Love Goddess Mother Matriarch Madam MAAT = Femininity + Nature Earth’s Ancient Africoid Africa’s Ancestry + Avenger Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s aesthetic, authentic, authorized, appointed, anointed ARTISTRY = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts + Africaneers-Humaneers-Earthoreers!!


COLOR KINGDOM NWCA’S clean cultured currencies, circulating carousel of our Conscious Conscious Cosmic CREATOR. 21st Century CyberSpaceAge  Africaneers, Humaneers + Earthoreers Equals = LOVE GODDESS Mother Matriarch Madam MAAT. Love Peace & Harmony looked at from our occurring optical perspectives and seeing Her Feline Feminine attributes through the prismatic spectral hues, eyes, lens = real-live-vision of The Magnetic Field of the ColorComPlexTrix!!!

YES: Y’all ‘let your Love Life Light Locks, serenely shine sunny, before mankind-womankind-humankind, so that they might see your good artworks, and graciously glorify your Holy Heavenly Father SUNGOD!!!’’ And the plagiarized copycat translation of the our ancient ancestral Africoid Africa’s sacred scriptural scrolls, by European Western White written Bibles says: “Let your light so shine before men, that they might see your good works and glorify your father which art in heaven.” Butt, believe me, they have, criminally corrupted our Spiritual or Spiritious sayings by converting them into his racist religious sayings. And they often mean some fictitious white male “God”; up in the clouds or on earth as a physical human being Caucasian Caucasoid man; “Jesus” Lord & Savior incorrectly called CHRIST; who is our HORUS Divinity = CHD.

CKNWCA THE COMEFORTER, Server, Savior, Healer, Redeemer; has made me whole again, gave my mind a rebirth, being baby born in another time period. An acutalized awaking awareness. Plus+ patiently putting the perplexing puzzling pieces back together once more. Artfully forming = formatting my living bodily organism.  After being blatantly broken apart in many multiple pieces, shot point blank yet lives, facing fatal death, terrifying Trials & Tribulations, betrayals, back stabbings, disappointments, personal shortcomings. And I want especially our open-minded, flexible, receptive, impressionable White youths, 13 – 19 years of age, to learn these lessons and be taught truthfully the Africaneering artistries herein, My True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs. Read & Study Purposely + Patiently!

Blessedly, I’ve overcame them, outgrew those things triumphantly. ‘And this is the truest victory that overcomes religious faiths and bogus beliefs, and forevermore even overpowers our wicked world.’ Here again! Righteously reincarnated, refreshed, restored, reinstated, reinstalled, regenerated; in a meaningful method materially manifested, man made mythology come true. And as an authentic actualized artistry. So that I can remember who I was as an ascendant ArtistCHD, of our old-world ancient ancestry. These are pyramidal panorama phenomena drama of Heru = Horus and Seth; as written in mythological history, yet occurring in actuality inside myself, We’s & Us’s right now presently today! Yes, ‘The Christ Horus Divinity in me and you, the Humaneering hope of the Crown of Glory, is all and in all Africaneering Earthors.’

NOTE: Y’all look closely at the Heavenly Holy Cross Sacred Symbol of Spirituality, which was originated, invented, created by my ancient ancestors artistry of Africoid Africa, Egypt. And the solid ironclad proof is engraved in stone walls of monuments. Having absolutely nothing to do with some European White man’s death, “Jesus”; Christianity, nor his racist religions. =  Whites wrongly believing, falsely thinking that just because, they came into contact with what belongs to Africa’s Africoids, they discovered or invented it. Assuming that time simply stopped and began again, upon their mutant arrival. And claiming that its origins, beginning, started with them as Caucasian Caucasoids. However, they are fraud in fact liars. This is treachery, theft, rape and robbery!!!

TRUE MAATIAN “Christianity is an African religion” butt, better beneficially blessed, is that what our old-archaic world worshipped was wisdom. Through what I name to be Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs Religion. In essence energies that were/are Spiritualized, Solarized and Colorized. Instead of being monetized, profitized and capitalized!

Howsoever, the Europeans took it out and then corrupted it. Devolution instead of evolution. Demonized true African Christians, by converting them into Europeanized worshippers of some white male “God”. Robbing what was a Spiritious way of worshipping as opposed to a religious way of worshipping!

The white man made, manufactured religion came into being when Alexandra The Great-Greek, and other European CaucAsian Caucasoid creatures came into Africoid Africa Egypt. Wanting for the Africans to worship him/them as their “God”! And before that time, there was no such of thing called a religion existing on planet earth!

Dutifully NOTE: That nobody receives an automatic righteous rite of passage, nor PASS. Regardless of who they are, what you might think or believe that they are, heroes, celebrities, idols or whosoever they may be?! As long as they are clinging to, holding on to, worshiping with the word RELIGION; they are also of a culpable mental state of guilt, fault and blame!!!

No material matter if they call their religious leaderships “The Honorable” Tom-Dick or Harry or Joe Blow; they are individually, personally and collectively causing our Africoid African indwelling god-selves, innate, inborn Spirituality, to be misdirected, misguided into the European White Man’s Religions!!!

Which wicked western white witchcrafts, robs, rapes, steals and takes away our best, better benefit blessings. Leaving our “Black Families” depleted, our communities crumbling into corrosive corruption and criminality. Leading to substance abuses, child neglect, drug adictions legal or illegal poisons. Learning disabilites, and all manners of demonic disorders. This is invidious-insidious Institutionalized Racism, redirecting of our Spiritiousness, drains all of our righteousness. Impoverishing the minds and psychologies of Black & Brown youths. Perverting their hearts and Solar Sexus Souls, thus contaminating cognizant consciousness. Sucks the living blood out of the very neighborhoods that these imposed racist renegade rouge Reptilian Religions are housed, Inside Churches, Cathedrals, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples-Chapels or all sorts. It’s not the building structures in of them selves, butt, believe my telling y’all that it is the untruthful contextual contents of the congregations character. They are worshipping Arch Angel Antagonist Adversarial Alien Agents as their “God”; that are ant-Africa, anti-Maat, anti-Spirituality, anti-life, anti-health, anti-humanity, anti-sanity, so forth and so on indefinitely!

Today Under One HueMainLaw, there are no more lazy ass ace of spade sorry alibis and pitiful pious excuses, for anybody, in spite of their popularity, educational background, how many college degrees they have earned, nor how much money they own. They are Divinely Decreed Devil Damned, if in fact by now, they have not willfully “Divested themselves of all religions”!!!

1. Dr. Walter Williams Euro-Man’s Religion results_main&playnext=1&list=PLC02BC7C81C94FBF8

DIVINELY DECREED DEPOPULATION: All of these religious people worldwide, are destined to destroy each other, kill one another off, in bloody civil conflicts and worldly warfare. And every place or location over the globe of nations and continents, and islands, are living in a state of insanity and inhumanity due to the prolific spread of the cancerous, contagious contaminating disease of Capitalist Catholicism of falsified Christianity’s Christendom. “MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT” Harlot & Whore of Abominations of Planet Earth’!

Therefore, as an artistic ascendant Avenger ArtistCHD, I have raised cosmic conscious and uplifted the religious reality of the mindset, to a Real-Live-Vision. Equals = RealiVision vs. Religion!! Plus+ elevated expression of the wordings, enhanced to mean by definition: ChristLikelyen vs. Christian!! It is positively pure and currently cultured clean@ No historicity of enslaving others, nor of murders, rapes, robberies, raids, invasions, and military occupations. Read:

PRINCIPLES + PRIMARY PRINCIPALS: Producing positive progress. I’m talking truly about the very essential essence of wholesomeness, goodness, righteousness-uprightness and Spiritiuosness!

