COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts Computerized Cosmic CyberSpaceAge Capital Cash Currency = AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Africa’s Ascendant Ancestry Anointed Artistry = Dollars-Cash-Cents-Loot-Booty-Bounty-Merchant Mercy Money Making Methods, Mechanisms Manufacturing Materials x My Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Models + Financial Fortune Fortress, Fashions + EcoEnergyst Efficiency. Textile Prints-Artworks – Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs = Resources Rich-Rare-Royalty Running Racerists 100%+ RACE for the native-natural minerals, gold, silver, platinum, iron ores-oils, precious stones of Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!+

COLORKINGDOM NWCA’S Capital Cash Currencies = Clean Cultured Causes + Collective CyberSpaceAge Compuritzed Cosmic Consensus Community Communions. 

Meaning making merchant mercy money; by methods of creating-composing-producing-publishing animation8-colorking-rotate.gifand promoting artwork; that is strictly-specifically original, unique, creative, rich-royal-rarities. Talented techniques and authentic artistic applications by way of our 21 century CyberSpaceAge advancing computer technologies. Thus, are delightfully defined, definite Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs

YES: It is imperative and of paramount importance that AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, inform y’all fine fit feminine females, Pearly Pink Pretty Patten Princesses, Lovely Looking Love Life Light Lilly White Women, along with our Authentic Authorized African Love Goddesses & Queens of Color.

Indubitably, revealed in actuality, Real-Live-Vision, how and why females have been subjected victims of male dominance, expressly in particular, Eurocentric Anglo-American Caucasoid Caucasian males. Called “White Men” yet are sexually immature childish little boys!!! Or else, simply and plainly “Johnny Come Lately” lost-losers?!.

Furthermore, in this artistic rendition, they are openly exposed for who and what they truly are, in the overwhelming number of cases, living here on the surface of planetary sphere Mother Nature Earth.

Albeit, for the exclusion of our USA PROMISED LAND’S RICH+RARE+ROYAL, good decent bio-genes of wholesome seed roots; Caucasoid Caucasian males beneficially blessed, redeemed, spared and saved. Exquisitely by an ancestral inheritance of honesty, truth, justice by the free gift of glorious grace. They are very few; as compared to the overall-general-aggregate population and are rarities and extraordinary exceptions to DIVINITY’S RULE!

Moreover, this psychotic Patriarchal hatemonger, warmonger bad seed genotype trait sex-gender “White” appearing male, is a vicious, “Savage Beast””Barbarian”. According to historical reports revealed by decent good bio-genetic traits of warm-wholehearted WHITE MEN. Who are my Truest Kindred Spiritual Brothers!!!

And has used, employed-exploited expediently, his manufactured false Christian religion, all fraudulent versions, to oppress-repress-depress his female sex-gender. Systematically to destroy all images of FEMININITY & HER MATRIACHAL SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM. Courageously read this posted True-Up Story Book Bible Blog:

CapitalColorists, CapitalColorism = My True-Up Version of anima-underwater.gifCapitalists & Capitalism!! Defined to mean merchants who make money profit gains by positive photosynthesis propaganda promotions and productions of the prismatic spectral hues of the Electromagnetic Field of Color Currencies. Inclusively, incorporating clinical color cures as mental-spiritual-visual therapies, aiding and helping heal health lackluster sickness syndromes. Such as boredom leading to depression!

CONFIDENTLY: I AM Authentic ArtistCHD, who is now today,pyramid.gif restoring the active forces and potent pictureque powers of a sacred secret Spirit Source Science System. Indubitably, reconnecting our Ancient Ancestral African Artistic Authorities to this present time period of our 21st century CyberSpaceAge New World Millennium. Please join my Pretty Pattern Princesses!!!

Moreover, the compound word adds monetary values, financial fitness, and economic energy entities, in an artistically skillful manner and by applying specialized coloration techniques as authentic designee originals. Yes good vs. evil, it’s very healthy and wealthy to have plenty of Capital bounty, booty, loot, cash dollars and cents. And by us having ample supplies of these currencies, we relearn the wholesome truth that, Lusty Loot Loving of Money is the sacred-secret-seed sources, realized roots to all self-sufficiency, homeland societal security, safety and financial-fair shares of economic growth-development and prosperity. There is absolutely no nasty nose negative meanings attached to this New World Wording.

