CK-NWCA’s UNIFICATION + Cooperation = Coalesced Compatible Conglomerates = Compassionate Care+Concern for one another ‘n Love Peace & Harmony_unifies The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascendant Ancient Ancestral Africa!!!


Individuals, PerSuns, HueMains, and collective citizen causes cleansed cultured, matured in their native-inborn-natural SEXUALITY + SPIRITUALITY. The two among the most powerful forces of Eco-Electron-Energy-Entity-Emotions: Love1Sex2Romance3!!! SexualizedRomanticizedSpiritualized story blog:

SPIRITIOUS = NONE-RELIGIOUS = Spiritics  vs Politics!! The actualized-authentic artistic approach and my MASTER1 = Mastermind Melanin Media = Messiah Mental Models+ Musical Metaphysical Mediums!!!

LOVE LIFE LIGHT LOCKS: Because one can intellectualize on these key issues and tissues all they want to; Butt, also to no avail, effective success. Knowing how that every cell membrane of the living human and plant and animal body organism has intrinsic intelligence. A common denominator! All living creatures, fish, insects, reptiles, germs-bacteria… share alike via CREATIVE EVOLUTION or EVOLUTIONARY CREATION!!

The Rare-Rich Royal Crown of Glory is an allegory story: So self-actualized and realized in an artistic aesthetic real-live-vision of the faculty constructive creative imagination. Well then this is artwork with wealthy meanings, worthwhile investing your eco-energies into for the better benefit blessings of all earthly humanity. Offering a unique lots more meant to be Vivian Queen of truer values.

As one can clearly see how that racial-ethnic-cultural color complexions in the pretty portrait pictures, shows delightful diversity. Depicting our MultiplexRacialBody: = black-brown-red-tan-yellow-white-pink pigmented people or persons!!!

COMPLETE COMPREHENSION: Thus, it shall require the highest inhanced intentions of intensity yet tempered degrees of Beta-Digital-Data + Middi Musical Metaphyical SpiritualizedSolarizedColorized-Romanticed realities, by which to travel through the patterned pathways. And as a Divinely Decreed rite/right of passages = Top Secret-Sacred Security PASS!!!

PEOPLES POPULATION CONTAINMENT CONTROLS: Meaning reducing the overburdening obesity excessive weights of fatty tissue adiposity + religiosity. The over-populating public people worldwide, being brought back down to the grassroots ground level zero, of humankind’s physical-psychological-biological beginnings.

Setting racist radicalized religions and polluted poisonous political policy practices, by the wayside. Actually what We’s & Us’s are doing in deeds is de-politicizing the politicized persons. Giving them the option to become Spiritized or Spiritualized. Strongly suggesting that our called and chosen and sent Melanin Messiah Mental Models, denounce and renounce any existng ties with religion and politics!!

SINGING SONGS of Son of SUNGOD: Thereby, no longer, if in fact ever, castng a political vote in election campaigns of the old-world regime that’s scheduled–predestined to die off.

No doubt very soon into dooms day gloom not ever allowed upon the mellow moon; nor fork-knife or spoon; permitted to ride  on the back of the bus with little sitting room, or on a wicked witchcraft-aircraft aerial Angry American Al’Qaeda Aliens broom! 

So then, what I’m saying is make meaningful SHIFTS, in your current thinking and present believing mindsets. Change over to castng your numbered NOTE, instead of your given civil rights man made-media manufactured voiceless VOTE!

Concentrating crystal clear focus on the currency cataclysmic climatic changes = calamities–catastrophes caused by our Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR.  THE SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE

That created and governs our Heavenly Father SUNGOD + LOVE GODDESS Mother Earth Nature!! The dual compatible companion pair of our Solar Sexus Souls!!!

YES: There has been a rapidly growing number of Africans in America, Blacks who actually don’t want to have anything to do with Whites! These are not ya average bootlicking “Negroes” and good “Colored People”!

And I’ve been reading and listening to them for at least the last past 8 years or so, calling themselves of “The Conscious Community”. ‘Black Liberation & Black Power’; “All Black” this-that or the other untruths of hypocritical bigots. Specifically those who have repeatedly refused to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing butt the full truth so help us all our COSMIC CREATOR!!!

Partial & Half Truth Tellers: in particular, the wanna-be real revolutionaries and militant mindsets. Understandably, they are sick-tired and fed up with all Anglo-Americans and of anybody looking like “pale face” Euro-Caucasoid Caucasians. They don’t trust not a single one of them for very sound minded and sensible reasons. These are well informed Africans of America, who have studied ancient history until this present day. And they know all about the long-standing deceptions, betrayals of Africa’s trust in them and are perceived as whip “Crackers” of a “Honky Ideology” and “White Devils”!!!

BUTT So be it, fine and dandy with me; because I can comprehend their staunch political and racial positions. The Euro-centric citizens are the pitiful pit viper pits of venomous and toxic poisons of Institutionalized Racism!!!

For the exceptional Rare-Rich-Royal few who were saved sanely sound minded = GOOD DECENT WHITES = approx. 10% to 12% in my method of estimations. And the rest of the other indecent bad bio-seed genotype traits of about 88% to 90%, are in reality the bribed, brainwashed-duped dummies as DEVIL WHITES!!

Hellishly Hideous Hostility Hated Having a notoriously known recorded history of suffering Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes = Sorcerers System’s Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

Yet are in a mental state of psychotic denials! “I’m not a racist” reaction! Howsoever, my personal experiences prove otherwise, learning also, that the overwhelming majority hate our guts and Melaninated skin colorations. Inclusively, the alleged ruling elites of the superpower class, the middle class and the lower and sub-classes of Euro-Americans. Often called “white trailer trash”.

And; after all these troubles they have caused We’s & Us’s and the whole of earthly humanity due to their insanity; (sociopathy and psycopathy); should not be still breathing and living upon the surface of our dearly beloved planet earth. Period.

