MARCUS-MOSIAH-GARVEY+Frederick Douglas+ Booker-Taliaferro-Washington +AmeriAfrindian Ascend ArtistCHD Ancient Africa’s Africoid Authorized, Anointed Appointed Artistry+ Authentic Ancestry = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts + Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson Garveymight + PanorAfrica = Africaspora!!!


Exquisitely exclusive; by which RICH+RARE+ROYALTY entitles his and her majesty. Honorably of the uppermost fine qualities, highly sophisticated supremely sublime styles of living. Well deserving to enjoy the superior splendor of therapeutic-aesthetic BEAUTY. Masterly manifested elegantly by the Son of SUNGOD’S LOVE LIFE LIGHT



+ TRUE MAAT vs False Maat!!


Mr. MARCUS MOSIAH. GARVEY +  Mr. Frederick Douglass + Mr. Booker Taliaferro Washington

FDBTWMMG: Comprises and equals + Frederick Douglas + Booker Taliaferro Washington + Marcus Mosiah Garvey; unified as ONE HUEMAIN BODY BEING. Means Masculine Male Melanin Messiah Mental Models Three Solarized, Sexualized, Souls = Solitary, solemn, sovereign Soultrix.

CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP vs Hip Hop!!

YES: Y’all listen up closely and hear what these listed Africoidians of America has to say: Indubitably, Dr. Professor Mr. Minister Unar Abdullah Johnson: He’s truthfully talking about “their black religion” and loyalty toward Christianity and Islamic Muslim religions. Brotherhood and sisterhood with the wrong “White Supremacy” In which I have recognized, acknowledge and named to be: the wicked witchcraft WhitTie Sociopath Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!’
‘1. Control Church, 2. School and 3. Security police force’

Dr. Umar Johnson – Invaders, African Leaders & AFRICOM
“I’m sick and tired of these Muslim who feel that they have to protect Arabism” With their Nation of Islam Muslim worshipping of these Asiatic Arab slave masters; who invaded Mother Africa’s indigenous inhabitants as authentic Africoidians, natural natives!
He says that these Pan-Africanists and or Negroes are attempting to make some persons as Moummar Kahdafi and Fidel Castro out of some honored African leaders. Their heroes instead of honoring our owned true Africoidian leaderships of Africa and her ancient ancestry.
The Honorary Dr. Mr. Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Model; Professor Walter Williams. The Historical Origin of Christianity, and also, the Historical Origins of Islam/Muslim Mohammadans.
Dr. Phil Valentine the Grand Melanin Mastermind Messiah: Yes, they all are featured herein my MASTER1 Melanin Media + Musical Metaphysical Mediums. Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP; HipP & LapP! Revolutionary, evolutionary poetic art form. Via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:
YouTube reference reports:
Dr. Umar Johnson – Invaders, African Leaders & AFRICOM ….
Dr. Umar Johnson – ‘White Supremacy Is A Lie’


1.Maatrix_p1-s1a_m (15:20) mp3

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4. Maatrix_p1-s4d_m (14:54) mp3

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Min. Malcolm-X Little, created the Organization of African Unity. He has enough knowledge and courage to keep the politics separated from the religions. After he separated from the Nation of Islam. He had began practicing principles and policies of what I name to be: Pyramida Phenomena Panorama Diaspora Drama = PPPDD!

What is commonly called Pan-Africanism. Nevertheless, he like so many others, who had committed themselves, unwittingly, foolishly and unwisely, to these unholy, ungodly soulless forms of religiosity, were not permitted to crossover physically to the other sides safely and securely. And these are parallel planes, where alleged black leaderships didn’t not successfully, soon enough, ‘Divest” themselves of all Racist Renegade Rouge Reptilian Race Relations!!!

Thereby, disqualifying themselves to a top secret sacred Spiriitiuous Security Pass + Ritual right of PASSAGE!!!

 YES My True-Up U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision, REAL-LIVE-VISION, sees crystal clear, that LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature, is in factual reality the actual Center Carbon Core Creation Cradle, of our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions. HER Healthy Happy Healed Humored Holistic HUEMAIN “RACE”!!!

 A Total Truth Telling Time Tested, Talented, True GARVEYMIGHT!!! Interestingly enough, my deeper in depth inner Spiritious being and Solar Sexus Soul, is saying this young African Black American man, maybe, a reincarnation of twin souls. Expressly, Frederic Douglas + Marcus M. Garvey!! Dual-Double DNA CODES!!


YES: SIR: You are to assume command, be one of the “central leaders” not just secondary supporters of Africoid Africa’s Divinely Decreed Deliberation. Often called “Black Liberation”. Dr. Johnson asks: “Am I suppose to be Marcus Garvey?” “Or am I suppose to be on of Marcus Garvey’s assistants?” “Am I suppose to be Frederick Douglas, or am I suppose to be someone who supports Frederick Douglas?” “What I need to know from the universe, is whether or not, I need to take the helm; the mantle, of leadership or organization, for this current generation. Or am I suppose to be looking for the person who is going to take it. Or serve as a kind of support for that person. That’s what I need to KNOW.”

“Because I want to make sure that I don’t betray my destiny. And so I need a little bit of clarity, And my clarifying answer is that you, Sir, Mr. Johnson, are commanded and commissioned, called and chosen to take the leadership front. In your chosen capacity. No rational reasons to doubt this decision. It’s now today crystal clear cut and concise conclusively!

We’s & Us’s need your youthful energies, passion and truest love for what you are not only talking all about; butt, are actually doing while you are talking. That’s a big difference than the others who want to be seen and heard, yet does basically nothing worthwhile. A very important thing that you said, concerning these religious faiths, and all you really need which is good enough is your Spirituality, Amen-Ra!

YOU HAVE ARRIVED: Therefore, you are pointed in the righteous direction, and on a paved patterned pathway, and correct course of events on the horizon coming soon, yet are now here today. At about 37 years of age, plus+ not married, this is a pre-programmed profile, perfected time period to assume your proper place. It has been prepared exclusively, for you, and nobody else. So make no mistake about this truth!

“I don’t think that we really have a conscious community, we have a semi-conscious community, and on top of that we have a con-sense community. Con… con woman, and con men,,,, con-cent community, people trying to make money off of the struggle.” And many of our brothers and sisters are only out as profiteers to make merchant money, it’s a business, an economic investment. And they are not in this liberation struggle, in any way shape or form to help anybody, butt themselves.

And I personally identify them as being witch witchcraft ‘werewolves hiding behind innocent looking little lamps wool and curly haired sheep’s clothing.’ This a very hard thing we who really care, had to learn about bogus brother bigots and diamond ring goal digging sisters!

MATRURED Mastermind Melanin Media, is meant for Feminitiy’s Love1 Sex2 Romance3. Saying she shall surely retain her spirituality, sexuality, sensuality. And not ever again to ashamed of her native-natural alluring appeal, attractive appearance, and what we see as being a sexy lady, woman, female, girl. Automatically inclined to shake her rumpper-roaster roller-coaster. Dance and prance and romance! Showing the feminine figure, shapely contours of this sex-gender’s physiology and biology.