Actually, WE’s & US’s were cut off from these ancient African spiritual forces of potent powers. Mostly due to selling out, betrayzydras.gifal of one another’s trust, two faced back-stabbing gossip, extortion and profiteering. Declining or refusing to give honest support to our natural born creative artists of originality. 

KEY QUESTIONS: What happened to the civilized countries, grand African ancient civilizations, and why? Is correctly answered herein. In major part, due to selfishness, unrighteousness, never wanting to freely share glorious gifts of grace of Her Holistic Humankind Race.

Compounded by Envy & Jealousy; which abounded as I do indeed envision and intuitively-instinctively sense. As it is so seriously self-evident at this very moment,  un-righteously today; accepting the invasive-intruders, occupiers, and their monetary bribing-duping-brainwashing. Tactics of torment and techniques of torture!!  Volunteering as soldiers of fame and fortune; joyfully joining his killer military might meaness and media madness. Contamination by accepting their Mental Virons or “Mind Viruses” of physical and psychological warfare; leading to crime and violence and self-destructive behaviors. Culminating into SELF-HATRED!!!!

Becoming just like the [bad-bio-genotype seed], warmonger Eurocentric psychopaths and sociopaths. Forsaking the peaceful good bio-genotype decent Whites, and embracing those hatemonger mentalities. Expressly of the wicked-white appearing skinned-pink pigmented people as “Johnny Come Lately” European Caucasoid Caucaisans and or Caucas Mountaineer Cauc-Asians.

A DIVINE PENALTY: Was and is assessed, thus, set for a specific time period as our people of darker melanin cultural color currency complexion, repent, have a positive change from self-hate To Love Thy Self kindheartedness, true sisterly and brotherly LOVE LIFE LIGHT.

REINSTATEMENT: Is only possible by not necessarily, believing in religious dogmas, Butt, for sure going back in the brain’s rational-reasoning thinking mind to our authorized SPIRITUAL REALMS as opposed to religious racism and sexism.  Taught by an adversarial Western Europeans, and their unholy and ungodly version of false Christianity or CHRISTENDOM!!

Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Natures’ Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship is coming back, yet is always here within those of us who KNOW.

MYSTICAL MAGICAL MIRACLES: The ones that original Humankind employed to build great and grand standing monuments, statues, pyramids-mounds. Inclusively, architectural buildings that are still erected today; as solid ironclad proof of said powers applied. And fortunately CKNWCA, and Son of SUNGOD, RESTORES & UNIFIES our ancestral Eco-Electron Energy Entity Emotions: LOVESEXROMANCE!!!


 THE COLORATION vs The Corporation + THE COLORATE vs The Corporate!!          

 Yes, this is Divine Will’s protected pathway for Pretty Pattern Princesses & Love Life Light Lilly Ladies to safely and securely cross over on. Making their independent transitions, self-sufficient transfiguration and personalized transformation from having to work like sex-slaves for the crazed corporate criminals of capitalist corruption.

 BUTT: Interestingly enough, I’ve often heard females talk about their declining incomes. Dave Ramsey’s Talk Radio Show to be specific, crying and complaining about being in deep debt financially and or completely career-less. Bankruptcies are frequently reported over the airways, begging for him to help her/them out of monetary poverty and being poor.

And his best advice, first of all is getting on a “beans and rice” diet taking the cheapest way out for survival. Thus coming down off of their high horses, upscale prestigious mindset, and accept that their 6 figure income no longer exists. Meaning that they can’t afford the fancy lifestyles of excess spending and sumptuous buying of goods-items-commodities. Including unable to afford to pay for expensive fine automobiles, and must get back into buying themselves an old-dusty-faded out Hoopty. A 100-500 dollar used car, etc.

OK Y’all, listen up and pay close attention: the overall economy shall not get any better, butt in fact, much worse off. It’s the nature of the Sinister Sick Serpent Beast Barbarian belief systems. Their time of grace has entirely ended, and death is a surety!

Millions are falling financially to fatal ruins, and duly noted as prophesied and predicted and decreed long ago. And now today we are seeing those manifestations come into being and also come to pass. The MASTER’S Mind Mental Models have climatically changed and rearranged. Therefore, women with many years of career on the job experience can be easily perceived as being “over qualified” and others graduating from college with new degrees, are seen as being far too inexperienced and less qualified. Deserving only of the lowest pay check or paid salary.

Furthermore, many of the corporations are intentionally closing up and or down sizing, going off-shore to foreign lands, to invest in cheaper labor, no required insurance premiums, and small cost of living, production and distribution of goods-commodities, etc. And this purposely leaves a huge hole in the Western-European-American societies and social security system.

