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MARCUS-MOSIAH-GARVEY+Frederick Douglas+ Booker-Taliaferro-Washington +AmeriAfrindian Ascend ArtistCHD Ancient Africa’s Africoid Authorized, Anointed Appointed Artistry+ Authentic Ancestry = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts + Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson Garveymight + PanorAfrica = Africaspora!!!

   http://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=914533 Exquisitely exclusive; by which RICH+RARE+ROYALTY entitles his and her majesty. Honorably of the uppermost fine qualities, highly sophisticated supremely sublime styles of living. Well deserving to enjoy the superior splendor of therapeutic-aesthetic BEAUTY. Masterly manifested elegantly by the Son of SUNGOD’S LOVE LIFE … Continue reading

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