Better known as waging her tail end, shaking her buttocks, swaying her hips, twisting and turning. Walking in timely rhythm and rhyme. And I vehemently profess, that if anyone has a personal problem with womankind, then, take their uncultured, sexually immature complaints and contentions, to Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature and present their truest testimony, bowing down before the throne of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!

NO No no: A female do not necessarily have to be bitch-bastard like. Nor does she need to be called a hateful harlot “hoe” of whoredom. Nether named a cheap prostitute, or lady of the night and street walker, selling sexual experiences for monetary profit gains. Basically because, by being sexual and sensual, she serves the Spirit Source Science System’s Sovereign Systream!

What I Have frequently seen is how, also, the so called conscious community is an activated “corporation”. ‘Competing between one another for the marketing shares, profit gains, at the incurable expense to inner Unification. And they tend to find fault with Soulfood, constantly insulting other brothers and sisters who traditionally eat it freely as a choice, just to sell their Europeanized, Westernized White world concepts on vegetarian-vegans, dietary dishes. Then called themselves Africanized and wearing ANKHS.

Although, the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, Aryan Brotherhoods, Skinheads and invidious, insidious Institutionalized Racists, don’t ask anything about whether or not Africans in America as z-Blackxz, like to eat “red meat”; swine-pork-pig-hogs! Only idiotic ignorant blacks who are practicing self-hatred, yet don’t comprehend that this is exactly what they are doing. And in fact biblically based on one of the three major mainstream man made manufactured mythological religions: falsified Christianity, Islamic Muslims, and Jews of Judaism!!! All of these are unholy, ungodly beliefs systems of the sinister snake serpent SATAN!!!

The Rodney King syndrome: ‘can we all not get alone’ or something to this end? Hell no! Never on a religious-political basis. Butt, only on a human being level as equals, as personalized people, having a common cause of redeeming their full fledged freedoms unto the perfect law of liberty and under only one HueMainLaw!

Far too many of those calling themselves “all black”; “black power” this that or the other, are all failing to be building better benefit blessings. And this is precisely what COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, is strictly and specifically all about. It is not in competition with anybody, nor anything! It is what is it is in and of itself-sufficiency. A gifted guide as SUNGOD’S sublimely, serenely shining Love Life Light Locks!!!!

This artwork is our organic originating industry, created artistry, tapestry and ancestry. Meaningful mercy merchant money making manicuring machine, militarized, as MASTER1 Melanin Media, Mastermind Messiah Mental Models + Musical Metaphysical Mediums!

A generator of huge sums of wealthy healthy capital cash currencies. To build schools, colleges, academies, for future financial fortunes founded upon Rock Offense Stone Defense, Divinely Decreed Deliberated! A done deal!

YES Finance Fortunes Fortre$$ of Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship : Indubitably I AM talking all about QUEENS+KINGS, PRINCESSES + PRINCES + LOVEGODDESSES. Explicitly: Mother Matriarch Madam MAAT’S LOVE PEACE & HARMONY, To “Know Thy Self’; is in fact: TO LOVE THY SELF!!!

Surely, as I Have for 30 years, studied Dr. Professors Mr. Marcus Mosiah Garvey, in view of his former mentor in mind Frederick Douglass, and intellectual intelligence; the honored historic hero. Mr. Booker T. Washington

 MASTER’S MIND MELANIN MESSIAHS=Mental Models . Bright Brilliant Brains of our courageous ColorComPlexTrix. And fortunate realities, thus I’ve definitively concluded that WE’s & US’s are SPIRITUALLY summoned appointed and anointed. Thus, sent decreed on our DIVINE Commanded Commission Calling Cause; to UNIFY our efforts to overcome.  Today Totally Truthful & Justly Jurisprudent here in our USA PROMISED LAND = Unified Statutes of AmeriAfrindica, actualizes AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD.


First and foremost, a gallant quest to conquer the self-hatred, self-abnegation, self-dislike, self-denial. 

This is where I make my True-Up U-Turn around mindset; He is the first realistic “Garveyite” as they identify themselves as being. Albeit, my origianl creative concept of our 21st century CyberSpaceage, is naming him the first foundational: GARVEYHMIGHT.  A mighty male mentality, mastermind melanin messiah mental model. African in America as a of z-Blackxz men, so far that I’ve heard talk, sanely, soundly and sensibly.

Others who I call Garveymites are adult, ambitious arrogant egoists, grown up guilty ghetto gangster gambler mentalities of immaturity. And their thuggish egos have no place in our Spiritual Renassiance Movement, Cleaning up our own dirty devilish acts of “deomonocracy” dictator democracy for self-empowerment improvement and self-government!

Howsoever I discovered, hunted for, went deep blue ocean sea fishing and found, and caught up with, this specific young male; who, surely seems to be a true brother who is well versed, educated instead of indoctrinated, and know about our historicity. His family heritage, lineage is connected to Frederick Douglas. And ancestral family tree and roots, etc. A trained psychologist, educator and Pan-African leader of “Black Liberation”. And plans to open a school, college or academy for youth or teenage boys, and later on for girls too. The Frederick Douglas – Marcus Garvey foundation.

HOLISTIC HEALING “HELP”: He says that as African men and African woman, we need to; try, and stay with our own kind, because, all of his studies in psychological development, how “malatoo” offspring tend to act against their blackness. And it was not the white men who were the ones raiding, robbing, raping inside continental Africa, by themselves.

Butt, it was the mixed racial groups, “bi-racial” self-haters having identity crisis, who did the most damages. They were used against their supposed to be own darker skinned brothers and sisters effectively. ‘Even studying Frederick Douglas who had a white father; not acknowledged, and Barack Obama with a white mother, they have a hard time coming to grips with or comprehending the concept of “race first”.

“Africa was not destroyed by white armies, Africa was destroyed by mulatto armies!” These European conquerors came in and cohabitated with the indigenous inhabits, having sexual relationships with the dark melanin pigmented females, then, after about 40 or 50 years, they produced to confused minded members, who basically hated themselves or strongly disliked real blackness and Africoid African likeness.

‘Right now in Nigeria, the Asians are moving in, after the economic interests of resources minerals, while going after the Blackxz woman, doing the very same thing. Creating more mulatto offspring to be used against the darker shades and tones of brothers.’ ‘The Oriental children to be exploited expediently to help oppress the native Africans!’ “When you don’t study your history, you repeat it!”

THE GOLDEN AGE TO REWARD our selves by acknowledging one another without selfish envy and jealousy. Promote and push and pull, pump and paddle to positively produce progress. Because the SILENCE of trying to ignore these truest realities occuring don’t necesararily make them go away or not exist. Good or bad, right or wrong!!