Insecurity is deliberately concocted, due to the advantage of generating more profit capital gains, at the expense and health of under-developed countries. And this trend is not going to stop any time soon, and that’s just the way it is, So be it!

animation2.gifAlbeit, this is a wholesome opportunity to start from scratch, begin building your personal wealth and health, through COLOR KINGDOM NWCA. It’s our lifeline, savior and redeemer. And if you got laid off, fired, terminated or simply excused, from your high end paying job, here’s your chance to come aboard, invest by all ways and means that you possibly can afford to.  Or plainly bail out while you still have some viable savings and money saved up in the bank. Strut out on your own!

Thus, do the things that I’ve suggested and directed, all interested-self-qualifying females. Take the self-initiative,  you patiently and thoroughly read each and every one of these posted True-Up Story Book Bible Blogs. They were all Sublimely Inspired through fine fit feminine females, Mother Earth Nature’s Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship. And instructed, led by guidance of the AmeriAfrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE.


BOOTY: That was stolen-taken from our Ancient Africa’s ancestral authorities, and of our originating Humankind Person Body Being, is now taken back. No questions asked! And the hatemonger-warmongers are facing economic dooms day gloom globally, as a direct and proximate results of their historical and present day theft. Looting, raping and robbing We’s & Us’s True-Up Authentic Artists, of our heritage, inheritance and valued artifacts.

And you are well informed to KNOW, that I personally have DECREED, death and destruction to all our arch enemy energy entities, of European false Christendom & faker Islam & Muslim Muhammedan & Arab empires built upon the backs, slave labor, intellectual intelligence, wisdom and knowledge of Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!

Yes BEWAR: because this spiritual summons mean, could or animation8-colorking-rotate.gifshould spell World War Three-Four?!. Surely The Son of SUNGOD, is conceptually born in the physical humane flesh and blood, bone and marrow, healthy-wealthy, well and alive righteously TODAY!

BUTT BOUNTY: In this specific SOLAR SEX-US SOUL’S mature meaning, appre-extending = compre-extending definition, I AM talking about how bountiful our AmeriAfrindian people of darker melanin skin coloration, and more toned-tanned-shaded pigmentation, has prospered in a number of ways. Even doing well in the face of hostile opposition, hateful forces of enemy energy emotions, that manifest themselves in many multiplex combinations of showings, happenings and occurrences. However, Infinite Intellectual Intelligence is not DECEIVED nor MOCKED!!

Nevertheless, our persevering people bounces back even more strong and determined, to regroup, get humanely righteous returning to our original Ancient Ancestral Authorities Afrindian minds or AfriNegrindian monetary mentalities. Money making that is merciful, merchandise made by our own selves, as creative craftsmen – craftswomen, artisans, and REAL-LIVE VISIONARY AUTHORIZED ARTISTS!!


Yes, our beauteous benefit blessings are blossoming bountifully before your very own two eyes, now today. No material matter whatsoever, happened in the remote distant past periods of time. Thus our glory is righteously restored to it’s intended state of being abundant in generosity, liberality, and plain-o-simply producing plentiful PROSPERITY.

Surely COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, opens the closed doors freely; Butt, y’all shall suffice it to say, have to take the self-initiative, thus come cleanly cultured inside. And this certainly do mean, those redeemed, saved Solar Sexus Souls, who have relearned how ani-stetch-colork.gifparamount important it is to earn our monetary values, by all Honest, Truthful, Righteous, ways-methods-means.

While at the same sound rational reasoning time, reversing the habitual pattens of our overwhelming drug misuse, alcoholism, madness medications that are more harmful than the alleged sickness, virus and or disease infections. Thus disarm our adveraries monetary support systems; by not buying into their insanity of humanity!!  Yes this healthy wealthy policy practice is what I have named: COLORKINGDOMISM instead of Capitalism-Socialism-Communsim!!!

CapitalColorists of CapitalColorism are to Stop-Point-Blank-Period, producing more criminal corporate corruption of the notoriously known name of being “Capitalists” of Capitalism. Making meaningful transitions-transfiguration – transformations from financial failures; into victories. Also, in the common senses of total truth telling, until it makes people get well, healed-cured, instead of getting serious sick.

Failing Health: Due to the hidden sinister syndromes of satanic insanity of humanity. Internalized guilt that poisons peoples deeper-inner Conscience or CON-SCIENCE.