IT HAS COME TO THIS: Surely their unrepentant unnatural behaviors, having no regrets for past or present damages done, showing no moral remorse; there’s no other rational way to reason with them. Which righteously summons a DIVINELY DECREED CURSE OF JUSTICE against them as an aggregate overall general group.

They are solely the causes of the massive murders of genocide upon the continent of Africa. Whites in facts are still pushing and promoting their insidious and invidious “African AIDS HOAX”. Media  manufactured myths = mainstream mass murders resulting from the major captalist-corporatist-colonialist Angl0-Al’Qaeda. [Such as the European owned-operated news papers – press of Mr. Rupert Murdoch and criminal company conspirators, now facing their down fall and fatal demise!]

Likewise, this Divinely Decreed Death Damnation, goes for each and every one of these terrorist local and mainstay media coroporations and coalition networks privately owned and operated by White Males!

SOLID IRONCLAD PROOF: News Corps US operations being investigated “Move comes as Murdoch agrees to answer questions in the British parliament over alleged crimes by one of his newspapers.”

“Investigations are progressing into the US operations of News Corporation after the UK phone hacking scandal, US Attorney-General Eric H. Holder has said.

“There have been members of Congress in the United States who have asked us to investigate those same allegations and we are progressing in that regard using the appropriate Federal law enforcement agencies,” Holder told reporters in Australia on Friday.”

Systematically & Systemically: Killing hundreds of thousands of Blackish-Bluish-Brownish Africoid Africans with their chemical concoctions called clinical medical treatments. While cowardly hiding behind their duped-bribed-brainwashed Black Jackass Uncle Tom Demons. Mass media mainstream major news networks blatant bull shit and criminal Caucasian Caucasoid creature crap!!

Yet not a single one of these DEVIL WHITES, have been arested, charged, indicted nor convicted or sentenced to prison or death penalty for their long-standing atrocities. The internal self-hatred, envy-jealousy and strife they generated through their overt and covert racism.

Called Colonialism, Imperialism; nevertheless, these expressions are anemic and deficient, and not specific enough. So y’all truthfully know, it is actually some white person, one or the others behind each and every single one of the bloody civilian conflicts. All religious wars started by Europeans and Anglo Americans. They collectively are to set blame, fault and culpable criminal guilt!!!

UNFORTUANTELY For them: And apparently there simply just isn’t enough good Whites of common decency, to overcome or overpower the bad indecent wicked whites. Thereby prompting The Awesome Forces of Mother Africa Earth’s Divine Nature and Her wrathful weather, to activate their demise-destruction-elimination and extinction! Ending in being what constitutes Cataclysmic Currency Climatic Changes!!! Culminating into what I name to be: 

 THE END TIMES DAYS OF RECKONING: Trials & Tribulations Are Now Beckoning: MP3 Music-Metaphysics Medium sound track spiritualized instrumental:     or shopping cart purchases: = your personalized power! 

Play-listen for financial free $$$ = yes MySpace:

Plus+, I have calculated, instinctively-intuitively and spiritually that approx. 88% to 90% of the so called whites and or pearly pale pink pigmented people, are absolutely worthless to our cause of complete full freedom, liberation, truth and justice!!!

Therefore always remember to dutifully NOTE: That in my mind’s vision of UNIFICATION, + Cooperation = Coalesced Compatible Conglomerates = Compassionate Care+Concern for one another ‘n Love Peace & Harmony; those Alien Anglo-Al’Qaeda are excluded and or self-disqualified!!

So smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy healthy good sense of holistic healing humor…yawls. Butt beware of the stealthy sneaky skeleton bones of the Boogie man’s bogus-bias bigotry!!!

INTERVENTION DIVINE: No material matter how huge their giant Military – Pharmaceutical – Prision Industrial Complex is; they are being taught the hard headed way that SHE + HE = HIM + HER, has the most powerful forces herein and thereof our Sexus Soul Solar System!!!

YES INTERVENTION DIVINE: The MASTER1 Melanin  Media = Musical Metaphysical Mediums + Messiah Mental Models. Play Powerful MP3-hear for free:
Direct Link MP3: 

EGO TRIPPIN’: And it is so egotistically arrogant for the white males to think-believe or assume that they are made in the physical image of some “GOD” and as a man person human being. Or that they were the very first people born on planet earth. 

Although they are only “Johnnny Come Lately”,  as mutatants of the true original AFRICA”RACE” HUEMAIN KINDHEARTED Scientific Sapiens Species Specifics, Yet whites keep spreading their news media myths, fraud in fact devilish lies of leading liars, that they can control the weather or climate, influence-rule or govern it; somehow, because these ass hole jerks absolutely can’t. Not in the least!

The case being that SHE, put tons of toxic emissions up into HER atmoshere and environment via raging forest fires, active volcanoes of stupendous amounts of smoke and ash deposits. With cycles of climatic changes occuring throughout the centuries and or millions of years and before prehistory or GENESIS GENIUS GENUS = a baron butt naked planetary sphere!

THE HARD KNOCKS WAY OUT & Devastating Down Fall: Thus his egoist white ass is next by natural selection to come to pass and go into extinction as a mandated must and predestinated cessation. His time period of grace has run/ran its criminal crazy CaucAsian Caucasoid course!

HAPPILY these Whites of secured salvation,shall pair in compatible companions with the Africa-Africoid Hue-Mains. And not dare to attempt to pair off between themselves as segregationists and separatists again. Breeding and replicating the dysfunctional-defective males upon planet earth. There is to be multimillions of banna boat brown baby brother Barack Hussein Obama’s born; better beneficially blessed. And not as he thinks of himself: “I’m halk black and half white”;  “mutts like me” shortsightedness, etc. 

