longer exists. Meaning that they can’t afford the fancy lifestyles of excess spending and sumptuous buying of goods-items-commodities. Including unable to afford to pay for expensive fine automobiles, and must get back into buying themselves an old-dusty-faded out Hoopty. A 100-500 dollar used car, etc.

OK Y’all, listen up and pay close attention: the overall economy shall not get any better, butt in fact, much worse off. It’s the nature of the Sinister Sick Serpent Beast Barbarian belief systems. Their time of grace has entirely ended, and death is a surety!

Millions are falling financially to fatal ruins, and duly noted as prophesied and predicted and decreed long ago. And now today we are seeing those manifestations come into being and also come to pass. The MASTER’S Mind Mental Models have climatically changed and rearranged. Therefore, women with many years of career on the job experience can be easily perceived as being “over qualified” and others graduating from college with new degrees, are seen as being far too inexperienced and less qualified. Deserving only of the lowest pay check or paid salary.

Furthermore, many of the corporations are intentionally closing up and or down sizing, going off-shore to foreign lands, to invest in cheaper labor, no required insurance premiums, and small cost of living, production and distribution of goods-commodities, etc. And this purposely leaves a huge hole in the Western-European-American societies and social security system.

Insecurity is deliberately concocted, due to the advantage of generating more profit capital gains, at the expense and health of under-developed countries. And this trend is not going to stop any time soon, and that’s just the way it is, So be it!

animation2.gifAlbeit, this is a wholesome opportunity to start from scratch, begin building your personal wealth and health, through COLOR KINGDOM NWCA. It’s our lifeline, savior and redeemer. And if you got laid off, fired, terminated or simply excused, from your high end paying job, here’s your chance to come aboard, invest by all ways and means that you possibly can afford to.  Or plainly bail out while you still have some viable savings and money saved up in the bank. Strut out on your own!

Thus, do the things that I’ve suggested and directed, all interested-self-qualifying females. Take the self-initiative,  you patiently and thoroughly read each and every one of these posted True-Up Story Book Bible Blogs. They were all Sublimely Inspired through fine fit feminine females, Mother Earth Nature’s Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship. And instructed, led by guidance of the AmeriAfrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE.


BOOTY: That was stolen-taken from our Ancient Africa’s ancestral authorities, and of our originating Humankind Person Body Being, is now taken back. No questions asked! And the hatemonger-warmongers are facing economic dooms day gloom globally, as a direct and proximate results of their historical and present day theft. Looting, raping and robbing We’s & Us’s True-Up Authentic Artists, of our heritage, inheritance and valued artifacts.

And you are well informed to KNOW, that I personally have DECREED, death and destruction to all our arch enemy energy entities, of European false Christendom & faker Islam & Muslim Muhammedan & Arab empires built upon the backs, slave labor, intellectual intelligence, wisdom and knowledge of Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!

Yes BEWAR: because this spiritual summons mean, could or animation8-colorking-rotate.gifshould spell World War Three-Four?!. Surely The Son of SUNGOD, is conceptually born in the physical humane flesh and blood, bone and marrow, healthy-wealthy, well and alive righteously TODAY!

BUTT BOUNTY: In this specific SOLAR SEX-US SOUL’S mature meaning, appre-extending = compre-extending definition, I AM talking about how bountiful our AmeriAfrindian people of darker melanin skin coloration, and more toned-tanned-shaded pigmentation, has prospered in a number of ways. Even doing well in the face of hostile opposition, hateful forces of enemy energy emotions, that manifest themselves in many multiplex combinations of showings, happenings and occurrences. However, Infinite Intellectual Intelligence is not DECEIVED nor MOCKED!!

Nevertheless, our persevering people bounces back even more strong and determined, to regroup, get humanely righteous returning to our original Ancient Ancestral Authorities Afrindian minds or AfriNegrindian monetary mentalities. Money making that is merciful, merchandise made by our own selves, as creative craftsmen – craftswomen, artisans, and REAL-LIVE VISIONARY AUTHORIZED ARTISTS!!


Yes, our beauteous benefit blessings are blossoming bountifully before your very own two eyes, now today. No material matter whatsoever, happened in the remote distant past periods of time. Thus our glory is righteously restored to it’s intended state of being abundant in generosity, liberality, and plain-o-simply producing plentiful PROSPERITY.

Surely COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, opens the closed doors freely; Butt, y’all shall suffice it to say, have to take the self-initiative, thus come cleanly cultured inside. And this certainly do mean, those redeemed, saved Solar Sexus Souls, who have relearned how ani-stetch-colork.gifparamount important it is to earn our monetary values, by all Honest, Truthful, Righteous, ways-methods-means.

While at the same sound rational reasoning time, reversing the habitual pattens of our overwhelming drug misuse, alcoholism, madness medications that are more harmful than the alleged sickness, virus and or disease infections. Thus disarm our adveraries monetary support systems; by not buying into their insanity of humanity!!  Yes this healthy wealthy policy practice is what I have named: COLORKINGDOMISM instead of Capitalism-Socialism-Communsim!!!

CapitalColorists of CapitalColorism are to Stop-Point-Blank-Period, producing more criminal corporate corruption of the notoriously known name of being “Capitalists” of Capitalism. Making meaningful transitions-transfiguration – transformations from financial failures; into victories. Also, in the common senses of total truth telling, until it makes people get well, healed-cured, instead of getting serious sick.

Failing Health: Due to the hidden sinister syndromes of satanic insanity of humanity. Internalized guilt that poisons peoples deeper-inner Conscience or CON-SCIENCE.

Consequently, a poisoned physiological and psychological environmental condition causes clinical ailments, menacing medical madness mindsets, unhappy-discontented and depressed overall society. Seeing how that most citizens are partakers, knowingly or unknowingly, wicked and evil conspirators, who only care about themselves, their jobs, careers, salaries and paychecks. Thus habitually feed on the toxic chemical concoctions of radicalized religious political poisons. And as an unwholesome nation-country and or international community; no longer are enabled to appreciate the more healthful things in humankind lifestyles. Enjoyment’s pleasure, has been degraded, robbed and raped of Her natural qualities and artful attributes. Food & Water never seems to taste right!

SPIRITUALIZED SICKNESS-SADNESS SYNDROMES: Today, now society’s citizens are caught locked inside homeland secured Skinner’s box, trapped in a maze, not knowing which way or path to take to escape, get free at last, be at civil liberty. A dog-eat-dog road-rage river rat race. Always in a rushing hurry; Butt, actually going viciously around in clinical cycles; going absolutely no where, wealthy and healthy. So the next series of steps are poisonous prescription pills pushed by physician pill pushing pimps. Illicit drugs of sorts, alcoholic drinking binges, chain-smoking tobacco and marijuana cigarettes to a cancerous ending, and expedited death sentence. BAD & GOOD RIDDANCE!!


VISION & FOCUS: Seeing no enlightenment at the beginning or end of the tunnel. Yet having a back pocket filled with money, credit cards, bank roll of cash currency; Butt still severely unhappy. And this is due to the overall-in general sick sinister serpent system of things, that has built its very existence, wrongly called prosperity, off of hate-mongering and warmongering foreign interventions-invasions-occupations in military armament styles. Taking and stealing, enslaving and imposing its wicked will upon other human beings of Her Happy Healthy Holistic Humanity!!!

SPIRITUALLY POOR-IMPOVERISHED & BANKRUPT MENTALLY: Even if or when some of us have the material goods, superficial monetary earnings, financial incomes of a great deal of loot, cash, bounty, bucks, so forth and so on. They are more sick, in many cases, and have no restful-peaceful-relaxing vacations from financial failures. The type that I’m referring to are disappointments in the self, always feeling down-syndrome about the economy, governments, police departments of corruptions and criminal cops.

Moreover, this is being poor, it constitutes poverty, and everybody caught in its wake or surreptitious midst, are suffering from their financial losses, resulting from being depleted, drained or their zydras.gifinnate-natural resource energies, by the thieves and raper rappers and robbers.

Yes, they had to be seriously sick in their heads in the first place concerning race. Secondly, they must had been extremely poor minded and in spirit. And for their survival felt or feel the necessitated need, to lie and steal, take and claim that in which don’t truthfully belong to them, as their very own. And whosoever, the persons, individuals are, and as collective racial-ethnic-cultural classes of citizens, they are forevermore Divinely Judged & Cursed!!

DIVINELY BLESSED BENEFICIALLY: Are those of us who willingly give just credit where it is rightly due. Thus pay people fairly for artwork rendered and work done, according to our agreements and contracts. Do righteously by our business associates, customers, clients, and supporters all alike. Give and sell ani-colork-perch.gifand offer everybody the best that we possible can, and of the highest quality of ASSETS + ASSES + BUTTRESSED BUTTOCKS of Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes Bio-Balance!!

CAPITALCOLORCURRENCY: Means money green too!! The kindhearted types that are clearly cultured crystal clean currencies of Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts:
Not to ever be confused with negative capitalist money green gluttonous greed, butt, directly linking and inseparably related to CapitalColorists who have relearned how to wheel and deal decisively delightful. Offering others equable profit shares, gainful investment dividends, and merchant money made in a Dynamic Equilibrium Bio-Bucks-Balance = $$$ 100%+ SOLAR SEXUS SOUL SAVING$.
AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, does not denounce nor condemn the criminal capitalist corporate corruptors; Butt, simply slips the punches, poor political policy practices, that are detrimental to long-lasting happiness, cheer and joy.  Thus deliberate deception deminishes the participating people’s pleasure of living, and depreciates the quality and quantity of Love Life Light!!!
Therefore, what we are dong is enhancing, updating, upgrading and uplifting the causes of creating currencies, which are sincerely trustworthy: Economic Ego Electron Energy Entity Emotions; expressly, Love-Sex-Romance!!!!
DECREED DOWN & OUT: Are our oppressive opponents!! Likewise none of our artful-attributes, are named with being Capitalists of Capitalism in the least. Our New World Organized Order Operations Communications, constitutes strictly, solemly, and soulfully, CapitalColorists of CapitalColorism of CapitalColoration of COLORKINGDOMISM!! Unified, inseparably connected compound linking words. The main point of income interest$ First Finance Freedom$$$
Yes, for certain this substantive due process of Natural Law, is so sensitively sound, delicately developed and intricately incorporated into the very fabric of my Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs.
A well thoughtout pathway, bridge to cross over on safely and securely. No abrubt changes that might upset the existing mal-formed foundation of the sick sinister serpent system. As it falls fatally on its own accords and or discords! Severe lackluster of Love-Peace-Harmony!!!
 Graciously with gratitute, this artistic approach to positive productive progressing prosperity, is also CapitalColorCurrency clinical therapies, having medicinal methods included within the artwork’s symphonic and synthesized orchestrations. Commonly called “Color Therapy”.
BUTT YES: Y’all are presently being beneficially blessed by these impressive REVELATIONS. Moreover, its is in fact my True-Up Iniversal-RealiVision Replacement Therapy. Removing the MENTAL VIRONS or “Mental Viruses”; caused by rigid radical religions, thus sensitively replacing them with wealthy heart health. And don’t waste valued time condemning, complaining, crying about what might have been, what should have happened, or what could of occured, only if, this-that or the other thing wouldn’t have caused FAILURE!  
PITIFUL EXCUSES & SORRY ASS ALIBIS BE GONE: Because The Original Creative ArtistCHD, has created realities. And our new world wisdom is being born well and alive, having potent possibilities galore, for self-sufficient industries. Yes, authentic artwork!
“Chronic Depressive Reacttion” causes suicides, homocides, in young and older people. Especially those who are blatantly bullied, put down, called degrading names, like “hoez”; “fagots”; “homos”, “gay”, “lesbian”; “punks”, “cock suckers”: “dick suckers”; “ass kissers”; “sluts”; “bitches”; on and on with the self-righteous religiosity. Which wrongful eductational processes starts at home; then taken into the schools, with so called good students. Kids with prestigious parents who are Christians, allegedly worshiping “Jesus” CHRIST and GOD.
“The Verdict Is In” Master Melanin Messiah Dr. Ray Haggins:
However, they are only hypocritical bigots, bias and preduced haters. Thus, this man person being who they claim is Lord & Savior, never truly existed. The Roman Catholic Church-Popes & Pedophile-Priests, and collection of Bishops, manufactured this fraud and mythical man; in approx. 325 A.D. under Emperior Constantine’s Rule, etc. And that’s exactly what it is correctly called False Religions & Poisonous Polictics!!
You research and read: How these racist liars made themselves into our God Lord Almighty & Savior.  And this report reveals how “Serapis, Ptolemy 1st” White Male imposed Pharaoh of Africa’s Egypt is the Caucasian Caucasoid European portrait image of who they later, in about 325 A.D. frualulently named “Jesus” Christ or Christus. Study the full proved history and listen up to the words of wisdom of a wise Black Liberated Man: The 1st Council of Nicea 325 A.D.,  – Dr. Ray Hagins
CK-NWCA THE COMFORTER: Has arrived here to change the clinical climatic circumstances and crazy conditions of colorless-constant bordom. Which is a silent spiritual sickness syndrome, worldwide, pervasively spreading across planetary sphere Mother Nature Earth.
First & Foremost: May We’s & Us’s neutralized these half-truth, partial truth telling religious or irreligious citizens, wheresoever, they might reside or live. After which normalizing the abnormal states, a reversal motion is applied, that automatically removes the existing programming of the inhumane mind’s brain. And I am emphasizing that real artwork, as prescribed herein, is a primary-principal-principle; realized remedy, clinical cure, medicinal method and problem solving solution. The correct answer of Genesis Genius: CapitalColorCurrency!!!
Unfortunately: Attempting To Flee With White Flight: Butt have not gotten too far from financial failures, and never shall succeed in Love Life Light of DIVINE WILL.  
Injured severely, is the American societal system. directly and indirectly resulting from the systemic-systematic sinister sciences. And the Devilish Racism against Humankind named “RACE”;  in The Mainstream News Media Corporate Capitalist Criminal Enterprises. They on the aggregate whole, has repeatedly befailed the American citizens. And of a Culpable Mental State: Are those self-centered employees, columnists, reporters, journalists; who persist to report bogus and negative statistical data, racially profiled, aimed at none-whites. And misdirected energies, valuable resources targeted toward peace loving humane beings. Thus generated false news reports,  as misinformation about so called “African Americans” suffering something or the other more so than all other racial groups. These negative energy enemy entities, are causing the United States of America, to be DIVINELY DENOUNCED & CONDEMED TO DEATH DAMNATION!!!
Truthfully & Exclusively: It is most certainly the BAD-BIO-GENOTYPE TRAIT; white males doing these evil-wicked acts and deeds. This habitual pattern is widespread and is extremely divisive, in a very harmful and hurtful way, disruptive to the unity of the United States of America!! Thus a divided nation shall sooner or later, yet now today falls back down to ground level zero; and in accordance with LOVE GODDESS MOTHER NATURE’S LAWS!!!!. 
While still in the surreptitious midst of, severely suffering HER unprecedented retaliatory weather patterns of massive destruction of the unwholesome economy and financial market shares, stocks and bonds. Capitalistic Catastrophe!!!
DIVINE WILL’S CURSES ARE UPON AMERICA: As a direct and proximate results of acquiring, hoarding, loads of loot, stolen booty, gold, diamonds, taken bounty and contaminated cash currencies.
MAINSTREAM MEDIA MADNESS: It is Anti-Humanity and is Inhumane Insanity. With no physical military weapons of warfare, and only mass media destruction of a mulitude of minds. Brain propaganda poisoing. And this is a sick satanic syndrome of White Supremacy Superiority Hatred; in and of itself. A devious vice in hopes of national and worldwide DOMINANCE!!!
A chronic cause of internal down fall of the United States of America, as it has been a very Racist & Demonic Democracy of Hypocrisy. And this is generating joblessness, unemployment among upper-middle class white Anglo-Americans, more so than anybody else. Fact of Reality, because they have the most to loose, as plain and simple as that. Not alleged “minorities” or “Blacks”!!! Period.
Therefore, I pray tell all Euro-Caucasians; in particular Lilly White females, to never again trust their patriarchal male oriented government sponsored corporate media. Don’t keep on being duped-bribed-brainwashed, nor distracted from their financial downfall from monetary markets of grace. Besides, other ethnic-cultural-racial groups have been living as they have always lived, at a grave disadvantage, in many cases, and doing well off in many others. And nothing has changed for the better or worse. We’s & Us’s have duly adjusted and adapted to having less; and even thriving by doing without!.
Butt, for prestigious lifestyles of White skinned and pink pigmented appearing people; the overall American economy is a dissaster and dire detriment. So refuse to be hood-winked, bamboozled, led far astray, blinded by Sexist & Racist Mainstay Media. And their negative programming and mind controls and attempts to dominate all thought processes, etc. Hires female so that they can act as though they were males
Thus systematically contrive to shift White America’s focus over to others of darker skin color, claiming they/we are doing much worse, Albeit, our strong minded people of natural melanin colorations are not only survivors; Butt VICTORS
THINK & BEWARE: By the very same honest token spoken, I AM telling y’all the total truth. Don’t automatically just believe these gross distortions, minority citizens this, Black Americans that, on your precious prosperity. Those owning and operating CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and most others are the Devil Lucifer’s mouthpiece . They’re the most Satanic fraud in fact liars. And because, BIG BROTHER US GOVERNMENT OWNS THEM ALL and or the  Elitist Illuminates!?.
CRUCIAL CRITICAL CAUSE OF ACTION: You as a Lilly White Woman and or Pretty Pearly Pink Pattern Princess, are openly being correctly informed. Watchout for these criminal Caucasian males who sense their fatal down fall from financial Supremacy, worldwide. He is coming home to his supposed to be loved families, wives and kids, shooting to death everybody in his sociopath-psychopathic path!!
‘POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME”: He has always been an undercover coward, hater of humanity, and hide his insanity very well. Deceptively even unto him self, behind automatic piloted drones, remote controlled airplanes flying overhead foreign lands of none-whites or naturally tanned melanin colored humans, thus criminally killing innocent women and their babies-infants-young age school kids. 
Butt in his psychopathic diseased-defective mind, he thinks that he is fighting for freedom, liberty, democrasy, truth and justice for all people. This blatant bastard-bitch is the one who is insanely “SICK”!!! Not necessarily  XXX-rated porno kings and sex queens;  mass media-militarily murdering nobody!!!
And while still in the surreptitious midst of sane White Males of honorable character. This Sexist & Racist jerk, is weak minded, he’s extremely dangerous, in a police uniform. military or in civilian clothing.  And a large number of Euro-American females, have foolishly chosen him,  to mate with, marry and have several children by. And they frequently inherit his innate medical condition and dysfunctioning defective bad seed bio-genotype traits. However, his only real salvation and redemption can come by ways or means of a REAL AUTHENTIC AUTHORIZED AFRICAN BLACK NEGROID FEMALE’S fine fit feminine flaming fire’s burning desire!!!
 Butt,  in my AmeriAfrindian artistic view; the fair complexion ‘pale faced’ white women, she learns far too late, that he’s a murderer, mad man, historic white male warmonger, and has been plotting and planning on coming home, from War zones, from being fired off the job,  released from jail or prison,  and murdering her,  their entire family members; who get caught in his Wicked Wake!!!
Moreover, the old-adage, well, we never thought that he had the propensity to do this-that or the other. We didn’t notice his genocidal, suicidal, homicidal tendencies. He was such a nice guy, got along good with other employees, was very courteous and helpful, a friendly normal looking guy who would play funny little games with the young kids, his and others…, etc., etc., etc. All Colorblind Bull Crap!!
The evidential proofs has always been there, co-workers, estranged wives and girlfriends were duly warned, in so many ways. He often made sarcastic remarks or made racial slurs against people of darker melanin skin coloration.  Cast jokes in subtle artless forms meant to be humorous, to his white female companions, yet she played dumb to his harmful and hateful words. As a writer, his articles seem to always include adverse information that militates against American Mexicans-Indians-Asians-Africans. Thus, it do not in the least matter whether or not the reports were true or false; because, he psychotically feeds on negative programming propaganda! And as female news reporters, media studio girls, wives included,  instead of separating herself from him, divorcing his dogged ass, changing jobs, disassociating her family from him, she thought that he was simply being cute.
Butt, decided to ignore all of his sinister serpent sickness syndromes. His columns are glibly interjecting his prejudice and bias beliefs about Africans in America, negative talk about all of our Mother Homeland Africa, yet those close around him, wrongly thought that he was smart, a justice loving person, however, it was only his under-cover methods of disguises.
Plus he’s often a serial killer married to a virtuous wife and upper middle class high society lifestyles. At other times he is lower class Caucasoid Caucasian males, wrongly thinking that he has some type of racial superiority, yet discovers he’s no match to real Black men,  FACE UP, at doing nothing worthwhile. He can’t compete, so this cowardice bastard joins the media, joins the police forces across our nation, even at low pay and giving him as false sense of power, that is of course, until one of these decent White Men of dignity, shoot him in the head on a humbug traffic stop.  Or coming out of his office, news studio, or grocery store.
Yes it make us very HAPPY TO SEE: organized riffle association groups of healthy brains, humanity loving Euro-American males, who truly know their unkind criminal counterpart, historically, to date. And are arming themselves against these renegade-rouge cops; “savage beasts””barbarians”, insane Nazis mentalities and govenment bootlicking stooges and bullying cowards.  Real Live “Punks”!!!!
And the brain’s metal disease or ‘Dis-Ease’,  is incurable and this untreatable problem is in his actual Genetic makeup, structure of Messenger RNA & Mitochrondrial DNA CODES! No cure!!!
We The Public People are to endeavor to take back our humane righteousness, not just human rights. Thus take charge and complete controls from Federal & State Governments; inclusively, Stop-Point-Blank-Period private ownerships of what must as a mandatory measure; be made all of our airways, communication networks, Internet & Radio & TV stations. 
What these criminal elitist-male Psychopaths & Sociopath Political & Religious Leaderships are trying hard to do, is Re-enslave millions of White citizens as they did back in European history; before Black enslavements. Mostly females who have become Liberated Lesbians, Feminists of the Sexual Revolution.
BUTT-RESSED BY ADDED JOBS: And so named health-care is a return to household care, cooking, cleaning; medical-maids and taking care of the sick seniors, nursing ailing kids, and hospital patients of all stressful stereotypes. Thus easily get employed working in the clinical kitchens, and laundry mats also. While they deliberately take away certain other jobs, careers, employment opportunities, that sexually mature, outspoken liberated, Pretty Pearly Pink & Lilly White women worked in increasing numbers over the last past 20 years. She has advanced herself, into the power-point; of these Sexist White Males detriment and he hates her for becoming so smart, educated, and LIBERATED!!!! 
Certainly crystal clear, is the fact that these undercover and institutionalized sexist-racist so called White Men, of course those elitists who the shoe fits, would rather have a superfical appearing “Black Man” US President, than Electing or Voting for or placing a White Woman in the Washington Capital Hill Oval Office. REALITY OF TRUTH!!
Special Notice: That I often talk about the bad-bio-imbalanced behavior of certain so called White Males, and in other cases highlight those “pale faced” pink pigmented appearing men also named White Men & “White Boys”. My personalized efforts to protect the innocent ones and their goodness and wholesomeness best behaviors.
Nevertheless, the major media problem exists with the supposed to be decent-good whites, sitting back letting these indecent bastards rule over them daily on the jobs and at the TV & Radio Stations. Those who remain silent, apathetic, indifferent towards these egregious co-workers, employees and employers, are destined to pay the heaviest price tag for their inactions. Failing to do the right things, report their doggen asses as whistle blowers, challenge crooked cops, disowned them and denounce openly their racist reporting they do daily and weekly. Thus, they have permitted themselves to be partakers in criminal corruption, negative energy entities, that eventually betrays them for trusting in these unholy-ungodly, bias-bad judgments and injustices.
BUTT BAIT MATURELY Yes, the very legs and supporting feet of the American and European economies are being removed, so that the entire system falls fatally to it finalized death. Good Riddance!!
This surely do mean that millions more are scheduled to loose their nice paying jobs, high paid salaries, and overall career opportunites, each and every day of the week and year. And darker melanin skinned Americans, Africans, Mexicans, Indians, Asians, Eskimos, and nobody else is responsible; Butt, Euro-Caucasian Caucasoid Human Beings, wrongly called RACE!!!!
SOULFOOD Solar Sexus Spirituality = FunkySoulSongSeason across our USA PROMISED LAND via ColorKingdomNWCA…
COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: +
 Pretty please read-research, study and learn more than what y’all already think or believe that you know?!. Doing so happily and gladly with a positive open mind, without negative bias, bigotry or prejudiced mindsets. And remember that this is a Rare-Royal-Rich E-mail message coming to your mailbox only once in this special occasion of OPERATIONS COMMUNICATIONS = To Love Thy Self + Love Peace & Harmony!!!
Original theme songs MP3:
My True-Up-U-Turn story book bible blogs:
Thank yawls kindhearted patients and compassionate understanding… expressed and portrayed ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy-healthy-healing-holistic huemain humor =