 StopPointBlankPeriod: And cease the devilish divisions; trivial disagreements, and pitifully petty arguments. Such as saying I’m from this faith, belief of adiposity religiosity. Those divisive developments that were caused by the three major-mainstream man made manufactured mass media’s_Religions. Expressly, kindly letting go of, turning loose freeing ourselves from, divesting ourselves of…. 1st the faker-false Christians Christianity of mythic man “Jesus Christ” of Caucasoid Caucasian Christendom and imaginary illusive Eurocentric white male “God”. 

‘Most of what we suffer is deliberately and purposely designed, yet it is amazing how some of z-Blackxz people blame themselves; as the causes of these situations.’ ‘Although, our disowned conscious has to be awakened out of it sleeping inertia, to realize that what has and still taking place, are intentional “engineering”; to generate these problems.’

PSYCHOPATHY & SOCIOPATHY: Of their western wicked white Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes of Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

Likewise, 2nd ficticious The Prophet Mohammad’s Islamic Muslims, seeing how that no true history of biblical based text ever existed, so there can not possibly have been an Arch Angel Gabriel for him to ever have seen or spoken with or heard some messianic message. 

And 3rd falsified biblical historicity of man person beings name Abraham-Moses, Isaac, Jacob, Nor any truth about the EXODUS story claiming that there were in Mother Africa’s Ancient Egypt, some enslaved Hebrews as Jews of Judaism!!! Because they were all officially fabricated, concocted-created by the same Roman Catholic Church Popes-Pedophile Priests, Bishops and Emperors in those time periods; initiating their DEVILISH WHITE Fraud in Fact lies of satanic liars!!!


“Any black boy diagnosed with a disruptive behavior disorder, the FBI, automatically has access to the psychological reports.” So call attention deficit disorder; removed and replaced with a more potent, generalized clinical criminalizing concoction, of hyperactive, . These are bogus evaluations that presupposed or assumes that this black boy is more than likely going to pose a problem to the establishment latter on in his life. Therefore, they take “preemptive strikes” against his well-being, health and livelihood, by imposing a chemical drug indoctrination, clinical concoction ingestion or injection. As a medical mandate!

“To prevent the rise of another Black messiah!” “Psychology is no longer a true science, psychology has become psycho-economics” The drug companies are the third tissue terrorists, tormenters and treacherous torturers! ‘And the FBI was created on destroying the Honored Mr. Marcus M. Garvey, and Cointell? is still here alive and wickedly well. These sinister satanic sorcerers only has changed their superficial faker faces!

“The drugs exists before the diagnosis.” I’m talking about the dangerous drugs now being used on our young boys and girls in schools across America US. As expected, the giant pharmaceutical companies are the suppliers, supporters of the mental health institutions, psychiatric wards of the states. And perpetrators of the polluted, poisonous prescription pills being pushed upon our youth by pimp physicians and political pundits.

FALSIFICATIONS & “HONKY IDEOLOGY” MYTHOLOGY:  thus eventually Buttressed-supported by the Baptists-Protestants.-worldly churches. Black & White!!  And they are proved beyond any shadow of doubt, the principal players performing producing nothing butt bad luck, Divine Decreed Devil Damnations & Curses. Causing separation and a total disconnect from our Original SPIRITUALITY + SEXUALITY.

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: encompasses every, and each enterprising eco-electron energy entity. This is truly Pyramida Panaorma Phenomena, comprising interrelated artworks and networks. The Center Carbon Core Creation Cradle. And baby born, birthplace, better beneficially blessed by being bred-breast fed female Femininity Earth Mother Nature’s nurtured and cultured, Solar Sexus Soulfood.

Financially Fortune Founded: Which wealthy womanhood’s witty wisdom worship, means, that the above Web site Domain Dimension Filth + Sixth Spiritious Suspension; has something soundly sensible and surely sane for each and everybody. Expressly, specifically and strictly those who willfully want to repent remorsefully with righteous regrets.

MATRURED Mastermind Melanin Media, is meant for Feminitiy’s Love1 Sex2 Romance3. Saying she shall sure retain her spirituality, sexuality, sensuality. And not ever again to ashamed of her native-natural alluring appeal, attractive appearance, and what we see as being a sexy lady, woman, female, girl. Automatically inclined to shake her rumpper-roaster roller-coaster. Dance and prance and romance! Showing the feminine figure, shapely contours of this sex-gender’s physiology and biology. Better known as waging her tail end, shaking her buttocks, swaying her hips, twisting and turning. Walking in timely rhythm and rhyme. And I vehemently profess, that if anyone has a personal problem with womankind, then, take their complaints and contentions, to Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature and present their truest testimony, bowing down before the throne of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!

NO No no: A female do not necessarily have to be bitch-bastard like. Nor does she need to be called a hateful harlot “hoe” of whoredom. Nether named a cheap prostitute, or lady of the night and street walker, selling sexual experiences for monetary profit gains. Basically because, by being sexual and sensual, she serves the Spirit Source Science System’s Sovereign Systream!

Dr Walter Williams: “You do not get a Christ prior to the council of Ephesus 431 A.B.C.E; “You do not get Christianity as a religion prior to the Council of Chancedon? 451””The beginning of European’s de-evolution of nature part 7″

Today We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Protest, can openly see the obvious Arch Angel antagonist adversaries, and wisely know “who the real enemy” energy entities are. Likewise, by the very same BLACK token spoken words of wisdom, esp. the Honorable Mr. Marcus M. Garvey, amongst others, pushed positive propaganda, which equals in artistic affects-psychological and physical effects, to relearn how TO LOVE THY SELF!!!

NO No no, The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, is of no faker GarveyMites-menacing misfits. Back stabbing two faced Black Jackass Uncle Toms who sold Him out in their spiders webs of entrapments and white western wicked webs of witchcraft, etc. Nor shall I profess to be a real Garveyite. Butt, I AM a true to the Afrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE.

And some Senor-Elder Black Leaders call “Give Truth To Power”. and I add, give The Spirit of Truth to Powerful Knowledge = Know How.  However, let our thinking brains no longer be divided among one another, which is the Organizational Order, Universed Unity & Natural Law of today.

Sure self-realization, self-actualization as the Intellectual Genius “Positively Black” Mr. Junious Ricardo Stanton, wrote back in the latter 1990s. “Discover Your Purpose.”; back when he was working with the New Pittsburgh Courier, news papers as a columnist-writer. Now a lots older in age, maturity he sports: “The Digital Underground.” Check him out!

Howsoever, y’all shall have to be a very “long-winded” avid readers, to be enabled to understand and ‘over-stand and inner-stand’ that in which is wisely outstanding; and never demanding, Butt, commanding via our CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE COSMIC CREATOR’S SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!