No Monkey Business: Butt of our one and only MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions!  Basically because the very genetic Negrindian BlackBlueBrown biological and physiological births are overwhelmingly the African Negroid DOMINATE gene!!!

In factual reality, he’s blatantly bombing the historic Arab Al Qaeda Slave Masters in Africa & Asia = Middle East!! Iran, Syria, perhaps Pakistan & India next on their Christianized USA Al’Qaeda hit list.

Maybe, unwittingly, due to enslaving millions of Africa’s Africoid people throughout the centuries or ages of time until this present day. the mythological man: “The Prophet Mohammad’s” Arabic Islamic Muslims!!!

The Mongoloid Monsters & CaucAsian barbaric beasts, as I’ve envisioned, are to be put down. “Got to go”! For complete regime demise. They both have concocted and stored up nuclear — or ‘new-u–lar’ weapons of mass member destruction.

Also has stockpiled chemical and biological weaponized arsenal meant to kill people and intended to destroy innocent humanity with their collective insanity! They are receiving not the ‘Tree of Life’; butt the terrifying Tree of Death!!!

Only a remnant shall be spared-saved and redeemed. And because too, apparently they are sovereign living breathing energy entities of our COSMIC CREATOR = SUNGODLOVE GODDESS MOTHER EARTH NATURE. 

OBVIOUSLY PARENTS: They both brought us into being humans and they are the ones or pair taking us back out!!! Demise to about 88%-90% by-gones criminal crossbones. About 10%-12% saved, redeemed-delivered, non-religious + non-political populations…. from all dangers and divinely protected from all “axis of evil” conspirator “enemy combatants”!!

And all of the medieval-media press propaganda about him influencing the overall atmospheric enviroment, according to mankind’s will or lack of good will, is only more corrupt Caucasian Caucasoid creature criminal crap!

He’s no Lord & Savior; butt, a Devil White Man Pirate ship whip “Cracker”… leading his demon constituents; scull and crossbones bigots of psychopath prejudice. Mostly against other non-racist-non-sexist sane White Women & Men who try to stand up and fight them back bravely. With the rest of the people of Melaninated skin colorations; caught trapped in between their wicked westernized worldly wars, mental confusion and pegleg psychotic chaos!!! 

This terrorist attempt to rule our GlobalWorldNations via “Globalization”, is all stupid, idiotic insanity which is the greatest terroristic threat and dire danger to all living art forms on planet earth’s bodily organism! “He has to go” Be wiped off of our geographical map; because humanity needs and must have a total “regime change” in order for We’s & Us’s to have some everlasting  Love Peace & Harmony +

 Direct Link:

Albeit bootleg money to burn baby burn; butt, remember to duly note: The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, is not and can never be a member party to any of these stated groups, and popularized political organizations. = “Dumb ass Negoes”; “Stupid as Blacks”!!

Especially the prominent civil rights groups that are proved to have already sold out their own racial-ethnic-cultural family members of African origin or as they call; “descendants”.

Left holding the empty money bags. By accepting huge financial  bribes from the U.S. Federal Government in the hundreds of thousands. Grants and pledges and of course, also, many false promises. So chalk it up and sum it all up into the multimillions of our hard earned tax dollars. Misappropriated and or extorted, intentionally defrauding the public people’s population! 

As UNCLETOMISMDEVIL BLACKS….keeps helping to capture, entrap and enslave their supposed to had been loved black and brown brothers and sisters. These are real Revelations!!! They will do just about anything for monetary profits=$$$

TRUTHFULLY: And I have fully explained precisely who and what I mean later on in an attached link to this blog post.  In short: A modern day 21 century WHITE SUPREMACY + BLACK SUPREMACY SLAVE TRADE!!

FULL FREEDOM OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION: And I place strong emphasis on the factual reality; that I’m on nobody’s side, left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican parties. Nor in cahoots with any one of the worldly religions, you might be able to name. No not one!

Meaning that I AM with the Divine Will of the Afrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE = Know How. To artfully apply my natural born innate talents and freed gifts of All Mighty Divine Grace. Effectively through the spiritualized realms of my MASTER1 Melanin Media + Messiah Mental Models + Musical Metaphysical Mediums!!! View:

OKY DOKY YAWLS: Well well well, lets see now today how that it is improbable if not impossible to savage the middle class Caucasoid Caucasians of the dis-United States of angry Anglo-America AL’QAEDA!!!!

ALIEN AGENTS: In spite of these unseen, invisible esoteric secret societies of elite ruling families, who are filthy rich and wickedly wealthy; are remote racists. They as far as we know have never called We’s & Us’s the N…word!

Nor to my knowledge wasted any of their valued time blogging at the censorship CNN or posted any personal attacks, racial insults aimed at named individuals, nor made negative verbal assaults against me or any one else. So then none of them could be of any Criminal Culpable Guilt; for wilfully, deliberately violating the stated rules of courteous conduct, as posted on all these media blog forums. Righteously up front in the readers “pale faces”; before they trespass and encroach upon other people of color’s legal rights to Freedom of artistic expression and free speech rights! 

NO No no, these super upper class filthy rich citizens don’t play those foolish little gambling games in hopes of getting away scot-free, with these unclean-uncultured acts and devilish deeds. Unwisely messing around wtih the wrong PERSUN = a Son of SUNGOD. Thus end up Decreed Divinely Damned to Curses forevermore and to everlasting Heavens Hades Hell Fires!!!

Only these racist lowlife-cheap white trash can, dirty dip-shit dipsy dumpster, guaranteed gar_bage mouth monsters make current comments at: YAHOO, FOX, BBC, CBS-ABC-NBC-PBS, Al Jazeera English. Whatsoever they; the Elitist leaders think or believe, wisely, they also keep that information a top secured secret, safely silent!

BUTT, believe me when I say that these snobbish spiffy upper middle class citizens, with all of their extra income, have invested in the racist Prison Industrial Complex that is housing an overwhelming majority of African Americans = Blacks & Browns. Mostly males who look just like I do = A true reality of fact!