Although the names, labels, symbolic identities in words or languages written and spoken, often times differ in spellings. Their innate – intrinsic meanings remain stable, the same and constant in circulating currencies. Far before we attached these naming wording or nouns to these states of beings, they still existed as realities, perceived or unperceived, comprehended-apprehended or not sensed or understood. Therefore ChistLikeness = HorusLikeness!!

Nothing that I honestly proclaim and truthfully profess shall return unto me void, nor negatively nullified. And the fresh fruit of my labor is profusely prolific. As these healthy wealthy words of wisdom are being written in wiser wordings, the message is sent solemnly outwards and upwards into the Universal Powerful Forces of the Ether that Be! The “Ethersphere” (J.R.S.)

FEMININITY + MASCULINITY ‘s Dynamic Equalized-Equilibrium Biological Balance!! And perhaps, contrary to popularized points of views and opinions, this does not necessarily mean male and female, boy and girl, man and women as we know them to be physically or as material matter, living human beings or organisms. Butt more so to do directly with Eco-Electron Entity Energies: Love1Sex2Romance3!!!

1. The Worthy Worshiping of Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom, via LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature, the nurturing native-natural feminine attribute that bear, bored, incubated, delivered our new world born babies bare and butt naked, by Her center carbon core cradle of all humanity’s birthplace. Surely She was or use to only be a “Daughter”; before bearing an infant child or children, by which , She became a Matured Mother. And every female who is impregnated by male sperm cells having her ovum-eggs fertilized, she remains in one since a daughter of an initiating natural mother; butt, also becomes a mother in and of herself.

2. Therefore, the Mother Earth name stands legitimately based solely on common sensibilities, sanity and soundness of a reasoning rational thinking mind’s bright brilliant brain. So y’all make no mistake about this honest to goodness totally told truth!

3. Moreover, let it be known worldwide, that the type of heatlhful holistic healing Femininity CKNWCA, is talking about, has absolutely nothing to do with some so called “feminist” movement, “women’s liberation” nor “sexual revolution”, gay or lesbian sexual preference – orientation, etc.

4. Untruths, Misnomers, Falsehoods: “Women and Minorities”: Meaning that these statements were popularized by the very same local and mainstay media news reports, programming propaganda publications. Repeating these sayings redundantly, until people’s minds and brains began to believe in such bogusly bias bigotry, and invidious, insidious Institutionalized Racism!

5. Common senses should tell everybody that this is a racist expression of hate towards the females and males of each racial group, living here as citizens of America’s United States. Basically because there are men and women, boys and girls, who are considered a “Minority” group here in this country. Another divisive indoctrination vs unifying education. And what these cowardice Caucasoid Caucasian citizens, have done and still try to do, is to tap into nonwhites innate-inborn Spirituality. In order to suck support for their personal shortcomings as European Americans. Feeding on We’s & Us’s for financial food, fame and fortunes. Bringing people of color into their internal disputes, enslaving arguments, confusion-chaotic conflicts, domestic domineering White male controls. Which state of affairs, didn’t originate in Africa nor start by Africoid African Americans. What they truly mean are white women’s liberation, white women against white men, seeing how they both constitutes or equals the racially racist majority, oppressing-repressing-depressing our minority Melanin skin pigmentation and cultural color complexions. Facts of true reality!

6. Basically because, as Avenger Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, defines Mother MAAT’s innate nature, it is of an expansive, prolifically propagated, positive, progressive production. Implants having a plan, upon Her terrain being vegetation growing and developing while watered with fresh rains of pure truths. So what we have herein, hereon, is that which feeds, nourishes human bodily beings, living organisms as cell membranes with vital nutrients upon Her VegePlanTerRain. Read:

1. She is compassionate instead of being passionate principally; which is Masculine energies, fiery and sometimes hot tempered. Her truest innate inborn nature is one of nurturing, caring, concerned, and soft spoken, sensitive yet assertive as opposed to submissive or subservient. She’s never arrogantly aggressive nor egotistical. And these attributes resides to varying degrees in both sex-genders as males and females. Differing levels of hormonal substances such as testosterone and estrogen and several others. Allowing us to share, not as equals or as man and woman; howsoever, permit compatibility. [Ref. Dr. Min. Mr. Phillip Valentine The Grandmaster Intellectual Genesis Genius!!]

2. In other plan-o-simple words, females are meant to be equal to other females, and males meant to be equal to other males, and both male and female, were intended to be compatible with one another, between each other, etc.

3. Now lets deal with how things got all messed up, turned inside out, backwards, chaotic, confusing and conflicting!? Well some time ago in ancient Africa’s Africoid ancestry, some rulers, pharaohs, kings and queens got their roles mixed up. Excess = Extremes producing gross imbalances in biological intrinsic factors. Too many Matriarchs and not enough Patriarchs, in the African exeriences. Then our mutant members as Pinks & Whites as CaucAsian Caucasoid creatures came crowling out of the mountainous Caucasus caves as corrupt criminals,  causing the opposite occurence of far too many male Patriarchs. Imperfectly placed into positions seated on their powerful posteriors. (ass hole jerks) Prior to these unfortunate happenings, there where both father + mother, woman and man, god and goddess, female + male minded methods. As things were meant to be! Unified_ MATRIPATRIARCHAL!!

Fortunately: In “Archaic”, times of antiquity, pre-dynastic Humaniod planeteering Earthors, Feminine + Masculine principles as principalities were positively placed into positions perfectly. =Equably = Compatibly. Under One HueMainLaw.

And at these points in historical times, might we leave the so called CaucAsian Caucasoids out of the portrait picture for right now. And may we look closely at our own personal, individual and collective shortcomings as Negroids. What in the hell on planetary sphere earth happened? What and who went wrong? Shall we not be honest” Truthful?

4. For examples: as I’ve read some of our written history, my ancestry of ancient Africoid Africa Egypt, builders of pyramidal panorama phenomena, established the proper balances and weights and measures. Pre-dynastic and about 1-2-3-4 dynasties following in suit consegative. Then after which Rare Rich Royal Crown of Glory, days of decreed divinity as a divine declaration, infiltrators penetrated the foundational fortress. Financial fortunes were plundered and pillaged, woman taken as sex slaves, females raped and treasures robbed, degrading the values and worthiness or wholesome qualities. Internal civil conflicts, confusion and chaos. A lack of real brotherly and sisterly self-love.  And this allowed alien agents as antagonist Arch Angel Adversaries, intervene, intrude, interrupt, interfere with civilization.

5. NO No no, they didn’t come in as material matter manifested as human beings, or foreign forces; butt, invaded as Enemy Energy Entities. Internalized, emotionalized energetic efforts to overpower others. Inflicting wounds inside the thinking mechanism, rational reasoning apparatus, causing connection disruption between the ‘Finite Thinking Mind of Mankind & Infinite Intellectual Intelligence of the Universal Mind!!!’