 MONEY: It’s the name of this capitalistic game. Because Power is abtained through having lots of monetary values in your personal possession, banking-checking-saving accounts. And it’s also nice to have plenty of cash dollars on hand, to glibly, on the sly fox cool, flash in the faces of females in passing. This gets their attention faster than good looks and physical body build or musculature alone. Her sensual feminine juices begins to automatically, naturally flow for finances, fortune and money. And most men know this truth. POWER is MONEY!!


 Z-BLACKRAYZ SOULPOWER Per-suns Perfect Plan-net Artworks Atom Amen-Ra Radiant Rays by ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Ascendant Africoid Africa Avenger Avatar ARK ANKH ARTHIEST via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts pt1

Z-BLACKRAYZ SOULPOWER Per-suns Perfect Plan-net Artworks Atom Amen-Ra Radiant Rays by ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Ascendant Africoid Africa Avenger Avatar ARK ANKH ARTHIEST via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts pt2

 Our Occupyneers Optical Optional Optimized Objectives, Comforter Commander Chief COLOR KINGDOM NWCA = 21st Century CyberSpaceAge cause of action = Methodically militarized militia mindsets, weaponized worldly words of wisdom + fight fearlessly for full fledged freedom, Divinely Decreed Destiny = under one Deliberated x Liberated HueMainLaw!!! 

My True-Up Universal Real-Live-Vision =IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religion & Politics:


The Verdict Is In – Dr. Ray Hagins:
 ”Conspiracy To Destroy Black Studies In The US”: Dr. Jeffries:  

“ Exposing the Matrix of Illusions and Deceptions’

“Dr. Phillip Valentine – Religious Maddness” + 

The 1st Council of Nicaea 325 A.D.: The Council That Created Jesus, Part 1


 OUR OPTIMIZED ECOENERGISTICS: Monetary-Financial-Economic Support-Clean Cultured Currency Contributions: DONATE TODAY RIGHTEOUSLY NOW…$$$               


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Love Goddess Mother Matriarch Madam MAAT = Femininity + Nature Earth’s Ancient Africoid Africa’s Ancestry + Avenger Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s aesthetic, authentic, authorized, appointed, anointed ARTISTRY = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts + Africaneers-Humaneers-Earthoreers!!


COLOR KINGDOM NWCA’S clean cultured currencies, circulating carousel of our Conscious Conscious Cosmic CREATOR. 21st Century CyberSpaceAge  Africaneers, Humaneers + Earthoreers Equals = LOVE GODDESS Mother Matriarch Madam MAAT. Love Peace & Harmony looked at from our occurring optical perspectives and seeing Her Feline Feminine attributes through the prismatic spectral hues, eyes, lens = real-live-vision of The Magnetic Field of the ColorComPlexTrix!!!

YES: Y’all ‘let your Love Life Light Locks, serenely shine sunny, before mankind-womankind-humankind, so that they might see your good artworks, and graciously glorify your Holy Heavenly Father SUNGOD!!!’’ And the plagiarized copycat translation of the our ancient ancestral Africoid Africa’s sacred scriptural scrolls, by European Western White written Bibles says: “Let your light so shine before men, that they might see your good works and glorify your father which art in heaven.” Butt, believe me, they have, criminally corrupted our Spiritual or Spiritious sayings by converting them into his racist religious sayings. And they often mean some fictitious white male “God”; up in the clouds or on earth as a physical human being Caucasian Caucasoid man; “Jesus” Lord & Savior incorrectly called CHRIST; who is our HORUS Divinity = CHD.

CKNWCA THE COMEFORTER, Server, Savior, Healer, Redeemer; has made me whole again, gave my mind a rebirth, being baby born in another time period. An acutalized awaking awareness. Plus+ patiently putting the perplexing puzzling pieces back together once more. Artfully forming = formatting my living bodily organism.  After being blatantly broken apart in many multiple pieces, shot point blank yet lives, facing fatal death, terrifying Trials & Tribulations, betrayals, back stabbings, disappointments, personal shortcomings. And I want especially our open-minded, flexible, receptive, impressionable White youths, 13 – 19 years of age, to learn these lessons and be taught truthfully the Africaneering artistries herein, My True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs. Read & Study Purposely + Patiently!

Blessedly, I’ve overcame them, outgrew those things triumphantly. ‘And this is the truest victory that overcomes religious faiths and bogus beliefs, and forevermore even overpowers our wicked world.’ Here again! Righteously reincarnated, refreshed, restored, reinstated, reinstalled, regenerated; in a meaningful method materially manifested, man made mythology come true. And as an authentic actualized artistry. So that I can remember who I was as an ascendant ArtistCHD, of our old-world ancient ancestry. These are pyramidal panorama phenomena drama of Heru = Horus and Seth; as written in mythological history, yet occurring in actuality inside myself, We’s & Us’s right now presently today! Yes, ‘The Christ Horus Divinity in me and you, the Humaneering hope of the Crown of Glory, is all and in all Africaneering Earthors.’

NOTE: Y’all look closely at the Heavenly Holy Cross Sacred Symbol of Spirituality, which was originated, invented, created by my ancient ancestors artistry of Africoid Africa, Egypt. And the solid ironclad proof is engraved in stone walls of monuments. Having absolutely nothing to do with some European White man’s death, “Jesus”; Christianity, nor his racist religions. =  Whites wrongly believing, falsely thinking that just because, they came into contact with what belongs to Africa’s Africoids, they discovered or invented it. Assuming that time simply stopped and began again, upon their mutant arrival. And claiming that its origins, beginning, started with them as Caucasian Caucasoids. However, they are fraud in fact liars. This is treachery, theft, rape and robbery!!!

TRUE MAATIAN “Christianity is an African religion” butt, better beneficially blessed, is that what our old-archaic world worshipped was wisdom. Through what I name to be Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs Religion. In essence energies that were/are Spiritualized, Solarized and Colorized. Instead of being monetized, profitized and capitalized!

Howsoever, the Europeans took it out and then corrupted it. Devolution instead of evolution. Demonized true African Christians, by converting them into Europeanized worshippers of some white male “God”. Robbing what was a Spiritious way of worshipping as opposed to a religious way of worshipping!

The white man made, manufactured religion came into being when Alexandra The Great-Greek, and other European CaucAsian Caucasoid creatures came into Africoid Africa Egypt. Wanting for the Africans to worship him/them as their “God”! And before that time, there was no such of thing called a religion existing on planet earth!

Dutifully NOTE: That nobody receives an automatic righteous rite of passage, nor PASS. Regardless of who they are, what you might think or believe that they are, heroes, celebrities, idols or whosoever they may be?! As long as they are clinging to, holding on to, worshiping with the word RELIGION; they are also of a culpable mental state of guilt, fault and blame!!!

No material matter if they call their religious leaderships “The Honorable” Tom-Dick or Harry or Joe Blow; they are individually, personally and collectively causing our Africoid African indwelling god-selves, innate, inborn Spirituality, to be misdirected, misguided into the European White Man’s Religions!!!

Which wicked western white witchcrafts, robs, rapes, steals and takes away our best, better benefit blessings. Leaving our “Black Families” depleted, our communities crumbling into corrosive corruption and criminality. Leading to substance abuses, child neglect, drug adictions legal or illegal poisons. Learning disabilites, and all manners of demonic disorders. This is invidious-insidious Institutionalized Racism, redirecting of our Spiritiousness, drains all of our righteousness. Impoverishing the minds and psychologies of Black & Brown youths. Perverting their hearts and Solar Sexus Souls, thus contaminating cognizant consciousness. Sucks the living blood out of the very neighborhoods that these imposed racist renegade rouge Reptilian Religions are housed, Inside Churches, Cathedrals, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples-Chapels or all sorts. It’s not the building structures in of them selves, butt, believe my telling y’all that it is the untruthful contextual contents of the congregations character. They are worshipping Arch Angel Antagonist Adversarial Alien Agents as their “God”; that are ant-Africa, anti-Maat, anti-Spirituality, anti-life, anti-health, anti-humanity, anti-sanity, so forth and so on indefinitely!

Today Under One HueMainLaw, there are no more lazy ass ace of spade sorry alibis and pitiful pious excuses, for anybody, in spite of their popularity, educational background, how many college degrees they have earned, nor how much money they own. They are Divinely Decreed Devil Damned, if in fact by now, they have not willfully “Divested themselves of all religions”!!!

1. Dr. Walter Williams Euro-Man’s Religion results_main&playnext=1&list=PLC02BC7C81C94FBF8

DIVINELY DECREED DEPOPULATION: All of these religious people worldwide, are destined to destroy each other, kill one another off, in bloody civil conflicts and worldly warfare. And every place or location over the globe of nations and continents, and islands, are living in a state of insanity and inhumanity due to the prolific spread of the cancerous, contagious contaminating disease of Capitalist Catholicism of falsified Christianity’s Christendom. “MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT” Harlot & Whore of Abominations of Planet Earth’!

Therefore, as an artistic ascendant Avenger ArtistCHD, I have raised cosmic conscious and uplifted the religious reality of the mindset, to a Real-Live-Vision. Equals = RealiVision vs. Religion!! Plus+ elevated expression of the wordings, enhanced to mean by definition: ChristLikelyen vs. Christian!! It is positively pure and currently cultured clean@ No historicity of enslaving others, nor of murders, rapes, robberies, raids, invasions, and military occupations. Read:

PRINCIPLES + PRIMARY PRINCIPALS: Producing positive progress. I’m talking truly about the very essential essence of wholesomeness, goodness, righteousness-uprightness and Spiritiuosness!

Although the names, labels, symbolic identities in words or languages written and spoken, often times differ in spellings. Their innate – intrinsic meanings remain stable, the same and constant in circulating currencies. Far before we attached these naming wording or nouns to these states of beings, they still existed as realities, perceived or unperceived, comprehended-apprehended or not sensed or understood. Therefore ChistLikeness = HorusLikeness!!

Nothing that I honestly proclaim and truthfully profess shall return unto me void, nor negatively nullified. And the fresh fruit of my labor is profusely prolific. As these healthy wealthy words of wisdom are being written in wiser wordings, the message is sent solemnly outwards and upwards into the Universal Powerful Forces of the Ether that Be! The “Ethersphere” (J.R.S.)

FEMININITY + MASCULINITY ‘s Dynamic Equalized-Equilibrium Biological Balance!! And perhaps, contrary to popularized points of views and opinions, this does not necessarily mean male and female, boy and girl, man and women as we know them to be physically or as material matter, living human beings or organisms. Butt more so to do directly with Eco-Electron Entity Energies: Love1Sex2Romance3!!!

1. The Worthy Worshiping of Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom, via LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature, the nurturing native-natural feminine attribute that bear, bored, incubated, delivered our new world born babies bare and butt naked, by Her center carbon core cradle of all humanity’s birthplace. Surely She was or use to only be a “Daughter”; before bearing an infant child or children, by which , She became a Matured Mother. And every female who is impregnated by male sperm cells having her ovum-eggs fertilized, she remains in one since a daughter of an initiating natural mother; butt, also becomes a mother in and of herself.

2. Therefore, the Mother Earth name stands legitimately based solely on common sensibilities, sanity and soundness of a reasoning rational thinking mind’s bright brilliant brain. So y’all make no mistake about this honest to goodness totally told truth!

3. Moreover, let it be known worldwide, that the type of heatlhful holistic healing Femininity CKNWCA, is talking about, has absolutely nothing to do with some so called “feminist” movement, “women’s liberation” nor “sexual revolution”, gay or lesbian sexual preference – orientation, etc.

4. Untruths, Misnomers, Falsehoods: “Women and Minorities”: Meaning that these statements were popularized by the very same local and mainstay media news reports, programming propaganda publications. Repeating these sayings redundantly, until people’s minds and brains began to believe in such bogusly bias bigotry, and invidious, insidious Institutionalized Racism!