DROP THE AXE & PICK UP THE PICK: Moreover, this means a mandated must do, yawls to relearn how paramount important it is to really read extended texts, reach in depth and dig down deep inside the underground grassroots lower levels to discover the truest information. Then mine it out, filled ya bucked brains, and bone heads to the brim. Bring the Rare-Rich-Royalties upwards to a raised cognizant awareness reality and state of being RAW + “LIVE” + GREEN + COLORFUL by patterned pathways of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:

‘Study to show thy self approved unto ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!’ Reason rationally in practicalities, not only be cautiously careful in critical judgments, 

So pretty please do take your biggest inhaled breaths, abysmally deep heavy intakes of the offered information as refreshing collective data. Artfully and humorously arranged, written poetically, gracefully depicted, eloquently spoken words, portrayed elegantly in orchestrated compositions.


YES, GARVEYISM vs. UNCLETOMISM – SAMBOISM – SELFHATISM: Means that all self-acclaimed real Garveyites, now today in my meaningful mind are Garveymights, who are truthfully being honest with themselves, are to be doers of the artworks and not just seers, listeners and lookers.

Moreover, make their intentions crystal clear with complete clarity.  And motives must mandate movements against each and everyone of the traditionally known and popularized so called African American Civil Rights Organizations & Christianized Church Groups. Because they have totally forsaken and forgotten who they are, and where they came from and what they suppose to be doing. And that is protecting and defending z-Blackxz  as Africans in America’s best business interests, uplifting darker skinned people of color’s Constitutional Rights, Human Righteousness.

Thus has historically purported to be serving our poorest of neighborhoods and especially the impoverished inner city-urban communities. Butt, believe my telling y’all truthfully, they have foolishly fail to invest with themeslves, whether lower-middle-upper class citizens. Overall and in general as an aggregate whole, we are all of a Culpable Mental State of faulty, blame and guilt!!

Although, nevertheless, all of the collected data and accumulative information to date, decisively indicates how that they have grossly failed to do their jobs and sworn by oaths, fiduciary duties. Thereby, leaving WE’s & US’s completely vulnerable and susceptible to the antagonist adversarial attacks and physical assaults of overt and convert INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM!!!

‘Why do we keep embracing or having a European version as a standardized test; instead of having our own standard of testing our school children?’ After all every five or so years, these racist Euro-Anglo-Americans, change things around in order that their “pale face” kids can score higher. They study the questions and answers given on various tests by white and black students, then they learn how and where to attack our strengths, to generate weakness, while enhancing the strengths of their kids, causing “a 50% gap” in the grades and scores on tests and examines. There’s no such of thing as catching up or studying harder or smarter in this Caucasus cave criminal creature Caucasoid Caucasian “Cracker” context. All engineered enemy energy entities; to serve and support and to sustain “white over black”. Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!!!

DIRELY CONSEQUENTIAL: By all decisive forces need be, they must go! No doubt going abysmally deep down into the blazing burning bottomless pits and fiery flames upon the surface of planetary sphere earth; of HadesHellFires!!! Period.

REAEARCH READING REFERENCE: “The Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities (Imperial) League ( UNIA-ACL) is a black nationalist fraternal organization founded by Marcus Garvey.”

“Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr., ONH was a Jamaican publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, and orator who was a staunch proponent of the Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements, to which…”

“Booker Taliaferro Washington was an American educator, (Black-African in Africa) author, orator, and political leader. He was the dominant figure in the African American community in the United States from 1890..”.

Frederick Douglass (born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, February 1818 – February 20, 1895) was an American social reformer, orator, writer and statesman. After escaping from slavery, he became a leader of the abolitionist movement, gaining note for his dazzling oratoryand incisive antislavery writing. He stood as a living counter-example to slaveholders’ arguments that slaves did not have the intellectual capacity to function as independent American citizens. Many Northerners also found it hard to believe that such a great orator had been a slave.”   


YES: Strictly those personalities who are of Positive Potent People Power: Who truly know themselves To Love Thy Self. And have learned how paramount important it is to appreciate authentic artwork. Expressly rendered and depicted through ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE, by The Original Creative ArtistCHD. AmeriAfrindian Ascended via COLOR KINGDOMNew World Creative Arts:  

YES For positively sure, these racist renegade rouge Reptiles Region Race, are mental terrorists and material matter tissue terrorists too! And they seem to have play one of their most satanic schemes of many of our Warrior brothers and sisters, with this alleged “HIV” existence. And in Dr. Umar Johnson’s presentations, I can clearly see that this young Black man, has been deceived on this issue. And the “White Devils” and the Black Devils, and demons, will glibly contrive to mislead, deceive and trick even our most elect, smartest, educated Pan-Africanist leaders. If it were all possible?! He’s no acceptation to this good o-golden rule of Satanist school!

Albeit, he admonishes-cautions-warns his audiences, to go and do the research studies for themselves, and trust totally in nobody. And I agree with him 100%+. Which means in reality, y’all go and check out my True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs:

And then also listen up closely to my mp3 original theme song sound tracks: Instrumental and vocals: HIV vs. AIDS!

Y’all remember to dutifully NOTE: That I’m not trying to take away from what this young Black male is saying or doing; butt, is adding to what he is wanting to accomplish and achieve at the higher degree and ultimate order! We’s & Us’s disagree to agree!!

I also have back in the day, studied introduction-general “psychology from birth to old-age”; while attending college. Thereafter, I’ve done my own homework and individual studies from books, literature and real-live-visions and personal experiences, etc. Therefore I’m on guard duty against anyone attempting to trespass, encroach, without first and foremost of all leaders, coming currently cultured clean. Completely correct in what the teach and preach, write and say orally and verbally and oratorical to a listen audience. And 99% of the truth, = minus – 1$%, is not good enough, never proficient, and can not ever be accepted as a 100%+ total told truth! Ether we know for absolutely sure what we are talking all about, or we simply and plainly don’t KNOW!!!!

Nevertheless, he just like myself, are artworks in actual progress, positively pushing forwards and upwards. Butt, as a wiser Afrindian man of America, I have truly learned to be very careful about making commitments to beliefs, notions, ideas-concepts, that were handed down to us by outside sources; whosoever, they might be?

One has to be able to not only properly analyze key information collected statistical data, butt, also able to synthesize and synchronize them; into a sanely sound and sensible system. Or Sovereign Systream!

This is where and when a person starts to study so intensely, concentrated focus, he or she began so see for themselves the flaws, faults, fictions, fraud in fact lies of leading liars. Before, they come out to voice their views publicly, on tape recorded audio/visual media. Basically because, what usually happens, is that they commit themselves so often, to untruths in the surreptitious midst of truths. Yet they can’t change what they said publicly, or wrote inside an encapsulated book in black and white paper writing, etc.

Therefore, I wisely use my blogs and Web sites to communicate worldwide, and at the very same time can easily change my point of views, edit, rearrange, restate, and adjust my thinking, English language wording. As I gather and learn more meaningful information; grow and develop. And when some of our ’black brothers and sisters’, invest too much of their time in wrongful thinking and bad beliefs, they tend to have a hard time letting their lies go, when others bring new information to their immediate attention. Stating that they are wrong and their lack of full knowledge on this or that specific untruth; causes grave harm and hurt to Africans in America as z-Blackxz, z-Brownxz, z-Bluexz. Expresssly I am talking strictly about; the “HIV/AIDS” assumption; is in fact a man made manufactured myth. MENTAL VIRON = “Mind Virus” = pathogen, psychegon = all psycho local and psychotic phenomena!!!