6. Likewise, once these wounds were wide open, germs, bad bacteria interred the surrounding areas, generating more swellings, inflammation or inflamed feelings and over-excited emotions. Envy, jealousy and strife! Which effectually calcified cosmic contacts, clogging conscious communcation of the Pineal Gland. Plaguing plaques poisoned and polluted pure perfection. Stopping the circulating currencies, electrical wave lengths. Forming blood clots, cancerous deposits, built up criminalizing crap, feces, and toxic waste material matter. This unhealthy condition continued to fester, get infected or infectiously contagious, becoming a widespread wickedness and flagrant policy practice and pitiful pattern of politicized poisonous pollution!!

7. Ultimately the internalized affairs = afflictions, eventually showed up, revealing themselves as mutating cell membranes, vicious viruses, violent villains; inclusively, lepers of leprosy, albinos of albinism. Severed by The Sharp Two-edged Sword, cut assunder in the mind, imagination, and brain’s abilities to think in terms of truth. No longer able to process the sunshine of GODSUN’s radiat energies, leaving it bleached in appearance, pale pink, lacking Melanination.

8. White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, = over-reaction to inferiority psychopathy. The stage for down fall, degradation desolation began. Producing mutant members who were wickedness ways, wishing wanton witchcrafts, thus made manifest material matter. Reflections of internalized realities, became outgrowths, after this disease of pathology, psychopath people, resulting in a living human beings fact of reality. By-products of such toxic thinking, untruth telling, treacheries, torments and tortures, of one another, to extreme degrees of homicides and genocides!!!

9. HUMANOID’s insanity and inhumanity: created the chemical companion concoction; CaucAsian Caucasoid + Mongoloid via Negroid. Who came into being human bodies, exemplifying how hatred looks like. Impersonating how demonic deception appears to be not like it truly is, gulity and never innocent. Offspring mutant members inheriting their Africoid forefathers and foremothers bad-genotype traits via Messenger RNA + Mitochondria DNA CODES!!!

10. Yes White & Pink pigmented people’s populations, are the descendants of z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, Z-Brownxz Humanoids. Not as Africans in Americas, who are actual ascendants, being the originating migrants worldwide, from inside the geographical map of continental Africa. And many others of We’s & Us’s were living happily on the land masses that separated, sailed-shifted, drifted away from its Center Carbon Core Cradle. Just look closely at my artwork depiction. Y’all may call them Olmecs, Washutaw, Mayans, Native Indian indigenous inhabitants, or whosoever ya want to. These are who I name to be original Eathors!!!

The Ancient Olmecs (Part: 1 of14


1. Our intellect and intelligence, is what mutated first, with our cell membranes following suit likewise in accordance. And, causing combustion within the carbon core central brain and nervous system. Wrong wiring generating incongruent or conflicting currents of electrical wave lengths. Creating a misfit unfit firing disorder, disorientation, disorganization. A lopsided, one-sided hemisphere thinking brain. Concocted conflicts constantly engaged against the right side of the human brain, causing imbalance. In opposition to creative originality, constructive conscious, cosimic con-science and calmly composed compassion. Leading to desolation-destruction, decadence and ruins. The vibration frequencies were altered, thus shifted to a separatist sanctuary of sinister sciences. Sensed as being the Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

2. Consequently devilishly dire, the so identified as being ‘Black Moors as Islamic Muslims, were able to venture, explore, invade, occupy parts of what became Asia’s Europe; Spain and Portugal, bringing civilization to Whites & Pinks for about 800 years. Butt, they were unable to teach these uncivilized mutant members MAATIAN = LOVE PEACE & HARMONY!!!

3. So then Africa’s Africoids of later Egypt after being recognized as Kemet centuries earlier, taught these CaucAsian Caucasoids, their intellectual things of intelligence intrinsic factors. Expressly, the sciences, math, music, song and dance, instruments, cleanliness, culture, astrology-astronomy, so forth and so on educating Europeans – Eurasians. Unwittingly, unknowingly, failing to realize that they were the offspring, descendant children, progeny of Africa’s  Ascendant parents, guardians, overseers, mothers and fathers, etc.

3a. And plainly, simply did not and do not have the Spiritualizing capacity to comprehend creative evolution. Having no genetic programing or precedence to base anything ancient on; so they fabricatedd a dated history, as their educational subject in schools, colleges, universities. Mostly having Moorish or Black instructors, educators and professors!!!

4. Moreover, the demonizing down syndromes, demoting decadency, or Blacks of Africa calling themselves descendants, is due to this decay, deducting-deducing, desolation, denigration, degradation mentality. Taught and learned too. Or else, their activated Pineal Gland would allow them to see and envision how clogged and calcified their Solar Sexus Souls SYSTREAM, have become bias, and bogusly blockaded. Imitating, mimicking Whites of the Caucasian Caucasoids calcified condition and clogged conscience!!

5. Further still, I can envision, based on what I’ve gathered in my research studies, thorough investigations, in depth examinations; that first and foremost our masculine males influenced their feminine females, to start acting too much like them. For instances, the only way she could become the Queen of the King’s throne, was if she imitated his male egoism, arrogance and ambitions. Which led to imperialism and colonialism, the capture, entrapments, and enslavements of their own racial groups and other ethnic tribal families. Forcing them to come under or beneath one Ruler-ship of centralized civilization. The building of imperial Emperors empire!

6. Meaning when or after females start acting as if they are males, a silent subtle, yet sudden shift shakes the very foundations of what is Masculinity & Femininity!! The two are no longer compatible, and are in fact incongruent, conflicting currents that are completely confused and chaotic! And we can openly see this resulting condition being brought into a constant state of being by CaucAsian Caucasoids of today!

7. Imbalances began to happen, not necessarily because of male domineering passion, butt by females retreating, recessively into self-serving submissions. Figuring politicized power was more important than their natural womanhood. Going for the real gusto, the jewels, vanity’s visions of free gifts, treasure chests of gold, silvers, diamonds, rubies, pearls of capital cash currencies. And it often became a so call “man’s world”!

8. So then yawls, fully understand, ‘inner-stand and over-stand’ these truths totally told, that sexism can be seen as being self-imposed, as pay offs, and trade offs. Like credit cards that says, let me screw you today as a whoring harlot, and I’ll pay you back tomorrow. Be my freaking “hoe” right now and get paid a few hundred dollars by a corporatist trick. Don’t worry about the mental trauma, distress and displeasure, simply relax, give in for the big bucks, butt, better still lay lowdown smiling in dirty dealings. Pretend that it’s all glamorous, fun and games making money; as a bad ass bitchwitch! Financial freedom of choice! It’s cool with me?

10. Just remember you are on stage, camera as the whole wide world is watching. Looking at how one degrades themselves; males and female prostitutes of the satanic system, for the loving lust of money’s capital cash currencies. Cut a petty paycheck. And the only ones who can correctly change this sexist state of internal affairs, is when women relearn how valuable and worthy of them: to “Know Thy Self” + TO LOVE THY SELF!!!

11. Examples of females of maturity gambling against the odds of fate, forsaking their womanhood for political power positions, electoral votes, appointments of public offices, judicial courts of law, traditionally held by African males of Africa, and now here in the USA Euro-American males. Justice to name a notoriously known few: Ms Madeline Albright, Condoleeza Rice, Margaret Thatcher, Mrs Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno and many others. They are extremely misleading and misgiving!! Such superficial successes comes with a punitive price, punishing repercussions, retributions, revenges, against the female sex-gender. Domestic wife battering, separations and bitter divorces. Man hating females are generated, Female hating males are produced, and all inhumane hell breaks loose destroying the structure of the human family, black or white, rich or poor!!