5. Common senses should tell everybody that this is a racist expression of hate towards the females and males of each racial group, living here as citizens of America’s United States. Basically because there are men and women, boys and girls, who are considered a “Minority” group here in this country. Another divisive indoctrination vs unifying education. And what these cowardice Caucasoid Caucasian citizens, have done and still try to do, is to tap into nonwhites innate-inborn Spirituality. In order to suck support for their personal shortcomings as European Americans. Feeding on We’s & Us’s for financial food, fame and fortunes. Bringing people of color into their internal disputes, enslaving arguments, confusion-chaotic conflicts, domestic domineering White male controls. Which state of affairs, didn’t originate in Africa nor start by Africoid African Americans. What they truly mean are white women’s liberation, white women against white men, seeing how they both constitutes or equals the racially racist majority, oppressing-repressing-depressing our minority Melanin skin pigmentation and cultural color complexions. Facts of true reality!

6. Basically because, as Avenger Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, defines Mother MAAT’s innate nature, it is of an expansive, prolifically propagated, positive, progressive production. Implants having a plan, upon Her terrain being vegetation growing and developing while watered with fresh rains of pure truths. So what we have herein, hereon, is that which feeds, nourishes human bodily beings, living organisms as cell membranes with vital nutrients upon Her VegePlanTerRain. Read:

1. She is compassionate instead of being passionate principally; which is Masculine energies, fiery and sometimes hot tempered. Her truest innate inborn nature is one of nurturing, caring, concerned, and soft spoken, sensitive yet assertive as opposed to submissive or subservient. She’s never arrogantly aggressive nor egotistical. And these attributes resides to varying degrees in both sex-genders as males and females. Differing levels of hormonal substances such as testosterone and estrogen and several others. Allowing us to share, not as equals or as man and woman; howsoever, permit compatibility. [Ref. Dr. Min. Mr. Phillip Valentine The Grandmaster Intellectual Genesis Genius!!]

2. In other plan-o-simple words, females are meant to be equal to other females, and males meant to be equal to other males, and both male and female, were intended to be compatible with one another, between each other, etc.

3. Now lets deal with how things got all messed up, turned inside out, backwards, chaotic, confusing and conflicting!? Well some time ago in ancient Africa’s Africoid ancestry, some rulers, pharaohs, kings and queens got their roles mixed up. Excess = Extremes producing gross imbalances in biological intrinsic factors. Too many Matriarchs and not enough Patriarchs, in the African exeriences. Then our mutant members as Pinks & Whites as CaucAsian Caucasoid creatures came crowling out of the mountainous Caucasus caves as corrupt criminals,  causing the opposite occurence of far too many male Patriarchs. Imperfectly placed into positions seated on their powerful posteriors. (ass hole jerks) Prior to these unfortunate happenings, there where both father + mother, woman and man, god and goddess, female + male minded methods. As things were meant to be! Unified_ MATRIPATRIARCHAL!!

Fortunately: In “Archaic”, times of antiquity, pre-dynastic Humaniod planeteering Earthors, Feminine + Masculine principles as principalities were positively placed into positions perfectly. =Equably = Compatibly. Under One HueMainLaw.

And at these points in historical times, might we leave the so called CaucAsian Caucasoids out of the portrait picture for right now. And may we look closely at our own personal, individual and collective shortcomings as Negroids. What in the hell on planetary sphere earth happened? What and who went wrong? Shall we not be honest” Truthful?

4. For examples: as I’ve read some of our written history, my ancestry of ancient Africoid Africa Egypt, builders of pyramidal panorama phenomena, established the proper balances and weights and measures. Pre-dynastic and about 1-2-3-4 dynasties following in suit consegative. Then after which Rare Rich Royal Crown of Glory, days of decreed divinity as a divine declaration, infiltrators penetrated the foundational fortress. Financial fortunes were plundered and pillaged, woman taken as sex slaves, females raped and treasures robbed, degrading the values and worthiness or wholesome qualities. Internal civil conflicts, confusion and chaos. A lack of real brotherly and sisterly self-love.  And this allowed alien agents as antagonist Arch Angel Adversaries, intervene, intrude, interrupt, interfere with civilization.

5. NO No no, they didn’t come in as material matter manifested as human beings, or foreign forces; butt, invaded as Enemy Energy Entities. Internalized, emotionalized energetic efforts to overpower others. Inflicting wounds inside the thinking mechanism, rational reasoning apparatus, causing connection disruption between the ‘Finite Thinking Mind of Mankind & Infinite Intellectual Intelligence of the Universal Mind!!!’

6. Likewise, once these wounds were wide open, germs, bad bacteria interred the surrounding areas, generating more swellings, inflammation or inflamed feelings and over-excited emotions. Envy, jealousy and strife! Which effectually calcified cosmic contacts, clogging conscious communcation of the Pineal Gland. Plaguing plaques poisoned and polluted pure perfection. Stopping the circulating currencies, electrical wave lengths. Forming blood clots, cancerous deposits, built up criminalizing crap, feces, and toxic waste material matter. This unhealthy condition continued to fester, get infected or infectiously contagious, becoming a widespread wickedness and flagrant policy practice and pitiful pattern of politicized poisonous pollution!!

7. Ultimately the internalized affairs = afflictions, eventually showed up, revealing themselves as mutating cell membranes, vicious viruses, violent villains; inclusively, lepers of leprosy, albinos of albinism. Severed by The Sharp Two-edged Sword, cut assunder in the mind, imagination, and brain’s abilities to think in terms of truth. No longer able to process the sunshine of GODSUN’s radiat energies, leaving it bleached in appearance, pale pink, lacking Melanination.

8. White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, = over-reaction to inferiority psychopathy. The stage for down fall, degradation desolation began. Producing mutant members who were wickedness ways, wishing wanton witchcrafts, thus made manifest material matter. Reflections of internalized realities, became outgrowths, after this disease of pathology, psychopath people, resulting in a living human beings fact of reality. By-products of such toxic thinking, untruth telling, treacheries, torments and tortures, of one another, to extreme degrees of homicides and genocides!!!

9. HUMANOID’s insanity and inhumanity: created the chemical companion concoction; CaucAsian Caucasoid + Mongoloid via Negroid. Who came into being human bodies, exemplifying how hatred looks like. Impersonating how demonic deception appears to be not like it truly is, gulity and never innocent. Offspring mutant members inheriting their Africoid forefathers and foremothers bad-genotype traits via Messenger RNA + Mitochondria DNA CODES!!!

10. Yes White & Pink pigmented people’s populations, are the descendants of z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, Z-Brownxz Humanoids. Not as Africans in Americas, who are actual ascendants, being the originating migrants worldwide, from inside the geographical map of continental Africa. And many others of We’s & Us’s were living happily on the land masses that separated, sailed-shifted, drifted away from its Center Carbon Core Cradle. Just look closely at my artwork depiction. Y’all may call them Olmecs, Washutaw, Mayans, Native Indian indigenous inhabitants, or whosoever ya want to. These are who I name to be original Eathors!!!

The Ancient Olmecs (Part: 1 of14


1. Our intellect and intelligence, is what mutated first, with our cell membranes following suit likewise in accordance. And, causing combustion within the carbon core central brain and nervous system. Wrong wiring generating incongruent or conflicting currents of electrical wave lengths. Creating a misfit unfit firing disorder, disorientation, disorganization. A lopsided, one-sided hemisphere thinking brain. Concocted conflicts constantly engaged against the right side of the human brain, causing imbalance. In opposition to creative originality, constructive conscious, cosimic con-science and calmly composed compassion. Leading to desolation-destruction, decadence and ruins. The vibration frequencies were altered, thus shifted to a separatist sanctuary of sinister sciences. Sensed as being the Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

2. Consequently devilishly dire, the so identified as being ‘Black Moors as Islamic Muslims, were able to venture, explore, invade, occupy parts of what became Asia’s Europe; Spain and Portugal, bringing civilization to Whites & Pinks for about 800 years. Butt, they were unable to teach these uncivilized mutant members MAATIAN = LOVE PEACE & HARMONY!!!

3. So then Africa’s Africoids of later Egypt after being recognized as Kemet centuries earlier, taught these CaucAsian Caucasoids, their intellectual things of intelligence intrinsic factors. Expressly, the sciences, math, music, song and dance, instruments, cleanliness, culture, astrology-astronomy, so forth and so on educating Europeans – Eurasians. Unwittingly, unknowingly, failing to realize that they were the offspring, descendant children, progeny of Africa’s  Ascendant parents, guardians, overseers, mothers and fathers, etc.

3a. And plainly, simply did not and do not have the Spiritualizing capacity to comprehend creative evolution. Having no genetic programing or precedence to base anything ancient on; so they fabricatedd a dated history, as their educational subject in schools, colleges, universities. Mostly having Moorish or Black instructors, educators and professors!!!

4. Moreover, the demonizing down syndromes, demoting decadency, or Blacks of Africa calling themselves descendants, is due to this decay, deducting-deducing, desolation, denigration, degradation mentality. Taught and learned too. Or else, their activated Pineal Gland would allow them to see and envision how clogged and calcified their Solar Sexus Souls SYSTREAM, have become bias, and bogusly blockaded. Imitating, mimicking Whites of the Caucasian Caucasoids calcified condition and clogged conscience!!

5. Further still, I can envision, based on what I’ve gathered in my research studies, thorough investigations, in depth examinations; that first and foremost our masculine males influenced their feminine females, to start acting too much like them. For instances, the only way she could become the Queen of the King’s throne, was if she imitated his male egoism, arrogance and ambitions. Which led to imperialism and colonialism, the capture, entrapments, and enslavements of their own racial groups and other ethnic tribal families. Forcing them to come under or beneath one Ruler-ship of centralized civilization. The building of imperial Emperors empire!

6. Meaning when or after females start acting as if they are males, a silent subtle, yet sudden shift shakes the very foundations of what is Masculinity & Femininity!! The two are no longer compatible, and are in fact incongruent, conflicting currents that are completely confused and chaotic! And we can openly see this resulting condition being brought into a constant state of being by CaucAsian Caucasoids of today!

7. Imbalances began to happen, not necessarily because of male domineering passion, butt by females retreating, recessively into self-serving submissions. Figuring politicized power was more important than their natural womanhood. Going for the real gusto, the jewels, vanity’s visions of free gifts, treasure chests of gold, silvers, diamonds, rubies, pearls of capital cash currencies. And it often became a so call “man’s world”!

8. So then yawls, fully understand, ‘inner-stand and over-stand’ these truths totally told, that sexism can be seen as being self-imposed, as pay offs, and trade offs. Like credit cards that says, let me screw you today as a whoring harlot, and I’ll pay you back tomorrow. Be my freaking “hoe” right now and get paid a few hundred dollars by a corporatist trick. Don’t worry about the mental trauma, distress and displeasure, simply relax, give in for the big bucks, butt, better still lay lowdown smiling in dirty dealings. Pretend that it’s all glamorous, fun and games making money; as a bad ass bitchwitch! Financial freedom of choice! It’s cool with me?

10. Just remember you are on stage, camera as the whole wide world is watching. Looking at how one degrades themselves; males and female prostitutes of the satanic system, for the loving lust of money’s capital cash currencies. Cut a petty paycheck. And the only ones who can correctly change this sexist state of internal affairs, is when women relearn how valuable and worthy of them: to “Know Thy Self” + TO LOVE THY SELF!!!

11. Examples of females of maturity gambling against the odds of fate, forsaking their womanhood for political power positions, electoral votes, appointments of public offices, judicial courts of law, traditionally held by African males of Africa, and now here in the USA Euro-American males. Justice to name a notoriously known few: Ms Madeline Albright, Condoleeza Rice, Margaret Thatcher, Mrs Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno and many others. They are extremely misleading and misgiving!! Such superficial successes comes with a punitive price, punishing repercussions, retributions, revenges, against the female sex-gender. Domestic wife battering, separations and bitter divorces. Man hating females are generated, Female hating males are produced, and all inhumane hell breaks loose destroying the structure of the human family, black or white, rich or poor!!

12. This hatred is so hurtful with penetrating pains so profoundly deep, emotionalized energies, until males are often pairing off with other males, and females are frequently coupling off with other females. Commonly called gays, lesbians or “queers”. No prejudiced judgment is being made herein!



Fortunately, in operational, organizational order, to return to our pre-dynastic, Ancient Ancestral Africoid Africa’s rare-rich-royal roots, MAAT Mother Matriarch Madam LOVE GODDESS, then daughters of mothers, sisters, shall surely have to check themselves out first and foremost. Not try to lead the Sons of SUNGOD, butt, to direct their anger, madness, efforts and emotionalized energies, at their own female sex-genders. Questioning and challenging them, why do y’all want or wish to be a capitalist corporatist whore, unholy harlots for financial fortunes and flaming fame?

KEY QUESTIONS to kindly ask sisters, “this is women’s talk”: Why are you joining the armed services when we know that these war invasions are unlawful, illegal and in violation of International Laws? Why are you, my sisters, going over seas, wearing military battle fatigues, dressed like men, helping males mass murder other people of color’s pregnant female folks, bombing and shooting into their family homes, houses, apartments, businesses, schools, killing their infant babies, small kids, young children?

OK y’all, Rationalizations-Self-deceptions, Gross Distortion of Realities: I’ve heard too many of the sorry ass ace of spade excuses and silly alibis for committing crimes against earthly humanity; ‘I’m only doing my job, it’s my military duty, I’m only following orders…, I’m a real American, a true patriot serving my country… combating terrorism, fighting for our freedom, fighting for democracy, liberty, and justice, etc., etc., etc. Equals a bunch of stinking dog’s hockey!!!

Overall & In General, Impacting the American aggregate whole citizenry, well yawls, hear this truth, pay back is a real Mother F….er, Revenges, retaliations, retributions, are now coming on The Event Horizon, racing radically at astronomical speeds traveling through time and space exceedingly fast!

So anticipate on, and expect: The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature & Her Wild Wrathful Weather = 2012. As a direct and proximate results of being disobedient, hard headed, stubborn, “abrasive”, obstinate, uncooperative, unlovable, argumentative, vociferous and unfeminine. Which is the very opposite of HER MAAT and antagonistically against Worshiping Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom !!!

Moreover, a female do not have to pretend to be a male, just so that she can make it in the big banking business, capitalist corporatist criminal world of corrupt crooks. She servers sisters, daughters and mothers, in more meaningful manners, by being a lady of self-respect, and a wise woman’s Dignity Digital Divinity.

The SOLAR SEXUS SOUL; She serves selflessly, soundly, sanely and submissively; while having Her calm composure and showing compassionate caring concerns. She feeds the tribal families SOULFOOD. By better beneficially blessing the dinner table and every item upon everybody’s plates to eat. Through the Spiritualized realms of invisible unseen realities, inclusively by concurrent chemistry, bio-physics, musical metaphysics; Mother MAAT, faithfully and dutifully decontaminates, detoxify the dietary dishes; whatsoever, they might be? Even a poisonous snake’s venom that is usually lethal or deadly, can be converted into an immune system’s protection and naturalized defense = anecdote!!! A healthy holistic holy healing. Constituting a clean cultured cure!

“Homo-Gender” instead of sexual, means a one sided, lopsided left hemisphere brain use, in its excess. Causing imbalances between the left and right, feminine and masculine, male and female Love Peace & Harmony!!!

YES: Right here I’m talking about the left and right sides or hemispheres of the human brain. Just as the Butt has two sides. With the left one doing the rational reasoning, analytical and mathematical thinking. And often grounded in the ego, negative charged energies, not to mean bad or good. And the right side deals with original creativity, imagination, intuition, instincts and Spiritual comprehension and or Spiritious apprehension.

Albeit, the natural born creator artists are able or have the native ability to use both hemispheres, simultaneously, or synchronistical symphony, in dynamic equalized-equilibrium bio-balance. Meaning artfully applying Feminine + Masculine energy entities dually, doubly as if they were identical twins. Basically because our biological, physiological, psychological wiring systems are aptitude and attribute oriented, preprogrammed, through the Messenger RNA + Mitochondria Double-Dual DNA CODES!!

Symphonic Synchronization Synthesis: A homonymous + hormonal blending, smoothing + soothing Love Sensation Spirit Sublime; A Love Merry-Go-Round, Lovely Love Song, My Truest Love I Found. Listen to MP3

We’s & Us’s use colors of the prismatic spectral hues for full Artistic Expressions. Adding tones, tints, tans, shades – shadows, for depth and dimensions. And poetically our objectives are to talk truthfully, articulately, in a revolving, rotating rhythmic and rhyming cadence and heart beats of impulses and pulsating percussions of thoughts. Artfully forming paved patterned pathways, so that manifesting material matter take shape and structure. As we breath the breaths of life into the overall and in general artistic composition, calm composure contextual contents of character. In operational, organizational order to produce or create clean cultured currencies, as climatic charged changes!!!

To compensate for his lack of Spirituality, the Euro-Anglo-American White man uses is concocted concept of Religiosity. To explain away what his intellect can not comprehend, so he’s short stopped. Due to a totally or partially or semi-calcified Pineal Gland, producer of Melanin hormonal substances. And which generates genesis geniuses as authentic artistries who are also actualized into realities being real living per-suns and hue-mans as Sons of SUNGOD. MASTER1 Melanin Media = Mastermind Messiah Mental Models!!! Read:

I envision and imagine: That only about approx 10% to 12% Rare Rich Royal CaucAsian Caucasoids, can currently use, apply or employ these percentages of their “Third Eye” Pineal Gland gift of Melaninated skin pigmentation and color complexions. Therefore, he tries to enslave darker skinned people of color, to exploit them expediently, suck up and siphoned out, systemically and systematically rob and rape them of their innate, intrinsic, inborn Spiritual qualities, values and virtues. So he foolishly thinks, he’s supremely superior now today! The greatest superpower on planet earth…eh? Well, we’ll soon see!

Although, not necessarily by physical force directly, butt, by indirect impositions of religious politicized policy practices. Compelling people of color, to have to work and survive within the confounds of his “Honky Ideology”! As he insist on being the wicked witchcraft White whip Cracker!!

Moreover, the other indecent, unholy, ungodly 88% to 90% Caucasian Caucasoids, are completely devoid of being able to use their; potential, Spirituality in a wholesome and positively productive manner. Due to the calcification closing off this Cosmic CREATOR’S connecting currencies. And instead of honestly hiring a healthy number of Z-Blackxz, Z-Bluexz, Z-Brownxz; these thuggish thieves has historically decided that inhumane hatred and hideous hostilities would serve their financial best interests; permanently.