Consequently, a poisoned physiological and psychological environmental condition causes clinical ailments, menacing medical madness mindsets, unhappy-discontented and depressed overall society. Seeing how that most citizens are partakers, knowingly or unknowingly, wicked and evil conspirators, who only care about themselves, their jobs, careers, salaries and paychecks. Thus habitually feed on the toxic chemical concoctions of radicalized religious political poisons. And as an unwholesome nation-country and or international community; no longer are enabled to appreciate the more healthful things in humankind lifestyles. Enjoyment’s pleasure, has been degraded, robbed and raped of Her natural qualities and artful attributes. Food & Water never seems to taste right!

SPIRITUALIZED SICKNESS-SADNESS SYNDROMES: Today, now society’s citizens are caught locked inside homeland secured Skinner’s box, trapped in a maze, not knowing which way or path to take to escape, get free at last, be at civil liberty. A dog-eat-dog road-rage river rat race. Always in a rushing hurry; Butt, actually going viciously around in clinical cycles; going absolutely no where, wealthy and healthy. So the next series of steps are poisonous prescription pills pushed by physician pill pushing pimps. Illicit drugs of sorts, alcoholic drinking binges, chain-smoking tobacco and marijuana cigarettes to a cancerous ending, and expedited death sentence. BAD & GOOD RIDDANCE!!


VISION & FOCUS: Seeing no enlightenment at the beginning or end of the tunnel. Yet having a back pocket filled with money, credit cards, bank roll of cash currency; Butt still severely unhappy. And this is due to the overall-in general sick sinister serpent system of things, that has built its very existence, wrongly called prosperity, off of hate-mongering and warmongering foreign interventions-invasions-occupations in military armament styles. Taking and stealing, enslaving and imposing its wicked will upon other human beings of Her Happy Healthy Holistic Humanity!!!

SPIRITUALLY POOR-IMPOVERISHED & BANKRUPT MENTALLY: Even if or when some of us have the material goods, superficial monetary earnings, financial incomes of a great deal of loot, cash, bounty, bucks, so forth and so on. They are more sick, in many cases, and have no restful-peaceful-relaxing vacations from financial failures. The type that I’m referring to are disappointments in the self, always feeling down-syndrome about the economy, governments, police departments of corruptions and criminal cops.

Moreover, this is being poor, it constitutes poverty, and everybody caught in its wake or surreptitious midst, are suffering from their financial losses, resulting from being depleted, drained or their zydras.gifinnate-natural resource energies, by the thieves and raper rappers and robbers.

Yes, they had to be seriously sick in their heads in the first place concerning race. Secondly, they must had been extremely poor minded and in spirit. And for their survival felt or feel the necessitated need, to lie and steal, take and claim that in which don’t truthfully belong to them, as their very own. And whosoever, the persons, individuals are, and as collective racial-ethnic-cultural classes of citizens, they are forevermore Divinely Judged & Cursed!!

DIVINELY BLESSED BENEFICIALLY: Are those of us who willingly give just credit where it is rightly due. Thus pay people fairly for artwork rendered and work done, according to our agreements and contracts. Do righteously by our business associates, customers, clients, and supporters all alike. Give and sell ani-colork-perch.gifand offer everybody the best that we possible can, and of the highest quality of ASSETS + ASSES + BUTTRESSED BUTTOCKS of Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes Bio-Balance!!