Passionately he proclaims; ‘A true African centered education gotta teach these kids who they are, first and foremost of all. And it does not really matter about all of the degrees, certificates, titles, labels of success, if We’s & Us’s don’t truthfully know who we are:’ TO LOVE THY SELF!!!

He earns his A+ and temporary, ritual right of passage and personal spiritualized sacred secret security PASS!!

YES, Realized and Actualized Action engaged by real REVOLUTIONARIES; Black Power Militants, Black Liberators, Freedom Fighters, Warriors & Victors, Nationalists & Pan Africanists; are to unify their individual efforts uniformly in strategic ranks and flanks. Thus, I place strong emphasis, on self-sufficiency, self-initiatives, self-determination to completely overcome and overrun the current civil rights Fakers & Phonies and self-haters, who are in factual reality of truth; our worse and closest to our hearts Enemy Energy Entities. And for positively-absolutely sure they are proved to be modern-day mansion mindless men and women. Certainly also, kowtowing, sucking up brown nose sycophant-stooges, bootlicking bogus bigots as sorry sellout: Black Jackass Uncle Tom DEMONS!!!

The Black Jackass Uncle Toms self-hatred of Love GODDESS Mother Earth Nature Africa’s AmeriAfrindians and AfriNatindian Ascendants!!! 



“To my single parent mothers, we got to stop crippling your sons!” Referring them for psychiatric evaluations, leading to misdiagnosis which in turn leads to them being prescribed to psychotic chemical concoctions. Cancer causing toxic poisons!

“Cocaine was brought to America for black folks.” the slaves. “Every drug in America was legal at one point, did you know that?” “Social engineering” is when they choose to make one legal or illegal, all depends on who or what racial-ethnic groups are using them the most.’ Then they tactically target and aim their new legislation and laws at “minorities”; as brown and black citizens. “It’s called picking and choosing who you want to lock up” or lock down!

“Tobacco and liquor are drugs, cigarettes and alcohol kills more blacks here in America than cocaine and marijuana…. More of us will die of cigarettes and alcohol, than weed or crack!” And “without legal drugs the American economy would crash!” ‘Legal or illegal drugs are made by the very same’ sinister serpent snake Satanists. The number one market here in the USA is drugs!

YES: racist and sexist Arabs-Asians-Europeans  as wicked-evil conspirators, took by force our civilized kingdoms of AfriNegrindian Humane History! Due to and or resulting from envy-jealousy and strife! Lackluster unloving loser leaders who had and have no Soulful Spirits and are basically souless and anti-spiritual!!! And are demonically religious and devilishly political!! Control freak fanged fens of Capitalist Criminal Corporate Corruption. Dishonest, Satanist Money Green Gluttonous Greed and Western Worldwide Dictator Domination DEVILS & Superpower Sick Sinister SERPENTS!!!!


THE AFRINDIAN HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE COMMAND CONTROLS: As creative compositions that compliments compatible ‘Per-Suns’ and Hue-mains, who seek serenity’s Solar Sexus SoulFood for full financial freedom to choose, and elect to buy exactly what they desire anima-psoter-colork.gifwholesomely. Thus can afford to reproduce our artwork Rare-Rich-Royal specimens at conscious raising elevated prices. Putting true values into what We’s & Us’s say so much about what is needed in the black communities, so called “minority neighborhoods” locally and nationally.

Interestingly enough, my deeper in depth inner Spiritious being and Solar Sexus Soul, is saying this young African Black American man, maybe, a reincarnation of twin souls. Expressly, Frederic Douglas + Marcus M. Garvey!! Dual-Double DNA CODES!! A Total Truth Telling Time Tested, Talented, True GARVEYMIGHT!!!

“This is a gangster government, the world is nothing but gangsters and thugs!” The CIA or Central Intelligence Agency was created by “a wall street banker.” “To fight drugs in the black community is to fight the government it self because they supply it.” Professing this Garveymight Mastermind Melanin Messiah Masculinity!!!.

‘President Obama is not their in the White House to undue or uproot white supremacy, butt, he’s there to strengthen it!’ The Presidential Oval Office has a new image painted on it: “I’m half black and half white”; “muts like me”!

May our leaderships no longer be bias bigots, who just like being heard on their talk radio hosted shows, runnng their vociferous sounding big mouths. Might they promptly do something in actuality and cease the planning stages that seems to go on forevermore without end in sight. Thus relearn to make do, work with what we have righteously now today near to grasp and easily beholden presently. Clearly being portrayed presently by patterned pathways of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:  Or simply-plainly said, y’all easily economically encounter CKNWCA THE COMFORTER.


LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature; demands and commands total autonomy plus complete sovereignty. Fully freed from falsified-fraudulent financial indebtedness-re-enslavement imposed by white westerner whip “Crackers” sinning slave masters of European Colonialism -Capitalism and Imperialism!!!

“A thinking man can never be made a slave, a thinking woman can never be made a slave. You must question and think everything.” “Black people have no interest in themselves, we are known, to fight like cats and dogs!” This why we have no real businesses industries, manufacturing companies, due to envy, jealously and student strife among brothers and sisters.

“Ownership is the opposite of slavery.”

Dr. Umar Johnson – The 7 Deadly Sins v=N1pu6e5fa5U&feature=related

DEVILISH DOMINANCE & CAUCASOID CAUC-ASIAN CONTROLS: Are the cause of the rapid degeneration, dysfunction, demolition-demise of the common citizenry’s decency and good godly will for all of humanity.

Expressly, I Am talking about the so called White wicked western world of European origins. Including, White Anglo-America’s controlled and dominated United States. Along with Canada’s CaucAsian contaminations as the historical invader occupiers venturing out of Europe’s continental geographical region. Of the coldest Caucus Mountains post periods of the ice-ages. As they came out of their cave dwellings as the frozen ice and snow covered areas started to thaw out and melt down into rushing rivers of waters. They came into being having hate hostilites hurting humankind, and went about their vicious viral way conquering, murdering, robbing-raping every peaceful people who they came into contact with. 

DEVILISHLY & DEMONICALLY: Doing so with a hideous hellish vengeance!!! Perversely impacting the world’s populations, pushing and prompting them to start acting just like they do, and become copycats of these heathens, vandals, barbaians bad behaviors.  Or else, embargoed, sanctioned, blocked not to not receive wholesome, nutritional food- fresh clean drinking water-shelter, money, valuables that rightly belonged  to TRUE EARTORS  as Original BlackBlueBrown indigenous inhabitants, of Asia’s Mongoloid + Africa’s Africoid racial-ethnic-cultural groups.

Their own Eurocentric Biologists-Scientists-Geneticists, says that these pearly pale pink pigmented people, are ancient ancestral Africa’s Africoid-Negroid mutant members. Who came about by means of a contagious disease named Leprosy, thus continuing to mutate into a viral infection manifested as Albinism of the Albinos.