So they went around hijacking… and go about their merry way and happy honky dory allegory told untrue story telling. Stereotyping, degrading-denigrating, undermining, marginalizing, criminalizing, racially discriminating against, Africans, Mexicans-Asians-Latinos, Eskimos, Native Indians-Afrindians. Thus constructing destructive slave plantation-farms-ranches, reservations, jails and prisons and a heavy policing force to uphold racist White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes of the Sorcerers Sinister Snake Serpent System SATAN!!!

By the very same black token, now being spoken and Spiritual benefit blessings are also being broken: And made inaccessible to about the same percentages of African Americans and or darker pigmented skinned people of color too!! Approx. 88% to 90% nonwhites call themselves religious, belonging to untruthful, man made, manufactured myths; 1. fictitious – falsified Christians of Christendom’s Christianity, 2. Assumed, alleged “The Prophet Mohammad” Islamic Muslims. 3. The Jews – Jewish Judaism. Are the primary principal ones that blocks out true Spirituality or Spiritiousness, and calcifies the Pineal Gland, brain’s thinking minds with Religiousness!!

Guess who concocted, invented all three of the above Religions? Why wouldn’t y’all know it, that they were the European White & Pink pigmented people belonging to the Roman Catholic Church Caucasian Caucasoid Capitalist-Corporatist-Colonialist Vatican Popes, pedophile priests, bishops and criminally corrupt clergy!!!

YES: These bloody medieval mad men and dark age viciously violent villainous vampires, are sucking Spiritual sensations sublime straight out of the bodies, minds, hearts and Solar Sexus Souls of HUEMAIN-KIND!!!

Every time they bow down on their weary knees, before church alters, shrines, worshiping their fraudulent, falsified, fabricated faker concept of “God”; these foolish faith followers surrender their alms, armor, there natural immunity arms of self-defense. Giving up the Divinely Decreed protections from invading demonized dispirits, alien agents, enemy energy entities. They open the closed doors for unfortunate things to occur in their lives, generating a strong sense of impoverishment, feeling poor, even in the financial midst of wealth and health. They habitually think that they are sick, ill, ailing and in dire need of popping pills, proved to be poisonous pharmaceutical pollutions!

They tend to overeat food products, always hungry having huge appetites and or to the opposite degrees of excess by depriving themselves of food‘s vita-nutrients-nourishment. Like drinking alcoholic beverages to excess, into intoxicated states being drunk to deaden the pain and suffering so severely hurtful and harmful. Some enjoy doing drugs of sorts to numb sensitivities. Internalized religions, imposed on them by customs, traditions, social functions, schools, colleges and businesses. Having to live with and among lopsided, left sided brain thinking citizens, who are simply following orders and commands dictated to them by those seated in religious political power positions. Those thuggish criminal crooked cops, racist renegade rouge Reptilian police petty patrols, Law Enforcement Officials, corrupt City Councils-Mayors, Governors and U.S. Presidents; who only feel safe and secure, when repressing-depressing-oppressing, controlling and dominating the poor down trodden masses!!!

The Snake Serpent SYSTEM SATAN: Knows that its time is up, has run out and his end is near at hand. And plans and plots to take as many down with Him underground, beneath the earth’s crust to it’s center carbon care of Holy Heavens Hades Hell Fires!

Therefore, he sends out his sinister scientists, sick sorcerers to scourge societies with civil disobedience, religious rebellions, revolutions that help self-destruct all counties and nations worldwide. Causing combustible criminality to run rampant, out of control crowds, mobs of gangsters, hoodlums, thuggish thieves, hateful heathens of upheaval hostilities and every foul, and unclean, uncultured human being, bird and beast of burden.

RACIST REPTELIAN RELIGIONS; Were well winged wickedness witchcrafts. Intended to causes chaotic confusion, internalized. As the satanic ship sinks suddenly, people are angrier and madder like never before in modern history. However, this giant CaucAsian Caucasoid creature, Mean Mongoloid Monster, that they helped construct by building bogus, bias, bigoted empires of racist hatred, it falls upon them in financial finalizing fatalities!!! Case closed and a new one opened!

Therefore, to break all of the above lingo down to their simplest art forms, what is happening is that these Euro-centric leaderships, frightfully and fearfully feel as though they are loosing controls and dominance over nonwhites of Africa, Americas, Asia, “Middle East” and else where. Hysteria has set in generating psychopathic political policy practices in Anglo-America, Europe and in The State of Israel, where Whites, whatsoever, they want to called themselves religiously, are historical hatemongers and warmongers!! Occupying people of color’s homelands, countries, and nations. So they are sabotaging all signs of stability, safety and security. Breaking family structures up, turning tribes against each other in religious strife, civil conflicts and warlord warfare!

YES: These elitist rulers, capitalist-corporatists criminals are Caucasoid Caucasians, who are wiping out the entire middle class citizenries of their own ethnic or racial groups. Thus re-enslaving them into financial debts so that these filthy rich rulers can compel them to pay the price for funding their wicked wars worldwide. Forcing these centered classified sections of societies, nationally and internationally, to foot the capitalizing cash currency costs. And there is nothing that they can do about it, ( by nonviolent marches, rallies and peaceful protests), butt, cough up the money or else, be persecuted, having their bank accounts frozen and money garnished, taken away from them by the stealing States, Internal Revenue & Federal U.S. Government!!!


No doubt in my rational reasoning logical thinking mind’s left side sensible brain, realistically seeing how that the extra or excessive dead weight of adiposity religiosity, is being trimmed off. As a mandatory must do, git-rid of these toxic tissue terrorist clinging to the living organism of the bodily planetary sphere earth!

Because basically they have had their ways of worshipping wickedness and witchcrafts, sorceries in the negative name of democracy, freedom, liberty and justice for themselves, excluding all others who look different than themselves. Racial discrimination and ethnic eliminations persist to plague the subjected victims of invidious, insidious institutionalized racism. And coming to a dead end is all of their vicious violence, vulgar hooplas and yelling obscenities, shouting profanities, screaming cursing languages, as the F…word and N….word!!

The masses of people’s populations, has already and still are eating whatsoever unkind types of food stuffs of their likings, consuming poisonous polluted products according to their personal choices, hungry appetites, lustful desires, wants-wishes and needs. So be it!!!

Although, it is crucially critical circumstances compelling citizenries to change. Regardless of whether or not they are willing, cooperative or none compliant. Multitudes of millions of members of the inhumane family tribes are on death row, butt simply just plainly don’t know so! Yet JUSTICE JUDGMENT is Divinely Decreed Deliberated & Declaration Day Definitively Decided!!!


MAATIANEER: My True-Up U-Turn Harambee Real-Live-Vision via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: means artwork-networking together righteously to make meaningful productive, positive progress. Unification of our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions: black-brown-red, tan, yellow, white-pink pigmented people’s populations. An Americas Afrindian Actualized Artistry: constructively composed creatively in dynamic equalized-equilibrium bio-balance!!

Specifically and strictly infusing our 10% to 12% common decent Whites; into the “Black Liberation”; education, indoctrination, orientation of MAAT Mother Madam Matriarch Love Goddess!

Basically because, We’s & Us’s don’t need, want, nor desire the indecent bad-bio-seed genotype trait 88% to 90% wicked white mentality. That of the demonic dominating and capitalist controlling corporatist, colonialist corrupt criminals; as CaucAsian Caucasoids. Expressly, those who are anti-Africa, anti-Africans in America, anti-Black-Blue-Brown pigmented per-sunsmelaninated skin human beings of Negroid, as ascendants of Africoid Africa!

Moreover, lets say, good Whites, are replacing our self-hating Blacks as American Africans as citizens of the dis-United States of Anglo-America Al Qaeda. This infusion of Uncletomism, Selfhatism + Samboism, is a mental state of culpability, self-incriminating conditions, that these bad seed wicked whites, concocted so that the mindsets of nonwhites would be subservient by default. Automatically subjecting the self as victims of compelling circumstances, perpetrated by the Euro-Americans, butt, perpetuated by African Americans, at a rate or ratio of 88% to 90%, paralleling the racist Caucasoid Caucasian creatures!!

FACTUAL REALITY OF TRUTH 100%+: All those, each and every one them, who are going under the Title name Harambee, and not portraying-honoring and paying just respects to this posted Cote of Arms; which is exquisitely exclusive to Africa’s Africoid Kenyans; are criminal crossbones pirates. Fraud in fact liars, phonies and fakers!!! Baring nobody, black-brown, pink or white! Period.

YES: We’s & Us’s have some stupid so called “Conscious Community” allegedly “All Black” supposed to be loving Africans in America. Butt, believe my telling y’all, a number of them, are perhaps a few naive members; are unwittingly, stealing from other poor, impoverished African Kenyans. By using, exploiting expediently, the national name Harambee, and at the very same time, acting as if it is not attached to, Kenyans. Doing so demonically, in similar sick ways as do these racist Europeans and Anglo-Americans, when they act as if, the country Egypt is not in Africa. This neglect is devilishly Seth’s arrogant ambitious ego, enemy energy entity, artless attempts to usurp justice and uproot righteousness. Idiot foolishly trying to go up against Avenger ArtistCHDChristHorusheartDivinity. And we know who is winning or won via The Heavenly Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How.

 Meaning that whosoever, are the violators, trespassers, thieves, they are guilty as charged. Baring nobody!

Likewise, to ignore = ignorant wanna-be black leaders, who wish to misled others into believing or thinking that they are filled with a loving heart and spirit. However, these stated facts of truth, reveals otherwise. Because, just because, my brothers or sisters says they love me, don’t give them some lawful, legal, ethnical, moral rights to rob, rape, raid my house, our tribal families, taking our valued nationality, local identities, logos, national symbols, names and titles, expressly, the wording: Harambee! These thieves who fail repeatedly to mention the true originators, the inventors intentions, in whatsoever cases, are practicing the exact opposite of MAAT’s Love Peace & Harmony!!!

Rock Offense+Stone Defense True MAAT+HARAMBEE Africa Kenya Coat of Arms = National Emblem +Ancient Africa Ancestral Authority AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD+Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts = WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER+ Positive Protests!!! pt1

YES: The “Occupy Wall Street” young White youths minds are opened up, ready to receive the positive principles of MAAT. Their brains and cell membranes are being cultivated, tilled, turned out in a rotating repetition. Aerating their thinking and thought processes of information interception. Now is the perfected time period, to plant the potent seeds of Ancient Ancestral Africoid Africa. While our own Black scholars in the White institutions of learning, in colleges and universities, their minds and brains are “on lock down”! They are parts and parcels to the politicized problems and poisonous pollutions, and can’t be member mindsets of the problem solving solutions! Butt, these receptive White youngsters, esp. teenagers, are pliant, loosened up, fertile minded, and righteously ready to help humanity produce a different world to live in. The good Euro-Anglo-American kids, boys and girls are to be taught through the talented total truth telling OCCUPYNEER CKNWCA THE COMFORTER.

Fortunately & Unfortunately: There are several incompetent, inept versions of Kenya’s Harambee, Maatian online Internet World Wide Web digital media programs; butt, their main messages are perpetually falling fatally on death ears that are waxed closed. Even the TV & Radio shows, ideas of “Black Liberation” has been repeatedly planted upon hard headed grassroots grounds, never penetrating the minds of our Black youth, for the most part. Because, they are addicted to crazy crap which sounds and tastes good to their pallets, and feels right to their unthinking mindsets.

Therefore, the media messages, has to be heard, received by those talented artists, who will critically look into certain broadcasts, analyze the key information, then symphonic synchronizing and synthesizing the collected digitalized data. Sexualize, Spiritualize these morally matured – cultured realities. Without shame nor apologetically. Reconstitute it, reaarange it, recompose it, then instate and install this recluse information. Thus via the Internet’s World Wide Web Sites; mass media marketing and Promocracyeering – promoting a newly defined meaning to the contextual contents of character of the thoughts. Transform, translate, transfigure them through Authentic Authorized Artistry.

ESSENTIAL ENTITY ENERGIES: Or else no positive progress is possible, no material matter how many years the talk radio shows have been on networks publicizing their broadcasts. Expressly, due to them being inauthentic, unauthorized, and not legitimately genuine, regardless of their good intentions, hopes and beliefs.

ChristHorusheartDivinity vs Seth, as false brothers who want to take the place of HORUS, the called and chosen and commissioned artistic Kindhearted Kinky KING of COLORKINGDOM. They are defeated and or destroyed, and put back into their lower positions and lesser stations in human life where they belong. As I’v explained in details, herein, all violators, trespassers shall surely be blocked from earning or receiving a righteous rite of passage or Pass. Development and wholesome growth stunted or stopped. With their Pineal Glands calcified having their innate-inborn Spirituality cut off, temporarily or permanently, until they do indeed repent, show honest remorse and sincere regrets for their wrong doings, evil acts, or simply die in their sinister satanic system’s slavery!!!

HUEMAINLAW: And y’all take dituful NOTE: That the Per-Sun as a biological-physiological Son of SUNGOD VegePlainTerRain VegeLeoAugustan AmeriAfrican ArtistCHD, knows naturally, natively how to successfully plant potent seeds in well cultivated Soils = SOLAR SEXUS SOULS  Spirit Source Science System = Systream!!! Read


“Psychologists calls relative deprivation”; means no material matter how much money a person or people have, fifthly rich they are, it is not ever enough to satisfy their desire or lusting love for more money. Insatiable hunger to hoard wealth, even at the incredible cost and expense to other human beings.

Furthermore, the primary principal problems to be solved, are the public people’s populations. Because, they are the ones who wish and want to buy into the major mainstream media’s poisonous, polluted, political propaganda. Thinking that they are going to get paid higher salaries, receive great bonuses, and all other advantages over the OTHERS.

Fatally falling for filthy finances, unmercifully made money, manufactured merchandise, through slave labors, child labors, sweat-shops of human oppression, repression-depression of wages, health conditions and humanity.

Gluttonous greed is a widespread practice and flagrant pattern, occurring across the nations and international, worldwide. It’s now built into the very fabric, structure of societies, families, communities, countries globally. As activated MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses” = Pathogens + Psychogons!!

Therefore, the toxic tissue terrorists are citizens as an aggregate whole, overall and in general citizenry. Two-legged upright walking human beings, acting as if they were uncivilized wild ass animals, preying upon one another for monetary profit gains, to increase their capital cash currencies. Thus requiring the concoction or creations of poverty’s poor down trodden masses, so that those love lusting for more meaningless money can constantly increase or add to their already existing wicked wealth!

Most of us, esp. Americans are actually wealthy and healthy, butt, believe that we are unhealthy and not wealthy. So then this became a self fulfilling prophecy, that can and will and is causing criminality, corruption of citizenries. Those vulnerable, gullible greedy gluttons, who persist to think that they are poor and impoverished in the materialistic sense, however, this is a conditioned state of mindset. One that is induced, or produced by the local limbs of the leading mainstream major media and their owners of Capitalist Corporate Conglomerations!!!

Generating the giant appetite and hunger and senseless feeling of starvation, which in turn prompts people to try and get more, acquire lots of goods, buy and spend, borrow to get more at once, regardless of the adverse repercussions. In spite of the ominous debt slavery that they are surely going to get themselves entrapped by. And these lustful loves of having things in excess of a need, permeates every sector of societies. Every niche has been penetrated, every cell membrane is programmed to strongly desire lots more of everything, perceived as being good, flavorful-savory, sweet tasting, sounding good, feeling like it will add to the quality and value of human beings lives or lifestyles. So be it!

Holy Heavenly Father SUNGOD + LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature forbids, and they are highly resisting any attempts to expand, spread any further this insanity of inhumanity!! Curses consequently deadly dire, for gluttonous greed in its every conceivable artless forms. This strictly and specifically means, that each and every personal individual, and collective people’s populations at large, living extravagantly, sumptuously, far in excess to their natural-native needs, are Divinely Decreed Devil Damned. Decisively Deliberated Day of Justice Judgment; as One Humanity Under HueMainLaw!!!



YES: Listen up closely and pay attention: He talks about being Blacks, Freedom of Choice to name our own selves and having the word Black imposed upon Africans in America. Now a new generation of children who has chosen to be Black. And for the first time in history, howsoever, some have chose to not be Black, and wish to think that they are White. “Psychologically still enslaved” Interesting lecture:

Dr. Naim Akbar 1.

“Our minds are more enslaved today, than 300 years ago.” These racist whites took our bodies, no doubt, butt, because of our persistent struggles to overcome them and their terrorist tyranny, that body did get free and physically liberated. And to reinforce this, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, signed into Legislative Law, The Emancipation Proclamation. To the extent that it is today, except for jails and prison plantations of 21st century slavery!

Yet too many nonwhites, will ask, “what is all that black stuff about”; “what is all of that African talk all about?” “I’m just an American, a person, a Christian, an Islamic Muslim, a democrat, a republican, a man, a woman, etc., etc., etc. Equals idiotic ignorance – ignoring what one truly is, who they really are, Africans in America as z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, z-Brownxz!!!

 YES WE’S & US’S: are the truest leaders of the national, international and GlobalWorldNations Revolution = Revolutionary Evolutionary Creation. Everybody, baring none; are Commanded to come clean cultured beneath the encompassing Dimensional Domain & Systream of Comforter Commander Chief COLOR KINGDOM NWCA. Doing so willingly, peacefully, cooperatively; or by forces of compelling circumstances and conditions; imposed and or employed through HUEMAINLAW!!

Humane thinking people can not stop the filthy rich and wickedly wealthy rulers, elites, tyrants, corporate capitalist crooks and criminal cops of corruption, until they stop those citizens who support them. Meaning middle and upper class American citizens, who make up the assumed or estimated 99%. The bulk of the aggregate whole of the public people’s population.

Therefore, the civil conflicts, disruptive behaviors, dissidents, disobedience, is appropriately aimed at those OHTERS, who call themselves being real patriots. And all anarchist warfare, violent physical protests, is to be also targeted at those being paid, hired, holding down certain corporatist capitalist career jobs. Doing the actual underhanded dirty works and evil acts and devilish deeds. They are supporting these worldly wars, invasions upon sovereign nations lands. These careless employees are serving satanic stations in societies, dispensing the poisonous pharmaceutical pills, polluted vaccines, and spreading germs inside hospital wards of unseemliness and lack of sanitation. These are activated dispirited demons!

Likewise; it is the registered voters who put these lying politicians into public offices, and then they hire the police chiefs, sheriffs, to enforce the laws in oppressive, depressive, repressive ways and means at their discretion. It is these supporters, who sit up on self-righteous juries, in judgment of others who are not necessarily their peers. They work for the local and mainstream media news, which sends out advertising propaganda that is harmful to the healing and health of citizens. It is the money madness behind it all!!!