12. This hatred is so hurtful with penetrating pains so profoundly deep, emotionalized energies, until males are often pairing off with other males, and females are frequently coupling off with other females. Commonly called gays, lesbians or “queers”. No prejudiced judgment is being made herein!



Fortunately, in operational, organizational order, to return to our pre-dynastic, Ancient Ancestral Africoid Africa’s rare-rich-royal roots, MAAT Mother Matriarch Madam LOVE GODDESS, then daughters of mothers, sisters, shall surely have to check themselves out first and foremost. Not try to lead the Sons of SUNGOD, butt, to direct their anger, madness, efforts and emotionalized energies, at their own female sex-genders. Questioning and challenging them, why do y’all want or wish to be a capitalist corporatist whore, unholy harlots for financial fortunes and flaming fame?

KEY QUESTIONS to kindly ask sisters, “this is women’s talk”: Why are you joining the armed services when we know that these war invasions are unlawful, illegal and in violation of International Laws? Why are you, my sisters, going over seas, wearing military battle fatigues, dressed like men, helping males mass murder other people of color’s pregnant female folks, bombing and shooting into their family homes, houses, apartments, businesses, schools, killing their infant babies, small kids, young children?

OK y’all, Rationalizations-Self-deceptions, Gross Distortion of Realities: I’ve heard too many of the sorry ass ace of spade excuses and silly alibis for committing crimes against earthly humanity; ‘I’m only doing my job, it’s my military duty, I’m only following orders…, I’m a real American, a true patriot serving my country… combating terrorism, fighting for our freedom, fighting for democracy, liberty, and justice, etc., etc., etc. Equals a bunch of stinking dog’s hockey!!!

Overall & In General, Impacting the American aggregate whole citizenry, well yawls, hear this truth, pay back is a real Mother F….er, Revenges, retaliations, retributions, are now coming on The Event Horizon, racing radically at astronomical speeds traveling through time and space exceedingly fast!

So anticipate on, and expect: The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature & Her Wild Wrathful Weather = 2012. As a direct and proximate results of being disobedient, hard headed, stubborn, “abrasive”, obstinate, uncooperative, unlovable, argumentative, vociferous and unfeminine. Which is the very opposite of HER MAAT and antagonistically against Worshiping Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom !!!

Moreover, a female do not have to pretend to be a male, just so that she can make it in the big banking business, capitalist corporatist criminal world of corrupt crooks. She servers sisters, daughters and mothers, in more meaningful manners, by being a lady of self-respect, and a wise woman’s Dignity Digital Divinity.

The SOLAR SEXUS SOUL; She serves selflessly, soundly, sanely and submissively; while having Her calm composure and showing compassionate caring concerns. She feeds the tribal families SOULFOOD. By better beneficially blessing the dinner table and every item upon everybody’s plates to eat. Through the Spiritualized realms of invisible unseen realities, inclusively by concurrent chemistry, bio-physics, musical metaphysics; Mother MAAT, faithfully and dutifully decontaminates, detoxify the dietary dishes; whatsoever, they might be? Even a poisonous snake’s venom that is usually lethal or deadly, can be converted into an immune system’s protection and naturalized defense = anecdote!!! A healthy holistic holy healing. Constituting a clean cultured cure!

“Homo-Gender” instead of sexual, means a one sided, lopsided left hemisphere brain use, in its excess. Causing imbalances between the left and right, feminine and masculine, male and female Love Peace & Harmony!!!

YES: Right here I’m talking about the left and right sides or hemispheres of the human brain. Just as the Butt has two sides. With the left one doing the rational reasoning, analytical and mathematical thinking. And often grounded in the ego, negative charged energies, not to mean bad or good. And the right side deals with original creativity, imagination, intuition, instincts and Spiritual comprehension and or Spiritious apprehension.

Albeit, the natural born creator artists are able or have the native ability to use both hemispheres, simultaneously, or synchronistical symphony, in dynamic equalized-equilibrium bio-balance. Meaning artfully applying Feminine + Masculine energy entities dually, doubly as if they were identical twins. Basically because our biological, physiological, psychological wiring systems are aptitude and attribute oriented, preprogrammed, through the Messenger RNA + Mitochondria Double-Dual DNA CODES!!

Symphonic Synchronization Synthesis: A homonymous + hormonal blending, smoothing + soothing Love Sensation Spirit Sublime; A Love Merry-Go-Round, Lovely Love Song, My Truest Love I Found. Listen to MP3

We’s & Us’s use colors of the prismatic spectral hues for full Artistic Expressions. Adding tones, tints, tans, shades – shadows, for depth and dimensions. And poetically our objectives are to talk truthfully, articulately, in a revolving, rotating rhythmic and rhyming cadence and heart beats of impulses and pulsating percussions of thoughts. Artfully forming paved patterned pathways, so that manifesting material matter take shape and structure. As we breath the breaths of life into the overall and in general artistic composition, calm composure contextual contents of character. In operational, organizational order to produce or create clean cultured currencies, as climatic charged changes!!!

To compensate for his lack of Spirituality, the Euro-Anglo-American White man uses is concocted concept of Religiosity. To explain away what his intellect can not comprehend, so he’s short stopped. Due to a totally or partially or semi-calcified Pineal Gland, producer of Melanin hormonal substances. And which generates genesis geniuses as authentic artistries who are also actualized into realities being real living per-suns and hue-mans as Sons of SUNGOD. MASTER1 Melanin Media = Mastermind Messiah Mental Models!!! Read:

I envision and imagine: That only about approx 10% to 12% Rare Rich Royal CaucAsian Caucasoids, can currently use, apply or employ these percentages of their “Third Eye” Pineal Gland gift of Melaninated skin pigmentation and color complexions. Therefore, he tries to enslave darker skinned people of color, to exploit them expediently, suck up and siphoned out, systemically and systematically rob and rape them of their innate, intrinsic, inborn Spiritual qualities, values and virtues. So he foolishly thinks, he’s supremely superior now today! The greatest superpower on planet earth…eh? Well, we’ll soon see!

Although, not necessarily by physical force directly, butt, by indirect impositions of religious politicized policy practices. Compelling people of color, to have to work and survive within the confounds of his “Honky Ideology”! As he insist on being the wicked witchcraft White whip Cracker!!

Moreover, the other indecent, unholy, ungodly 88% to 90% Caucasian Caucasoids, are completely devoid of being able to use their; potential, Spirituality in a wholesome and positively productive manner. Due to the calcification closing off this Cosmic CREATOR’S connecting currencies. And instead of honestly hiring a healthy number of Z-Blackxz, Z-Bluexz, Z-Brownxz; these thuggish thieves has historically decided that inhumane hatred and hideous hostilities would serve their financial best interests; permanently.

So they went around hijacking… and go about their merry way and happy honky dory allegory told untrue story telling. Stereotyping, degrading-denigrating, undermining, marginalizing, criminalizing, racially discriminating against, Africans, Mexicans-Asians-Latinos, Eskimos, Native Indians-Afrindians. Thus constructing destructive slave plantation-farms-ranches, reservations, jails and prisons and a heavy policing force to uphold racist White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes of the Sorcerers Sinister Snake Serpent System SATAN!!!

By the very same black token, now being spoken and Spiritual benefit blessings are also being broken: And made inaccessible to about the same percentages of African Americans and or darker pigmented skinned people of color too!! Approx. 88% to 90% nonwhites call themselves religious, belonging to untruthful, man made, manufactured myths; 1. fictitious – falsified Christians of Christendom’s Christianity, 2. Assumed, alleged “The Prophet Mohammad” Islamic Muslims. 3. The Jews – Jewish Judaism. Are the primary principal ones that blocks out true Spirituality or Spiritiousness, and calcifies the Pineal Gland, brain’s thinking minds with Religiousness!!