CAPITALCOLORCURRENCY: Means money green too!! The kindhearted types that are clearly cultured crystal clean currencies of Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts:
Not to ever be confused with negative capitalist money green gluttonous greed, butt, directly linking and inseparably related to CapitalColorists who have relearned how to wheel and deal decisively delightful. Offering others equable profit shares, gainful investment dividends, and merchant money made in a Dynamic Equilibrium Bio-Bucks-Balance = $$$ 100%+ SOLAR SEXUS SOUL SAVING$.
AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, does not denounce nor condemn the criminal capitalist corporate corruptors; Butt, simply slips the punches, poor political policy practices, that are detrimental to long-lasting happiness, cheer and joy.  Thus deliberate deception deminishes the participating people’s pleasure of living, and depreciates the quality and quantity of Love Life Light!!!
Therefore, what we are dong is enhancing, updating, upgrading and uplifting the causes of creating currencies, which are sincerely trustworthy: Economic Ego Electron Energy Entity Emotions; expressly, Love-Sex-Romance!!!!
DECREED DOWN & OUT: Are our oppressive opponents!! Likewise none of our artful-attributes, are named with being Capitalists of Capitalism in the least. Our New World Organized Order Operations Communications, constitutes strictly, solemly, and soulfully, CapitalColorists of CapitalColorism of CapitalColoration of COLORKINGDOMISM!! Unified, inseparably connected compound linking words. The main point of income interest$ First Finance Freedom$$$
Yes, for certain this substantive due process of Natural Law, is so sensitively sound, delicately developed and intricately incorporated into the very fabric of my Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs.
A well thoughtout pathway, bridge to cross over on safely and securely. No abrubt changes that might upset the existing mal-formed foundation of the sick sinister serpent system. As it falls fatally on its own accords and or discords! Severe lackluster of Love-Peace-Harmony!!!
 Graciously with gratitute, this artistic approach to positive productive progressing prosperity, is also CapitalColorCurrency clinical therapies, having medicinal methods included within the artwork’s symphonic and synthesized orchestrations. Commonly called “Color Therapy”.
BUTT YES: Y’all are presently being beneficially blessed by these impressive REVELATIONS. Moreover, its is in fact my True-Up Iniversal-RealiVision Replacement Therapy. Removing the MENTAL VIRONS or “Mental Viruses”; caused by rigid radical religions, thus sensitively replacing them with wealthy heart health. And don’t waste valued time condemning, complaining, crying about what might have been, what should have happened, or what could of occured, only if, this-that or the other thing wouldn’t have caused FAILURE!  
PITIFUL EXCUSES & SORRY ASS ALIBIS BE GONE: Because The Original Creative ArtistCHD, has created realities. And our new world wisdom is being born well and alive, having potent possibilities galore, for self-sufficient industries. Yes, authentic artwork!
“Chronic Depressive Reacttion” causes suicides, homocides, in young and older people. Especially those who are blatantly bullied, put down, called degrading names, like “hoez”; “fagots”; “homos”, “gay”, “lesbian”; “punks”, “cock suckers”: “dick suckers”; “ass kissers”; “sluts”; “bitches”; on and on with the self-righteous religiosity. Which wrongful eductational processes starts at home; then taken into the schools, with so called good students. Kids with prestigious parents who are Christians, allegedly worshiping “Jesus” CHRIST and GOD.
“The Verdict Is In” Master Melanin Messiah Dr. Ray Haggins:
However, they are only hypocritical bigots, bias and preduced haters. Thus, this man person being who they claim is Lord & Savior, never truly existed. The Roman Catholic Church-Popes & Pedophile-Priests, and collection of Bishops, manufactured this fraud and mythical man; in approx. 325 A.D. under Emperior Constantine’s Rule, etc. And that’s exactly what it is correctly called False Religions & Poisonous Polictics!!
You research and read: How these racist liars made themselves into our God Lord Almighty & Savior.  And this report reveals how “Serapis, Ptolemy 1st” White Male imposed Pharaoh of Africa’s Egypt is the Caucasian Caucasoid European portrait image of who they later, in about 325 A.D. frualulently named “Jesus” Christ or Christus. Study the full proved history and listen up to the words of wisdom of a wise Black Liberated Man: The 1st Council of Nicea 325 A.D.,  – Dr. Ray Hagins
CK-NWCA THE COMFORTER: Has arrived here to change the clinical climatic circumstances and crazy conditions of colorless-constant bordom. Which is a silent spiritual sickness syndrome, worldwide, pervasively spreading across planetary sphere Mother Nature Earth.
First & Foremost: May We’s & Us’s neutralized these half-truth, partial truth telling religious or irreligious citizens, wheresoever, they might reside or live. After which normalizing the abnormal states, a reversal motion is applied, that automatically removes the existing programming of the inhumane mind’s brain. And I am emphasizing that real artwork, as prescribed herein, is a primary-principal-principle; realized remedy, clinical cure, medicinal method and problem solving solution. The correct answer of Genesis Genius: CapitalColorCurrency!!!
Unfortunately: Attempting To Flee With White Flight: Butt have not gotten too far from financial failures, and never shall succeed in Love Life Light of DIVINE WILL.  
Injured severely, is the American societal system. directly and indirectly resulting from the systemic-systematic sinister sciences. And the Devilish Racism against Humankind named “RACE”;  in The Mainstream News Media Corporate Capitalist Criminal Enterprises. They on the aggregate whole, has repeatedly befailed the American citizens. And of a Culpable Mental State: Are those self-centered employees, columnists, reporters, journalists; who persist to report bogus and negative statistical data, racially profiled, aimed at none-whites. And misdirected energies, valuable resources targeted toward peace loving humane beings. Thus generated false news reports,  as misinformation about so called “African Americans” suffering something or the other more so than all other racial groups. These negative energy enemy entities, are causing the United States of America, to be DIVINELY DENOUNCED & CONDEMED TO DEATH DAMNATION!!!