Which is medicinally-clinically called a Melanin Deficiency (pathology-psychosis), due to the lack of the proper function of the PINEAL GLAND hormone production.  And initiating source of our naturalizedsolarized SPIRITUALITY.

Direly Consequential, innocently and also by malicious meanness-madness and or malice aforethought to kill and commit crimes against humanity. And proceeded to creatively evolve, transition-transform itself into more stabilized art forms who we witness now today. Recognized to be as they do physically appear whitish in skin complexion. .

Furthermore, it is well written and documented that these “pale faces” did in fact have some Rare-Rich-Royal few, normalized bio-genotype traits that were innately good seeds. Better beneficially blessed small 10% – 12% numbers who had or still have common decency and good will vs. ill-will toward those of us who look much unlike them having distinct differences in skin shades, tones-tans-tints. Along with varying diverse physical-facial appearances, shapes, figure formations and head sizes, etc.

Howsoever, the overwhelming majority are predominantly of the Biological BAD SEEDS! Thus inherently of the Indecent no good Whites, who inherited their Eurocentric Caucasoid CaucAsian ancestries of that mutant disease and viral infections speeded pervasively among their own internal populations. As “savage beasts” “ barbarians” mass murdering one another due to SELF-HATE! And these unstable Lepers & Albinos, hunted down the humane and sane stabilized Whites, throughout their wicked witched western white world historicity. All during their transitional Medieval madness and Dark Ages, and other time periods following thereafter, therein Europe of Asia.

ABSOLUTELY NO, not at all are the fictitious religions godly and holy. Only a phony pretentitious -Pretext political ploy to dupe-bribe-brainwash Africans, AfroAsiatic tribal-families and cause them to be at perpetual warlord fights-disputes, heated arguments, bloody-deadly civil conflicts with each other.

EVIL Events carried on proceeding to the Roman Catholic Church’s Vatican Popes, Pedophile Priests-Bishops, who were proved to be historic tyrants, cruel dictators devoid of truthful art forms of DEMOCRACY. They were and presently still are the offspring generation of children, growing up into adults retaining their fathers and mothers imposed religiosity-adiposity, of the old world wicked witchcraft of the mutating-evolving remnants of the old religious regimes.

Which culminated into their falsified version of CHRISTENDOM’S Christians of Christianity. Proved to be insanity of inhumanity as the Medieval Crusades” coupled with the Christianized criminals of “The Inquisition” reveals. Forcing their conspiring evil wills upon the resisting Decent Good White Hopes of Abolitionist Minded men and women who opposed the Roman Catholic Church dogmas and doctrines. As it is today, our 10% to 12% truly kindhearted, compassionate, lovable White Brothers & Sisters, Fathers & Mothers, friends, allies, associates-affiliates, business partners, who are being oppressed-repressed-depressed. By the exact same psychotic governances and presidencies existing in County Seats & City Capitols, States & Federal Governments of religious psychopaths and sociopath politicians..

YES, for sure those presently holding official political power positions are the primary-principal problems to be boldly and bravely solved today in our 21st century CyberSpaceAge. It has most certainly come to this face to face showdown, peaceful and violent confrontations, civil conflicts culminating into, as I Have envisioned and decreed: Urban Race Riots & Civil War, and America At Guerrilla War, in the solemn midst of Officially Counting Down To Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III = 3!!!

Basically because in spite of and regardless of our small percentage of trustworthy truth telling WHITES, the Fraud in Fact Lies of Leading Liars, Egregious Whites, controls and dominates our national internal affairs and international affairs of foreign; yet sovereign nations worldwide. And I personally don’t give go good God Devil damnations about how these Eurocrentric fair skinned-pale pink pigmented people choose to live. BUTT, my only true concern is that none of them any longer dominate and control my humane life here in planetary sphere earth.

They can think and believe whosoever they wish and want to believe, religiously or politically, as longs ME-MYSELF & I AM, totally freed at liberty from them in this life’s time. Starting as an independent individual, thus branching outwards and upwards into our collective MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions.

WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER-Plan + Positive Protests: Constitutes the Honored Heroic Mr. Marcus Mossiah Garvey’s planned Organizational Order as opposed to their racist-sexist-fascist-egoist-supremacist; “New World Order”. Our GlobalWordNations opposing their wicked west white witchcraft; “Globalizations”!!

Reveals: CKNWCA:

Taj Tarik Bey says; ‘1Status, 2Judicial, 3Adudication’ It is never all about racism, butt, also about status. “Our people are talking racism, when it is no judicio-stand-di?” ‘And we feel good when some of us tell them off, like the negative name calling “Cracker” which is overused to express one’s sentiments against antagonistic whites. That “Honky” this “ white devel‘ those “peckerwoods” that “patty“ on and on, so be though that they may.

Howsoever, that‘s not the truest issue, which is their robbing We‘s & Us‘s of our organic, original status; as Africoid Africa‘s Ascendant! As they imposed their psychotic perceptions labeling Africans in America, “descendants“. A lowering and lesser state of human beings or status! And this in turns help decrease and lower in degrees-amount, counts of our vibration frequency rates. Leaving our physical body in jeopardy, vulnerable to all sorts of invasive villains, viruses, vandals, violent volunteers.

‘We always know about God, Jesus, Mohammad, etc, yet don’t know our disowned selves.’ So how can others respect us? In my mind’s view, we’s and us’s are the sacred secret society. With or where our truer history or our story is hidden, going untold, buried alive and well within wrong doings. Our originating organic ancestries, built those towering pyramids. A wholesome society of civilized Africoid Africans. The statues are solidified states of our organic-opioid stations and statutes of Spiritiousity vs. religiosity!!

“North America is northwest Africa”; and this is why they can’t deport you in no justified or legalized and honest way. Y’all take a good long look at my depicted portrayals in artworks, illustrations and graphic designs. How I drew and painted the perfect picture of Mother Earth Nature in Her holistic full bodied composition. Unified state of bodily being! Now one might be able to see exactly why I named this continental geographical location of the Americas, our USAA+ PROMISED LANDS!!! The Unified Statutes of America + Africa!!! And myself an American Afrindian = native naturally.

“The Priesthood has been one of the most damning things happening to humanity, because the greatest thieves are amongst them.” Our optimized origins is originally of the earthly spherical planet as authentic EARTHORS.

Taj Tarik Bey and DR.Umar ABDULLAH Johnson 2011


My Artistic True-Up-U-Turn version of “Black Liberation”, full fledged freedoms, includes, White Liberation too, because they are the main ones who have allowed themselves to be; bribed-brainwashed-duped into thinking and believing that they are racially supreme and superior to non-whites. The major mass media madness grossly distorting truer realities, and portraying negative images against darker Melaninated colorized citizens. They are to be subdued and overcome by their own rebelling antiwar revolutionary militia groups and Caucasian Caucasoid committees here on the national domestic homeland front of combat battles.