Guess who concocted, invented all three of the above Religions? Why wouldn’t y’all know it, that they were the European White & Pink pigmented people belonging to the Roman Catholic Church Caucasian Caucasoid Capitalist-Corporatist-Colonialist Vatican Popes, pedophile priests, bishops and criminally corrupt clergy!!!

YES: These bloody medieval mad men and dark age viciously violent villainous vampires, are sucking Spiritual sensations sublime straight out of the bodies, minds, hearts and Solar Sexus Souls of HUEMAIN-KIND!!!

Every time they bow down on their weary knees, before church alters, shrines, worshiping their fraudulent, falsified, fabricated faker concept of “God”; these foolish faith followers surrender their alms, armor, there natural immunity arms of self-defense. Giving up the Divinely Decreed protections from invading demonized dispirits, alien agents, enemy energy entities. They open the closed doors for unfortunate things to occur in their lives, generating a strong sense of impoverishment, feeling poor, even in the financial midst of wealth and health. They habitually think that they are sick, ill, ailing and in dire need of popping pills, proved to be poisonous pharmaceutical pollutions!

They tend to overeat food products, always hungry having huge appetites and or to the opposite degrees of excess by depriving themselves of food‘s vita-nutrients-nourishment. Like drinking alcoholic beverages to excess, into intoxicated states being drunk to deaden the pain and suffering so severely hurtful and harmful. Some enjoy doing drugs of sorts to numb sensitivities. Internalized religions, imposed on them by customs, traditions, social functions, schools, colleges and businesses. Having to live with and among lopsided, left sided brain thinking citizens, who are simply following orders and commands dictated to them by those seated in religious political power positions. Those thuggish criminal crooked cops, racist renegade rouge Reptilian police petty patrols, Law Enforcement Officials, corrupt City Councils-Mayors, Governors and U.S. Presidents; who only feel safe and secure, when repressing-depressing-oppressing, controlling and dominating the poor down trodden masses!!!

The Snake Serpent SYSTEM SATAN: Knows that its time is up, has run out and his end is near at hand. And plans and plots to take as many down with Him underground, beneath the earth’s crust to it’s center carbon care of Holy Heavens Hades Hell Fires!

Therefore, he sends out his sinister scientists, sick sorcerers to scourge societies with civil disobedience, religious rebellions, revolutions that help self-destruct all counties and nations worldwide. Causing combustible criminality to run rampant, out of control crowds, mobs of gangsters, hoodlums, thuggish thieves, hateful heathens of upheaval hostilities and every foul, and unclean, uncultured human being, bird and beast of burden.

RACIST REPTELIAN RELIGIONS; Were well winged wickedness witchcrafts. Intended to causes chaotic confusion, internalized. As the satanic ship sinks suddenly, people are angrier and madder like never before in modern history. However, this giant CaucAsian Caucasoid creature, Mean Mongoloid Monster, that they helped construct by building bogus, bias, bigoted empires of racist hatred, it falls upon them in financial finalizing fatalities!!! Case closed and a new one opened!

Therefore, to break all of the above lingo down to their simplest art forms, what is happening is that these Euro-centric leaderships, frightfully and fearfully feel as though they are loosing controls and dominance over nonwhites of Africa, Americas, Asia, “Middle East” and else where. Hysteria has set in generating psychopathic political policy practices in Anglo-America, Europe and in The State of Israel, where Whites, whatsoever, they want to called themselves religiously, are historical hatemongers and warmongers!! Occupying people of color’s homelands, countries, and nations. So they are sabotaging all signs of stability, safety and security. Breaking family structures up, turning tribes against each other in religious strife, civil conflicts and warlord warfare!

YES: These elitist rulers, capitalist-corporatists criminals are Caucasoid Caucasians, who are wiping out the entire middle class citizenries of their own ethnic or racial groups. Thus re-enslaving them into financial debts so that these filthy rich rulers can compel them to pay the price for funding their wicked wars worldwide. Forcing these centered classified sections of societies, nationally and internationally, to foot the capitalizing cash currency costs. And there is nothing that they can do about it, ( by nonviolent marches, rallies and peaceful protests), butt, cough up the money or else, be persecuted, having their bank accounts frozen and money garnished, taken away from them by the stealing States, Internal Revenue & Federal U.S. Government!!!


No doubt in my rational reasoning logical thinking mind’s left side sensible brain, realistically seeing how that the extra or excessive dead weight of adiposity religiosity, is being trimmed off. As a mandatory must do, git-rid of these toxic tissue terrorist clinging to the living organism of the bodily planetary sphere earth!

Because basically they have had their ways of worshipping wickedness and witchcrafts, sorceries in the negative name of democracy, freedom, liberty and justice for themselves, excluding all others who look different than themselves. Racial discrimination and ethnic eliminations persist to plague the subjected victims of invidious, insidious institutionalized racism. And coming to a dead end is all of their vicious violence, vulgar hooplas and yelling obscenities, shouting profanities, screaming cursing languages, as the F…word and N….word!!

The masses of people’s populations, has already and still are eating whatsoever unkind types of food stuffs of their likings, consuming poisonous polluted products according to their personal choices, hungry appetites, lustful desires, wants-wishes and needs. So be it!!!

Although, it is crucially critical circumstances compelling citizenries to change. Regardless of whether or not they are willing, cooperative or none compliant. Multitudes of millions of members of the inhumane family tribes are on death row, butt simply just plainly don’t know so! Yet JUSTICE JUDGMENT is Divinely Decreed Deliberated & Declaration Day Definitively Decided!!!


MAATIANEER: My True-Up U-Turn Harambee Real-Live-Vision via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: means artwork-networking together righteously to make meaningful productive, positive progress. Unification of our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions: black-brown-red, tan, yellow, white-pink pigmented people’s populations. An Americas Afrindian Actualized Artistry: constructively composed creatively in dynamic equalized-equilibrium bio-balance!!

Specifically and strictly infusing our 10% to 12% common decent Whites; into the “Black Liberation”; education, indoctrination, orientation of MAAT Mother Madam Matriarch Love Goddess!

Basically because, We’s & Us’s don’t need, want, nor desire the indecent bad-bio-seed genotype trait 88% to 90% wicked white mentality. That of the demonic dominating and capitalist controlling corporatist, colonialist corrupt criminals; as CaucAsian Caucasoids. Expressly, those who are anti-Africa, anti-Africans in America, anti-Black-Blue-Brown pigmented per-sunsmelaninated skin human beings of Negroid, as ascendants of Africoid Africa!

Moreover, lets say, good Whites, are replacing our self-hating Blacks as American Africans as citizens of the dis-United States of Anglo-America Al Qaeda. This infusion of Uncletomism, Selfhatism + Samboism, is a mental state of culpability, self-incriminating conditions, that these bad seed wicked whites, concocted so that the mindsets of nonwhites would be subservient by default. Automatically subjecting the self as victims of compelling circumstances, perpetrated by the Euro-Americans, butt, perpetuated by African Americans, at a rate or ratio of 88% to 90%, paralleling the racist Caucasoid Caucasian creatures!!

