AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD= CHRIST-HORUSHEART-DIVINITY via ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts = Ancient Africa’s Ascended Ancestral Authorities!!!

 YES, THE ORIGINAL CREATIVE ARTISTCHD’S Solar Sexus Soul Savior Server; reveals his universalIniVersal RealiVision vs anima-underwater.gifReligion & Politics!! By patterned paths of COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS:

And it shall be so kindly nice of y’all to pay close attention and listen Upwards. Be enthused, enlightened, illuminated, enchanted and excited!!!

CHRIST is HORUS, first and foremost of all the HEART of Love Life Light as a Son of SUNGOD. Period. The rising “Sun of righteousness”; being as it is borrowed-copied-shared with our ancient Africa’s Egyptian inspirited text and scriptural sacred-secret writings; thus plagiarized in the Old & New Testament “Holy Bibles”, “I am animation8-colorking-rotate.gifthe truth and light of the world.”; “Let your light so shine before men, so that they might see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” “Great and marvelous are your works, Lord God Almighty.”

Moreover, I shall let the expert scholars of Afrocentric Nationalism, African-Centered education, explain what this religious political language means. In their own words. Thus allow them to tell y’all where the Western-White Europeans, known as Caucasoid Caucasians, borrowed and or stole these concepts and ideas from. Their Web sites, talk radio host shows, Internet digital programs are posted throughout my Story Book Bible Blogs herein.

Meanwhile, while still in the solemn midst of rendering revelations realistically, might I give y’all my authorized artistic version of the ancient African ancestral artworks or artifacts. My personal interpretation, indwelling Spirit-self perspective point of views, as being a bona fide  bio-blood-line genotype talented trait, and natural born Portrait ArtistCHD = Christ-HorusHeartDivinity!!!

 YES for positively sure: ME-MYSELF I AM; knew and know, exactly who we were contracted to be before arriving here on planetary sphere Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth. Total truth told, this means that our kindred spirits never need to learn how to do what comes automatic, “To Know Thy Self” is To Love Thy Self.

SPEAKING FOR MY INDIVIDUAL SELF: Solely as a ‘PerSun’ and Hue-Man of our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions. There are countless numbers of people trying to capitalize and monopolize on our artistic endeavors, of the ancient days of old age time periods.

Albeit, most don’t honestly; KNOW, the true meaning of what being a true artist actually is?!. They talk about us, of us, around us, and never straight to us. And really fear our very existence, and wish that our kindred souls and spirits would simply just go away. Thus permit and allow and let them be scrupulous political profiteers and religious radicals of corruption. They want for our Kinky King Kindhearted nature, to vanish and disappear!!

Nevertheless, We’s & Us’s ain’t goin’ no where’s soon, no we are animation2.gifnever going away, not soon nor later; butt, humanely righteous here forevermore. everlasting Love-Life-Light+ LoveSexRomance!!!

There are no worthy competitors, who can overpower the most powerful GODSUN! Only silly fools think and believe that they can contrive to equal and or conspire with each other’s evil and wicked ways, attempting to control and dominate the indomitable powers of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!! 

HOLD YA HORSUS HORSES; As I explain exactly what Me + Myself + I AM, symbolically represents. Oky doky,  it is an active art form of the polygon, geometric figure of a 3 sided triangle, forming our TRINITYME is CHRIST, MYSELF is HORUSHEART and I AM is DIVINITY = 1+1+1 = 3 combined as a complete-consummated whole-single-unified-ONE!

Likewise by the very same token spoken: they as one, are the pyramid.gifartistic builders of HER PRECIOUS PERFECT PYRAMIDS. Offering y’all a fair and equable opportunity to tap into the strange mystical magical miracles of FORCES & POWERS!!

 ACCORDING TO DIVINE WILL, CKNWCA, is number one, the sole-solemn SUNGOD, far above the earthly domed pyramids. The upside-down pyramidal radiant energies of the Electromagnetic Field of Color Currencies. And nobody else has a living chance to over-top, out do, go head of or before COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS.

Certainly excelling, exhilarating while accelerating: ArtistCHD is moving exceedingly fast at astronomical speeds!!! Traveling swiftly, going remotely far beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary CyberSpaceAge, advancing digital computer technologies!!