Particularly those who have elected to help our struggles as human beings defeating the common criminal capitalist corporatist-imperialist-supremacist system. Blood sucking leeches and bloody fanged vampires suctioning off the vital-nutrients and living blood of bodily organisms. Depleting the earthly Soulful Soils, degrading and underling everybody and everything wholesome, healthy and HUEMAIN!!!

“The Black Aristocracy” = “The Elitist Blacks”; who are the very same people jumping out against We’s & Us’s, that did so to Mr. Marcus M. Garvey in Jamaica. “The un-talented tenth”: commonly called The Talented Tenth: They have all of the color of skin variations, claiming higher status over darker toned pigmentation. Such as mulattos, maroons?, octoroons, colored people, fair complexioned, “pale faces”, on and on with these blinders as unification barriers and blockades. Yet here on the North American continent, for the most part is was and is simply a black or white thing!

‘We got to look for every little bit that good in all people, their foolish faiths, religions, politics, racial-ethnic groups. Extracting energies that can be used to help heal and deliberate our re-owned selves. And this is precisely why y’all see that most of my portrait picture presentations, depicts an all and in all inclusive, MultiplexRacialBody: black-brown-red, tan, white, pink pigmented people’s public populations!

Whatsoever, common decency, divinity, wholesomeness that I’m able to artfully apply, in operational orders to better be blessed beneficially. “Race First”; to my mind, includes, every single segment, section, of the HUEMAIN KIND RACE!!!

All branching limbs, lineages, mutating members, leaves and twigs of the family tree’s tribes are counted. Each and every division. Re-composing the holistic humane state of biological being. Basically belongs to the original organic, orgasmic, opioid, Africoid, Humanoid. Also identified as Negroid – Caucasoid – Mongoloid!

Who ever you fear, is your God!” And black people fear white people. ‘One thing you can always count on is that when one of the “Black Aristocracy”; like Mr. Bill Cosby did, is to shift fault and culpable guilt, to scapegoat and blame to subjected victims.’ Although, what he said in many ways was truthful, butt, he fail to put these things into a proper bracket as a [correct context]. Therefore, surely We’s & Us’s took issue with him and his wicked words!!

‘Their whole responsibility is to reflect accountability away from whites and their wicked witchcraft wrongs.’ ‘The most powerless persons or people of color complexions, are to be solely responsible for all of the socially engineered problem.’ Dr. Umar A. Johnson professes.

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: encompasses every, and each enterprising eco-electron energy entity. This is truly Pyramida Panaorma Phenomena, comprising interrelated artworks and networks. The Center Carbon Core Creation Cradle. And baby born, birthplace, better beneficially blessed by being bred-breast fed female Femininity Earth Mother Nature’s nurtured and cultured, Solar Sexus Soulfood:

PROVED FACTS OF TRUTH REALITIIES: These Euro-Anglo-Americans are the certain causes of so much hunger, starvation and impoverished people forced to try and live and survived inside war torn countries worldwide. These ancient mutations of man made manufactured mass media madness must go! They have massively generated, created and thus perpetuated their Self-hate, criminal behaviors all around the whole wide world. Imposing and inflicting and infecting humanity with their psychotic insanity, producing its likeness genotype traits of inhumanity. Mutating Messenger RNA & Mitochondrial DNA CODES.

RAPING OUR FEMALES: Implanting their satanic seeds; so that on coming generations of babies, esp., young girls, shall unknowingly and naively-automatically, bow down and worship the wicked white male images as their “Almighty Lord God”!!!

YES: continental Americas, North-Central-South + Africa, is polluted and poisoned in their mindsets called “menticide”! Due to racist white Europeanized hatemongers and warmongers, unmercifully imposing their wicked wills upon indigenous inhabits, native Indians from inlands to islands to continents globally. Instilling their Christianized Catholic Church criminalities in the falsified name of some make believe white male “God”, they call “Jesus Christ” Lord & Savior, who never truly existed, etc.

And this has brought upon many multitudes of people’s populations, DIVINELY DECREED DEVILISH DAMNATIONS; against all of those who willfully submit to these artless formations of Institutionalized Racism. No material matter whether the subjected victims, are black-brown-red-tan-yellow-white pink pigmented persons. They have permitted themselves to become contaminants, poisonous politicized polluted parties, being in factual realities MENTAL VIRONS or “Mind Viruses“. And, scientifically based on the Natural Laws of Chemistry & Physics; evil enemy energy entities. Against the Universal Laws + Laws of Mother Earth Nature!!!

Now Today It Is Well Wisely Written: Anybody, any one, individual person and or collective body of human beings in bodily art forms, who are not fearlessly fighting back against the rising water tides and terrorist tsunami tidal waves of USA & EUROPEAN military interventions, invasions, interferences of other foreign-sovereign nations, larger or smaller countries, are also the silent Arch Angel Adversary Antagonists!!! 

 UNIFICATIONS = Unifying all of our separatist-isolationist efforts to terminate and StopPointBlankPeriod internalized self-hate. The perceived and actual contagious disease and infectious viral infestations of Racist White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN = our authentic artistic portrayed image of LUCIFER THE HATEFUL DEVIL!!!!

  MAJESTIC+MAGNIFICENT MASTER’S MIND MELANIN MESSIAHS; Ascended ancient ancestral Africa’s anointed-appointed artistic authors. Through centuries of inseparably related blood lines, We’s & Us’s reappear by way of everlasting LoveLifeLight. Beneficially blessed and bestowed natural-innate gifts of graciousness, gratitude, thus, are born again repeated of the exact same biological-genotype trait of Genesis Genius. Enabled at birth conception immaculately; to artfully apply our Composed Constructive Creative Imagination!!! 

Controlled Creative Evolution + Revolutionary Creation: anima-spiral-colork.gifMeaning that ColorKingdomNWCA, is an evolving revolution, that is continuing to increase in size, proportions and expansion. Meant and intended for the expressed enjoyment and pleasure of Royal Rich Rare ancestral lineage and bio-blood line. Because, they are ArtistCHD’s kindred souls and spirits and True-Up love ones for Real-Live-Vision or IniVerse RealiVision.

Yes, y’all can easily tell us, recognize our truthful identifies, by the free gifts of grace and fresh ripe fruit of the AmeriAfrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT’S POWERED KNOWLEDGE. And because an illegitimate bad-unwholesome seed-root, matured tree, false or fake artist can not bear such sumptuous art exhibits. Certainly, beyond any rational reason to doubt, Me-Myself I AM an authentic ancient African ancestral ascendant thereof, herein: our USA PROMISED LAND.

IT MEANS WHAT WE’S & US’S SAYS IT MEANS:  Meaning that the secret sacred Scripts+symbols, were never purposed for any type of worldly religious politics, whatsoever. Their original intents were solely and solemnly SPIRITUAL.