FACTUAL REALITY OF TRUTH 100%+: All those, each and every one them, who are going under the Title name Harambee, and not portraying-honoring and paying just respects to this posted Cote of Arms; which is exquisitely exclusive to Africa’s Africoid Kenyans; are criminal crossbones pirates. Fraud in fact liars, phonies and fakers!!! Baring nobody, black-brown, pink or white! Period.

YES: We’s & Us’s have some stupid so called “Conscious Community” allegedly “All Black” supposed to be loving Africans in America. Butt, believe my telling y’all, a number of them, are perhaps a few naive members; are unwittingly, stealing from other poor, impoverished African Kenyans. By using, exploiting expediently, the national name Harambee, and at the very same time, acting as if it is not attached to, Kenyans. Doing so demonically, in similar sick ways as do these racist Europeans and Anglo-Americans, when they act as if, the country Egypt is not in Africa. This neglect is devilishly Seth’s arrogant ambitious ego, enemy energy entity, artless attempts to usurp justice and uproot righteousness. Idiot foolishly trying to go up against Avenger ArtistCHDChristHorusheartDivinity. And we know who is winning or won via The Heavenly Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How.

 Meaning that whosoever, are the violators, trespassers, thieves, they are guilty as charged. Baring nobody!

Likewise, to ignore = ignorant wanna-be black leaders, who wish to misled others into believing or thinking that they are filled with a loving heart and spirit. However, these stated facts of truth, reveals otherwise. Because, just because, my brothers or sisters says they love me, don’t give them some lawful, legal, ethnical, moral rights to rob, rape, raid my house, our tribal families, taking our valued nationality, local identities, logos, national symbols, names and titles, expressly, the wording: Harambee! These thieves who fail repeatedly to mention the true originators, the inventors intentions, in whatsoever cases, are practicing the exact opposite of MAAT’s Love Peace & Harmony!!!

Rock Offense+Stone Defense True MAAT+HARAMBEE Africa Kenya Coat of Arms = National Emblem +Ancient Africa Ancestral Authority AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD+Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts = WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER+ Positive Protests!!! pt1

YES: The “Occupy Wall Street” young White youths minds are opened up, ready to receive the positive principles of MAAT. Their brains and cell membranes are being cultivated, tilled, turned out in a rotating repetition. Aerating their thinking and thought processes of information interception. Now is the perfected time period, to plant the potent seeds of Ancient Ancestral Africoid Africa. While our own Black scholars in the White institutions of learning, in colleges and universities, their minds and brains are “on lock down”! They are parts and parcels to the politicized problems and poisonous pollutions, and can’t be member mindsets of the problem solving solutions! Butt, these receptive White youngsters, esp. teenagers, are pliant, loosened up, fertile minded, and righteously ready to help humanity produce a different world to live in. The good Euro-Anglo-American kids, boys and girls are to be taught through the talented total truth telling OCCUPYNEER CKNWCA THE COMFORTER.

Fortunately & Unfortunately: There are several incompetent, inept versions of Kenya’s Harambee, Maatian online Internet World Wide Web digital media programs; butt, their main messages are perpetually falling fatally on death ears that are waxed closed. Even the TV & Radio shows, ideas of “Black Liberation” has been repeatedly planted upon hard headed grassroots grounds, never penetrating the minds of our Black youth, for the most part. Because, they are addicted to crazy crap which sounds and tastes good to their pallets, and feels right to their unthinking mindsets.

Therefore, the media messages, has to be heard, received by those talented artists, who will critically look into certain broadcasts, analyze the key information, then symphonic synchronizing and synthesizing the collected digitalized data. Sexualize, Spiritualize these morally matured – cultured realities. Without shame nor apologetically. Reconstitute it, reaarange it, recompose it, then instate and install this recluse information. Thus via the Internet’s World Wide Web Sites; mass media marketing and Promocracyeering – promoting a newly defined meaning to the contextual contents of character of the thoughts. Transform, translate, transfigure them through Authentic Authorized Artistry.

ESSENTIAL ENTITY ENERGIES: Or else no positive progress is possible, no material matter how many years the talk radio shows have been on networks publicizing their broadcasts. Expressly, due to them being inauthentic, unauthorized, and not legitimately genuine, regardless of their good intentions, hopes and beliefs.

ChristHorusheartDivinity vs Seth, as false brothers who want to take the place of HORUS, the called and chosen and commissioned artistic Kindhearted Kinky KING of COLORKINGDOM. They are defeated and or destroyed, and put back into their lower positions and lesser stations in human life where they belong. As I’v explained in details, herein, all violators, trespassers shall surely be blocked from earning or receiving a righteous rite of passage or Pass. Development and wholesome growth stunted or stopped. With their Pineal Glands calcified having their innate-inborn Spirituality cut off, temporarily or permanently, until they do indeed repent, show honest remorse and sincere regrets for their wrong doings, evil acts, or simply die in their sinister satanic system’s slavery!!!

HUEMAINLAW: And y’all take dituful NOTE: That the Per-Sun as a biological-physiological Son of SUNGOD VegePlainTerRain VegeLeoAugustan AmeriAfrican ArtistCHD, knows naturally, natively how to successfully plant potent seeds in well cultivated Soils = SOLAR SEXUS SOULS  Spirit Source Science System = Systream!!! Read


“Psychologists calls relative deprivation”; means no material matter how much money a person or people have, fifthly rich they are, it is not ever enough to satisfy their desire or lusting love for more money. Insatiable hunger to hoard wealth, even at the incredible cost and expense to other human beings.

Furthermore, the primary principal problems to be solved, are the public people’s populations. Because, they are the ones who wish and want to buy into the major mainstream media’s poisonous, polluted, political propaganda. Thinking that they are going to get paid higher salaries, receive great bonuses, and all other advantages over the OTHERS.

Fatally falling for filthy finances, unmercifully made money, manufactured merchandise, through slave labors, child labors, sweat-shops of human oppression, repression-depression of wages, health conditions and humanity.

Gluttonous greed is a widespread practice and flagrant pattern, occurring across the nations and international, worldwide. It’s now built into the very fabric, structure of societies, families, communities, countries globally. As activated MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses” = Pathogens + Psychogons!!

Therefore, the toxic tissue terrorists are citizens as an aggregate whole, overall and in general citizenry. Two-legged upright walking human beings, acting as if they were uncivilized wild ass animals, preying upon one another for monetary profit gains, to increase their capital cash currencies. Thus requiring the concoction or creations of poverty’s poor down trodden masses, so that those love lusting for more meaningless money can constantly increase or add to their already existing wicked wealth!

Most of us, esp. Americans are actually wealthy and healthy, butt, believe that we are unhealthy and not wealthy. So then this became a self fulfilling prophecy, that can and will and is causing criminality, corruption of citizenries. Those vulnerable, gullible greedy gluttons, who persist to think that they are poor and impoverished in the materialistic sense, however, this is a conditioned state of mindset. One that is induced, or produced by the local limbs of the leading mainstream major media and their owners of Capitalist Corporate Conglomerations!!!

Generating the giant appetite and hunger and senseless feeling of starvation, which in turn prompts people to try and get more, acquire lots of goods, buy and spend, borrow to get more at once, regardless of the adverse repercussions. In spite of the ominous debt slavery that they are surely going to get themselves entrapped by. And these lustful loves of having things in excess of a need, permeates every sector of societies. Every niche has been penetrated, every cell membrane is programmed to strongly desire lots more of everything, perceived as being good, flavorful-savory, sweet tasting, sounding good, feeling like it will add to the quality and value of human beings lives or lifestyles. So be it!