Next the middle-center class section of whites, were the mainstream ones sitting upon their Lilly White asses in judgment and on virtually all white juries, unjustly sentencing non-Euro-Americans to long-term jail or prison punishment for even the most petty infractions. They are the ones who condemned and denounced our human-civil-constitutional rights to be tried in a fair and just court of law, and judged by our peers. Certainly it is they who we are to force to >>>

Stop-Point-Blank-Period HIV vs AIDS = MENTAL VIRONS = Mind Viruses = Mass Media Murderous Myths – The Pharmaceutical-Military-Prison Industrial Complex = We The Public People Power Plan+Positive Protests = True MAAT + HARAMBEE Africa Kenya!!!

Likewise the lower middle class whites were the principal political pundits who acted as the long arms of the oppressive States & Federal U.S. Government. As crooked cops of criminal corruptions + police brutality and cold blooded murders of African Americans. “Poor white trailer trash”; that moved themselves up the social-economic ladder without any real schooling, higher learning, cultural college of educational degrees. Many of them without even a high school diploma or GED Certificate!

Therefore, don’t expect for the majority of Africans in America, to do anything that would support or prop up this failing and falling middle class white America. Never count on that, not through the voting apparatuses nor any independent political party, regardless of who or what they call themselves. Y’all name them!!! The “Conscious Community” would rather fight to the finish line as boldly brave, gallants and courageous WARRIORS.

The dire damages has already been done to them = our people of colored skin pigmentation for far too long, and it is now CAUSE OF ACTION Prime Time Live & Well, to raise Hell I can surely Tell!!

They know that Anglo-America Al’Qaeda is being compelled to pay Reparations and Restitutions one way or the other, even unto their decisive deaths.

As I HAVE ENVISIONED: this is exactly why COLOR KINGDOM NWCA is called and chosen and sent as an artistic commission calling cause. Divinely Inspirited as an authentic, aesthetic, actualized VICTOR!

Positively for absolutely sure, nobody, jumps the gun without suffering a severe penalty for punitive damages. And I don’t care what “race”, creed, color of skin, nor religions or politics, The energized entity artfully represents and apparently symbolizes, the ONE and only GODSUN!!!

Moreover, an A+ Son of SUNGOD says strongly, that none of animation16-transition-.gifthese anti-war groups, “Black Power”, “White Power”; Civil Rights, Religious and Political organizations stand a living chance of going past, getting around, digging deeply under, crossing over or traveling through the stated above; Love Life Light Locks!!!

TOP PRIORTIY PRINCIPAL = Her Precious Perfect Pyramid: All so self-identifying complaining, whining, crying, protesting, demonstrating, marching groups, whosoever they might be and think that they are, this “AFRICAN AIDS HOAX” come first and foremost. Meaning that the alleged guilty criminal “HIV”; who nobody has ever visually nor clinically ever seen is directly addressed. And I’ve said this before and now today I am saying it again with even more emphasis: nothing these organizing anti-war, anti-racism, anti-abortion, activist groups efforts can possibly be effective, until this key ingredient + essential element in incorporated into the composition.

Because these sick sinister snake serpent satanist scientists who wilfully has sold0ut on healthy humanity and joined the mad media menacing insanity, are to be brought into be served DIVINE JUSTICE & JUDGMENT!!

Further still, as I have also analyzed the vital information and synthesized the collective data, of a ten years time period; these issues and tissues are of paramount importance. And it is imperative that We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Population Protests, place them at the very top of their agendas.

Crooked-Corrupt Doctors-Physicians-Nurses who worked with the mad man Murdoch media mass murders: That’s where the crucially critical Battleground of Calvary is being fought, the location that our Enemy Energy Entities have staged their racist-sexist-fascist-supremacist-egoist attacks. Launching their clinical cruise medicinal military missiles into occupied family homes. Firing their racist rockets right into the human body’s immune system’s housing projects, assaulting all cell membranes natural defenses against their viral invasions.

Yes hospital employees, the RedCross also are to be investigated and indicted on homicides and genocides!! And, this includes the hatemongers and warmongers major-mainstream media’s MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses” = PSYCHOGONS = Psychecides = Murders of the humane mind!!!!

In brief, I identify, define and name these phenomena: Mass Medical Murderers, Clinical Corporate Capitalist Criminals, Systematic-Systemic-Slavery, Hospital Humanity Hate = Graveyard Genocides!!!

So then y’all, it is a mandated must method, have to do deeds, Divinely Decreed Cause of Action Command; to position at the very forefront of our challenges and charges… this fraud in fact devilish lie of satanic leading liars the existence of: “HIV/AIDS”. Read full flaming fiery story blog:

IGNORING = Playing Colorblind, Silently in Apathy-Indifference-Complacency, warrants some severe sentences served against those of a Culpable Mindset State of guilt and fault and blame. For being bous bias bigots, SILENT sycophants who were well informed. And hateful hypocrites too!! Having alterior monetary motives and hidden agendas to make millions in profits off  of making citizens sick and weak and ill.  Thus underhanded dirty dealings and underground criminal corruption.

Furthermore: And all leaderships who honestly desires to stop the wars and put a sudden stop to end racism, here is the major mainstream and grassroots ground level zero place, to start any types of successful and effective MOVEMENTS. Those initiated against the oppressive-repressive-depressive renegade-rouge Police Forces, the national States, and the U.S. Federal Government!!!

Albeit, our first line of self-defense is to come culturally clean. And this requires our SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT, For self-empowering improvement!! (MP3)


1. The recognized White activists identified as being the none racist anti-war groups, collectively joining and unifying their separate-individual forces with the Hue-Main Major Motions. Also called movements and commission calling causes of action. Although under the umbrella of a persistent project lead by another Male White Man. Because no Black Man in his righteous African mind is going to faithfully follow no Euro-American whatsoever, in the least. And this is precisely why these anti-war activistg groups have not been very effective over the last  past 9 or 10 years. And I’ve followed or went along with them, patiently and observed their national protests = demonstration marches and rallies during this period of time.