Therefore, as the Civil War begins, it has to be brought on by internalized divisions between the general public, over all citizenry. As opposed to trying to overthrow, overpower the States & U.S. Federal Government body. And the petty patrol police, county, city cops, are in the mix and messs. Those coming in between the warring factions, militarily as need be, allegedly, to defend and to protect, those of us who are law abiding citizens. Deemed not to be psychotic activists, nor insanely angry,  over their enslavement.

Others are innocent, not guilty of self-hate as of the the human body’s holistic health. And these saved, redeemed and delivered people, never has been middle or upper class status in the first place. Never owned a spanking brand new automobile or had homes built to live in and or rent out to tenants. Never had high paying jobs, above minimum wages, don’t participate in the political process, never voted in their entire lives or very seldom ever did. Nor joined the Arms Services, in war times, volunteering unwisely and as an aggressor!

“We have a responsibility to take civilization to its next level” Dr. N. Akbar. And we are to teach our open-minded, young teenage whites, anti-racism youths esp., how to repair, restore, reinstate and reinstall Love Goddess Mother Matriarch Madam MAAT!

These specializing 13 to 19, 20 to 30 years old of age Euro-Anglo-Americans, are to be trained, taught truthfully through CKNWCA. They are studying the posted blogs with long winded breaths, persevering to understand, endeavoring to comprehend and trying to apprehend what is wisely written in words. They are studying strategically, following various links and URLs, that may be listed at intervals; by opening up additional windows. And after these truly good decent White youths, learn these lessons well enough, they then teach others of their peer groups; of their own age brackets.

And avoid attempting to tell these stubborn, hard headed older adults, parents, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, cousins, relatives, neighbors, anything. No one needs their outside opinions, approval, authorized say so in the least. This is what I name 21st CyberSpaceAge Civil Disobedience. Detesting so called love ones dictating democracy, resisting mis-education, wrongfully taught American and world history. Silently, quietly = peacefully and nonviolently, just plainly by reading, writing and arithmetic, studying the issues and tissues truthfully. Weaponized Warriors; refusing to allow some stupid adult, unknowledgeable politician, preacher, priest or teacher, impose their religions and politics upon them. This constitutes White Liberation Divinely Decreed Deliberation!!

Lessons to learn as leaders for Caucasian Caucasoid Children: Y’all don’t need slaves to serve you, and nor do you have to have inferior nonwhites to make yourselves feel superior. As a White youth, you don’t have to join the Armed Services, in wartimes, just to be used as an aggressor. You never again have to act patriotic just to please parents, politicians and other ignoramuses who think that by going to foreign wars, intervening, invading, intruding into others internal affairs is being American. Allegedly fighting for democracy, freedom and liberty for those subjected victims being forced under military police state Occupations.

You may marry into any racial-ethnic group of your liking or choosing. You are free to date and mate and interracially form wedlock unions. You don’t have to become vulgar, profane or yell obscenities at others, officials, authorities, just to fit in with the in-crowds. Remember to dutifully NOTE vs Vote, a police officers is not ‘ya man, a pig, a dude or guy’, and know for sure what their personal names are and individual badge numbers, Mr. or Ms, Sir or Mam. Or join some inner city youths as slum ghetto thugs and river rat hoodlums. Because, that’s a grossly distorted and stereotyped image of African American Blacks. And know when y’all see these unkind types of urban dwellers, that the wicked white capitalist corporatist system of SATAN, created or concocted these enslaved mentalities of meaninglessness!! They don’t know themselves, “and your identity is the basis of your sanity…and when you don’t know yourself, then you’re cursed.” (Dr. N. Akbar)

Moreover, yawls White kids are not to try and lead Blacks & Browns, butt, focus your attention and energized efforts on recruiting and bringing into your newly found family fold, those like unto yourselves. This strategy is very important to know, how that most self-identifying, self-loving people of darker Melanin skin pigmentation, live these terrible realities. Those imposed by people who may look just like y’all White youths. So be sensitive towards what you say and who you say it to. Study, study, study, read-read-read My True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs today.

‘Many of the young teenagers of today are spun by “an alien seed“, intellectual bewitched bitch-bastards, who don’t know who their fathers are, not in the bio-physical sense, butt, brain and mind wise.’ Our ancestors fought fearlessly for financial fitness, freedom, fairness and equable opportunities to advance African American Blacks & Browns. Doing so while still in the surreptitious midst of hostile, hateful, racist Euro-Americans. Demanded that their children receive an education in various schools, colleges, universities.

Nothing about freedom here in America is free. There’s a price to pay for every worthwhile quality and value in human life. Effort and self-determination for starts.

However, dumbfounded and confounded, too many youngsters know not what they do. And their parents were not able or knowledgeable enough to teach them properly; specifically about themselves and true history; of the highest achievement successes. Bright brilliant brains of inventive, creative genius; they have been wrongly taught not to recognize it when it appears, and may think or believe that it is abnormal, weird, strange, crazy or even worse than that. Taught by wicked Whites; meaning those who are, to attach negative names and adverse labels to the things and talented artistries that manifest themselves, sanely, soundly and sensibly. Yet they have lost their common senses, and their would be activated Spirituality is neutralized, unavailable and nonfunctioning. An unfortunate reality!

Totally misled astray and deceived by the Antagonist Arch Angel Adversarial Alien Agents = negative, evil enemy energy entities. They don’t know where they came from, don’t know where they are going, and many do not listen up closely enough to words of wisdom, spoken and written, so that they may find out the righteous way to go and correct paths to take! Lost losers forevermore!!

So let it be because, the correct answer has come, is here, has arrived via CKNWCA, to instruct, direct and guide our oncoming generation of offspring children, at a very early age. Before they become contaminated by contagions of capitalist corporatist criminality and conglomerated corruption!!! Before these young teenage kids are over-exposed to educational-indoctrination of fictitious fraud in fact lies of leading liars!!!!

So then y’all, it is understandable why we are so sickened, tired and fed up with White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. And Avenger Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, knows why our people of the Americas and else where, act so crazy, stupid, dumb, ignorant at times. It is due to instinctive, intuitive efforts to survive, the MAAFA, Black & White holocausts, deprivation, degredation of desolation and devil damnation!

Nevertheless, these are only challenges of changing currencies, cataclysmic climatic charged circuits. Compelling circulating circumstances, asking no questions, yet demanding and commanding that all humanity regain its sanity, and free themselves from their inhumanity. Or else, face finalizing fatalities, to decisively begin, initiate on January 1, 2012 punctually at: 12:00 am. DIVINELY DECREED DELIBERATED DECLARATION DAY OF JUSTICE JUDGMENT + HUEMAINLAW!!!


“The enemy of organization is self-hatred”; So called Blacks as African Americans tend to hate themselves, internally, more so than hating White Supremacy outside ourselves. These people of color are not really looking for effective solutions, where they might have to make sacrifices, spend their money, invest finances. Butt, what they want is an easy way out in order to keep on having faith in the social order of their White oppressors, repressors, depressors!!!

As examples: ‘Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, made two big mistakes, for one he believed that white people would change, and secondly he thought that black Americans could endure.’ Overcome someday. (Ref. Dr. A. Akbar)

Although, disorder, derangement, disappointment, is the resulting realities apparently today 2012. And it is far too economically profitable for Whites to change the disorganization, disorientation in the African Americans atmosphere and living environments. The more meaningless sicknesses, ailments, viruses and diseases, make more money for Anglo-Americans to feed and feast upon as beastly birds of prey. Predatory people profiteering parasites!!!

Therefore, it is a mandated must, that those Blacks or Negroes or Colored People, be made to StopPointBlankPeriod. Forced to cease their dependencies, hopes and aspirations on the livelihood of racist renegade rouge Reptilian Religious faiths and bad beliefs! Which were concocted by wicked witchcraft white Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!!! Plus+ suffering from “Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder.”

“The word God can only be used as a religious purpose, that’s what it was intended for“, man made this religion; which no human being was born with. Which was only, expressly, the indwelling Spirituality as a Solar Sexus Soul per-sun. And this is why I’ve made a True-Up U-Turn in my thinking and how I look at things, and this different perception, changes the climatic conditions of my mind. And Spiritiously as a Son of SUNGOD, means one single word and not two single words.

Positively defined to mean by Divinely Decreed Determination + Deliberation: It is unified in organizational, operational order, to install, instate totally told truths, among womankind, mankind, humankind. ‘ Now today intended to be what I say it is to be. As I’m endeavoring to keep the unity of the heart-mind-spirit, union of humanity in the beauteous bond of Love Peace & Harmony‘, as ONE Under HueMainKind’s HueMainLaw!!!

These imposing European Whites, have forced human beings to come outside of their native-natural inborn Spiritual sensibilities, so that they could replace it with their concocted concept of “God” as a white male and person being human. This superimposed falsehood upon the conscious, contaminates, corrupts the conscience of people worldwide. Turning their Europeanized religious worshipping into the Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR, of the Infinite Intellectual Intelligent Universal Mind of All Mighty Divine Grace!!!

Therefore, I Have defined these truths to strictly reflect the ONE and Only GODSUN shining serenely in the Holy Heavenly shies; within our immediate GlobalWorldNations. An apparent Real-Live-Vision, obvious optical seeing eye having a center carbon core of pure Blackness!!! The very genesis genius, beginning baby born birth of life’s art forms. Radiant rays of prismatic spectral hues of the Energized Electromagnetic Field of the ColorComPlexTrix!!!

The dimensional domain and Solar Systream in which Earthors, or earthly human beings in physical material matter manifestations live inside. It Presides over our whole wide world. Its presence is crystal clear and not imagined, made up, butt realistic, active, alive, blazing-burning fiery flames forevermore, everlasting long leading Love Life Light Locks!!!

This stated SUNGOD, is not an object of idol worship, hero honoring, nor of a religious faith following. Basically because this MASCULINE energy entity, is a Genesis Genius Generator- Gifted Giver, Creator or Creation of a larger, bigger, and Ultimate Comic CREATOR. And We’s & Us’s are smaller hue-mains, per-suns, little creations or creators branching outgrowths of the invisible, unseen, Spirit Source Science System = Systream.

Moreover, that in which we are idolizing, honoring, embracing, cherishing, is Love Goddess Mother Matriarch Madam MAAT’s Worthly Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship. And this truly means strictly and specifically the material matter made manifest, living bodily organism of Her Healthy, Happy, Healed, Holistic Humane Health of planetary sphere Earth!

Likewise, when we do this, people politely pay respects to our Eco-system, the cleanliness of our atmosphere, air we breath, inhale-exhale, flesh clean rain waters we drink. Also, and care sincerely about how our farmed foods, animal livestock, agriculture and garden plant crops are grown, in Her fertile soils of this Native-Natural-Nurturing woman’s VegePlanTerRain:

Howsoever, to worship some White man’s imposed Europeanized religions humanized and singularized “God“, hero worshiping and idolizing his hateful image and racist realities, is persisting to be foolish faith followers. “Stupid ass blacks”; “Dumb ass Negroes”. (D.A.) Equals = Severely serious Selfhatism – Uncletomism + Samboism!!!

 OCCUPYNEERS = “Occupy Wall Street” = We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Population Protests = Our MultiplexRacialBody = Banking Systream + Steam x Clean Cultured Capital Cash Currencies x100%+$$$  or

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CK-NWCA’s UNIFICATION + Cooperation = Coalesced Compatible Conglomerates = Compassionate Care+Concern for one another ‘n Love Peace & Harmony_unifies The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascendant Ancient Ancestral Africa!!!


Individuals, PerSuns, HueMains, and collective citizen causes cleansed cultured, matured in their native-inborn-natural SEXUALITY + SPIRITUALITY. The two among the most powerful forces of Eco-Electron-Energy-Entity-Emotions: Love1Sex2Romance3!!! SexualizedRomanticizedSpiritualized story blog:

SPIRITIOUS = NONE-RELIGIOUS = Spiritics  vs Politics!! The actualized-authentic artistic approach and my MASTER1 = Mastermind Melanin Media = Messiah Mental Models+ Musical Metaphysical Mediums!!!

LOVE LIFE LIGHT LOCKS: Because one can intellectualize on these key issues and tissues all they want to; Butt, also to no avail, effective success. Knowing how that every cell membrane of the living human and plant and animal body organism has intrinsic intelligence. A common denominator! All living creatures, fish, insects, reptiles, germs-bacteria… share alike via CREATIVE EVOLUTION or EVOLUTIONARY CREATION!!

The Rare-Rich Royal Crown of Glory is an allegory story: So self-actualized and realized in an artistic aesthetic real-live-vision of the faculty constructive creative imagination. Well then this is artwork with wealthy meanings, worthwhile investing your eco-energies into for the better benefit blessings of all earthly humanity. Offering a unique lots more meant to be Vivian Queen of truer values.

As one can clearly see how that racial-ethnic-cultural color complexions in the pretty portrait pictures, shows delightful diversity. Depicting our MultiplexRacialBody: = black-brown-red-tan-yellow-white-pink pigmented people or persons!!!

COMPLETE COMPREHENSION: Thus, it shall require the highest inhanced intentions of intensity yet tempered degrees of Beta-Digital-Data + Middi Musical Metaphyical SpiritualizedSolarizedColorized-Romanticed realities, by which to travel through the patterned pathways. And as a Divinely Decreed rite/right of passages = Top Secret-Sacred Security PASS!!!

PEOPLES POPULATION CONTAINMENT CONTROLS: Meaning reducing the overburdening obesity excessive weights of fatty tissue adiposity + religiosity. The over-populating public people worldwide, being brought back down to the grassroots ground level zero, of humankind’s physical-psychological-biological beginnings.

Setting racist radicalized religions and polluted poisonous political policy practices, by the wayside. Actually what We’s & Us’s are doing in deeds is de-politicizing the politicized persons. Giving them the option to become Spiritized or Spiritualized. Strongly suggesting that our called and chosen and sent Melanin Messiah Mental Models, denounce and renounce any existng ties with religion and politics!!

SINGING SONGS of Son of SUNGOD: Thereby, no longer, if in fact ever, castng a political vote in election campaigns of the old-world regime that’s scheduled–predestined to die off.

No doubt very soon into dooms day gloom not ever allowed upon the mellow moon; nor fork-knife or spoon; permitted to ride  on the back of the bus with little sitting room, or on a wicked witchcraft-aircraft aerial Angry American Al’Qaeda Aliens broom! 

So then, what I’m saying is make meaningful SHIFTS, in your current thinking and present believing mindsets. Change over to castng your numbered NOTE, instead of your given civil rights man made-media manufactured voiceless VOTE!

Concentrating crystal clear focus on the currency cataclysmic climatic changes = calamities–catastrophes caused by our Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR.  THE SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE

That created and governs our Heavenly Father SUNGOD + LOVE GODDESS Mother Earth Nature!! The dual compatible companion pair of our Solar Sexus Souls!!!

YES: There has been a rapidly growing number of Africans in America, Blacks who actually don’t want to have anything to do with Whites! These are not ya average bootlicking “Negroes” and good “Colored People”!

And I’ve been reading and listening to them for at least the last past 8 years or so, calling themselves of “The Conscious Community”. ‘Black Liberation & Black Power’; “All Black” this-that or the other untruths of hypocritical bigots. Specifically those who have repeatedly refused to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing butt the full truth so help us all our COSMIC CREATOR!!!

Partial & Half Truth Tellers: in particular, the wanna-be real revolutionaries and militant mindsets. Understandably, they are sick-tired and fed up with all Anglo-Americans and of anybody looking like “pale face” Euro-Caucasoid Caucasians. They don’t trust not a single one of them for very sound minded and sensible reasons. These are well informed Africans of America, who have studied ancient history until this present day. And they know all about the long-standing deceptions, betrayals of Africa’s trust in them and are perceived as whip “Crackers” of a “Honky Ideology” and “White Devils”!!!

BUTT So be it, fine and dandy with me; because I can comprehend their staunch political and racial positions. The Euro-centric citizens are the pitiful pit viper pits of venomous and toxic poisons of Institutionalized Racism!!!

For the exceptional Rare-Rich-Royal few who were saved sanely sound minded = GOOD DECENT WHITES = approx. 10% to 12% in my method of estimations. And the rest of the other indecent bad bio-seed genotype traits of about 88% to 90%, are in reality the bribed, brainwashed-duped dummies as DEVIL WHITES!!

Hellishly Hideous Hostility Hated Having a notoriously known recorded history of suffering Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes = Sorcerers System’s Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

Yet are in a mental state of psychotic denials! “I’m not a racist” reaction! Howsoever, my personal experiences prove otherwise, learning also, that the overwhelming majority hate our guts and Melaninated skin colorations. Inclusively, the alleged ruling elites of the superpower class, the middle class and the lower and sub-classes of Euro-Americans. Often called “white trailer trash”.

And; after all these troubles they have caused We’s & Us’s and the whole of earthly humanity due to their insanity; (sociopathy and psycopathy); should not be still breathing and living upon the surface of our dearly beloved planet earth. Period.

IT HAS COME TO THIS: Surely their unrepentant unnatural behaviors, having no regrets for past or present damages done, showing no moral remorse; there’s no other rational way to reason with them. Which righteously summons a DIVINELY DECREED CURSE OF JUSTICE against them as an aggregate overall general group.

They are solely the causes of the massive murders of genocide upon the continent of Africa. Whites in facts are still pushing and promoting their insidious and invidious “African AIDS HOAX”. Media  manufactured myths = mainstream mass murders resulting from the major captalist-corporatist-colonialist Angl0-Al’Qaeda. [Such as the European owned-operated news papers – press of Mr. Rupert Murdoch and criminal company conspirators, now facing their down fall and fatal demise!]

Likewise, this Divinely Decreed Death Damnation, goes for each and every one of these terrorist local and mainstay media coroporations and coalition networks privately owned and operated by White Males!

SOLID IRONCLAD PROOF: News Corps US operations being investigated “Move comes as Murdoch agrees to answer questions in the British parliament over alleged crimes by one of his newspapers.”

“Investigations are progressing into the US operations of News Corporation after the UK phone hacking scandal, US Attorney-General Eric H. Holder has said.

“There have been members of Congress in the United States who have asked us to investigate those same allegations and we are progressing in that regard using the appropriate Federal law enforcement agencies,” Holder told reporters in Australia on Friday.”