Truthfully & Exclusively: It is most certainly the BAD-BIO-GENOTYPE TRAIT; white males doing these evil-wicked acts and deeds. This habitual pattern is widespread and is extremely divisive, in a very harmful and hurtful way, disruptive to the unity of the United States of America!! Thus a divided nation shall sooner or later, yet now today falls back down to ground level zero; and in accordance with LOVE GODDESS MOTHER NATURE’S LAWS!!!!. 
While still in the surreptitious midst of, severely suffering HER unprecedented retaliatory weather patterns of massive destruction of the unwholesome economy and financial market shares, stocks and bonds. Capitalistic Catastrophe!!!
DIVINE WILL’S CURSES ARE UPON AMERICA: As a direct and proximate results of acquiring, hoarding, loads of loot, stolen booty, gold, diamonds, taken bounty and contaminated cash currencies.
MAINSTREAM MEDIA MADNESS: It is Anti-Humanity and is Inhumane Insanity. With no physical military weapons of warfare, and only mass media destruction of a mulitude of minds. Brain propaganda poisoing. And this is a sick satanic syndrome of White Supremacy Superiority Hatred; in and of itself. A devious vice in hopes of national and worldwide DOMINANCE!!!
A chronic cause of internal down fall of the United States of America, as it has been a very Racist & Demonic Democracy of Hypocrisy. And this is generating joblessness, unemployment among upper-middle class white Anglo-Americans, more so than anybody else. Fact of Reality, because they have the most to loose, as plain and simple as that. Not alleged “minorities” or “Blacks”!!! Period.
Therefore, I pray tell all Euro-Caucasians; in particular Lilly White females, to never again trust their patriarchal male oriented government sponsored corporate media. Don’t keep on being duped-bribed-brainwashed, nor distracted from their financial downfall from monetary markets of grace. Besides, other ethnic-cultural-racial groups have been living as they have always lived, at a grave disadvantage, in many cases, and doing well off in many others. And nothing has changed for the better or worse. We’s & Us’s have duly adjusted and adapted to having less; and even thriving by doing without!.
Butt, for prestigious lifestyles of White skinned and pink pigmented appearing people; the overall American economy is a dissaster and dire detriment. So refuse to be hood-winked, bamboozled, led far astray, blinded by Sexist & Racist Mainstay Media. And their negative programming and mind controls and attempts to dominate all thought processes, etc. Hires female so that they can act as though they were males
Thus systematically contrive to shift White America’s focus over to others of darker skin color, claiming they/we are doing much worse, Albeit, our strong minded people of natural melanin colorations are not only survivors; Butt VICTORS
THINK & BEWARE: By the very same honest token spoken, I AM telling y’all the total truth. Don’t automatically just believe these gross distortions, minority citizens this, Black Americans that, on your precious prosperity. Those owning and operating CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and most others are the Devil Lucifer’s mouthpiece . They’re the most Satanic fraud in fact liars. And because, BIG BROTHER US GOVERNMENT OWNS THEM ALL and or the  Elitist Illuminates!?.
CRUCIAL CRITICAL CAUSE OF ACTION: You as a Lilly White Woman and or Pretty Pearly Pink Pattern Princess, are openly being correctly informed. Watchout for these criminal Caucasian males who sense their fatal down fall from financial Supremacy, worldwide. He is coming home to his supposed to be loved families, wives and kids, shooting to death everybody in his sociopath-psychopathic path!!
‘POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME”: He has always been an undercover coward, hater of humanity, and hide his insanity very well. Deceptively even unto him self, behind automatic piloted drones, remote controlled airplanes flying overhead foreign lands of none-whites or naturally tanned melanin colored humans, thus criminally killing innocent women and their babies-infants-young age school kids. 
Butt in his psychopathic diseased-defective mind, he thinks that he is fighting for freedom, liberty, democrasy, truth and justice for all people. This blatant bastard-bitch is the one who is insanely “SICK”!!! Not necessarily  XXX-rated porno kings and sex queens;  mass media-militarily murdering nobody!!!
And while still in the surreptitious midst of sane White Males of honorable character. This Sexist & Racist jerk, is weak minded, he’s extremely dangerous, in a police uniform. military or in civilian clothing.  And a large number of Euro-American females, have foolishly chosen him,  to mate with, marry and have several children by. And they frequently inherit his innate medical condition and dysfunctioning defective bad seed bio-genotype traits. However, his only real salvation and redemption can come by ways or means of a REAL AUTHENTIC AUTHORIZED AFRICAN BLACK NEGROID FEMALE’S fine fit feminine flaming fire’s burning desire!!!
 Butt,  in my AmeriAfrindian artistic view; the fair complexion ‘pale faced’ white women, she learns far too late, that he’s a murderer, mad man, historic white male warmonger, and has been plotting and planning on coming home, from War zones, from being fired off the job,  released from jail or prison,  and murdering her,  their entire family members; who get caught in his Wicked Wake!!!
Moreover, the old-adage, well, we never thought that he had the propensity to do this-that or the other. We didn’t notice his genocidal, suicidal, homicidal tendencies. He was such a nice guy, got along good with other employees, was very courteous and helpful, a friendly normal looking guy who would play funny little games with the young kids, his and others…, etc., etc., etc. All Colorblind Bull Crap!!