Holy Heavenly Father SUNGOD + LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature forbids, and they are highly resisting any attempts to expand, spread any further this insanity of inhumanity!! Curses consequently deadly dire, for gluttonous greed in its every conceivable artless forms. This strictly and specifically means, that each and every personal individual, and collective people’s populations at large, living extravagantly, sumptuously, far in excess to their natural-native needs, are Divinely Decreed Devil Damned. Decisively Deliberated Day of Justice Judgment; as One Humanity Under HueMainLaw!!!



YES: Listen up closely and pay attention: He talks about being Blacks, Freedom of Choice to name our own selves and having the word Black imposed upon Africans in America. Now a new generation of children who has chosen to be Black. And for the first time in history, howsoever, some have chose to not be Black, and wish to think that they are White. “Psychologically still enslaved” Interesting lecture:

Dr. Naim Akbar 1.

“Our minds are more enslaved today, than 300 years ago.” These racist whites took our bodies, no doubt, butt, because of our persistent struggles to overcome them and their terrorist tyranny, that body did get free and physically liberated. And to reinforce this, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, signed into Legislative Law, The Emancipation Proclamation. To the extent that it is today, except for jails and prison plantations of 21st century slavery!

Yet too many nonwhites, will ask, “what is all that black stuff about”; “what is all of that African talk all about?” “I’m just an American, a person, a Christian, an Islamic Muslim, a democrat, a republican, a man, a woman, etc., etc., etc. Equals idiotic ignorance – ignoring what one truly is, who they really are, Africans in America as z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, z-Brownxz!!!

 YES WE’S & US’S: are the truest leaders of the national, international and GlobalWorldNations Revolution = Revolutionary Evolutionary Creation. Everybody, baring none; are Commanded to come clean cultured beneath the encompassing Dimensional Domain & Systream of Comforter Commander Chief COLOR KINGDOM NWCA. Doing so willingly, peacefully, cooperatively; or by forces of compelling circumstances and conditions; imposed and or employed through HUEMAINLAW!!

Humane thinking people can not stop the filthy rich and wickedly wealthy rulers, elites, tyrants, corporate capitalist crooks and criminal cops of corruption, until they stop those citizens who support them. Meaning middle and upper class American citizens, who make up the assumed or estimated 99%. The bulk of the aggregate whole of the public people’s population.

Therefore, the civil conflicts, disruptive behaviors, dissidents, disobedience, is appropriately aimed at those OHTERS, who call themselves being real patriots. And all anarchist warfare, violent physical protests, is to be also targeted at those being paid, hired, holding down certain corporatist capitalist career jobs. Doing the actual underhanded dirty works and evil acts and devilish deeds. They are supporting these worldly wars, invasions upon sovereign nations lands. These careless employees are serving satanic stations in societies, dispensing the poisonous pharmaceutical pills, polluted vaccines, and spreading germs inside hospital wards of unseemliness and lack of sanitation. These are activated dispirited demons!

Likewise; it is the registered voters who put these lying politicians into public offices, and then they hire the police chiefs, sheriffs, to enforce the laws in oppressive, depressive, repressive ways and means at their discretion. It is these supporters, who sit up on self-righteous juries, in judgment of others who are not necessarily their peers. They work for the local and mainstream media news, which sends out advertising propaganda that is harmful to the healing and health of citizens. It is the money madness behind it all!!!

Therefore, as the Civil War begins, it has to be brought on by internalized divisions between the general public, over all citizenry. As opposed to trying to overthrow, overpower the States & U.S. Federal Government body. And the petty patrol police, county, city cops, are in the mix and messs. Those coming in between the warring factions, militarily as need be, allegedly, to defend and to protect, those of us who are law abiding citizens. Deemed not to be psychotic activists, nor insanely angry,  over their enslavement.

Others are innocent, not guilty of self-hate as of the the human body’s holistic health. And these saved, redeemed and delivered people, never has been middle or upper class status in the first place. Never owned a spanking brand new automobile or had homes built to live in and or rent out to tenants. Never had high paying jobs, above minimum wages, don’t participate in the political process, never voted in their entire lives or very seldom ever did. Nor joined the Arms Services, in war times, volunteering unwisely and as an aggressor!

“We have a responsibility to take civilization to its next level” Dr. N. Akbar. And we are to teach our open-minded, young teenage whites, anti-racism youths esp., how to repair, restore, reinstate and reinstall Love Goddess Mother Matriarch Madam MAAT!

These specializing 13 to 19, 20 to 30 years old of age Euro-Anglo-Americans, are to be trained, taught truthfully through CKNWCA. They are studying the posted blogs with long winded breaths, persevering to understand, endeavoring to comprehend and trying to apprehend what is wisely written in words. They are studying strategically, following various links and URLs, that may be listed at intervals; by opening up additional windows. And after these truly good decent White youths, learn these lessons well enough, they then teach others of their peer groups; of their own age brackets.

And avoid attempting to tell these stubborn, hard headed older adults, parents, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, cousins, relatives, neighbors, anything. No one needs their outside opinions, approval, authorized say so in the least. This is what I name 21st CyberSpaceAge Civil Disobedience. Detesting so called love ones dictating democracy, resisting mis-education, wrongfully taught American and world history. Silently, quietly = peacefully and nonviolently, just plainly by reading, writing and arithmetic, studying the issues and tissues truthfully. Weaponized Warriors; refusing to allow some stupid adult, unknowledgeable politician, preacher, priest or teacher, impose their religions and politics upon them. This constitutes White Liberation Divinely Decreed Deliberation!!

Lessons to learn as leaders for Caucasian Caucasoid Children: Y’all don’t need slaves to serve you, and nor do you have to have inferior nonwhites to make yourselves feel superior. As a White youth, you don’t have to join the Armed Services, in wartimes, just to be used as an aggressor. You never again have to act patriotic just to please parents, politicians and other ignoramuses who think that by going to foreign wars, intervening, invading, intruding into others internal affairs is being American. Allegedly fighting for democracy, freedom and liberty for those subjected victims being forced under military police state Occupations.

You may marry into any racial-ethnic group of your liking or choosing. You are free to date and mate and interracially form wedlock unions. You don’t have to become vulgar, profane or yell obscenities at others, officials, authorities, just to fit in with the in-crowds. Remember to dutifully NOTE vs Vote, a police officers is not ‘ya man, a pig, a dude or guy’, and know for sure what their personal names are and individual badge numbers, Mr. or Ms, Sir or Mam. Or join some inner city youths as slum ghetto thugs and river rat hoodlums. Because, that’s a grossly distorted and stereotyped image of African American Blacks. And know when y’all see these unkind types of urban dwellers, that the wicked white capitalist corporatist system of SATAN, created or concocted these enslaved mentalities of meaninglessness!! They don’t know themselves, “and your identity is the basis of your sanity…and when you don’t know yourself, then you’re cursed.” (Dr. N. Akbar)

Moreover, yawls White kids are not to try and lead Blacks & Browns, butt, focus your attention and energized efforts on recruiting and bringing into your newly found family fold, those like unto yourselves. This strategy is very important to know, how that most self-identifying, self-loving people of darker Melanin skin pigmentation, live these terrible realities. Those imposed by people who may look just like y’all White youths. So be sensitive towards what you say and who you say it to. Study, study, study, read-read-read My True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs today.