Systematically & Systemically: Killing hundreds of thousands of Blackish-Bluish-Brownish Africoid Africans with their chemical concoctions called clinical medical treatments. While cowardly hiding behind their duped-bribed-brainwashed Black Jackass Uncle Tom Demons. Mass media mainstream major news networks blatant bull shit and criminal Caucasian Caucasoid creature crap!!

Yet not a single one of these DEVIL WHITES, have been arested, charged, indicted nor convicted or sentenced to prison or death penalty for their long-standing atrocities. The internal self-hatred, envy-jealousy and strife they generated through their overt and covert racism.

Called Colonialism, Imperialism; nevertheless, these expressions are anemic and deficient, and not specific enough. So y’all truthfully know, it is actually some white person, one or the others behind each and every single one of the bloody civilian conflicts. All religious wars started by Europeans and Anglo Americans. They collectively are to set blame, fault and culpable criminal guilt!!!

UNFORTUANTELY For them: And apparently there simply just isn’t enough good Whites of common decency, to overcome or overpower the bad indecent wicked whites. Thereby prompting The Awesome Forces of Mother Africa Earth’s Divine Nature and Her wrathful weather, to activate their demise-destruction-elimination and extinction! Ending in being what constitutes Cataclysmic Currency Climatic Changes!!! Culminating into what I name to be: 

 THE END TIMES DAYS OF RECKONING: Trials & Tribulations Are Now Beckoning: MP3 Music-Metaphysics Medium sound track spiritualized instrumental:     or shopping cart purchases: = your personalized power! 

Play-listen for financial free $$$ = yes MySpace:

Plus+, I have calculated, instinctively-intuitively and spiritually that approx. 88% to 90% of the so called whites and or pearly pale pink pigmented people, are absolutely worthless to our cause of complete full freedom, liberation, truth and justice!!!

Therefore always remember to dutifully NOTE: That in my mind’s vision of UNIFICATION, + Cooperation = Coalesced Compatible Conglomerates = Compassionate Care+Concern for one another ‘n Love Peace & Harmony; those Alien Anglo-Al’Qaeda are excluded and or self-disqualified!!

So smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy healthy good sense of holistic healing humor…yawls. Butt beware of the stealthy sneaky skeleton bones of the Boogie man’s bogus-bias bigotry!!!

INTERVENTION DIVINE: No material matter how huge their giant Military – Pharmaceutical – Prision Industrial Complex is; they are being taught the hard headed way that SHE + HE = HIM + HER, has the most powerful forces herein and thereof our Sexus Soul Solar System!!!

YES INTERVENTION DIVINE: The MASTER1 Melanin  Media = Musical Metaphysical Mediums + Messiah Mental Models. Play Powerful MP3-hear for free:
Direct Link MP3: 

EGO TRIPPIN’: And it is so egotistically arrogant for the white males to think-believe or assume that they are made in the physical image of some “GOD” and as a man person human being. Or that they were the very first people born on planet earth. 

Although they are only “Johnnny Come Lately”,  as mutatants of the true original AFRICA”RACE” HUEMAIN KINDHEARTED Scientific Sapiens Species Specifics, Yet whites keep spreading their news media myths, fraud in fact devilish lies of leading liars, that they can control the weather or climate, influence-rule or govern it; somehow, because these ass hole jerks absolutely can’t. Not in the least!

The case being that SHE, put tons of toxic emissions up into HER atmoshere and environment via raging forest fires, active volcanoes of stupendous amounts of smoke and ash deposits. With cycles of climatic changes occuring throughout the centuries and or millions of years and before prehistory or GENESIS GENIUS GENUS = a baron butt naked planetary sphere!

THE HARD KNOCKS WAY OUT & Devastating Down Fall: Thus his egoist white ass is next by natural selection to come to pass and go into extinction as a mandated must and predestinated cessation. His time period of grace has run/ran its criminal crazy CaucAsian Caucasoid course!

HAPPILY these Whites of secured salvation,shall pair in compatible companions with the Africa-Africoid Hue-Mains. And not dare to attempt to pair off between themselves as segregationists and separatists again. Breeding and replicating the dysfunctional-defective males upon planet earth. There is to be multimillions of banna boat brown baby brother Barack Hussein Obama’s born; better beneficially blessed. And not as he thinks of himself: “I’m halk black and half white”;  “mutts like me” shortsightedness, etc. 

No Monkey Business: Butt of our one and only MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions!  Basically because the very genetic Negrindian BlackBlueBrown biological and physiological births are overwhelmingly the African Negroid DOMINATE gene!!!

In factual reality, he’s blatantly bombing the historic Arab Al Qaeda Slave Masters in Africa & Asia = Middle East!! Iran, Syria, perhaps Pakistan & India next on their Christianized USA Al’Qaeda hit list.

Maybe, unwittingly, due to enslaving millions of Africa’s Africoid people throughout the centuries or ages of time until this present day. the mythological man: “The Prophet Mohammad’s” Arabic Islamic Muslims!!!

The Mongoloid Monsters & CaucAsian barbaric beasts, as I’ve envisioned, are to be put down. “Got to go”! For complete regime demise. They both have concocted and stored up nuclear — or ‘new-u–lar’ weapons of mass member destruction.

Also has stockpiled chemical and biological weaponized arsenal meant to kill people and intended to destroy innocent humanity with their collective insanity! They are receiving not the ‘Tree of Life’; butt the terrifying Tree of Death!!!

Only a remnant shall be spared-saved and redeemed. And because too, apparently they are sovereign living breathing energy entities of our COSMIC CREATOR = SUNGODLOVE GODDESS MOTHER EARTH NATURE. 

OBVIOUSLY PARENTS: They both brought us into being humans and they are the ones or pair taking us back out!!! Demise to about 88%-90% by-gones criminal crossbones. About 10%-12% saved, redeemed-delivered, non-religious + non-political populations…. from all dangers and divinely protected from all “axis of evil” conspirator “enemy combatants”!!

And all of the medieval-media press propaganda about him influencing the overall atmospheric enviroment, according to mankind’s will or lack of good will, is only more corrupt Caucasian Caucasoid creature criminal crap!

He’s no Lord & Savior; butt, a Devil White Man Pirate ship whip “Cracker”… leading his demon constituents; scull and crossbones bigots of psychopath prejudice. Mostly against other non-racist-non-sexist sane White Women & Men who try to stand up and fight them back bravely. With the rest of the people of Melaninated skin colorations; caught trapped in between their wicked westernized worldly wars, mental confusion and pegleg psychotic chaos!!! 

This terrorist attempt to rule our GlobalWorldNations via “Globalization”, is all stupid, idiotic insanity which is the greatest terroristic threat and dire danger to all living art forms on planet earth’s bodily organism! “He has to go” Be wiped off of our geographical map; because humanity needs and must have a total “regime change” in order for We’s & Us’s to have some everlasting  Love Peace & Harmony +

 Direct Link:

Albeit bootleg money to burn baby burn; butt, remember to duly note: The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, is not and can never be a member party to any of these stated groups, and popularized political organizations. = “Dumb ass Negoes”; “Stupid as Blacks”!!

Especially the prominent civil rights groups that are proved to have already sold out their own racial-ethnic-cultural family members of African origin or as they call; “descendants”.

Left holding the empty money bags. By accepting huge financial  bribes from the U.S. Federal Government in the hundreds of thousands. Grants and pledges and of course, also, many false promises. So chalk it up and sum it all up into the multimillions of our hard earned tax dollars. Misappropriated and or extorted, intentionally defrauding the public people’s population! 

As UNCLETOMISMDEVIL BLACKS….keeps helping to capture, entrap and enslave their supposed to had been loved black and brown brothers and sisters. These are real Revelations!!! They will do just about anything for monetary profits=$$$

TRUTHFULLY: And I have fully explained precisely who and what I mean later on in an attached link to this blog post.  In short: A modern day 21 century WHITE SUPREMACY + BLACK SUPREMACY SLAVE TRADE!!

FULL FREEDOM OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION: And I place strong emphasis on the factual reality; that I’m on nobody’s side, left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican parties. Nor in cahoots with any one of the worldly religions, you might be able to name. No not one!

Meaning that I AM with the Divine Will of the Afrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE = Know How. To artfully apply my natural born innate talents and freed gifts of All Mighty Divine Grace. Effectively through the spiritualized realms of my MASTER1 Melanin Media + Messiah Mental Models + Musical Metaphysical Mediums!!! View:

OKY DOKY YAWLS: Well well well, lets see now today how that it is improbable if not impossible to savage the middle class Caucasoid Caucasians of the dis-United States of angry Anglo-America AL’QAEDA!!!!

ALIEN AGENTS: In spite of these unseen, invisible esoteric secret societies of elite ruling families, who are filthy rich and wickedly wealthy; are remote racists. They as far as we know have never called We’s & Us’s the N…word!

Nor to my knowledge wasted any of their valued time blogging at the censorship CNN or posted any personal attacks, racial insults aimed at named individuals, nor made negative verbal assaults against me or any one else. So then none of them could be of any Criminal Culpable Guilt; for wilfully, deliberately violating the stated rules of courteous conduct, as posted on all these media blog forums. Righteously up front in the readers “pale faces”; before they trespass and encroach upon other people of color’s legal rights to Freedom of artistic expression and free speech rights! 

NO No no, these super upper class filthy rich citizens don’t play those foolish little gambling games in hopes of getting away scot-free, with these unclean-uncultured acts and devilish deeds. Unwisely messing around wtih the wrong PERSUN = a Son of SUNGOD. Thus end up Decreed Divinely Damned to Curses forevermore and to everlasting Heavens Hades Hell Fires!!!

Only these racist lowlife-cheap white trash can, dirty dip-shit dipsy dumpster, guaranteed gar_bage mouth monsters make current comments at: YAHOO, FOX, BBC, CBS-ABC-NBC-PBS, Al Jazeera English. Whatsoever they; the Elitist leaders think or believe, wisely, they also keep that information a top secured secret, safely silent!

BUTT, believe me when I say that these snobbish spiffy upper middle class citizens, with all of their extra income, have invested in the racist Prison Industrial Complex that is housing an overwhelming majority of African Americans = Blacks & Browns. Mostly males who look just like I do = A true reality of fact!

Next the middle-center class section of whites, were the mainstream ones sitting upon their Lilly White asses in judgment and on virtually all white juries, unjustly sentencing non-Euro-Americans to long-term jail or prison punishment for even the most petty infractions. They are the ones who condemned and denounced our human-civil-constitutional rights to be tried in a fair and just court of law, and judged by our peers. Certainly it is they who we are to force to >>>

Stop-Point-Blank-Period HIV vs AIDS = MENTAL VIRONS = Mind Viruses = Mass Media Murderous Myths – The Pharmaceutical-Military-Prison Industrial Complex = We The Public People Power Plan+Positive Protests = True MAAT + HARAMBEE Africa Kenya!!!

Likewise the lower middle class whites were the principal political pundits who acted as the long arms of the oppressive States & Federal U.S. Government. As crooked cops of criminal corruptions + police brutality and cold blooded murders of African Americans. “Poor white trailer trash”; that moved themselves up the social-economic ladder without any real schooling, higher learning, cultural college of educational degrees. Many of them without even a high school diploma or GED Certificate!

Therefore, don’t expect for the majority of Africans in America, to do anything that would support or prop up this failing and falling middle class white America. Never count on that, not through the voting apparatuses nor any independent political party, regardless of who or what they call themselves. Y’all name them!!! The “Conscious Community” would rather fight to the finish line as boldly brave, gallants and courageous WARRIORS.

The dire damages has already been done to them = our people of colored skin pigmentation for far too long, and it is now CAUSE OF ACTION Prime Time Live & Well, to raise Hell I can surely Tell!!

They know that Anglo-America Al’Qaeda is being compelled to pay Reparations and Restitutions one way or the other, even unto their decisive deaths.

As I HAVE ENVISIONED: this is exactly why COLOR KINGDOM NWCA is called and chosen and sent as an artistic commission calling cause. Divinely Inspirited as an authentic, aesthetic, actualized VICTOR!

Positively for absolutely sure, nobody, jumps the gun without suffering a severe penalty for punitive damages. And I don’t care what “race”, creed, color of skin, nor religions or politics, The energized entity artfully represents and apparently symbolizes, the ONE and only GODSUN!!!

Moreover, an A+ Son of SUNGOD says strongly, that none of animation16-transition-.gifthese anti-war groups, “Black Power”, “White Power”; Civil Rights, Religious and Political organizations stand a living chance of going past, getting around, digging deeply under, crossing over or traveling through the stated above; Love Life Light Locks!!!

TOP PRIORTIY PRINCIPAL = Her Precious Perfect Pyramid: All so self-identifying complaining, whining, crying, protesting, demonstrating, marching groups, whosoever they might be and think that they are, this “AFRICAN AIDS HOAX” come first and foremost. Meaning that the alleged guilty criminal “HIV”; who nobody has ever visually nor clinically ever seen is directly addressed. And I’ve said this before and now today I am saying it again with even more emphasis: nothing these organizing anti-war, anti-racism, anti-abortion, activist groups efforts can possibly be effective, until this key ingredient + essential element in incorporated into the composition.

Because these sick sinister snake serpent satanist scientists who wilfully has sold0ut on healthy humanity and joined the mad media menacing insanity, are to be brought into be served DIVINE JUSTICE & JUDGMENT!!

Further still, as I have also analyzed the vital information and synthesized the collective data, of a ten years time period; these issues and tissues are of paramount importance. And it is imperative that We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Population Protests, place them at the very top of their agendas.

Crooked-Corrupt Doctors-Physicians-Nurses who worked with the mad man Murdoch media mass murders: That’s where the crucially critical Battleground of Calvary is being fought, the location that our Enemy Energy Entities have staged their racist-sexist-fascist-supremacist-egoist attacks. Launching their clinical cruise medicinal military missiles into occupied family homes. Firing their racist rockets right into the human body’s immune system’s housing projects, assaulting all cell membranes natural defenses against their viral invasions.

Yes hospital employees, the RedCross also are to be investigated and indicted on homicides and genocides!! And, this includes the hatemongers and warmongers major-mainstream media’s MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses” = PSYCHOGONS = Psychecides = Murders of the humane mind!!!!

In brief, I identify, define and name these phenomena: Mass Medical Murderers, Clinical Corporate Capitalist Criminals, Systematic-Systemic-Slavery, Hospital Humanity Hate = Graveyard Genocides!!!

So then y’all, it is a mandated must method, have to do deeds, Divinely Decreed Cause of Action Command; to position at the very forefront of our challenges and charges… this fraud in fact devilish lie of satanic leading liars the existence of: “HIV/AIDS”. Read full flaming fiery story blog:

IGNORING = Playing Colorblind, Silently in Apathy-Indifference-Complacency, warrants some severe sentences served against those of a Culpable Mindset State of guilt and fault and blame. For being bous bias bigots, SILENT sycophants who were well informed. And hateful hypocrites too!! Having alterior monetary motives and hidden agendas to make millions in profits off  of making citizens sick and weak and ill.  Thus underhanded dirty dealings and underground criminal corruption.

Furthermore: And all leaderships who honestly desires to stop the wars and put a sudden stop to end racism, here is the major mainstream and grassroots ground level zero place, to start any types of successful and effective MOVEMENTS. Those initiated against the oppressive-repressive-depressive renegade-rouge Police Forces, the national States, and the U.S. Federal Government!!!

Albeit, our first line of self-defense is to come culturally clean. And this requires our SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT, For self-empowering improvement!! (MP3)


1. The recognized White activists identified as being the none racist anti-war groups, collectively joining and unifying their separate-individual forces with the Hue-Main Major Motions. Also called movements and commission calling causes of action. Although under the umbrella of a persistent project lead by another Male White Man. Because no Black Man in his righteous African mind is going to faithfully follow no Euro-American whatsoever, in the least. And this is precisely why these anti-war activistg groups have not been very effective over the last  past 9 or 10 years. And I’ve followed or went along with them, patiently and observed their national protests = demonstration marches and rallies during this period of time.

Furthermore, by any White males stereotypically uniting with a Black female, regardless of who she is, can’t work well nor ever should work wholesomely. This propped up puppet, proxy union is not in the Spiritualized deck of cards. Only so named “BLACK MEN”: African Centralized Males as Sons of SUNGOD;  has the capacity to BE, leaders of their own fights and battles; as called, chosen and sent anointed-appointed ACTIONARIES!!!

SPECIFICALLY & STRICTLY SELECTED 10%-12%: Are our very Rare-Rich-Royal few Euro-America’s Good Great White Hope Abolitionist Minded Men & Women!! Royalty in the sense that they are better beneficially blessed = beautifully blackened on their insides because that know enough about how outsides Institutionalized Racism functions and operates. And they have conscious via intelligent intellectual choice; decided not to have anything to do with wicked white Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!!!

Spinter groups as Euro-centric anit-war activists are to promptly join: An extraordinary exception, by personal name is “Brian Becker”. An appearing to be Euro-Caucasian Caucasoid creation who; so far, don’t fit within the common character of the general overall White Males categories. He is a founder or co-creator of the: “A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition = “Act Now To Stop War And End Racism”!!! This boldly brave hu-man speaks astutely articulate and eloquently for himself at:

2. The anti-abortion action groups and or those against aborting babies before and after infant births!! Stand sttrongly opposed to the satanic inhumane Planned Parenthood mass murderers of pregnant females fetuses, little living small human being bodies. Reference: PRO-LIFE AMERICA.COM & ANTI-ABORTION ORGANIZATIONS AND WEB LINKS Organizations.cfm 3.

All legitimate Africans in America “Black Power”; non-religious rebelling Revolutionary Militant organizations, belonging to no political party whatsoever! Establishing our militias and combat ready ranks of trained mature men, Hip Hop Gangster Rappers, youthful males specifically. Females are to perform administrative works strictly so; removed from harm’s way; etc. America At Guerrilla War:

4. Our lines of OPERATIONS COMMUNICATIONS COMMAND: are the so self named: Black Liberation Radio, Black Digital Media-Networks, unifying themselves in complete compassionate composure, calmly coming together in Love Life Light Locks, Peace & Harmony. 5. US Military Veterans, who are against the State & Federal Governments warfare against its own American citizens; inclusively, outsourcing jobs, massive layoffs, economic attacks causing high rates of unemployment, professional careers pay check sums degraded. Lower wage earners and low income salaries intentionally and deliberately generated to make more money for the already existing filthy rich and wickedly wealthy ultra ruling elitist secret societies.