The evidential proofs has always been there, co-workers, estranged wives and girlfriends were duly warned, in so many ways. He often made sarcastic remarks or made racial slurs against people of darker melanin skin coloration.  Cast jokes in subtle artless forms meant to be humorous, to his white female companions, yet she played dumb to his harmful and hateful words. As a writer, his articles seem to always include adverse information that militates against American Mexicans-Indians-Asians-Africans. Thus, it do not in the least matter whether or not the reports were true or false; because, he psychotically feeds on negative programming propaganda! And as female news reporters, media studio girls, wives included,  instead of separating herself from him, divorcing his dogged ass, changing jobs, disassociating her family from him, she thought that he was simply being cute.
Butt, decided to ignore all of his sinister serpent sickness syndromes. His columns are glibly interjecting his prejudice and bias beliefs about Africans in America, negative talk about all of our Mother Homeland Africa, yet those close around him, wrongly thought that he was smart, a justice loving person, however, it was only his under-cover methods of disguises.
Plus he’s often a serial killer married to a virtuous wife and upper middle class high society lifestyles. At other times he is lower class Caucasoid Caucasian males, wrongly thinking that he has some type of racial superiority, yet discovers he’s no match to real Black men,  FACE UP, at doing nothing worthwhile. He can’t compete, so this cowardice bastard joins the media, joins the police forces across our nation, even at low pay and giving him as false sense of power, that is of course, until one of these decent White Men of dignity, shoot him in the head on a humbug traffic stop.  Or coming out of his office, news studio, or grocery store.
Yes it make us very HAPPY TO SEE: organized riffle association groups of healthy brains, humanity loving Euro-American males, who truly know their unkind criminal counterpart, historically, to date. And are arming themselves against these renegade-rouge cops; “savage beasts””barbarians”, insane Nazis mentalities and govenment bootlicking stooges and bullying cowards.  Real Live “Punks”!!!!
And the brain’s metal disease or ‘Dis-Ease’,  is incurable and this untreatable problem is in his actual Genetic makeup, structure of Messenger RNA & Mitochrondrial DNA CODES! No cure!!!
We The Public People are to endeavor to take back our humane righteousness, not just human rights. Thus take charge and complete controls from Federal & State Governments; inclusively, Stop-Point-Blank-Period private ownerships of what must as a mandatory measure; be made all of our airways, communication networks, Internet & Radio & TV stations. 
What these criminal elitist-male Psychopaths & Sociopath Political & Religious Leaderships are trying hard to do, is Re-enslave millions of White citizens as they did back in European history; before Black enslavements. Mostly females who have become Liberated Lesbians, Feminists of the Sexual Revolution.
BUTT-RESSED BY ADDED JOBS: And so named health-care is a return to household care, cooking, cleaning; medical-maids and taking care of the sick seniors, nursing ailing kids, and hospital patients of all stressful stereotypes. Thus easily get employed working in the clinical kitchens, and laundry mats also. While they deliberately take away certain other jobs, careers, employment opportunities, that sexually mature, outspoken liberated, Pretty Pearly Pink & Lilly White women worked in increasing numbers over the last past 20 years. She has advanced herself, into the power-point; of these Sexist White Males detriment and he hates her for becoming so smart, educated, and LIBERATED!!!! 
Certainly crystal clear, is the fact that these undercover and institutionalized sexist-racist so called White Men, of course those elitists who the shoe fits, would rather have a superfical appearing “Black Man” US President, than Electing or Voting for or placing a White Woman in the Washington Capital Hill Oval Office. REALITY OF TRUTH!!
Special Notice: That I often talk about the bad-bio-imbalanced behavior of certain so called White Males, and in other cases highlight those “pale faced” pink pigmented appearing men also named White Men & “White Boys”. My personalized efforts to protect the innocent ones and their goodness and wholesomeness best behaviors.
Nevertheless, the major media problem exists with the supposed to be decent-good whites, sitting back letting these indecent bastards rule over them daily on the jobs and at the TV & Radio Stations. Those who remain silent, apathetic, indifferent towards these egregious co-workers, employees and employers, are destined to pay the heaviest price tag for their inactions. Failing to do the right things, report their doggen asses as whistle blowers, challenge crooked cops, disowned them and denounce openly their racist reporting they do daily and weekly. Thus, they have permitted themselves to be partakers in criminal corruption, negative energy entities, that eventually betrays them for trusting in these unholy-ungodly, bias-bad judgments and injustices.
BUTT BAIT MATURELY Yes, the very legs and supporting feet of the American and European economies are being removed, so that the entire system falls fatally to it finalized death. Good Riddance!!
This surely do mean that millions more are scheduled to loose their nice paying jobs, high paid salaries, and overall career opportunites, each and every day of the week and year. And darker melanin skinned Americans, Africans, Mexicans, Indians, Asians, Eskimos, and nobody else is responsible; Butt, Euro-Caucasian Caucasoid Human Beings, wrongly called RACE!!!!
SOULFOOD Solar Sexus Spirituality = FunkySoulSongSeason across our USA PROMISED LAND via ColorKingdomNWCA…
COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: +
 Pretty please read-research, study and learn more than what y’all already think or believe that you know?!. Doing so happily and gladly with a positive open mind, without negative bias, bigotry or prejudiced mindsets. And remember that this is a Rare-Royal-Rich E-mail message coming to your mailbox only once in this special occasion of OPERATIONS COMMUNICATIONS = To Love Thy Self + Love Peace & Harmony!!!
Original theme songs MP3:
My True-Up-U-Turn story book bible blogs:
Thank yawls kindhearted patients and compassionate understanding… expressed and portrayed ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy-healthy-healing-holistic huemain humor =