‘Many of the young teenagers of today are spun by “an alien seed“, intellectual bewitched bitch-bastards, who don’t know who their fathers are, not in the bio-physical sense, butt, brain and mind wise.’ Our ancestors fought fearlessly for financial fitness, freedom, fairness and equable opportunities to advance African American Blacks & Browns. Doing so while still in the surreptitious midst of hostile, hateful, racist Euro-Americans. Demanded that their children receive an education in various schools, colleges, universities.

Nothing about freedom here in America is free. There’s a price to pay for every worthwhile quality and value in human life. Effort and self-determination for starts.

However, dumbfounded and confounded, too many youngsters know not what they do. And their parents were not able or knowledgeable enough to teach them properly; specifically about themselves and true history; of the highest achievement successes. Bright brilliant brains of inventive, creative genius; they have been wrongly taught not to recognize it when it appears, and may think or believe that it is abnormal, weird, strange, crazy or even worse than that. Taught by wicked Whites; meaning those who are, to attach negative names and adverse labels to the things and talented artistries that manifest themselves, sanely, soundly and sensibly. Yet they have lost their common senses, and their would be activated Spirituality is neutralized, unavailable and nonfunctioning. An unfortunate reality!

Totally misled astray and deceived by the Antagonist Arch Angel Adversarial Alien Agents = negative, evil enemy energy entities. They don’t know where they came from, don’t know where they are going, and many do not listen up closely enough to words of wisdom, spoken and written, so that they may find out the righteous way to go and correct paths to take! Lost losers forevermore!!

So let it be because, the correct answer has come, is here, has arrived via CKNWCA, to instruct, direct and guide our oncoming generation of offspring children, at a very early age. Before they become contaminated by contagions of capitalist corporatist criminality and conglomerated corruption!!! Before these young teenage kids are over-exposed to educational-indoctrination of fictitious fraud in fact lies of leading liars!!!!

So then y’all, it is understandable why we are so sickened, tired and fed up with White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. And Avenger Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, knows why our people of the Americas and else where, act so crazy, stupid, dumb, ignorant at times. It is due to instinctive, intuitive efforts to survive, the MAAFA, Black & White holocausts, deprivation, degredation of desolation and devil damnation!

Nevertheless, these are only challenges of changing currencies, cataclysmic climatic charged circuits. Compelling circulating circumstances, asking no questions, yet demanding and commanding that all humanity regain its sanity, and free themselves from their inhumanity. Or else, face finalizing fatalities, to decisively begin, initiate on January 1, 2012 punctually at: 12:00 am. DIVINELY DECREED DELIBERATED DECLARATION DAY OF JUSTICE JUDGMENT + HUEMAINLAW!!!


“The enemy of organization is self-hatred”; So called Blacks as African Americans tend to hate themselves, internally, more so than hating White Supremacy outside ourselves. These people of color are not really looking for effective solutions, where they might have to make sacrifices, spend their money, invest finances. Butt, what they want is an easy way out in order to keep on having faith in the social order of their White oppressors, repressors, depressors!!!

As examples: ‘Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, made two big mistakes, for one he believed that white people would change, and secondly he thought that black Americans could endure.’ Overcome someday. (Ref. Dr. A. Akbar)

Although, disorder, derangement, disappointment, is the resulting realities apparently today 2012. And it is far too economically profitable for Whites to change the disorganization, disorientation in the African Americans atmosphere and living environments. The more meaningless sicknesses, ailments, viruses and diseases, make more money for Anglo-Americans to feed and feast upon as beastly birds of prey. Predatory people profiteering parasites!!!

Therefore, it is a mandated must, that those Blacks or Negroes or Colored People, be made to StopPointBlankPeriod. Forced to cease their dependencies, hopes and aspirations on the livelihood of racist renegade rouge Reptilian Religious faiths and bad beliefs! Which were concocted by wicked witchcraft white Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!!! Plus+ suffering from “Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder.”

“The word God can only be used as a religious purpose, that’s what it was intended for“, man made this religion; which no human being was born with. Which was only, expressly, the indwelling Spirituality as a Solar Sexus Soul per-sun. And this is why I’ve made a True-Up U-Turn in my thinking and how I look at things, and this different perception, changes the climatic conditions of my mind. And Spiritiously as a Son of SUNGOD, means one single word and not two single words.

Positively defined to mean by Divinely Decreed Determination + Deliberation: It is unified in organizational, operational order, to install, instate totally told truths, among womankind, mankind, humankind. ‘ Now today intended to be what I say it is to be. As I’m endeavoring to keep the unity of the heart-mind-spirit, union of humanity in the beauteous bond of Love Peace & Harmony‘, as ONE Under HueMainKind’s HueMainLaw!!!

These imposing European Whites, have forced human beings to come outside of their native-natural inborn Spiritual sensibilities, so that they could replace it with their concocted concept of “God” as a white male and person being human. This superimposed falsehood upon the conscious, contaminates, corrupts the conscience of people worldwide. Turning their Europeanized religious worshipping into the Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR, of the Infinite Intellectual Intelligent Universal Mind of All Mighty Divine Grace!!!

Therefore, I Have defined these truths to strictly reflect the ONE and Only GODSUN shining serenely in the Holy Heavenly shies; within our immediate GlobalWorldNations. An apparent Real-Live-Vision, obvious optical seeing eye having a center carbon core of pure Blackness!!! The very genesis genius, beginning baby born birth of life’s art forms. Radiant rays of prismatic spectral hues of the Energized Electromagnetic Field of the ColorComPlexTrix!!!

The dimensional domain and Solar Systream in which Earthors, or earthly human beings in physical material matter manifestations live inside. It Presides over our whole wide world. Its presence is crystal clear and not imagined, made up, butt realistic, active, alive, blazing-burning fiery flames forevermore, everlasting long leading Love Life Light Locks!!!

This stated SUNGOD, is not an object of idol worship, hero honoring, nor of a religious faith following. Basically because this MASCULINE energy entity, is a Genesis Genius Generator- Gifted Giver, Creator or Creation of a larger, bigger, and Ultimate Comic CREATOR. And We’s & Us’s are smaller hue-mains, per-suns, little creations or creators branching outgrowths of the invisible, unseen, Spirit Source Science System = Systream.

Moreover, that in which we are idolizing, honoring, embracing, cherishing, is Love Goddess Mother Matriarch Madam MAAT’s Worthly Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship. And this truly means strictly and specifically the material matter made manifest, living bodily organism of Her Healthy, Happy, Healed, Holistic Humane Health of planetary sphere Earth!

Likewise, when we do this, people politely pay respects to our Eco-system, the cleanliness of our atmosphere, air we breath, inhale-exhale, flesh clean rain waters we drink. Also, and care sincerely about how our farmed foods, animal livestock, agriculture and garden plant crops are grown, in Her fertile soils of this Native-Natural-Nurturing woman’s VegePlanTerRain:

Howsoever, to worship some White man’s imposed Europeanized religions humanized and singularized “God“, hero worshiping and idolizing his hateful image and racist realities, is persisting to be foolish faith followers. “Stupid ass blacks”; “Dumb ass Negroes”. (D.A.) Equals = Severely serious Selfhatism – Uncletomism + Samboism!!!

 OCCUPYNEERS = “Occupy Wall Street” = We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Population Protests = Our MultiplexRacialBody = Banking Systream + Steam x Clean Cultured Capital Cash Currencies x100%+$$$  or

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I'm The Original Creative ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, and CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!
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