Allegedly creating more jobs in the private sectors, butt, they are mostly minimum wage jobs, and superficial increases of employment. Another one of their political maneuvers to deceive and to distract protestors and to curb civil unrest!! 6. All organized Labor Unions, joined together as a battalion of brave and bold business minded entrepreneurs, working class citizens of the American citizenry. Definitely discontent with City Hall, The Mayors Offices-City Councils locally and nationally as a collective corporation of criminals in political power positions. Although, incompetent, inept and refuse to address complaints and grievances filed in good faith for them to enforce certain community safeguards, etc.

NO ACCOUNTABLITY: Thus repeatedly neglecting and failing to do their assigned tasks or appointed jobs, and fiduciary duties as public servants under oath. Yet sit up on their sorry big butts drawing a handsome paycheck or salary. Welcomed aboard CKNWCA, are all those who are sick, tired and fed up with being raped and robbed of their humane rights to work and civilly earn a decent living for their health, safety-social security and well-being. The fundamental basic elements of a general overall lifestyle.

THE GREAT WHITE HOPES-ABOLITIONIST MINDED MEN & WOMEN, none-racist good-decent Euro-Caucasians-Anglo-Americans. Those who are bravely and boldly fighting back against humanity’s insanity, clinical slavery, medical mass murders and African genocide. They are often called “Dissidents” wrongly labeled “Denialists”, although in truth they are the most sane and humane groups of living white skinned appearing citizens on planet earth!!! They are educated scientists, biologists-geneticists, mathematicians, physicians – doctors, nurses, and many other kinds of professional persons. All against the “AIDS HOAX”; falsified-flawed theories concerning “HIV” and or alleged “HIV/AIDS” which is proved to be a myth. Mr. David Crowe of Canada, Dr. Peter Duesburg leading the challenges courageously, among many more gallant individuals listed herein my blog posts:

VICTORIOUSLY: Vehemently and strongly The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD strongly stresses with emphasis; this is absolutely not and never will be a radical religious restoration, revival meeting mindset to boost or boast for the recruitment of these specifically stated faiths: Christian = Christianity of Christendom, Islamic/Muslim, Jewish/Judaism, Hindu-Buddhist, Mason nor Mormon movement!!!

COME CLEAN CULTURED: Those who willfully “DIVEST” themselves of all racist religions; even if it is temporary or permanently, are ‘most assuredly’ warmly welcomed to participate as animation17-luminou.gifmembers of our national and international family community. And as beloved brothers and sisters of kindred Spiritual Solar Sexus Souls. RAW + “LIVE” gracious greenery gifts, focusssed cause of action across our USA PROMISED LAND & VegePlanTerRain!!! Blog:  


LADIES & GENTLEMEN: Duly take special notes: Everybody is to be very sensitive toward each other’s dietary dinner menu choices, respecting always ‘n lovin’ faith other family member’s decisions to eat and enjoy whatsoever, kinds of food stuffs that they want or wish or desire to feast on. No one else is to attempt to be their judges and juries and dictators!

Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize image  

SERPENT SNAKES SELF -HATRED: And this means no negative name calling, divisive denigrating comments, making slick sarcastic remarks, dead humor yet sneaky-snakish-slanderous insults against those who like or love to eat so called: “red meat”; “pork chops sandwich eaters”; BBQ ribs-sauce, “pickled pigs feet”; allegedly “fried pigs feet sandwiches”; swine-hog maws, ham hocks, chitterlings- chitlins, sea food fried fish, chicken-poultry, collard-mustard-turnip greens cooked-boiled, potato salad, baked sweet potato pie bashers and haters!! And this long list of silly-childish-immature, verbal assaults are to be compelled to StopPointBlankPeriod.

SELF-CONTROL & EGO DISCIPLINED: Moreover, all those who can’t seem to keep their big motor mouths shut and or refuse to “bridle their tongs”; and insist on trying to put other brothers and sisters down due to their own idiosyncrasies and dietary anima-underwater.gifdogmas, are out. And no doubt not at all welcomed nor are any of them invited to join Our SOLAR SEXUS SOULFOOD = SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT!!!

On The GREEN Grassroots Ground Rules & Regulations & Restrictions; Furthermore, nobody has any righteousness to determine what Mother Nature’s Laws are meant to be when it comes to gender and sex and sexual preferences. SHE is… the designer originator and sovereign Lead Lady.

No material matter what those who oppose others unlike themselves might think or religiously believe. Because we are all supposed to be living bodily organisms of the human being “RACE”. AIM AT THE PHONY OFFICIALS ONLY: Calling the Wrong Individual Person a “Fagot” or “Punk” can easily get you stabbed or shot to death! “What’s up my Niga” don’t hurt so much, it’s cool, and all F…ing ”hoes and bitches” bloody bastards, wicked witches, and N..words, whip “Crackers”and “Honkies”; are up on Washington’s Capitol Hill & Presidential Oval Office and Govrnment Bodies, and not out on the inner city urban street conrners; expressly on ground grassroots zero level. “What’s up dogs?”

Albeit, take special notes dutifully: That before any of us can effectively and successfully correct the govenmental leaderships, top to bottom; we have to come clean our own selves,  first and foremost. And as  or when society’s citizenry accomplish that feat and overcome ths presented challenge; most of the difficult problems with our corrupted officials shall cease to exist in reality.  Meaning that de-sensitized, de-humanized, de-spiritualized people as an aggregate nation of civilians, are the major-mainstream obsticales of obstructing Justice,  Judgment,  Love Peace & Harmony.


STAY AT ALL TIMES COALESCED-CALMLY COMPOSED + COMPASSIONATELY CARING For and about one another as a Prerequisite Order of today’s COMMAND!!!

Likewise no one is to try and prejudice another person’s mind with their personal misunderstanding or lack thereof ‘inner-standing and over standing’ that in which is surely outstanding. “gay or straight or lesbian”!?. Very difficult to truly comprehend and honestly and fairly and justly apprehend by the common senses or intellect. So I pray tell y’all, come all that may, come as you are, none- racist-sexist-egoist-fascist-supremacist… to them totally bad luck, misfortune and good riddance… so be it!

An Old-School SENIOR REVOLUTIONARY BLACK LEADER maturely decries: “I look at the issues…criminal country that we are… personally I love America.” says Dear John; however, butt bashers and truth haters asked him: “If you hate America so much why don’t you leave?” Insincere idiots asked the Old-Timer these ignorant questions, those who supposed to be loving sisters and brothers. However “you need to flip the switch and look at it another way… I speak out and tell it like it is… first of all I love America…, however, I do hate the 545 criminal bastards in Washington D.C., that’s running America” Dear Mr. John Black vehemently proclaims on his digital talk show radio program, 3-23-2011. Long-standing resident born in Selma Alabama. “And I’ll go to my grave saying that America is ran by 545 common criminals… and put me on trial and I can prove it!”

“BLACK LIBERATION” means to self-loving Africans in America, is the total freedom from White Dominance & Mind Controls!! And the AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, fully comprehend this process-positive progressive concept of the truest liberty and HueMain Right. Thus, as I continue to hear and read, how that most Blacks who are revolutionaries, militants and liberators and warriors of sorts; don’t want to have anything more to do with the so called Caucasoid Caucasian criminals who appear to be white “pale faces“ and pearly pink pigmented people. Yes, understandably so! They are proved, overall and in general trying to kill We’s & Us’s; while they make millions of money dollars to carry out and implement their evil conspiracies to maim-mass murder non-whites and AmeriAfrindians or African American Blacks!!!

Nevertheless, we only need a Rare-Rich-Royal few good men and women who already KNOW, that the common citizenry of sanity of humanity, as a mandatory must unify our individual efforts. This is a has to do! Not necessarily a wish-want or desire to do. Because our wisdom and matured minds, and cleansed cultured consciousness tell us to combine these collective good faith percentages as 10% black + 10% brown + 10% red + 10% tan + 10% white + 10% pink pigmented people of the aggregate population.  Comprising Mother Earth Nature’s Orchestration & Her Dynamic Equalized Bio-Balance!!

In fact, some time ago a White guy E-mailed me saying that he: “I’m one of the good whites”.  And went on to say “Right on brother… halaleujah” In response to listening to my original theme song MP3: HIV vs AIDS:

He’s a popular book writer and noted author, etc. However, most interesting is that this Euro-American male made a conscious decision, using his Bright Brilliant Brain, to be what I name as a Decent Good Great White Hope Abolitionist Minded Man!!!  He actualized himself to be inside of that saved-redeemed-delivered ten percent to twelve percent perfected number. And no one can stop him butt himself! How about you?

Y’ALL KNOW: that Heavenly Father SUNGOD + LOVEanimation8-colorking-rotate.gif GODDESS Mother Earth Nature; are the compatible companion pair, who or that are impacting GlobalWorldNations cataclysmic currency climatic changes. Consequently causing compelling circumstances, consciously CONTROLLING OVERPOPULATION over-growth of planetary People!!!!


YES Internalized Incompatibilities = conflicting currencies: I know for certain by now that there are those individuals who wrongly think that they can unite these traditional, conventional religious politicized groups and organizations together. Butt, they refuse to learn from our history’s recent past, in the last 30 or 40 years. And are prone to repeat-again the very same mistakes that those before now, made during those times of challenging Trials & Tribulations. MP3 MySpace musical site:

For prime time examples of overpopulating the calling cause: I hear and see somebody always talking about bringing the Christians & Islamic Black Muslims and or “Black Hebrew Jews” into the equation of unity. However, that has been tried redundantly over again, proving to be a fatally failed fault, to set blame and culpable mental guilt!!!

Because, it has never worked well , nor has any potential possibility of working well with each other. And this truth can only be comprehended and apprehended from abysmally deep down within the ConScience mind instead of the so called conscious or subconscious mind. In fact I’m talking about our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!

Although, perhaps good intentioned members who wish to be bold-brave warriors, unfortunately don’t seem to understand these conflicting intrinsic factors required to be a true leader. The Roman Catholic Church Popes-Priests-Bishops, made Devil Damnation sure that their creations can cause chaos, confusion and uncivilized combustion. So realize this truth. Consequently, this calls for a counter CREATIVE EVOLUNTION, where about a 10% to 12% Rare-Rich-Royal few, are to artfully apply their/our Sixth Sense = Spiritual Solar Sexus Souls, faculty of Composed Constructive Co-Creator Imagination. Formulating a Dynamic Equilibrium Biological Balance!!

STRICTLY & SPECIFICALLY: Those who are inborn at birth by bio-genetic conception, via the patterned pathways of Messenger RNA & Mitochondria DNA CODES. Even Extraordinary Double DNA Coded naturally gifted and talented prodigies who can envision things far beyond the immediate physical material matter that any one can obviously see and or feel through the 5 common senses.

Butt, those of us Sublimely Inspirited are anointed, appointed, calledanima-psoter-colork.gif and chosen for our commission causes; non-religious artistic Spiritious ministries. Thus automatically in tune and in touch through instinctive intuitions of the Spiritual Realms. Enabled as Sons of SUNGOD, to be inseparably connected in communications operations with our Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR!!!

Further still, this solves the problem as a qualifying solution to those who want to be somebody. And habitually jumping up in the front lines attempting to lead by their colorblind beliefs based on White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Which constitutes collectively each and every single one of these man made, media manufactured religions revealed. They are absolutely not of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature, and are foreign mutations of alien beings born into human flesh and blood, bone and marrow. And the pearly pink pigmented “pale face” people are so susceptible to influences of these negative energy entities, often called demons and devils!!

amocp;lorking-fadegray.gifGODSUN is the ONE and only SAVIOR: And the haters are recognized as so called Caucasian Caucasoid creatures of evolutionary due processes via Asian Mongoloid members = CaucAsians. They came about as a vicious virus and infectious disease scientifically name Leprosy; sometimes coupled with Albinism of Albinos. Inclusively a skin disease Melanoma as a defective-dysfunctional, partially frozen or nearly calcified PINEAL GLAND which produces our naturalized MELANIN; that in turn generates our SPIRITUALITY!

So then it is no strange wonder why they; about 88% to 90%, leech back onto the African-Africoid-Negroid, sucking the living blood out of them = We’s & Us’s. Also as attacking and attaching poisonous political parasites, viciously violent vampire bat characteristics, constantly taking and refusing to give back equably in fair returns or sensibly sharing. Thus as real racists, raping and robbing, plundering and pillaging Africa’s continental native-natural resources, while draining the indigenous inhabitants bone dry. Forcing massive populations of people of shaded-deep dark toned-tanned Huemain beings destitute, hungry, impoverished, in poor health and suffering from hap hazardous malnutrition culminating into circumstantial, genocidal starvations!!! Setting aside any malicious intent!

YES, I’m telling y’all these things because they are  happening and shall surely come to pass. Regardless of how determined any coaliton political party is or how much they want to unite huge numbers of people; because prerequisite is OUR SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT; For self-empowering emprovement. Just simply listen closely to my musical metaphysics, they are imperfectly-perfectly prepared powerful for this ocassion, specialized song selection sound tracks MP3; +

    Direct Link:


Compelling Circumstances Causing Cataclysmic Currency Climatic Changes!!! And citizens coming cultured clean–culinary cured; is also a substantive due process. Thus of elimination, cessation, termination, even extinction of a life form this has become too toxic, including, contaminated citizens of societies, nationally and internationally worldwide.

Moreover, we have all made our own choices and choose to select the decisions that we think that are beneficially best. Butt, there are actual damages caused by our wrongful thoughts that were decided upon. And these or those destructive damages are automatically assessed against all of those irresponsible citizens of societies.

Furthermore, the high costs are always being added up, counted in numbers and by multiple calculations. This function is happening regardless of whether or not one’s mind is consciously aware of these processes. No material matter if they think that their choices were good, wholesome, and of fairness and of justice. Because totally told truths, solemnly and silently resides within–inside of actualized realities. It conforms to or with what really is in existences; as opposed to what one thinks, wants, wishes, believes and hopes for.

For Buttressing examples: If and when a person exercises their voting rights, they are in part responsible for what their vote cast counts adds up to be. Meaning that whosoever, they helped in election campaigns, then, the voters are aiding and abetting the criminal activities in which these historical and notoriously known politicians do wickedly wrong. As the public servants, decides once in office-officially, it’s free reign upon people as political predators. Thus under the existing compelling circumstances, while being repeatedly admonished-cautioned-warned of these crooks and capitalist criminals, yet, citizens continue trusting them, so be it. Butt too bad and unfortunate they are for choosing to be blatantly naïve and foolishly gullible; insistently.

Consequently must be made to pay dearly for all destructive damages, in these worldly warfare gambling games = warmongering and hatemongering military murders manufactured by the major-mainstream media. In fact, a negative no vote shall be more meaningful and forceful and powerful right now today!

Therefore, this is exactly why our leaderships, that are gallantly growing, starting from on the graceful; grassroots ground levels, sprouting upwards from latent or dormant seeds into green germination, are to be healed-cured-cleansed. Righteously at the onset of their coming into being better beneficially blessed. Or creative conception. Carrying great gifts of trustworthy talents of potent possibilities! Those that can come about only through this process of decontamination, detoxification, and purposeful purification!!!

Or else, all that can and will and shall occur, is only the shifting around people, thus replacing them with others, who are still underhanded, dirty low down crooks of criminal corruption!

Perhaps not until they, the citizens, are told and taught about what they have done wrongly, they might never truly know that their decisions has in the past and are presently causing critical damages. To themselves, the living environments and to others!!

Therefore Me-Myself & I AM, also, a prophet messenger ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian. Here to inform all of these people who are ready-willing-able and prepared to listen up closely. Pay strict attention to what I’m talking about. One has to read and hear these wise words of wealthy wisdom. In order for them to be enabled, to not simply just understand butt, completely comprehend these stated causes and apprehend them all consummately!!!

All of the intricate wiring systems of my methodic mechanisms are hooked up to our Spirit Source Science System, and correctly anim-staineglass.gifconnected. Along the Love Life Light Locks; leading lines of Mother Earth Nature’s naturalized Laws + Universal Laws + Spiritual Laws!!!

Certainly this requires an operations communications that are fine tuned in sensitivities, of careful compassionate concerns. Artfully performing a type of surgery on areas of vital interests that are also sensitized and delicate.


Authentic Artistic Aesthetics: Meaning that every person, individual who we welcome and invite to join us, participate in our SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT; has to be quantitatively qualified. Bona fide lovers of beauteous plants, and their healthy life, lovely looking fragrant flowers.

Males & Females, Men & Women, Girls & Boys, She & He, Her & Him = FEMININITY + MASCULINITY. And absolutely not macho males egoist arrogant ambitious actors. They are kept out! And made to StopPointBlankPeriod.

The main problem with manhood, due to religious politics, is that most males don’t know what being a man really is?!. They often have the wrong ideas about themselves and what masculinity means. Totally taught inappropriately and always in doubt about such manly attributes. Which are hormonally composed of testosterone and estrogen, to name only two, famine and masculine!! View:

And when one overpowers and dominates the other one, in an oppressive-repressive-depressive manner, then we generate these mal-adjusted boys and girls, men and women who has an identity crisis. Because both expressions are to be liberated, set to full freedoms in proper biological balance dynamic development. And due to the reality of fact that we have both Mother & Father = parents. One way or the other!

More so our living environments, economies, standard of lifestyles are more than simply just messed all up and set to rottenness ruins; butt, have sustained irreparable damages. Due to the above stated overly aggressive-arrogant, racist-sexist-egoist-supremacist-fascist males. ani-colork-perch.gifSpecifically those who are not quantitatively qualified to leadership not a GOOD SUNGOD Devil Damned thing on this revolving planetary sphere earth!!!

Likewise, they are persisting to teach females how to act and become like them, through duping-bribing-brainwashing advanced understandings of psychology’s applications. After which indoctrination, the politicized females are hired to recruit other vulnerable females into the family fold of fame and fortune = high paying salary career jobs of capitalist-corporatist employment. = Citizens Containment Controls!

Consequently her womanhood has been bought out for a price; at the expensive cost to her healthy and Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship. Inclusively she sellout on FEMININITY’S SEXUALITY + SPIRITUALITY!! Ya Margaret Thatcher, Condoleezza Rice, Capital Hill Hillary Clinton, Albright, etc., etc., etc.

Instinctively, Intuitively and Spiritually: I know that this condition is prerequisite, to acquiring leadership qualifications. Dynamic Equalized Bio-Balance; is a mandatory must do. Because as humans learn and are taught to appreciate the vegetable plants of Mother Earth Nature, their beautiful blossoms and fresh fruit they bear thereof, the exposed individuals becomes reinstated sensitively. Thus prompted to take good care of them with kindhearted feelings and energized emotions of controlled compassion.