Furthermore, by any White males stereotypically uniting with a Black female, regardless of who she is, can’t work well nor ever should work wholesomely. This propped up puppet, proxy union is not in the Spiritualized deck of cards. Only so named “BLACK MEN”: African Centralized Males as Sons of SUNGOD;  has the capacity to BE, leaders of their own fights and battles; as called, chosen and sent anointed-appointed ACTIONARIES!!!

SPECIFICALLY & STRICTLY SELECTED 10%-12%: Are our very Rare-Rich-Royal few Euro-America’s Good Great White Hope Abolitionist Minded Men & Women!! Royalty in the sense that they are better beneficially blessed = beautifully blackened on their insides because that know enough about how outsides Institutionalized Racism functions and operates. And they have conscious via intelligent intellectual choice; decided not to have anything to do with wicked white Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!!!

Spinter groups as Euro-centric anit-war activists are to promptly join: An extraordinary exception, by personal name is “Brian Becker”. An appearing to be Euro-Caucasian Caucasoid creation who; so far, don’t fit within the common character of the general overall White Males categories. He is a founder or co-creator of the: “A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition = “Act Now To Stop War And End Racism”!!! This boldly brave hu-man speaks astutely articulate and eloquently for himself at:

2. The anti-abortion action groups and or those against aborting babies before and after infant births!! Stand sttrongly opposed to the satanic inhumane Planned Parenthood mass murderers of pregnant females fetuses, little living small human being bodies. Reference: PRO-LIFE AMERICA.COM & ANTI-ABORTION ORGANIZATIONS AND WEB LINKS Organizations.cfm 3.

All legitimate Africans in America “Black Power”; non-religious rebelling Revolutionary Militant organizations, belonging to no political party whatsoever! Establishing our militias and combat ready ranks of trained mature men, Hip Hop Gangster Rappers, youthful males specifically. Females are to perform administrative works strictly so; removed from harm’s way; etc. America At Guerrilla War:

4. Our lines of OPERATIONS COMMUNICATIONS COMMAND: are the so self named: Black Liberation Radio, Black Digital Media-Networks, unifying themselves in complete compassionate composure, calmly coming together in Love Life Light Locks, Peace & Harmony. 5. US Military Veterans, who are against the State & Federal Governments warfare against its own American citizens; inclusively, outsourcing jobs, massive layoffs, economic attacks causing high rates of unemployment, professional careers pay check sums degraded. Lower wage earners and low income salaries intentionally and deliberately generated to make more money for the already existing filthy rich and wickedly wealthy ultra ruling elitist secret societies.

Allegedly creating more jobs in the private sectors, butt, they are mostly minimum wage jobs, and superficial increases of employment. Another one of their political maneuvers to deceive and to distract protestors and to curb civil unrest!! 6. All organized Labor Unions, joined together as a battalion of brave and bold business minded entrepreneurs, working class citizens of the American citizenry. Definitely discontent with City Hall, The Mayors Offices-City Councils locally and nationally as a collective corporation of criminals in political power positions. Although, incompetent, inept and refuse to address complaints and grievances filed in good faith for them to enforce certain community safeguards, etc.

NO ACCOUNTABLITY: Thus repeatedly neglecting and failing to do their assigned tasks or appointed jobs, and fiduciary duties as public servants under oath. Yet sit up on their sorry big butts drawing a handsome paycheck or salary. Welcomed aboard CKNWCA, are all those who are sick, tired and fed up with being raped and robbed of their humane rights to work and civilly earn a decent living for their health, safety-social security and well-being. The fundamental basic elements of a general overall lifestyle.

THE GREAT WHITE HOPES-ABOLITIONIST MINDED MEN & WOMEN, none-racist good-decent Euro-Caucasians-Anglo-Americans. Those who are bravely and boldly fighting back against humanity’s insanity, clinical slavery, medical mass murders and African genocide. They are often called “Dissidents” wrongly labeled “Denialists”, although in truth they are the most sane and humane groups of living white skinned appearing citizens on planet earth!!! They are educated scientists, biologists-geneticists, mathematicians, physicians – doctors, nurses, and many other kinds of professional persons. All against the “AIDS HOAX”; falsified-flawed theories concerning “HIV” and or alleged “HIV/AIDS” which is proved to be a myth. Mr. David Crowe of Canada, Dr. Peter Duesburg leading the challenges courageously, among many more gallant individuals listed herein my blog posts:

VICTORIOUSLY: Vehemently and strongly The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD strongly stresses with emphasis; this is absolutely not and never will be a radical religious restoration, revival meeting mindset to boost or boast for the recruitment of these specifically stated faiths: Christian = Christianity of Christendom, Islamic/Muslim, Jewish/Judaism, Hindu-Buddhist, Mason nor Mormon movement!!!

COME CLEAN CULTURED: Those who willfully “DIVEST” themselves of all racist religions; even if it is temporary or permanently, are ‘most assuredly’ warmly welcomed to participate as animation17-luminou.gifmembers of our national and international family community. And as beloved brothers and sisters of kindred Spiritual Solar Sexus Souls. RAW + “LIVE” gracious greenery gifts, focusssed cause of action across our USA PROMISED LAND & VegePlanTerRain!!! Blog:  


LADIES & GENTLEMEN: Duly take special notes: Everybody is to be very sensitive toward each other’s dietary dinner menu choices, respecting always ‘n lovin’ faith other family member’s decisions to eat and enjoy whatsoever, kinds of food stuffs that they want or wish or desire to feast on. No one else is to attempt to be their judges and juries and dictators!

Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize image  

SERPENT SNAKES SELF -HATRED: And this means no negative name calling, divisive denigrating comments, making slick sarcastic remarks, dead humor yet sneaky-snakish-slanderous insults against those who like or love to eat so called: “red meat”; “pork chops sandwich eaters”; BBQ ribs-sauce, “pickled pigs feet”; allegedly “fried pigs feet sandwiches”; swine-hog maws, ham hocks, chitterlings- chitlins, sea food fried fish, chicken-poultry, collard-mustard-turnip greens cooked-boiled, potato salad, baked sweet potato pie bashers and haters!! And this long list of silly-childish-immature, verbal assaults are to be compelled to StopPointBlankPeriod.

SELF-CONTROL & EGO DISCIPLINED: Moreover, all those who can’t seem to keep their big motor mouths shut and or refuse to “bridle their tongs”; and insist on trying to put other brothers and sisters down due to their own idiosyncrasies and dietary anima-underwater.gifdogmas, are out. And no doubt not at all welcomed nor are any of them invited to join Our SOLAR SEXUS SOULFOOD = SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT!!!

On The GREEN Grassroots Ground Rules & Regulations & Restrictions; Furthermore, nobody has any righteousness to determine what Mother Nature’s Laws are meant to be when it comes to gender and sex and sexual preferences. SHE is… the designer originator and sovereign Lead Lady.

No material matter what those who oppose others unlike themselves might think or religiously believe. Because we are all supposed to be living bodily organisms of the human being “RACE”. AIM AT THE PHONY OFFICIALS ONLY: Calling the Wrong Individual Person a “Fagot” or “Punk” can easily get you stabbed or shot to death! “What’s up my Niga” don’t hurt so much, it’s cool, and all F…ing ”hoes and bitches” bloody bastards, wicked witches, and N..words, whip “Crackers”and “Honkies”; are up on Washington’s Capitol Hill & Presidential Oval Office and Govrnment Bodies, and not out on the inner city urban street conrners; expressly on ground grassroots zero level. “What’s up dogs?”

Albeit, take special notes dutifully: That before any of us can effectively and successfully correct the govenmental leaderships, top to bottom; we have to come clean our own selves,  first and foremost. And as  or when society’s citizenry accomplish that feat and overcome ths presented challenge; most of the difficult problems with our corrupted officials shall cease to exist in reality.  Meaning that de-sensitized, de-humanized, de-spiritualized people as an aggregate nation of civilians, are the major-mainstream obsticales of obstructing Justice,  Judgment,  Love Peace & Harmony.


STAY AT ALL TIMES COALESCED-CALMLY COMPOSED + COMPASSIONATELY CARING For and about one another as a Prerequisite Order of today’s COMMAND!!!

Likewise no one is to try and prejudice another person’s mind with their personal misunderstanding or lack thereof ‘inner-standing and over standing’ that in which is surely outstanding. “gay or straight or lesbian”!?. Very difficult to truly comprehend and honestly and fairly and justly apprehend by the common senses or intellect. So I pray tell y’all, come all that may, come as you are, none- racist-sexist-egoist-fascist-supremacist… to them totally bad luck, misfortune and good riddance… so be it!

An Old-School SENIOR REVOLUTIONARY BLACK LEADER maturely decries: “I look at the issues…criminal country that we are… personally I love America.” says Dear John; however, butt bashers and truth haters asked him: “If you hate America so much why don’t you leave?” Insincere idiots asked the Old-Timer these ignorant questions, those who supposed to be loving sisters and brothers. However “you need to flip the switch and look at it another way… I speak out and tell it like it is… first of all I love America…, however, I do hate the 545 criminal bastards in Washington D.C., that’s running America” Dear Mr. John Black vehemently proclaims on his digital talk show radio program, 3-23-2011. Long-standing resident born in Selma Alabama. “And I’ll go to my grave saying that America is ran by 545 common criminals… and put me on trial and I can prove it!”

“BLACK LIBERATION” means to self-loving Africans in America, is the total freedom from White Dominance & Mind Controls!! And the AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, fully comprehend this process-positive progressive concept of the truest liberty and HueMain Right. Thus, as I continue to hear and read, how that most Blacks who are revolutionaries, militants and liberators and warriors of sorts; don’t want to have anything more to do with the so called Caucasoid Caucasian criminals who appear to be white “pale faces“ and pearly pink pigmented people. Yes, understandably so! They are proved, overall and in general trying to kill We’s & Us’s; while they make millions of money dollars to carry out and implement their evil conspiracies to maim-mass murder non-whites and AmeriAfrindians or African American Blacks!!!

Nevertheless, we only need a Rare-Rich-Royal few good men and women who already KNOW, that the common citizenry of sanity of humanity, as a mandatory must unify our individual efforts. This is a has to do! Not necessarily a wish-want or desire to do. Because our wisdom and matured minds, and cleansed cultured consciousness tell us to combine these collective good faith percentages as 10% black + 10% brown + 10% red + 10% tan + 10% white + 10% pink pigmented people of the aggregate population.  Comprising Mother Earth Nature’s Orchestration & Her Dynamic Equalized Bio-Balance!!

In fact, some time ago a White guy E-mailed me saying that he: “I’m one of the good whites”.  And went on to say “Right on brother… halaleujah” In response to listening to my original theme song MP3: HIV vs AIDS:

He’s a popular book writer and noted author, etc. However, most interesting is that this Euro-American male made a conscious decision, using his Bright Brilliant Brain, to be what I name as a Decent Good Great White Hope Abolitionist Minded Man!!!  He actualized himself to be inside of that saved-redeemed-delivered ten percent to twelve percent perfected number. And no one can stop him butt himself! How about you?