ERECTED + ELEVATED: Above the ground level grassroots zero. As the whole wide world web weave, can openly see for themselves as eye witnesses, the blossoming beauty; of PRETTY PATTERN PRINCESSES. And yes, a picture says a thousands words and millions of more meaningful merchant money made HONESTLY!

ENVY & JEALOUSY & SELF-HATE: Surely suffering this sickness syndrome are millions of so called brothers and sisters; nationally and worldwide. Those who can’t seem to stand seeing one of their own family members, supposed to be love ones, and of their own racial-ethnic-cultural group succeed successful. They would rather We’s & Us’s remain in their hand bags to control and carry around with them. To DICTATE &  DOMINATE!!

Thus to tell true talented artists, what we can or can’t do and why we must comply with their prejudiced and bias negative point of views, and lowered perception of our existing state of being free spirited ‘Per-Suns’!! 

Moreover, it is as if these bio-blood brothers and sisters can be our worst of all antagonistic adversaries, due to them being possessed by the demonic spirits of envy and jealousy. Thus without just cause nor by provocation, these haters will betray you at the slightest notion. And stab you/us in our backs the first chance that they get, after, we foolishly misplace our trust in them. Two faced bigoted hypocrites, are some of the closest relatives as enemies another innocent individual could ever have.

Then the gossips wonder why are so many heart failures frequent family members, citizens of certain countries, customs of corruption, etc.  It is now made abundantly crystal clear as fresh clean rainwaters, heart complications are mainly due to negative programming propaganda, prejudiced perspectives, bribing-duping-brainwashing. Induced by the meaningless mad media!!!

Having said that heartily, honestly and truthfully, whether we realize this truth or not, there are many strangers who are our truest Kindred Spirits plus+positive Soul mates, compatible-companions, friends and business associates, all alike. TRUSTWORTHY!

The phony-faking others, whosoever, they might be, were sent or came into the world, just to hinder, obstruct, impede, and attempt to stop our productive progresses of high achievement success. Their superficial smiles and hellos are also misleading and deceptive, that is of course, if we allow ourselves to be gullible and naive. One sure method of discovering who your/our real friends and love ones are, is to severely need something from them, that they have to give and share; butt, they absolutely refuse to.

Furthermore, they are so self-righteous, some times super-religious, other times just plain-o-selfish, insensitive and non-supportive. Yet they often claim: “I love y’all”, “I love you”; “trust me”; and lets work together and make some progress as sister queens and brother kings, princesses and princes. However, there is absolutely no RICH-ROYAL-RARE biological blood line, physical-mental nor spiritual inheritance-lineage of ancient ancestry of Truth’s Justice!!

And these adversarial antagonists, appear everywhere, in many forms and shapes and phony faces. And you and I are to easily recognize them all, no material matter what surreptitious guise they hide themselves behind. They want to be “Somebody”, Butt, refuse to do the ground work, bend down on their hands and knees, till the soul’s soils, cultivate the seed plants of their own concepts. Too afraid of what others might say, disapprove, and say bad things about them.  Too scared to even try hard and be smart, by challenging the self to do more, produce an abundance of personal prosperity.  No they would rather be envious and jealous of those of us who effectively apply ourselves, besting the lazy rest!!!

THE FRESH RIPE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT IS READY FOR HARVESTING: And to serve those who help themselves acquire healthy wealth. Business minded fortune hunters and gold diggers, who have decisively decided to be entrepreneurs of their very own innovative enterprises. Independent entities of COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

Now is the perfected time to invest, inquire and act on your ‘most holy faith’, for fate is on your side today. And if you had not been looking you would not have ever seen what your eyes see so elegantly grand. The most beauteous patterns in original designs, on the face of planetary sphere Mother Nature Earth. Yes for sure, you and I are WINNER$.


CHRIST-HORUSHEART DIVINITY: Is the once in your life’s time chance to change the inner climate of your thinking and believing habits. The perfect occasion to step back taking a better look at this beneficially blessed New World beginning of instricate-sophisticated artwork. Getting your heart right for humane righteousness.  Thus buying into these complex-compounded-composed computer advanced healing symbols of curing POWERS.