This loving kindheartedness is to be internalized, as SOLAR SEXUS anim-paralyzecolorking.gifSOULFOOD. An inside job carried on by these automatic processes of producing the proper cause and physical effects + psychological affects. Which manifest themselves as wholesome attributes of aesthetic appreciation in the artwork rendered righteously. And are actualized and self-realized environmental assets. A contribution to the cleanliness of our current culture, including culinary cooking, dinner dishes, and food meals menus, musical metaphysical mediums , etc.

As a Necessitated Need: When We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Population Protests; strive to unite or unify our efforts to overcome or overpower our enemy energy entities, antagonist Arch Angel Adversaries; might our bright brilliant brains KNOW precisely what we are intentionally trying to do, achieve and successfully accomplish?!.

HIS & HER VegePlanTerRain:  earthly garden crops:Likewise by the same spoken token; males like unto my own self, who do indeed in fact love to grow plants, take good care of them, are more apt to also appreciate the aesthetic attributes of fine fit feminine females too!! And this is an A+ asset, in that we plainly know how to treat our women folk, sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends, who are lovable ladies of sexual maturity. This qualifying attribute branches outwards, extending its loving limbs to our young impressible offspring, little kids, small children; girls and boys. Ending up being a calmly composed, caring, compassionate, coalesced conglomerated FAMILY! Our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions = ColorComplexTrix!!!

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Son of SUNGOD+SUN Of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE =COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR-GIVER-GENERATOR of Celestial-Constellation COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Ascended-Ancient African Ancestors-Authority!!!

COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS,  revealed animation8-colorking-rotate.gifand rendered byThe Original Creating ARTISTCHD. Coloration-Constellation of celestial BEAUTY & GRACE & ELEGANCE. Our 21st century CyberSpaceAge Artistic Astrology, Plus 12 de-signs seasonal disciple depictions, plus+ 12 Pretty Petal Princess Patterns, Signifying symbolic, synchronized, symphonic synthesis of our seasonal monthly movements and positions of our GODSUN or SUNGOD!!

COLOR Constellation Commissionary Artwork vs. Christian Missionary Work: Undoing and untying the knots of false Christianity’s psychology. While performing surgery to save, protect, redeem and deliver the total true CHRISTLY title. And MASTER’S Mind Mental Model, negative and positive image of The Spirit of Truth & Love Life Light of the World‘s. Spiritual-Solarized Son of SUNGOD!!!


LOVEGODDESS Mother Earth Nature + Her Heart Healthy Holistic Happy Humane-Kind-Hearted RACE, The Scientific Sapiens Species Specifics!! Outer-inner-space spiritual beings of celestial bodies, sublimely inspired, imbued, enlightened; Eco-Electron Energy Entity Emotions: LoveSexRomance.


Our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM: Seen via the portrayals of celestial beauty. And the Impressive Empress and Pretty Pattern Princesses and majestic Rich+Rare+Royal majestic Queens of Color-Constellation. Yes, Colorations Operations Communications. Our composed collection of concentrated currencies, all combined in organizational


Albeit, the internal contextual contents of character, conscience or  I’ve artistically named to be our SOLAR SEXUS SOUL SAVIOR SERVER

It’s a free gift of glorious grace given to We’s & Us’s from THE animation2.gifGIVER!. It is HIS LOVE LIFE LIGHT, and without it, nobody, nor planet Mother Nature Earth, lives. Because, this physical body would immediately freeze in a solid ball of ice and lifeless as we know what being humanly alive is. And our ancient African Ancestral Authorities, knew, enough about the starry skies up above and all around them; honored-respected-worshipped and named it the “Sun of God”, and not “Son of God” as misconstrued.


SOULFOOD Solar Sexus Spirituality = FunkySoulSongSeason across our USA PROMISED LAND via ColorKingdomNWCA…
COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: +
 Pretty please read-research, study and learn more than what y’all already think or believe that you know?!. Doing so happily and gladly with a positive open mind, without negative bias, bigotry or prejudiced mindsets. And remember that this is a Rare-Royal-Rich E-mail message coming to your mailbox only once in this special occasion of OPERATIONS COMMUNICATIONS = To Love Thy Self + Love Peace & Harmony!!!
Original theme songs MP3:
My True-Up-U-Turn story book bible blogs:
Thank yawls kindhearted patients and compassionate understanding… expressed and portrayed ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy-healthy-healing-holistic huemain humor =



And CKNWCA THE COMFORTER, reveals their devilishly anima-underwater.gifdeceptive definition of medicinal cures as hostile hospital HATE!!! In short, however, let us take back the full controls of our divine health which is our very physical lives here on planet earth.

And by relearning how important it is to retain-maintain our natural human health as our greatest of all worldly wisdom wealth. The best beneficially blessed, scholarly intellectually intelligent homemade, grassroots homegrown crops-concepts, household schooling, self-taught education; studies-research growth and development. Get righteously humane back into our Ancient Ancestral African mind’s bright brilliant brains. Water fast, think, contemplate, meditate, concentrate, pray, and focus on learning to KNOWHOW to make sure of getting proper physical exercise, dietary eating the most wholesome food products, meats and vegetables and grains and pure drinking water, etc. And comprehending hence forth here on out-under and in and above all others, exercise the muscles of the anaerobic HEART. Yes cardiovascular system, aerobic-respiratory system, circulatory system, of blood-water-nutrient ion nourishing vitality. Read my complete story book bible blog on this key subject, VegePlanterain vs. Vegetarian: http://artistchd,




Located at:

OCCUPYNEERS = “Occupy Wall Street” = We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Population Protests = Our MultiplexRacialBody = Banking Systream + Steam x Clean Cultured Capital Cash Currencies x100%+$$$  or

The Black Jackass Uncle Toms self-hatred of Love GODDESS Mother Earth Nature Africa’s AmeriAfrindians and AfriNatindian Ascendants!!!

WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan+Positive Protests = X-leftwing Liberal Democrats-X-rightwing Conservative Republicans, two poisonous political party heads of the same Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!! or


CapitalColorCurrency=CapitalColorists+CapitalColorism vs Capitalists-Capitalism!! = AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD+COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts = Dollars-Cash-Cents-Loot-Booty-Bounty-Money+Finances+Economic = Rich-Rare-Royalty 100%+

Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR My True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blog.+Son of SUNDOD Avenger Ascend AmeriAfindian ArtistCHD + Mother Matriarch Madam Maat. pt1

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AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD= CHRIST-HORUSHEART-DIVINITY via ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts = Ancient Africa’s Ascended Ancestral Authorities!!!

 YES, THE ORIGINAL CREATIVE ARTISTCHD’S Solar Sexus Soul Savior Server; reveals his universalIniVersal RealiVision vs anima-underwater.gifReligion & Politics!! By patterned paths of COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS:

And it shall be so kindly nice of y’all to pay close attention and listen Upwards. Be enthused, enlightened, illuminated, enchanted and excited!!!

CHRIST is HORUS, first and foremost of all the HEART of Love Life Light as a Son of SUNGOD. Period. The rising “Sun of righteousness”; being as it is borrowed-copied-shared with our ancient Africa’s Egyptian inspirited text and scriptural sacred-secret writings; thus plagiarized in the Old & New Testament “Holy Bibles”, “I am animation8-colorking-rotate.gifthe truth and light of the world.”; “Let your light so shine before men, so that they might see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” “Great and marvelous are your works, Lord God Almighty.”

Moreover, I shall let the expert scholars of Afrocentric Nationalism, African-Centered education, explain what this religious political language means. In their own words. Thus allow them to tell y’all where the Western-White Europeans, known as Caucasoid Caucasians, borrowed and or stole these concepts and ideas from. Their Web sites, talk radio host shows, Internet digital programs are posted throughout my Story Book Bible Blogs herein.

Meanwhile, while still in the solemn midst of rendering revelations realistically, might I give y’all my authorized artistic version of the ancient African ancestral artworks or artifacts. My personal interpretation, indwelling Spirit-self perspective point of views, as being a bona fide  bio-blood-line genotype talented trait, and natural born Portrait ArtistCHD = Christ-HorusHeartDivinity!!!

 YES for positively sure: ME-MYSELF I AM; knew and know, exactly who we were contracted to be before arriving here on planetary sphere Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth. Total truth told, this means that our kindred spirits never need to learn how to do what comes automatic, “To Know Thy Self” is To Love Thy Self.

SPEAKING FOR MY INDIVIDUAL SELF: Solely as a ‘PerSun’ and Hue-Man of our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions. There are countless numbers of people trying to capitalize and monopolize on our artistic endeavors, of the ancient days of old age time periods.

Albeit, most don’t honestly; KNOW, the true meaning of what being a true artist actually is?!. They talk about us, of us, around us, and never straight to us. And really fear our very existence, and wish that our kindred souls and spirits would simply just go away. Thus permit and allow and let them be scrupulous political profiteers and religious radicals of corruption. They want for our Kinky King Kindhearted nature, to vanish and disappear!!

Nevertheless, We’s & Us’s ain’t goin’ no where’s soon, no we are animation2.gifnever going away, not soon nor later; butt, humanely righteous here forevermore. everlasting Love-Life-Light+ LoveSexRomance!!!

There are no worthy competitors, who can overpower the most powerful GODSUN! Only silly fools think and believe that they can contrive to equal and or conspire with each other’s evil and wicked ways, attempting to control and dominate the indomitable powers of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!! 

HOLD YA HORSUS HORSES; As I explain exactly what Me + Myself + I AM, symbolically represents. Oky doky,  it is an active art form of the polygon, geometric figure of a 3 sided triangle, forming our TRINITYME is CHRIST, MYSELF is HORUSHEART and I AM is DIVINITY = 1+1+1 = 3 combined as a complete-consummated whole-single-unified-ONE!

Likewise by the very same token spoken: they as one, are the pyramid.gifartistic builders of HER PRECIOUS PERFECT PYRAMIDS. Offering y’all a fair and equable opportunity to tap into the strange mystical magical miracles of FORCES & POWERS!!

 ACCORDING TO DIVINE WILL, CKNWCA, is number one, the sole-solemn SUNGOD, far above the earthly domed pyramids. The upside-down pyramidal radiant energies of the Electromagnetic Field of Color Currencies. And nobody else has a living chance to over-top, out do, go head of or before COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS.

Certainly excelling, exhilarating while accelerating: ArtistCHD is moving exceedingly fast at astronomical speeds!!! Traveling swiftly, going remotely far beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary CyberSpaceAge, advancing digital computer technologies!!

ERECTED + ELEVATED: Above the ground level grassroots zero. As the whole wide world web weave, can openly see for themselves as eye witnesses, the blossoming beauty; of PRETTY PATTERN PRINCESSES. And yes, a picture says a thousands words and millions of more meaningful merchant money made HONESTLY!

ENVY & JEALOUSY & SELF-HATE: Surely suffering this sickness syndrome are millions of so called brothers and sisters; nationally and worldwide. Those who can’t seem to stand seeing one of their own family members, supposed to be love ones, and of their own racial-ethnic-cultural group succeed successful. They would rather We’s & Us’s remain in their hand bags to control and carry around with them. To DICTATE &  DOMINATE!!

Thus to tell true talented artists, what we can or can’t do and why we must comply with their prejudiced and bias negative point of views, and lowered perception of our existing state of being free spirited ‘Per-Suns’!! 

Moreover, it is as if these bio-blood brothers and sisters can be our worst of all antagonistic adversaries, due to them being possessed by the demonic spirits of envy and jealousy. Thus without just cause nor by provocation, these haters will betray you at the slightest notion. And stab you/us in our backs the first chance that they get, after, we foolishly misplace our trust in them. Two faced bigoted hypocrites, are some of the closest relatives as enemies another innocent individual could ever have.

Then the gossips wonder why are so many heart failures frequent family members, citizens of certain countries, customs of corruption, etc.  It is now made abundantly crystal clear as fresh clean rainwaters, heart complications are mainly due to negative programming propaganda, prejudiced perspectives, bribing-duping-brainwashing. Induced by the meaningless mad media!!!

Having said that heartily, honestly and truthfully, whether we realize this truth or not, there are many strangers who are our truest Kindred Spirits plus+positive Soul mates, compatible-companions, friends and business associates, all alike. TRUSTWORTHY!

The phony-faking others, whosoever, they might be, were sent or came into the world, just to hinder, obstruct, impede, and attempt to stop our productive progresses of high achievement success. Their superficial smiles and hellos are also misleading and deceptive, that is of course, if we allow ourselves to be gullible and naive. One sure method of discovering who your/our real friends and love ones are, is to severely need something from them, that they have to give and share; butt, they absolutely refuse to.

Furthermore, they are so self-righteous, some times super-religious, other times just plain-o-selfish, insensitive and non-supportive. Yet they often claim: “I love y’all”, “I love you”; “trust me”; and lets work together and make some progress as sister queens and brother kings, princesses and princes. However, there is absolutely no RICH-ROYAL-RARE biological blood line, physical-mental nor spiritual inheritance-lineage of ancient ancestry of Truth’s Justice!!

And these adversarial antagonists, appear everywhere, in many forms and shapes and phony faces. And you and I are to easily recognize them all, no material matter what surreptitious guise they hide themselves behind. They want to be “Somebody”, Butt, refuse to do the ground work, bend down on their hands and knees, till the soul’s soils, cultivate the seed plants of their own concepts. Too afraid of what others might say, disapprove, and say bad things about them.  Too scared to even try hard and be smart, by challenging the self to do more, produce an abundance of personal prosperity.  No they would rather be envious and jealous of those of us who effectively apply ourselves, besting the lazy rest!!!

THE FRESH RIPE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT IS READY FOR HARVESTING: And to serve those who help themselves acquire healthy wealth. Business minded fortune hunters and gold diggers, who have decisively decided to be entrepreneurs of their very own innovative enterprises. Independent entities of COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

Now is the perfected time to invest, inquire and act on your ‘most holy faith’, for fate is on your side today. And if you had not been looking you would not have ever seen what your eyes see so elegantly grand. The most beauteous patterns in original designs, on the face of planetary sphere Mother Nature Earth. Yes for sure, you and I are WINNER$.


CHRIST-HORUSHEART DIVINITY: Is the once in your life’s time chance to change the inner climate of your thinking and believing habits. The perfect occasion to step back taking a better look at this beneficially blessed New World beginning of instricate-sophisticated artwork. Getting your heart right for humane righteousness.  Thus buying into these complex-compounded-composed computer advanced healing symbols of curing POWERS.

BASICALLY: Because The Eye of Horus, sees heart attacks which medical ailments, are increasing rapidly among us each day of the week, and cardiovascular conditions are posing problems. Cardiac arrests! Thus running rampant throughout societies. And this I KNOW, is mostly due to bad belief systems, self-destructive behaviors, self-denial, self-dislike and self-hatred!

Moreover, no amount of so called proper diets are ever going to work wellness, nor any types of physical exercises shall be able to serve the human body organism, best, until we have our hearts set wholesomely; towards one another and SELF!!!

All of these UNIFIED, design patterns has clinical-medicinal-therapeutic values. First to help further uplift the spirit to its correct upwards direction of errection!

A very cultured clean functional fitness of the thinking mind’s mental models, efficiently without excess of emotions out of control. Butt calm cool collected commission calling cause, as a remedy and curative creative composition. Which constitutes the collective body and Web site domain of CK-NWCA THE COMFORTER!

MEDICATING MAN MADE-MANUFACTURED MADNESS: By manners and methods of articulated artwork. For the expressed purposes of preventing and curing spiritual sickness syndromes, which leads to all other types of unkind health conditions. Treating the underlying causes is the most intelligent approach to true clinical medicine. Soundly and rationally and reasonably based on our now revealed SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!

SPIRITUAL-MENTAL-PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPY: Original Creative Arts applied for reasons of health and wealth. Brings back ancient Africa’s ancestral authorities organizational order, into this disorderly world of today. Yes false Christianity is insanity of humanity, coupled with Islamic Muslims, and all other disorganized religiosity adiposity!! Read My True-Up IniVerse RealiVision vs Religion & Politics. And enjoy our remedial artistry agents in ACTION!!!


CONDUSIVE TO GOOD HEALTH: The best kind of wealth. And just by displaying designs of Love-Life-Light, helps heals anima-stear.gifhearts, “the hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic contraction and dilation.”

OK y’all, this is precisely why the ArtistCHD dwelling inside my human body, often says that we are to relearn how to make meaningful merchant MERCY money.

Of course doing the righteous things towards the bodily person self first, then sharing such success with all open-minded others who portray their positive appreciation, healthful outlook on life. Actually doing our heart’s desire in a compassionate, sensitive, delicate way, so as to help heal hateful humanity’s insanity.

THE GIFT OF HEALING:  Through well defined color therapies, of the prismatic spectral hues, prescribed for hopeful Hu-Mans. Wall hangings and picture paintings, placed all around our living quarters, kitchen, hall, bath-living-dinning rooms.

Generating great power packs of potent energies, sacred-secrets silently working artfully behind the conscious mind’s superficial thinking. Penetrating the deeper inner depths of the comprehensive CONSCIENCE or Con-Science.

In addition to its quiet networking, going on imperceptibly behind the scenes, many of the Parent designs, has their personalized-customized original theme song sound tracks, musical MP3 digital downloads. Which adds more power and force to the living environment they are being played performances in, immediate location. Especially effective are the complimentary artwork, when combined with my CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!

Definitively concluding, as we can all openly see the creative artist’s Universal-IniVersal IniVision or REAL-LIVE-VISION. The old-age ancient African ancestral authorities artifacts were compre-extended in composition. complexing-compounding their innate-intrinsic energy factors stupendously. Increased BRAIN POWER!

YES, thought out as by the MASTER’S Mind Mental Models, ani-stetch-colork.gifrendered through Divine Will’s immaculate plans of Infinite Intellectual Intelligence. And of Son of SUNGOD’S bright brilliant brain. Energetic optical seeing eye in the crystal blue sky.

Fortunes fortress of treasures, Rich-Rare-Royalties, bestowed upon those of us who not only believe; BUTT, truly KNOW. And are willing-ready-able by all practical monetary means, to embrace and accept and acknowledge and Buy Now: DIGNITY DIGITAL DIVINITY DIAMOND DESIGNS.

           Monetary-Financial-Economic Support-Clean Cultured Currency Contributions: DONATE TODAY RIGHTEOUSLY NOW…$$$                

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