Son of SUNGOD+SUN Of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE =COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR-GIVER-GENERATOR of Celestial-Constellation COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Ascended-Ancient African Ancestors-Authority!!!

COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS,  revealed animation8-colorking-rotate.gifand rendered byThe Original Creating ARTISTCHD. Coloration-Constellation of celestial BEAUTY & GRACE & ELEGANCE. Our 21st century CyberSpaceAge Artistic Astrology, Plus 12 de-signs seasonal disciple depictions, plus+ 12 Pretty Petal Princess Patterns, Signifying symbolic, synchronized, symphonic synthesis of our seasonal monthly movements and positions of our GODSUN or SUNGOD!!

COLOR Constellation Commissionary Artwork vs. Christian Missionary Work: Undoing and untying the knots of false Christianity’s psychology. While performing surgery to save, protect, redeem and deliver the total true CHRISTLY title. And MASTER’S Mind Mental Model, negative and positive image of The Spirit of Truth & Love Life Light of the World‘s. Spiritual-Solarized Son of SUNGOD!!!


LOVEGODDESS Mother Earth Nature + Her Heart Healthy Holistic Happy Humane-Kind-Hearted RACE, The Scientific Sapiens Species Specifics!! Outer-inner-space spiritual beings of celestial bodies, sublimely inspired, imbued, enlightened; Eco-Electron Energy Entity Emotions: LoveSexRomance.


Our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM: Seen via the portrayals of celestial beauty. And the Impressive Empress and Pretty Pattern Princesses and majestic Rich+Rare+Royal majestic Queens of Color-Constellation. Yes, Colorations Operations Communications. Our composed collection of concentrated currencies, all combined in organizational


Albeit, the internal contextual contents of character, conscience or  I’ve artistically named to be our SOLAR SEXUS SOUL SAVIOR SERVER

It’s a free gift of glorious grace given to We’s & Us’s from THE animation2.gifGIVER!. It is HIS LOVE LIFE LIGHT, and without it, nobody, nor planet Mother Nature Earth, lives. Because, this physical body would immediately freeze in a solid ball of ice and lifeless as we know what being humanly alive is. And our ancient African Ancestral Authorities, knew, enough about the starry skies up above and all around them; honored-respected-worshipped and named it the “Sun of God”, and not “Son of God” as misconstrued.


SOULFOOD Solar Sexus Spirituality = FunkySoulSongSeason across our USA PROMISED LAND via ColorKingdomNWCA…
COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: +
 Pretty please read-research, study and learn more than what y’all already think or believe that you know?!. Doing so happily and gladly with a positive open mind, without negative bias, bigotry or prejudiced mindsets. And remember that this is a Rare-Royal-Rich E-mail message coming to your mailbox only once in this special occasion of OPERATIONS COMMUNICATIONS = To Love Thy Self + Love Peace & Harmony!!!
Original theme songs MP3:
My True-Up-U-Turn story book bible blogs:
Thank yawls kindhearted patients and compassionate understanding… expressed and portrayed ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy-healthy-healing-holistic huemain humor =



And CKNWCA THE COMFORTER, reveals their devilishly anima-underwater.gifdeceptive definition of medicinal cures as hostile hospital HATE!!! In short, however, let us take back the full controls of our divine health which is our very physical lives here on planet earth.

And by relearning how important it is to retain-maintain our natural human health as our greatest of all worldly wisdom wealth. The best beneficially blessed, scholarly intellectually intelligent homemade, grassroots homegrown crops-concepts, household schooling, self-taught education; studies-research growth and development. Get righteously humane back into our Ancient Ancestral African mind’s bright brilliant brains. Water fast, think, contemplate, meditate, concentrate, pray, and focus on learning to KNOWHOW to make sure of getting proper physical exercise, dietary eating the most wholesome food products, meats and vegetables and grains and pure drinking water, etc. And comprehending hence forth here on out-under and in and above all others, exercise the muscles of the anaerobic HEART. Yes cardiovascular system, aerobic-respiratory system, circulatory system, of blood-water-nutrient ion nourishing vitality. Read my complete story book bible blog on this key subject, VegePlanterain vs. Vegetarian: http://artistchd,




Located at:

OCCUPYNEERS = “Occupy Wall Street” = We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Population Protests = Our MultiplexRacialBody = Banking Systream + Steam x Clean Cultured Capital Cash Currencies x100%+$$$  or

The Black Jackass Uncle Toms self-hatred of Love GODDESS Mother Earth Nature Africa’s AmeriAfrindians and AfriNatindian Ascendants!!!

WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan+Positive Protests = X-leftwing Liberal Democrats-X-rightwing Conservative Republicans, two poisonous political party heads of the same Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!! or


CapitalColorCurrency=CapitalColorists+CapitalColorism vs Capitalists-Capitalism!! = AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD+COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts = Dollars-Cash-Cents-Loot-Booty-Bounty-Money+Finances+Economic = Rich-Rare-Royalty 100%+

Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR My True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blog.+Son of SUNDOD Avenger Ascend AmeriAfindian ArtistCHD + Mother Matriarch Madam Maat. pt1

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I'm The Original Creative ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, and CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!
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