Y’ALL KNOW: that Heavenly Father SUNGOD + LOVEanimation8-colorking-rotate.gif GODDESS Mother Earth Nature; are the compatible companion pair, who or that are impacting GlobalWorldNations cataclysmic currency climatic changes. Consequently causing compelling circumstances, consciously CONTROLLING OVERPOPULATION over-growth of planetary People!!!!


YES Internalized Incompatibilities = conflicting currencies: I know for certain by now that there are those individuals who wrongly think that they can unite these traditional, conventional religious politicized groups and organizations together. Butt, they refuse to learn from our history’s recent past, in the last 30 or 40 years. And are prone to repeat-again the very same mistakes that those before now, made during those times of challenging Trials & Tribulations. MP3 MySpace musical site:

For prime time examples of overpopulating the calling cause: I hear and see somebody always talking about bringing the Christians & Islamic Black Muslims and or “Black Hebrew Jews” into the equation of unity. However, that has been tried redundantly over again, proving to be a fatally failed fault, to set blame and culpable mental guilt!!!

Because, it has never worked well , nor has any potential possibility of working well with each other. And this truth can only be comprehended and apprehended from abysmally deep down within the ConScience mind instead of the so called conscious or subconscious mind. In fact I’m talking about our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!

Although, perhaps good intentioned members who wish to be bold-brave warriors, unfortunately don’t seem to understand these conflicting intrinsic factors required to be a true leader. The Roman Catholic Church Popes-Priests-Bishops, made Devil Damnation sure that their creations can cause chaos, confusion and uncivilized combustion. So realize this truth. Consequently, this calls for a counter CREATIVE EVOLUNTION, where about a 10% to 12% Rare-Rich-Royal few, are to artfully apply their/our Sixth Sense = Spiritual Solar Sexus Souls, faculty of Composed Constructive Co-Creator Imagination. Formulating a Dynamic Equilibrium Biological Balance!!

STRICTLY & SPECIFICALLY: Those who are inborn at birth by bio-genetic conception, via the patterned pathways of Messenger RNA & Mitochondria DNA CODES. Even Extraordinary Double DNA Coded naturally gifted and talented prodigies who can envision things far beyond the immediate physical material matter that any one can obviously see and or feel through the 5 common senses.

Butt, those of us Sublimely Inspirited are anointed, appointed, calledanima-psoter-colork.gif and chosen for our commission causes; non-religious artistic Spiritious ministries. Thus automatically in tune and in touch through instinctive intuitions of the Spiritual Realms. Enabled as Sons of SUNGOD, to be inseparably connected in communications operations with our Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR!!!

Further still, this solves the problem as a qualifying solution to those who want to be somebody. And habitually jumping up in the front lines attempting to lead by their colorblind beliefs based on White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Which constitutes collectively each and every single one of these man made, media manufactured religions revealed. They are absolutely not of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature, and are foreign mutations of alien beings born into human flesh and blood, bone and marrow. And the pearly pink pigmented “pale face” people are so susceptible to influences of these negative energy entities, often called demons and devils!!

amocp;lorking-fadegray.gifGODSUN is the ONE and only SAVIOR: And the haters are recognized as so called Caucasian Caucasoid creatures of evolutionary due processes via Asian Mongoloid members = CaucAsians. They came about as a vicious virus and infectious disease scientifically name Leprosy; sometimes coupled with Albinism of Albinos. Inclusively a skin disease Melanoma as a defective-dysfunctional, partially frozen or nearly calcified PINEAL GLAND which produces our naturalized MELANIN; that in turn generates our SPIRITUALITY!

So then it is no strange wonder why they; about 88% to 90%, leech back onto the African-Africoid-Negroid, sucking the living blood out of them = We’s & Us’s. Also as attacking and attaching poisonous political parasites, viciously violent vampire bat characteristics, constantly taking and refusing to give back equably in fair returns or sensibly sharing. Thus as real racists, raping and robbing, plundering and pillaging Africa’s continental native-natural resources, while draining the indigenous inhabitants bone dry. Forcing massive populations of people of shaded-deep dark toned-tanned Huemain beings destitute, hungry, impoverished, in poor health and suffering from hap hazardous malnutrition culminating into circumstantial, genocidal starvations!!! Setting aside any malicious intent!

YES, I’m telling y’all these things because they are  happening and shall surely come to pass. Regardless of how determined any coaliton political party is or how much they want to unite huge numbers of people; because prerequisite is OUR SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT; For self-empowering emprovement. Just simply listen closely to my musical metaphysics, they are imperfectly-perfectly prepared powerful for this ocassion, specialized song selection sound tracks MP3; +

    Direct Link:


Compelling Circumstances Causing Cataclysmic Currency Climatic Changes!!! And citizens coming cultured clean–culinary cured; is also a substantive due process. Thus of elimination, cessation, termination, even extinction of a life form this has become too toxic, including, contaminated citizens of societies, nationally and internationally worldwide.

Moreover, we have all made our own choices and choose to select the decisions that we think that are beneficially best. Butt, there are actual damages caused by our wrongful thoughts that were decided upon. And these or those destructive damages are automatically assessed against all of those irresponsible citizens of societies.

Furthermore, the high costs are always being added up, counted in numbers and by multiple calculations. This function is happening regardless of whether or not one’s mind is consciously aware of these processes. No material matter if they think that their choices were good, wholesome, and of fairness and of justice. Because totally told truths, solemnly and silently resides within–inside of actualized realities. It conforms to or with what really is in existences; as opposed to what one thinks, wants, wishes, believes and hopes for.

For Buttressing examples: If and when a person exercises their voting rights, they are in part responsible for what their vote cast counts adds up to be. Meaning that whosoever, they helped in election campaigns, then, the voters are aiding and abetting the criminal activities in which these historical and notoriously known politicians do wickedly wrong. As the public servants, decides once in office-officially, it’s free reign upon people as political predators. Thus under the existing compelling circumstances, while being repeatedly admonished-cautioned-warned of these crooks and capitalist criminals, yet, citizens continue trusting them, so be it. Butt too bad and unfortunate they are for choosing to be blatantly naïve and foolishly gullible; insistently.