BASICALLY: Because The Eye of Horus, sees heart attacks which medical ailments, are increasing rapidly among us each day of the week, and cardiovascular conditions are posing problems. Cardiac arrests! Thus running rampant throughout societies. And this I KNOW, is mostly due to bad belief systems, self-destructive behaviors, self-denial, self-dislike and self-hatred!

Moreover, no amount of so called proper diets are ever going to work wellness, nor any types of physical exercises shall be able to serve the human body organism, best, until we have our hearts set wholesomely; towards one another and SELF!!!

All of these UNIFIED, design patterns has clinical-medicinal-therapeutic values. First to help further uplift the spirit to its correct upwards direction of errection!

A very cultured clean functional fitness of the thinking mind’s mental models, efficiently without excess of emotions out of control. Butt calm cool collected commission calling cause, as a remedy and curative creative composition. Which constitutes the collective body and Web site domain of CK-NWCA THE COMFORTER!

MEDICATING MAN MADE-MANUFACTURED MADNESS: By manners and methods of articulated artwork. For the expressed purposes of preventing and curing spiritual sickness syndromes, which leads to all other types of unkind health conditions. Treating the underlying causes is the most intelligent approach to true clinical medicine. Soundly and rationally and reasonably based on our now revealed SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!

SPIRITUAL-MENTAL-PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPY: Original Creative Arts applied for reasons of health and wealth. Brings back ancient Africa’s ancestral authorities organizational order, into this disorderly world of today. Yes false Christianity is insanity of humanity, coupled with Islamic Muslims, and all other disorganized religiosity adiposity!! Read My True-Up IniVerse RealiVision vs Religion & Politics. And enjoy our remedial artistry agents in ACTION!!!


CONDUSIVE TO GOOD HEALTH: The best kind of wealth. And just by displaying designs of Love-Life-Light, helps heals anima-stear.gifhearts, “the hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic contraction and dilation.”

OK y’all, this is precisely why the ArtistCHD dwelling inside my human body, often says that we are to relearn how to make meaningful merchant MERCY money.

Of course doing the righteous things towards the bodily person self first, then sharing such success with all open-minded others who portray their positive appreciation, healthful outlook on life. Actually doing our heart’s desire in a compassionate, sensitive, delicate way, so as to help heal hateful humanity’s insanity.

THE GIFT OF HEALING:  Through well defined color therapies, of the prismatic spectral hues, prescribed for hopeful Hu-Mans. Wall hangings and picture paintings, placed all around our living quarters, kitchen, hall, bath-living-dinning rooms.

Generating great power packs of potent energies, sacred-secrets silently working artfully behind the conscious mind’s superficial thinking. Penetrating the deeper inner depths of the comprehensive CONSCIENCE or Con-Science.

In addition to its quiet networking, going on imperceptibly behind the scenes, many of the Parent designs, has their personalized-customized original theme song sound tracks, musical MP3 digital downloads. Which adds more power and force to the living environment they are being played performances in, immediate location. Especially effective are the complimentary artwork, when combined with my CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!

Definitively concluding, as we can all openly see the creative artist’s Universal-IniVersal IniVision or REAL-LIVE-VISION. The old-age ancient African ancestral authorities artifacts were compre-extended in composition. complexing-compounding their innate-intrinsic energy factors stupendously. Increased BRAIN POWER!

YES, thought out as by the MASTER’S Mind Mental Models, ani-stetch-colork.gifrendered through Divine Will’s immaculate plans of Infinite Intellectual Intelligence. And of Son of SUNGOD’S bright brilliant brain. Energetic optical seeing eye in the crystal blue sky.

Fortunes fortress of treasures, Rich-Rare-Royalties, bestowed upon those of us who not only believe; BUTT, truly KNOW. And are willing-ready-able by all practical monetary means, to embrace and accept and acknowledge and Buy Now: DIGNITY DIGITAL DIVINITY DIAMOND DESIGNS.

           Monetary-Financial-Economic Support-Clean Cultured Currency Contributions: DONATE TODAY RIGHTEOUSLY NOW…$$$                

color_kingdom_business111.jpg road.gif

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I'm The Original Creative ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, and CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!
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