 MONEY: It’s the name of this capitalistic game. Because Power is abtained through having lots of monetary values in your personal possession, banking-checking-saving accounts. And it’s also nice to have plenty of cash dollars on hand, to glibly, on the sly fox cool, flash in the faces of females in passing. This gets their attention faster than good looks and physical body build or musculature alone. Her sensual feminine juices begins to automatically, naturally flow for finances, fortune and money. And most men know this truth. POWER is MONEY!!


 Z-BLACKRAYZ SOULPOWER Per-suns Perfect Plan-net Artworks Atom Amen-Ra Radiant Rays by ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Ascendant Africoid Africa Avenger Avatar ARK ANKH ARTHIEST via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts pt1

Z-BLACKRAYZ SOULPOWER Per-suns Perfect Plan-net Artworks Atom Amen-Ra Radiant Rays by ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Ascendant Africoid Africa Avenger Avatar ARK ANKH ARTHIEST via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts pt2

 Our Occupyneers Optical Optional Optimized Objectives, Comforter Commander Chief COLOR KINGDOM NWCA = 21st Century CyberSpaceAge cause of action = Methodically militarized militia mindsets, weaponized worldly words of wisdom + fight fearlessly for full fledged freedom, Divinely Decreed Destiny = under one Deliberated x Liberated HueMainLaw!!! 

My True-Up Universal Real-Live-Vision =IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religion & Politics:


The Verdict Is In – Dr. Ray Hagins:
 ”Conspiracy To Destroy Black Studies In The US”: Dr. Jeffries:  

“ Exposing the Matrix of Illusions and Deceptions’

“Dr. Phillip Valentine – Religious Maddness” + 

The 1st Council of Nicaea 325 A.D.: The Council That Created Jesus, Part 1


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