Consequently must be made to pay dearly for all destructive damages, in these worldly warfare gambling games = warmongering and hatemongering military murders manufactured by the major-mainstream media. In fact, a negative no vote shall be more meaningful and forceful and powerful right now today!

Therefore, this is exactly why our leaderships, that are gallantly growing, starting from on the graceful; grassroots ground levels, sprouting upwards from latent or dormant seeds into green germination, are to be healed-cured-cleansed. Righteously at the onset of their coming into being better beneficially blessed. Or creative conception. Carrying great gifts of trustworthy talents of potent possibilities! Those that can come about only through this process of decontamination, detoxification, and purposeful purification!!!

Or else, all that can and will and shall occur, is only the shifting around people, thus replacing them with others, who are still underhanded, dirty low down crooks of criminal corruption!

Perhaps not until they, the citizens, are told and taught about what they have done wrongly, they might never truly know that their decisions has in the past and are presently causing critical damages. To themselves, the living environments and to others!!

Therefore Me-Myself & I AM, also, a prophet messenger ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian. Here to inform all of these people who are ready-willing-able and prepared to listen up closely. Pay strict attention to what I’m talking about. One has to read and hear these wise words of wealthy wisdom. In order for them to be enabled, to not simply just understand butt, completely comprehend these stated causes and apprehend them all consummately!!!

All of the intricate wiring systems of my methodic mechanisms are hooked up to our Spirit Source Science System, and correctly anim-staineglass.gifconnected. Along the Love Life Light Locks; leading lines of Mother Earth Nature’s naturalized Laws + Universal Laws + Spiritual Laws!!!

Certainly this requires an operations communications that are fine tuned in sensitivities, of careful compassionate concerns. Artfully performing a type of surgery on areas of vital interests that are also sensitized and delicate.


Authentic Artistic Aesthetics: Meaning that every person, individual who we welcome and invite to join us, participate in our SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT; has to be quantitatively qualified. Bona fide lovers of beauteous plants, and their healthy life, lovely looking fragrant flowers.

Males & Females, Men & Women, Girls & Boys, She & He, Her & Him = FEMININITY + MASCULINITY. And absolutely not macho males egoist arrogant ambitious actors. They are kept out! And made to StopPointBlankPeriod.

The main problem with manhood, due to religious politics, is that most males don’t know what being a man really is?!. They often have the wrong ideas about themselves and what masculinity means. Totally taught inappropriately and always in doubt about such manly attributes. Which are hormonally composed of testosterone and estrogen, to name only two, famine and masculine!! View:

And when one overpowers and dominates the other one, in an oppressive-repressive-depressive manner, then we generate these mal-adjusted boys and girls, men and women who has an identity crisis. Because both expressions are to be liberated, set to full freedoms in proper biological balance dynamic development. And due to the reality of fact that we have both Mother & Father = parents. One way or the other!

More so our living environments, economies, standard of lifestyles are more than simply just messed all up and set to rottenness ruins; butt, have sustained irreparable damages. Due to the above stated overly aggressive-arrogant, racist-sexist-egoist-supremacist-fascist males. ani-colork-perch.gifSpecifically those who are not quantitatively qualified to leadership not a GOOD SUNGOD Devil Damned thing on this revolving planetary sphere earth!!!

Likewise, they are persisting to teach females how to act and become like them, through duping-bribing-brainwashing advanced understandings of psychology’s applications. After which indoctrination, the politicized females are hired to recruit other vulnerable females into the family fold of fame and fortune = high paying salary career jobs of capitalist-corporatist employment. = Citizens Containment Controls!

Consequently her womanhood has been bought out for a price; at the expensive cost to her healthy and Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship. Inclusively she sellout on FEMININITY’S SEXUALITY + SPIRITUALITY!! Ya Margaret Thatcher, Condoleezza Rice, Capital Hill Hillary Clinton, Albright, etc., etc., etc.

Instinctively, Intuitively and Spiritually: I know that this condition is prerequisite, to acquiring leadership qualifications. Dynamic Equalized Bio-Balance; is a mandatory must do. Because as humans learn and are taught to appreciate the vegetable plants of Mother Earth Nature, their beautiful blossoms and fresh fruit they bear thereof, the exposed individuals becomes reinstated sensitively. Thus prompted to take good care of them with kindhearted feelings and energized emotions of controlled compassion.

This loving kindheartedness is to be internalized, as SOLAR SEXUS anim-paralyzecolorking.gifSOULFOOD. An inside job carried on by these automatic processes of producing the proper cause and physical effects + psychological affects. Which manifest themselves as wholesome attributes of aesthetic appreciation in the artwork rendered righteously. And are actualized and self-realized environmental assets. A contribution to the cleanliness of our current culture, including culinary cooking, dinner dishes, and food meals menus, musical metaphysical mediums , etc.

As a Necessitated Need: When We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Population Protests; strive to unite or unify our efforts to overcome or overpower our enemy energy entities, antagonist Arch Angel Adversaries; might our bright brilliant brains KNOW precisely what we are intentionally trying to do, achieve and successfully accomplish?!.

HIS & HER VegePlanTerRain:  earthly garden crops:Likewise by the same spoken token; males like unto my own self, who do indeed in fact love to grow plants, take good care of them, are more apt to also appreciate the aesthetic attributes of fine fit feminine females too!! And this is an A+ asset, in that we plainly know how to treat our women folk, sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends, who are lovable ladies of sexual maturity. This qualifying attribute branches outwards, extending its loving limbs to our young impressible offspring, little kids, small children; girls and boys. Ending up being a calmly composed, caring, compassionate, coalesced conglomerated FAMILY! Our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions = ColorComplexTrix!!!

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