Moreover, man made up his madness, manufactured religiosity, centuries after the fact of reality that True-Up artists did indeed draw and paint our/their portrait pictures and illustrations of plants and animals and activities. etc. Thus molded, carved, chiseled and sculptured meaningful artwork or artifacts. And none were ever meant to be static, stationary, motionless; Butt to the contrary of death or being dead-deceased; they/we were symbolizing SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!!

ANSATA ANKH, is our signature of rising Love+Life+Light within us, CHRIST or HORUS, being ani-colork-perch.gifRepresentative one of the first Sons of SUNGOD. This was no so called Christian cross, because false or true Christianity or Christendom,  did not exist at the time period of our ancient African original creative arts. The religious attachments, associations, came about centuries following our renditions and masterpieces. And consequently dire, devoid of personal power, resulting directly and indirectly from fatal fraud in fact lies of liars. And everybody, were literally or virtually cut off asunder, severed, disconnected from our ORIGINATOR, COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR. period.

EXCLUSIVE + EXQUISITE: Made for mansion homes, the highest class real estate upscale-architectural interior designs. Lovely looking center pieces for stately buildings, floors-tiles, wall papers, rugs, carpets, table cloths and tops, furniture-chairs-couches, and the list is indefinitely long. There’s no limitations set for printing, engraving, embroidering the artwork into various mediums-materials, canvases and fabrics.

Truly and honestly, this has been Portrait ArtistCHD’s long-term inner-vision, starting back in the early 1980’s. Seeing how that his insights were appropriate to be applied in elegant art forms of originality. Genuine Genesis Genius confidently revealed. Regardless of what the “low-lifes”; lower lifestyles of people thought negative in their restricted-narrow mindsets of doubts and disbelief. We’s & Us’s never sought, nor feel any real need to ask for their bias opinions and or prejudiced points of views and stamps of approval. Absolutely NO!!!

I AM THAT I AM THE ORIGINAL CREATIVE ARTISTCHD, in spite of any unkind stereotype opposing persons. Those lost souls who simply and plainly were never meant to be able to appreciate the finer things in human life here on planetary sphere Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth!!!

amocp;lorking-fadegray.gif  The Economic Ego Electron Energy Entity Emotions, Love-Sex-Romance, are embedded inside the Web Site Domain: COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS:

Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature’s ancient-ancestral authorities sacred spiritual secrets. And it is absolutely not an issue or tissue having anything to do with human intellect, nor brain intelligence as far as academia and scholarly institutional teaching and learning is involved.

Yes, a True-Up Real-Live-Visionary Artist, has the intrinsic-innate SPIRITUALIZED 6th Solar Sexus Soul Sense. Potently capable capacity to comprehend and artistically apprehend these self-empowering forces; intuitively, instinctively, and spiritually!!!

Yes, These are the wealthy wings of fortunes flight. Trustworthy treasure chests, satisfactory saturated by royally rich rarities, jewels, pure golden nuggets, coins and artifacts. Signifying our internal monetary mental models; in which, to assess our truest worth, quality and gold standards of uplifted lifestyles. Height’s highest sacred-secret-society of healthy = Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship!!! Certainly She, Mother Earth Nature, prolifically produced and deliberately delivered these DIGNITY DIGITAL DIVINITY DIAMOND DESIGNS. Indubitably via the Son of  SUNGOD’S LoveLifeLight!!!

Are We’s & Us’s trying to lift-up the deaden spirits of the living dead? Why heavens Hades Hell Fire No! That’s a total tested waste of talented time. Butt, however, these art-projects are to further enlighten those individuals who are already lively in spirit and at hart, by way of good acts and deeds.

They deserve delightful additions to what they have internalized presently, which is their inner appreciative attitude and are existing positive people potential-possibilites.  In other nice words, they’re cheerful-colorful-joyful, Kindhearted Kinky Kings & Lovely Lusty Queens, Pretty Pattern Princesses & Prince Charming gentlemen.

Furthermore, fortunately for those of us still having to live among the subclass mindsets of impoverished mentalities; the long waited for benefit blessings are here. Allowing and permitting with pleasure, leaving behind the lost souls of hopelessness and despair, depression-oppression-repression. Able to move swiftly away from sorry ass complainer-do nothings, and their pitiful alibis for failure and perpetual excuses for personal shortcomings!!

WILLINGLY & WANTOMLY: I’m specifically talking about, those self-hating, self-abnegating, poor thinking people who are stationed at the middle-lowest levels of positive thought processes. And refuse to thrive and strive to better themselves, work with purpose to improve their general living environments, dietary meals, health, schools and overall communities.  Are productive-prosperous ‘Per-Suns” suppose to jeopardize their/our own financial freedoms, civil liberties and humane righteousness on lazy losers? Not on our dearly loved lives!!!

IN FACT OF REALITY: ColorKingdomNWCA, recruits rare royal rich talents; who have been stuck stupified, by being compelled to associate, get along with, and live close to those absolute dead beats. Therefore, this innovative enterprise openly offers objective opportunities, to those who have persevered, persisted, and has endeavored to uplift themselves, by all lawful-legal-honest ways-methods-means. VIABLE+VALUED  HELP HAS ARRIVED!!!!  

THROUGHOUT THE AGES OF TIME: From our ancient African or Mother Nature Earth’s humane Genesis Genius Gift of Artistic Grace; We’s & Us’s were disbursed. Thus spread pervasively all across the geographic map and planetary VegePlanTerrain

A Benefit Blessing in surreptitious disguise: Millions were world.gifforced into free labor slavery for centuries, while others migrated early on as the earthly body organism separated Herself, into continental plains, divided land masses, and islands; now called our Global-World-Nations.

PERFECT: Some potent seed sources were immigrants willingly traveling animation8-colorking-rotate.gifthousands of miles across the ocean-seas and mountains. Albeit, let us be very thankful, that our Biological Genetic gifts, genotype talented traits, Messenger RNA & Mitochrondrial DNA CODES, were/are everlasting-forevermore LOVE LIFE LIGHT!!!

In spite of severe outside weather, environmental climatic changes and or enslavement. Because We are right now “Free At Last” by ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE, of Her Healthy Happy Humorous Holistic Hunankind. Scientific Sapiens Species Specifics, named RACE!!!!

“Welcome to Black Liberation Radio
& Black Liberation TV”

Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs = Miracle Mystic Mind Money Magic + Cosmic Conscious Conscience CREATOR’S Occult Occurrences – Cognizant Clairvoyance ColorComplexTrix Currents = AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s Activated Ancient Ancestral Africa’s Actual Applied Awareness =$$$

TO LOVE THY SELF AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascend Ancient Ancestral Africa = COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts

ArtistCHD = CHRIST+HEART+DEITY=DIVINITY Indwelling ChristLikelyen vs Christian!! pt1

           Monetary-Financial-Economic Support-Clean Cultured Currency Contributions: DONATE TODAY RIGHTEOUSLY NOW…$$$                

color_kingdom_business111.jpg road.gif

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I'm The Original Creative ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, and CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!
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